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ASHK’ delves into many different manifestations of love, a love of a father for his daughter; love of a younger sister for her elder sister, who has also been her surrogate mother and finally love of a soul for the soul mate.

Fawad Khan as Rohail is on his way to marry his cousin Mehrunnisa (Resham) in Pakistan. Rohail has never experienced the sweetness or the pain of Love, though his friend back at home in TURKEY, Madiha (Mehreen Rahael) has only loved him. Madiha is not happy. She wants to stop him but couldn’t. Mehrunnisa’s only sister Zaibunnisa (Neelum Muneer), who venerates her sister, devices a master plan to test the man. Rohail falls in love. Even the imperfections appear perfect to him as reason is powerless in the expression of love. But the question is will his love be perfected


  • Aryaan

    Thanks a lot :)

  • gul sanober

    Good story,.. reysham looking nice

  • maryam

    resham wiht fawad :S

  • roshni afzal

    I'm in love with the way he says .. Faisla to mein kar chuka .

  • Kanwal

    the same scene between mehreen and rohail as sara and ashar in humsafar

  • Moona

    I hate the first scene they are singing with ram name in song on sime mazaar , sub loog pagal ho gae hain kya ? Mazaar pe raam k naam k saath bhajang gana whatever , humayun saeed ko mental check up ki zarooret hai non sense , yeh aik cheez na bhi kerta to drama acha rehta .

    • Mono


  • Angel

    Are they drinking beer?

    • Aneeb Younas

      Nahi yaar. 7 p pee rahi hain 😛

  • Kiran B. Khan

    Same Humsafar Situation Created.. Fawad ki aik dafa phir zabardasti shadi mamu ki beti se.. :p

  • Maryam

    im in love wd Fawad………….i loveeee UUUUUUUUU

  • irfan

    resham and fawad's jodi don't suit much resham looks older than fawad. but nice drama.

    • Mono

      Duh… That's what she's playing in this drama 2-3 years older than fawad.

  • rubykhan

    amazzziinnggg………….episode…all the actors were awsumm…just luved resham n fawaaaddd too….:D <3<3

  • Hammu

    It was interesting.But it had 3 major problems :

    1-Aamina Shaikh instead of Resham

    2-Syra Yousaf instead of Neelam

    3-It should have been aired on Hum TV.

    Otherwise .. it looks promising.

    • ali

      oh sorry it's toolate eb tu kosh nahi ho sukta pahle btate to drama hum tv ko sell ker dete kia hum tv ap ka he

  • Kashi

    so far so good, i like the title song

  • hina

    Oh God she is watching 'The Ring' the no 1 horror movie.. Scariest of all..

  • Shabi

    Resham looks very pretty. Good start……

  • Zamreen

    The Darama looks promsing, why are we comparing it with humsafar, or any other play, and i trust sarmad k wo kabhi miscast nahi kar sakta agar resham hay fawad kay sath to there is a must resaon jo k agay ja kay pata chalay ga, but the play looks promising, like the title song its very different and turkish, this is i love about sarmad that he comes up with new ideas and takes risk .

  • javeria

    yawnnnnn,i had such high expectations,felt like sleeping half way through

  • hind

    i love the first episode especially the starting is so coool!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Raheel

    i think Resham should not be in this drama. the clibar of Fawad need a better girl than this old one.

    • sanober

      hahahaha,,, exactly

  • tanya

    Resham looks awesome and performing great as usual. resham and Fawad's pair looks good and refreshing.

  • nadeem sultan

    It`s such a wast of time

  • Retard

    Y did they need to put in the beer scene.there was no need for that especially bcoz lot of families r watching these made the hero appear weak & pathetic.

    • ali

      kion in famlies ko nahi pta k muslims drink bi kerte hain yahi to hum main kharaabi he k hum realty ko accept hi nahi karte and by the way kia hero sharaab nahi peeta movies main hamesha hero hi shrab peeta he and sub ko bohet asha bi lughta he afterall hi is a hero us ki borai kisi ko nazer thorri aati he

    • Urooj khan

      I dont know why they show such scenes ,,now it's so common,,we r a third world country ,,Kuch khas development nahi hai,,,reh seh ke Kuch moral values hain hamare pass,,un ka toh Bharat Rehne den,,,if they show such scenes again n again they will make it


  • Shavana

    Waiting for next episode

  • aqsa

    i love this episode

  • sami

    pagal director ko itna nahi pata chala ke start mein mazaar show kiya hai and background mein bhajan chal raha hai. aqal naam ki koi cheez nahi. "saanson ki maala pe simron mein pi ka naam…mere mann ki mein janu or pi ke mann ki raam". its a hindu bhajjan not a qawali.

    • Soma

      What are you talking about?

      The qawwali was first sung by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali, then adopted for an Indian movie.

      Its not a bhajang, its a sufiana poem written to express love of the almighty.

      Dont be narrow-minded. Khudaa sab ka eik hai. Khudaa ko koyee aiteraaz nahi hai, aapko kiyun hai?

      • sami

        soma u shud listen it carefully. mere pi ki mein janoon… whos pi??? its shaam. and whos shaam? meera's love. and whos meera? goddess of hindu religion. i have no problem with the bhajan problem is that they r singing it in front of a mazaar without knowing what they r saying.

    • Dyashankarpanday

      Yes Sami you are quite right about that it is a "Bhajan"

  • Javeria

    Atleast, they considered that mehru is older than rohail, in the drama too 😀

  • Jia

    Part 2 is not playing on ipad

  • Jia

    Part 2 is not sporting on my iPad plz do something

  • Hafsa

    fawad khan looking coolll

  • Hafsa

    fawad khan is zabardast

    • Retard

      I don't think that fawad looked impressive at all.he was expressionless most of the time & his acting lacked any depth.he was much better in hums afar.

  • Aimen Tariq

    Start of the drama is good,cast is cool, the actors acted well……..hope that the upcoming episodes are much better and do not disappoint the audience…..fawad is looking GREAT!!!

  • zz

    I think fawad khan is over acting. esp the laugh in beer scene. lag raha tha acting ker raha hai. fail.

  • Atif Ali

    Drama is really nice….but iss mein zaroori nahi k poet Ram sirf Hindu mazhub k liye istamaal ker raha hy Ram Allah k liye bhi use hoo Sakta hay its according to poetery….

    • Dyashankarpanday

      Atif Ali here he is using for Bhagwan, you have to listen whole thing carefully then you gonna understand, second thing its totally a Bhajan which Pandits and Pujaari sings in Mandir. Yes one thing I could not understand what kind of Dharam they were showing Hinduism (which is most possible) or Islamic (which is quite impossible).

  • Ayesha

    first scene kuch ajeeb sa laga… wo jaga kisi mazaar se zyada concert stage lag rahi thi.

  • Nazia

    Mujhe dramay ka print bilkul acha nahin lag raha hai…

  • salma

    resham ji fawad se bari hain kyunki story ki demand ye hai

    real life main is tarah ki stories bhi hoti hain aur muhabbatien bhi, dekhty hain is ka anjam kiya hota hai……




  • Hassan

    I wish we could free ourselves from this mazar pay chadaar charhao culture. It pains me a lot to see this bidat in our society. We have lost real sense of peer mureed relationship and have made it more ritualistic shirk. Everyone should read Kahay Faqeer by Syed Sarfraz Shah to understand the real status of the Aulia Ikram. Plus the "qawali" being played is so not a qawali but a Bhajan.

  • Hassan

    Is it me or does anyone else also feel that everyone's acting in this drama is a bit filmi. Dad is very unimpressive. Resham looks and sounds very stale. She doesnt have the required softness on her face for this role. After watching dureshahwar and abi's dad, no one seem to match up to them. Lets see if it gets better with time.

    • Retard

      I totally agree with u.these things in combination with the drinking scene is gross.what r they implying?

  • Raheela Batool

    sanson ki mala is a qaali sung by NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN and not a bhajan… my God u guys no nothing

    • RABIA

      u r right. lekin NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN ki itni sari qawaliyan chor kr ek ye he to play nahi krni chahiye thi.

    • khan

      nusrat fateh ali ki qawwali hai tu es ka yeh mutlab nahi k sub ja'ez hai, jis raam aur shaam ko God mana ja raha ho woh ghalat he hai aur ghalat he rahey ga shirk hia saaf.

    • sami

      Raheela ji ap ne shayad isko poora nahi suna or na hi ap hindu religion ko itna jaanti hain. its a bhajan sung by meera (not our meera) goddess of hindus. radha and meera both loved shaam. one was his wife and other was his lover. ap is bhajan ko poora sunein ap ko samajh ajaey ga

  • Hunny

    Very true….

  • Hunny

    Fawaad khan is looking choooorraaa…. And has also not acted well… He was much much better in humsafar…. We had a lot of hopes with him but he's not up to the mark.. Compared with his own work in humsafar

  • Rocxtar

    Ooooooo My Gashhhhhh…..

    Neelam Munir…I luV her…. 😛

    Specially in Dance scene…. 😉

    She was Rocking…. :)


    yahoo..FAWAD KHAN ..u r awesum i love u. and ur acting ,,.:))))) :) :) :) u never had a fan like me …and i also love ur band…:):):):) :* :* :* alawa..drama and acting..:"_(_:)*(*

  • Seeb

    ye kya drama hai? is mein to bs music hai or dance hai or pakistani culture ko bht negative way mein dikhaya ja raha hai. ye drama dekhne ki sirf aik he reason hai or wo hai "Fawad Khan".

  • Kashaf

    Fawad khan dastan aur hamsafar main bht piyara aya tha.

    Akbari asgari main chawal lag raha tha.

    Ashk main mix

  • murtaza

    acha drama lag raha ha

  • Khurram

    Iss dramay ko dekh k ek cheez saamne aati hai k humsafar ki success mein sarmad sultan khosat ka utna haath nhi tha jitna ka momina duraid ka, direction week hai as compared to humsafar, id like to point out that the conversation of fawad with his friend was not impressive and fawad seemed to be over acting

  • http://facebook ayesha

    fawad looks cute nice drama

  • omer

    nice drama i love it <3

  • rabia

    fawad u look owesome as compared to other actreses ypur acting s not so good as compared to humsafer

  • rabia

    nice darma i like it

    • rabia asif butt

      nice drama my all family members liked it and big fan of fawad

  • rabia asif butt

    ache ac


    FAWAD KHAN,…..AWEsUMMM acting…….:* <3

  • laila

    fawaadddddd i is owsum his acting is excellentttttt

    • waqar

      har jaga fawad khan fawad khan lagai hui ha tum logo ne………us khargosh ma aisa hai kya?

  • Asma

    Drama cast is gud specially Fawad

    • Ubaid

      achaaaaaaaaaaa geeeeeeeeee

  • alisha

    i cant see any video here :(

    • zeee

      Youtube is blocked due to which unable to get the videos here.

  • http://. sidra

    Deliver all the episodes in daily motion so we can watch them.

  • Preet

    Good Dramas and good ppl but what i don't understand about pakistani ppl is the marriages between their own families..i mean they call someone their sister and they marry her….ewwwww that's disgusting …why don't they marry their own sisters then? why cousins only? ridiculous…even genetically it is not good to have a spouse close to your own dna…that's why they suffer from so many serious forms of cancers and other diseases as well…It is sad that it's still happenning after such awareness as well….

    • shahbano

      they only marry in causins or out of family dude its a drama u cannot jugde all paki ppl by that ,its just that they marry out of family mostly in todays time or in relatives but thr own sister

    • mar

      they marry in there own families because that is what islam teaches

  • shoaib

    where is the streaming??? are all streaming removes from site?????

  • princes


  • jal pari

    kisi ko agar yeh mile to plz batain k yeh drama mujh se akhar q nahi nikalta

    • jal pari

      aur jab dekhain ge tab hi batain ge k drama kaisa hain aik bhi kist nahi dekhi abi tak

  • sara

    good darama

  • Shamsa

    too good

  • arooba

    oye vidio kahan hy????????????????????

  • naheed javed

    Loving it….such a good drama

  • SohanaKhan

    this the bestest drama just bucz of fawad khan he is an owsame actor and his personalte is fantastic i love him alot and i m the biggest fan of him