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Ashk – Episode 1 – Review.

So the much awaited drama serial Ashk is finally on air. After Hamsafar we all had our eyes on this upcoming project by the director who rocked our television screens with his brilliantly executed play. And of course there were so many out there who just could not wait to see Fawad Khan on screen again. I for one do not believe in the notion that one actor or a couple of actors can make a play a success but it is the entire team and how well they work together that makes classics. I have to admit I was really looking forward to seeing Resham in a more substantial role since her performance in Sanjha impressed me but her character vanished in the middle of the play. The play has been written by Zafar Mairaj and produced by 7th Sky Entertinment. I did not like how the writer was hardly mentioned in the promos , the focus was on the director and the producers.


The first episode was definitely interesting and I liked how we were not just introduced to the characters but the story moved forward right from the onset. Ashk truly is the story of relationships just like promised, it is the story of Major Mansoor and his ties with his two daughters Mehrunissa and Zebu, played by Resham and Neelum Muneer respectively. It is the story of the love the two sisters have for each other and the love between Major Mansoor and his sister kalsoom being played by Seemi Raheel, it is good to see her on screen too, I last watched her perform in Mastani Mahi. Ashk is also the story of Rohail and the relationship he has with Madiha ( Maheen Raheel), another love triangle. So, surely a lot of closely knit relationships and I can guess it will make an interesting story.


Major Mansoor is a well respected person in his community and his elder daughter Mehru took over the duties of looking after the house, her father and sister after her mother passed away. Major Mansoor feels guilty and holds himself responsible for not marrying Mehru and talks to his sister, who lives in Turkey, regarding the matter. Kalsoom is very willing to take Mehru’s hand in marriage for her son Rohail, who is younger than Mehru but that is not an issue…good to know! i really liked how the sense of guilt hits Major Mansoor while he is in the middle of hearing a case in the Panchait. The relationship between Mehru and Zebu is somewhat like that of a mother with her daughter and it has been very nicely portrayed. I especially liked Resham’s acting, she did a wonderful job of convincing us what a graceful girl Mehru is and I honestly thought Neelum may have been over doing it. No doubt she has been shown as a spoiled jubilant young girl but I wish grown up girls would stop acting like nine year olds on-screen, I find it rather distasteful and annoying.


I really liked the camera work in this episode, the way the fields were covered and how we were ‘introduced’ to turkey was very well done. The scene where Rohail and his Sikh friend are having a ‘drink’ and chatting was totally uncalled for, i found it rather objectionable. I guess because the image of a very dignified Fawad Khan is still alive in my mind from his last performance.  The great actor that Fawad Khan is, I am sure his character will grow on me soon enough. At the same time i am hoping that we would not be seeing more of such “merrymaking’ in the future episodes.


Overall, the play seems very engrossing and the characters are very well defined too, right from the start. The acting, direction, dialogues and camera work is spot on. I have to give credit to the way the credits were shown at the end, they mentioned everyone who was anyone in the cast and crew and they rolled by slow enough for us to grasp who was who. I am hoping Ashk will give me a reason to tune in to Geo at least once a week since no other play on this channel has been able to get my attention till now. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Ashk!


Watch Ashk Episode 1


Author: Fatima Awan.

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