Annie ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 17 – 22nd august 2012

Annie ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 17 – 22nd august 2012

  • Annie

    I have a feeling they are going to have Fawad Khan come in as Annie's EX LOL

    • Annie

      oh man they completely ruined it! I was thinking they would bring in Fawad as the ex not that weirdo guy who looks more like Annie's UNCLE!

      • Afia Qazi

        yeah, I know, he does seem mismatched- not that I have anything against him as such, but plz not in this role! so much for your fk wish…

  • annie

    fawad kyon nhi aaya (as ainee's EX)



  • soni sha

    awesome epi viki and laila roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • zubair

    this doesn't seems a complete epi

  • http://gg Anushe

    i just love this dramma mommo is best and saima churdry is amazing

  • Numan

    next season is bobby ki ayegi barat? i dont want this soap to end, probably the best drama ever from pakistan alongside humsafar and meri zaar zara e benishan.

    • izza

      and dont forget dastaan :)

      • Kamal

        I love Dastaan,, Pakistan finest Drama

  • sadaf

    its again the same problem, last part is not working!!!!!!!!!!

    • zubair

      wo kal wali/wala nasreen kahan hen jinhon ney last part dala tha

  • http://google naz baig

    This drama is so nice

    my whole family saw this drama

  • stunnig pisho

    part 4 is not working

    • si

      plz nasreen help us

      • shahan

        arrrgh the last part ??? isnt working NASREEN !!!! HELP

        • si

          yh we need a help

      • nasreen

        I've been trying to respond to u for the last half hour but this site isn't allowing me to post anything with a link….search humtvonline and you'll find the whole drama there….hpfly this post isn't blocked as well :)

        • Zara

          its also working on search for

          annie ki aayegi baraat episode 17 part 4

        • me

          plz do more practice this is my favourite drama plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz





  • mahnoor

    nice drama,…boby n hz mom is awsum!

    secondlyyy thy shuld end dz now after dz episode or boby ki shaadi k baad warna it vl get flop! peak pe end kerna chaheye na k bore kar dey logo kO! n twist wasnt expceting! lolzzzz great hit annie lolzzzzzzzz n annie k aagay lailaaaa bilkul thupppppp ho gai hai :DDDD

    • ray

      laila & vicky is best this serial name lail ki aye ge barat

  • http://dramasonline suhira

    i dont realy think that there are only three episodes left

  • Kana

    Fawad see annie like he is a teacher of her…. 😛 😛 😛

    • Natasha

      i dont really think soo

    • Natasha

      who is fawad

    • mode

      matlab?????? i dnt get u……

    • MMS

      U mean the last Entry???? He is not Fahad. He is Asad Malick

  • Natasha

    i wonder who bobby maries

  • Natasha

    i would love to know who bobby d maries in this drama

  • shafaq fatima

    Love saima chaudry scenes with vicky !!!!Ahsan iz looking very handsome <3

  • fariha

    just go to and search annie ki aayegi baraat episode 17 part 4 you'll definetly find it

    • lavz

      isnt this the complete episode?

    • Zara

      thanks :)

  • Muhammad UMAR

    such a awesome drama ?

  • fizza

    i like saba hamids acting

  • ray

    very nice spl jab laila saima chodry se bridal dress pe baat karty he

  • Zara

    its also working on

  • Maha

    Who that wierd guy?????? He's so…….hez looking annies uncle…..wot happened to annie?????????!!!!!!!!!:O

    • baacha

      he is asad, senor artist from lahore

      • John

        There are so many better looking and YOUNGER actors than asad.

        Annie and him have NO match at all

    • kanza

      waki i agree with ki jaga koi b aur aa jata…mikal to uss sai lakh darjai bhtar hai bt phr b annie k liyai wohi mila ta uncle…:0

  • Zara

    does anyone remeber name of a drama on where shahud alvi adopts a girl from someone who has 6 or 7 daughters? First they had plans to adopt from shahud's brother but his bhabi refuses after giving birth to a boy. I was following it but dont see it on anymore

    • amal was khushi aik roag.

    • shazzy

      khushi ek roag

    • riya

      i guess it is 'khushi aik rog'

  • rafraf

    Links rnt posting here but u can go to dailymotion as someone else suggested, or to humtvonline and search for the drama…with work well with complete parts

    • rafraf


  • A

    My life would be complete if Fawad Khan came as Annie’s EX….

    • kaun

      OOOOHHHH!!! She s not even worth Bobby, and already hv Mikayl and now Fawad?? Plz, what has she done to deserve all the cool guyz?!

      • iqra


    • Noori

      lekin agarr fawad khan ko EX bnate to meekal ki value down hojani thi..asad ko lanay ka yehi to maksad hai..asad se kahin acha meekal hai.

  • sana

    last part isnt working again

    • A

      she is pretty and is a gud actress……!!!makial to is k age juchta bhi nahee hai

  • imran

    admin plz upload songs part last episode & this episode last part song video plz upload

  • alvi

    nice drama in this drama dolly is too pretty then all girls on second annie, laila not looking too good even sila is better then laila

    • shafaq fatima

      dolly n sila are more prttier..but still laila is playing her character really well…so on the whole every one is good at her place

  • shim

    this drama ix sooooo awsome nd esp. laila nd vicky r looking so nice together

  • riya

    although i like this show immensely yet i wud have been happier if it was only abt laila and vicky…..i mean the show wud have been good on its own even without adding annie's story to the mix…

    • shafaq fatima

      very rite…

  • hira

    wat da hell yarr??

    asad should not have come in the drama!!

    its was going nice b4 :((((

    • http://gmail sara khan

      yup use nai ana chayie tha yar …. sb kch acha chl raha tha:(

      • http://no aysh

        hmmmmmmmmmm sara maza khrb ho geyaaa

    • si

      who is asad

      • Adeena

        The character who is Annie's Friend who came at the end is Asad; I think

        • si

          i think he is fawad he is looking so stupid next his barat will come



    • http://no aysh

      yah laila is so0o0 sweeeeet

  • sarah

    lol !! I was expecting fawad insted ov asad 😀

    • ALI

      fawad bs aik drama mai kia aini k sath a gaya ab kia hr jaga pohunche ga common guyz wo aur story n ye dosri story dono ka koi link nahi…y u want 2 ruin ds drama

      • Tanya

        It's not that it's because the dramas publicity was done by saying that Fawad would be playing a small side role that is why we were expecting Fawad not Asad!


    nt gud mekal is best yeh kya end py a k kharab kr gy sara drama fazoollllll

  • http://no aysh

    This drama is so nice

    my whole family saw this drama

    Agree or disagree: saima chudary is amezing nd laila nd viki venderful cuple nd i lov this darama :)

    • nomooo


  • http://gmail eqraqureshi

    this drama is sooooooooo nice nd entertaned laila nd vicky looking soooo beautiful togather nd faraz,s work is so nice nd bushra ansari is very intertaned

  • Nuts

    This is so mean I really hate this guy fawad :-( he just came at the last moment offffffff

  • zahidan

    perfect samia chaudry iz awesome.i loveeher acting very much love u samia

  • arfa

    y the last part is blocked in uk????????????/ how can i see it?

    • sana

      i also cant see the last part in u.k , for watching these wedding scenes i have been seeing this drama since long :(

    • i

      u should go to dailymotion and write drama name than u can get last part

  • sana

    the last part of this drama isn't working :( wt to do? episode 16,17,18 all have problems in the last part.

  • shafaq fatima

    laila and vicky look soo cute :)…and i love the relationship of saima n vickey…

    • http://krazyidea adnan

      yeah ofcourse

  • shafaq fatima

    love love loveeee ittt…we want more of saima choudhry :) her…awl the actors of this drama are awesomeeeee

  • Amira


  • Kala Bhoot

    Naveen Waqar ne actor/director Azfar Ali se shaadi keli hai. Azfar Ali ne apni pehli biwi Salma Hassan ko talaq dedi hai. Interent per un ki widding pics available hain.

    • sandaleen

      yes its true:""""""""((((((

    • sandaleen

      salma and azfar had a daughter too:(((( 'hope everything turns out good. amen

    • Anum

      Non sense he might be directing some play and ppl are making stories….

      • nina

        oe pics lene se shadi ho jati ha kia ne ……… un donun ki divorce ne hui

  • Ms. Farooq

    what does it not cover???? the dance culture they show is ruining our religion but their dress was OK….
    itnii tu beri beri frocks pehni hain yaar..or kia kerainn????? :)

  • nina

    last episode kb lagay gi tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Maahuu

      Thursday 8pm

  • ghufran zafar

    plz yr ye drama kbhi khatam hi ni hona chahyeeeee….

  • http://yahoo laiba

    yeh drama kabhi khtam nahi hona chayie hai yeh bhot hit drama hai i love bushra ansari lailla dolly ladoo and vicky shazia manzoor ap ne bhot bhot zabardast song gaye hai ilove shyazia manzoor lash zabardast

  • http://yahoo laiba sohail

    any guest it k ab kis ki ayi gi barat option no 1 boby d no2 nani no3 asad rep

  • Hafsa

    I love this drama soooooooooooooooooooo much next barat kb aye gi

  • Jack

    This is good