Ashk LAST Episode 23 on Geo Tv – 20th november 2012

Watch Latest Ashk LAST Episode 23 on Geo Tv – 20th november 2012


Read LAST Episode Review by Fatima Awan

  • sobia

    gud one

    • muskan

      happy ending:)

      • soha

        haha fawad kay dramas ki hamesha happy ending he hoti hay like humsafar alsa.
        he is so nice lekin hamesha aik he jeisa character hota hay us ka.
        drama bas so so he tha , siraf fawad ki wajah say dekha tha is ko.

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  • gsg

    happy ending :)

    • jazib


  • ddd

    ab pak dramas bhi indian drama ki tarah bekaar hone lage hain

    • shiba

      no way…

    • hamna

      ye wala inthai bekar tha! Aam tor par bekar nahi hoty, hum tv k dekhen! un ka aik standard hai! Geo to hai hi fuzul, lmbay aur bekar dramo ka channel!

      • mahira

        not so bad geo is .hum is best u r rite

  • sabileo

    please avoid abuse language please

    • soha

      ya bohat acha hua kay delete ho gaya comment

  • syed aftab

    great drama with nice ending

    • soha

      Unless Moral values + our culture be applied to the drama, it is total failure…

    • pRincEss numerA

      AWsME DrAma … <3 luV it

  • sehr

    what !!!! like what ?

  • pak

    Fawad khan ke vaja v saw dis drama…title song was good…2nd yar 4 god sake ajoo ka scence ko itne dramatize kia k hud ha…sarmd je plz u next time must read writer dilogues….any ways good end wid long nd boring nd unrealistic story….story….

  • saz

    weak ending and pathetic direction

  • palwasha

    No,this drama didn't deserve such ending but instead of this It was a good effort not the excellent one.I liked the performance of Mehro,her father,her husband Bilal,Aju and madiha very much.Honestly speaking,Fawad could do his best in this drama;but director didn't take such kind of work from him.

    • muskan


  • shiba

    you have not much brain to understand this story & mind ur language ap khud aise hi hongi tabhi keh rhi hain !

  • A Q

    sarmad yaara tum apnay plays mein social prblms hi dikhya kero love stories tumharay bus ki baat nahi!

  • meri

    Yes behave ur self shrj ani chahie apko asi languge bolty huy .ap khud ko mohazib show kr rhyhan asy……????????critize krn but within limits

  • PAKI

    as usual fawad acting is once again vry nice.. he is very sensible and nice actor, i like his personality….

  • zeest hania

    ZAFAR MIRAJ An exceptional writer
    I remember his Master pieces
    "Layari Express" & "Ladla" by "PTV"
    One of my favorite Writers.
    I saw this drama just because of him.
    What great values have been portrayed by him Which we dont see today but

    "Hope, Truthfulness & Honesty "

    Excellent Drama Congratulations To The Entire Team Of "ASHK" ……….:)


    • Zeeshan007

      @zeest hania
      What was "Excellent" in this drama?
      Do you think drinking, drugs, living with a "na-mehrum" were the great values portrayed by Zafar Meraj?

      • khadija

        cheap messege givn by writer

    • hamna

      Zafar Miraj is one of the most cheap writers, his stories always contain some vulgar stuff! Faiza Iftikhar, Samera Fazal are much much better than him! He doesn't even know how to write a story! All the dialogues of Ashk were senseless!

      • abeera

        no zafar ka ye ist boring drama tha

  • Subha ka Tara

    OMG, this could have been ended 3 episodes ago. One of the worst directed dramas I have ever watched. They prolonged this serial for no apparent reason and when it was time to show some scenes they gave us the last episode. Rubbish.

    • saira

      shame on u hypocrite.

  • esha

    what my mom said after watching the last epsidoe …shukar hai k drama khatam hua … enna nae te saada munda hi zaaya kr ditta πŸ˜›

    • aisha rafique

      bjjjjaaaa frmaya unhon ne…:P

    • rukh

      i so agree wiv ur mom

    • shayan

      Ha Ha … zabardsat

  • innocent

    vry vry nyc episode

  • SID

    wow RUBBISH OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to Ashk, well done guys and thanks for finaly relieving us from this torture.

    • hamna

      haha πŸ˜€ I completely agree with you!

  • shiba

    No,this drama didn't deserve such ending but instead of this It was a good effort not the excellent ye thora aur deep karna chhiye tha & unki 1 min ki after life bhi dhikhate not good end just a little bit of nyc!

  • zahra

    i didnt like it that they are going to MAZAR for dua , why dont they just sit on a jaynamaz and raise their hands in front of ALLAH

    • uneza

      true that!!!

    • eshal

      absolutely right…

    • maya

      yes, yeh sb ALLAH k sath SHIRK hai hm ALLAH sy direct hr dua mang skty hai is k leya ksi MAZAR main jany ki zrort nahi hai or women ko to ksi qabar pr jana b gunaha hai hamary NABI( PBUH) ny mna frmaya hai hamary ksi nabi ki bvea or betia kbi ksi MIZAR pr nahi gae thi. phir yeh hamary country main culture kui bn gea hai??? hm khud apny nabi k frmano sy door hu rhy hai is leya yeh hamara haal hai .plz think about it.

      • Sotti_Awam

        hamare den m kahen ye farmaya nahi gaya k kabar p ladies nahi jasakten agar koi hadees hai to giv a refrence of that

        • abeera

          ap ki baat ki samagh nahi aaye

          • Sotti_Awam

            i mean k hamare den main kahen ye hukum nahi hai k ladies kabrustan na jaen na pasandida amal zarur hai but bilkul mana nahi kia gaya . na pasandida b islye hai k auratin wahan jakay bain karti hai. or agar kisi jaga na jane ka hukam hai jo mere ilam main nahi hai to plz giv a refrence of that verse .

      • amra

        i also agree

      • mahira

        i also agree with u , inhoun nay hindus waghera ka culture adopt kar liya hay , jis tarhaan wo mandroun waghera par ja kar special dua kartay hain ye bhe us he tarhaan musibat kay waqat only jatay hain or diye jalatay hain.what non sense , apnay allah say nahi mangtay.

    • aymen


    • tayyaba

      ya thz absolutely rite…

  • ishaq hashmi

    happy ending

  • Khadija

    Sab kuch choro. drama to khatam hua atleast πŸ˜›

    • anu

      yeah shukr ha drama end hva
      bilkul b excitement nae hoti thi drama dekh k

  • Zeeshan007

    Finally ye Bekaar Flopest Drama khatam hua!!!!

  • Saima

    Seriously when is fawad khan going to stop playing the brooding husband ? This is his 3rd drama in which he has played a similar role… There has been no versatility in his acting in any of the 3 serials . Close ur eyes for an episode or two and run them parallel and he seems to be doing the same thing .Thank god he is eye candy or mAybe the females think it is a self destructive misunderstood man they need to rescue that is soo appealing *yawn.. He either needs to rethink the next play to pick or the writers need to rethink . .. Apparently they see him in no other role.. Same goes for zebu

    • nadia

      haan hud hey, bakwas, deenga ajooo, bakwas….the herine looked awful…

  • qurat

    yar bohtttttttttttttt he bkwas drama rha aur sb sy zada bkwas wo Deeenga n us ki bv the kya role tha unka …hd hai na!

  • SRA

    Finally Ashk the torture khatam hoa!!!! im relieved

  • Faiza

    This drama could have had some storyline! The director has clearly failed to keep the audience entertained with this prolonged garbage… Clearly the writer and director need to reconsider the message they are trying to depict! A guy can have Illicit relationships, be an alcoholic and do whatever he may like yet when he wants to return to his 'naik parveen' wife… He can do so and he can dump his so called 'girl friend' whenever he wants! What a lame message

    Going to the dargaah and making dua for somebody is categorized as 'Shirk'… giving this message to the already 'Jahil Awam' will only increase the jahalat… Makes me wonder what kinda thought process these guys go through when they direct/write a drama…

    I am utterly disappointed with Sarmad Khoosat… dunno much about the author though!

    • nadia

      so well said, baba saba ka kamal.. hehehe.. btw fawad khan looked like a jerk in this drama.

  • Amber

    Highly waste of time on this drama… it seemed like a 3hr flop movie was cut into episodes. Pathetic! Fawad should've had a better choice. Just by looking at the cast, it doesn't mean the drama will be a hit!

  • hamna

    Finally the load of rubbish has ended! The most flop drama I've ever come across! Fawad & his mother were the only ones in the cast that seemed sensible, the rest are no good! Writer has as usual tried to convey some "Ajeeb o Ghareeb" message, Zafar Miraj now clearly deserves the "MOST CHEAP WRITER" award! Sarmad has disappointed a lot! & Of course hats off to Jew Tv for bringing us another vulgar & cheap drama! one more in their already long list!

    • khadija

      u r rite

    • misskhan

      Lol so well written.
      And big time inverted thumb to 'jew tv' πŸ˜›

  • farrukh

    shukar hay ajjo or dingay say jan chooti

  • jamila

    Such a boring and nonsense ending of Ashk. What was the purpose of the show? Rohail ending up with madiha would have been much better than this useless zaibu!!!

  • barbie

    what an excellent drama good work team ashk

  • Hadeed

    Zebu (neelam munir) did her best to provide character acting.
    well done neelam

  • zoya

    lovely drama i like it v v much my favrt drama

  • one&only

    chalo jee torture khatam hua.. to be honest this could have been a better drama.. I was only sticking to this juat coz i can't leave dramas or stories in the middle :p .. but seriously like there are so many things that dont connect.. like how did the mom find out all of a sudden when zebo said she is just going for few weeks… what was Bedi doing in Pakistan (i assume thats how zebo asked for her stuff and sent back a scarf) also in some previous episodes connection was missing between scenes.. also in the very last episode why the hell they wasted a good 10-15 min on ajjo?? and only last minute and a half for the actual couple.. I dont believe sarmad khoosat directed this bcoz this wasnt even 2% of what he is capable of. oh well better luck next time

    • one&only

      also this had a touch of indian dramas where miss 'satti savitri' wont tell any one what she has been going through and all of a sudden a random diary decides the fate.. now come on .. you could have done better then this.. they missed the parts they could have captured.. they could have captured a serious conversation between bedi and rohel (as bedi mentioned they talked) .. also they could have shown a major argument between ruhel and madiha where while shouting madiha could have showed that she didnt care much abt ruhel's mom(which i think she didnt anyways) and that could have been one of the reasons.. the convo with chinki could have been productive like he could have explained the reason behind wat was going on and that he was like neelu's brother(how did he know ruhel already knows abut rakhi??)… in every episode there were so many things that showed stupidity of writer as well as director… last but not the least: ruhel didnt care abt his mother at all… like poor mom had 2 heart attacks bcoz of him, she was sick and alone and the dude was chilling with madiha and contrary to that he is potrayed as a guy who loves his mom like no one else… oh plzzzzzzzz

  • yui

    Pathetic drama :@

  • sumaya

    thnk GOD .. i jst nglted this drama after first 2 episodz.. boing lack of cornination , over acting

  • nazish

    To be honest the story was watever but the nelum (zebu) actor really needs acting lessons.. her eyes give a very creepy look at times..the emotions that she shud be portraying dnt come across right.
    anywayzz… its done!

  • zoya

    happy ending nyc drama

  • sana

    dumbest drama in life

  • kinza Azmat

    trust me friend's is daramay ki story ko bht lamba kar dia writer ny, ye story 13 episodes main b happily khatam ho sakti thi but 5th episode se 20th tak bht kharab kia daramay ko special dingay or ajjo ki waja se.

  • Huma

    Stupidest drama I have ever seen in my life!!!!
    Fully waste of time…..

  • Sidra

    Kia bkwas hai… Yes ad kiu a jata hia start mai or kahin se cross b nahi hota :@

    • anam

      sidra right corner main cross ka sign bna hai. ap us pe click kr do

  • fatima

    i love fawwwwwwwwwwad!! only watch dat drama 4 him.. nthng special in dis drama.. wastage of time. actual story just based on two lines.. look before you leap :p

  • Maham mahi

    I realy like ths drama,nice ending

  • nasreen

    jaan chootgaye!

  • jawad

    one of the most disappointing dramas of the season

  • abeera

    hamain kisi drama ko itna zehan par nahi lena chahiye.don,t say …………. torture.

  • Umme Hamza

    Going to mazar for dua is shirk. going to maza r n lighting diya is hindu rituals. Allah said in Quran sura Qaf that He is nearer to us than our juglar vein. So we can call him anywhere anytime. Sunnah of Nabi SAW n sahaba doesn't have any proof of going to mazar. we should live our lives according to sunnah, not according to hindu culture.
    and sotti awam women were forbidden by Prophet PBUH to go to graveyards bcz they mourn there but then they were allowed to go but not often and for "IBRAT", to rememeber that they also have to come to the graveyard one day as a deadbody.

    • eesha fazal

      i agree

    • bisma

      i agree wid U….

  • Gosho0o

    i Think The Last Episode About Deenga And Ajjo Last 3 Min Only For Main Role its Like Fast Forword Ending

  • rizwana

    ghatia batain badroom badroom and badroom what is this dil to karta he zor se koi chaparr mare writer and mahreen ke mon per jo itna ghatia kaam karte hain inn ko to sharm bi nahi aati k families main bath ker kase badroom ki baat son sakte hain stupid bakwass shoker he k jaan chooti

  • Zeshan

    Having extra marital affairs , if your marriage life is not going well is not justified at all. No matter how upset or broken you are. Secondly I completely agree that visiting MAZAR is a SHIRK ( NO DOUBT ABOUT IT),
    Writer badly disappointed but also tried to mislead the young generation regardless of what religion they belong to.
    Writer portrayed as if we still live in pre partition India/or any European country.

  • kkkkkkkkkkkk

    fawad khan ollu ka pathha izzzzzzzzzz goooooooooood luuuuuuuuuuking

  • dr.kashmala khan

    drama bukwas tha mgr mein ny fawad ki waja sy dekhafawad apna mu ajeb sa krta hai na tou mjy bht bura lgta hai humsafar ka muqabala koi b nai kr skta fawad ko ptv k lite b kam krna caheye phr es ki rating mein ezafa ho ko apna style b change krna chaheye.ahsan khan ka muqabala nae kr skta fawad us ki tou dressing he itni kamal hai

    • ayeza_butt

      no doctr esa to nhi h fawad b bht acha h apny kirdar ko mukaml trhn sy nibhata h or fawad py ye styl sut b krta h ….. baqi hr kisi ki apni aik raye hoti h …..

    • saadi

      fawad bhi bakwaas hi lag raha tha

  • dr.kashmala khan

    ahsan khan iz vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ssssssssssssttttttttttttuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggggg. fawad singer he acha tha jo ptv py drama nae krta mjy nafrat hai us sy bota shokha bn da aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ayeza_butt

    happy ending …… we love ths drama ….. hope for more nice serial like ths

  • nida malik

    zameen say 1 bojh khatam ho gaya

  • Hadi Z Hare……

    ……Drama bas so so he tha , siraf fawad ki wajah say dekha tha is ko……

    • kewl haya

      i agree with u

  • aneela

    what a drama

  • eesha

    thank god……. khatam hoa ye drama…

  • ahmad


  • sameen


  • Aamir

    Whao whats a end
    es sy agay be atleast 2 episodes hoty tu maza aa jata

  • era

    hmein ksi ko discurage nae krna chahye soooooooo vry good drama and try toimprove

  • anu

    shukr ha drama end hva kafi slow tha

  • sanam shahid

    jo kuch mangna ho khuda sy mango ye 2 sster hr mushkal time mein darbar jati hain ye shirk hy end hoa g choyat gia hy fawad ak larka 2 larkiun ko pagal kr dia thnx end krnay ka

  • maryam

    annttt ending i lv this drama :)

  • Ayesha!

    oh GOD!!!! mtlb hum throughout the drama ye xpect krty rahe k ab nxt episode achi hogi chalo ye nae ugli tu hogi he atleast banda end he acha kr deta ha k story cover ho jae bt wat was this rubbish!!! , mtlb itna disappointing end?? goshh!! mjhy tu real hero heroin is dramay k ajjo or dheenga lagay itne scene tu resham or us k husband or fawad or geroin k nae thy jitne dheenga or ajjo k thy even in the last episode pura episode in dono pr tha or fawad or zebu ka itna chota or incmplt end wo kehty hain na 'tishnagi reh gae' bs aisa he kch tishnagi sa mehsoos hua hamen b.. huh ab tu gussa ara ha k akhir itna tym he kyu waste kia faawad k nam pr mtlb fawad ka drama ha tu xaruri nae hr dafa he acha hoda mainly writer dekhna cahiye or yehin humse ghlti hogaae jo story perhi na ho aynda uska drama dekh k tym kbi na waste krun main.. or fawad is such a poor actor ek se xpressions hoty hain us k hr serial hr story main . usay music he krna chaiye or dresng style b ek sa he ha us main variety nae ha uski personality he itni decent ha wo koi nae tajurby krta acha b nae lagega kher zebu was lukng gud in the begining i dun lyk maheen's chrctr or wo last dilogs us k tauba.. bedroom bedroom bedroom koi 6,7 dafa tu bola he hoga k banda akele beth k b dekhe tu sherminda ho jae bht fuzul or bila waja ki lines thin .. her ksi ne g bher k bola bs nae bola tu hero ne heroin se nae bola or itni misunderstandng k bd ek dusry ko dekh kr suddnly itni undrstndng ho gae un k drmyan k ankhon k isharay smjhne lagy or zaban se izhar or mafi ki zarurat he na pari.. huhhh

    • dua ali

      hehehehehehe i cmpltly agree with u

    • farah

      waqae pora drame main bus denga aur ajjo he thay :-( end tou acha karte kam se kam!

  • talha

    its was nice. many lessons are inside if anyone wanna catch them

  • Hassan

    humsafer kay bad fawad jitna hitt hua thaa us say kaye ziada Ye Fazool sa Drama kr kay Fawad khan meri nazer say girr gia hai hahah :))

    • Kiran

      hahahaha you make me laugh

    • jawadaslam

      very funny u also make me to laugh i agree with u kiran

  • tahir

    fawad insan hai ya koi aur makhlooq…. fawad ye fawad wo,,, people have gone mad after this average actor….. if a drama is fazol why do you watch it then???

    • laiba.noor

      lol chill…we watch cuz of fawad …tahir bhai πŸ˜› n i wanna ask neelam how did she feel ?? sitting next to fawad OMG i would have died by the next minute of being with him sachee

    • amna sami

      Insan hi hy aur tameez ka banda hy is lye har koi isy like krta hy , but kyn jealous feel kr rhy hy u have your own persnality..

  • mrs mujahid

    @umme hamza
    u r 1000% rite……….

  • nano

    very nice drama…..but it should' ve ended properly :(

  • shahid

    very nice drama

  • shahid

    great end

  • zarfain

    Shukaar hai maine pehly hi comments parh li the. Time waste nahe hua,.. lolx

  • aymen

    fawad ke dramas me sab se acha dastaan hi tha

  • sameer

    yeh aksur drama's mein agur kisee ko islam yaad ataa hai to woh mazar per hi kyun jaata hai.
    Agur Koi dekhay gaa aur compare karay kaa to lagta hai same hindu religion hai.
    is drama mein bhi female mazar per jaa rahi hai aur hindu's ki diwali ki tarah, diya jala rahi hai aur us kay samnay dua aur mannat mang rahi hai. "welcome to Islamic republic of pakistan " :) :)

    • Hamza

      I Agree with you.Waqi dramas main se ye style khatam hona chahey …. Hum Jaey namaz pe b beth k Apne ALLAH se mang saktey hain..Mizar pe jana Koi Maieni nahi rakhta.ALLAH tu shah-rug se b ziada Qareeb ha.
      Bs ALLAH hum sb ko hadiyat dey.(AMEEN)

    • Maria

      Assalam and I agree with you humey apne. Religion ko sahi tarah promote karna chaheye

    • S.KHAN


    • AQSA

      yes you r right

  • mevo butt

    drama z very fazool hr episode ma ye xpect kia ja raha tha k nxt episode shld b goob n abov all ending z not good

  • zara

    i want to request to foolish director and writer not to display such drama ever after people not only watch you they infect follows you too at some extanct so your dramas must be according to our religion ignore rubish bhang and mazar to show that how far u r from islam

  • Xyz

    Baa was women ko use Kernay Walla a very strong script.

  • Iffat

    stupid drama .. weak direction. what did Fawad khan see in script? shooting in Turkey?
    Again he had to leave Mehreen :(






    yaar Seriously is daramay nay barha hi bore kiya hia =D ..
    Bas Samaj Lo Maine Ye Drama Poora End Tak Majboori Mai Dekh Liya ke Ek Drama Ab Jab Itna Dekh Liya Hia tou isay Poora KAru =D
    maine ye drama inko bezzat karty huay hi guzara hai =D
    Ek to mai us jahaz k paaamppp paaampp se tang aagya tha jab bi turkey ki taraf jatay hain to paaamppp paaaammppp shuru mai zarur laaty hian =D wo ek hi video record ki hui hia inho ne jahaaz ki jo baar bar dikhatay rehty hian =D
    aur dusra ye ke banda uthta bethta let'ta rota sota , toilet b jaata to har jaga inho ne shru kar dena hia ( naaa mujkooo jeenayyy dayy naa mujkoo marnayy de ye Ishkk Hai ya Koee Ashkkk hayyyyyy ) Wot rubbish is dis :@ =)) Hadd hogai =D Shukar Hai Drama End Hua Huhh.. Ek bht barha bojhh khtam hua =D aur is dramay mai maine ek aur cheez note ki is larki k mu pe jo kaala timka hia wo kabi right side par chala jata hia to kabi left par πŸ˜€ Muje ek baat confirm karni hia .. ye timka iska asli hy ya aisai lagati hia ke is manhus ko nazar naa lagayY?? ab aur kitni nazar lagay gi iSkoo?? πŸ˜€ seriously maine khud note ki hy ye bat right aur left wali =D confirm keh ra hu mai πŸ˜€ yar tum ghar par betho aur jarhu pocha karo tumhara koe kaam ni hia dramay mai. huhhh . jis dramay mai ati ho le dubti ho :@

    • ferry

      hahahahhahahhahhahhahhhahhahah……………….. good observation … cant stop laughing πŸ˜€

    • mojojojo

      haha.enjoyed ur comment v much nd also totally agred…..finally its ended

    • mehak

      lol superb πŸ˜€

  • Haseeb

    yahan criticism to buhat huee on the drama,fawad kee acting yeh woh per phir bhee sub ne (ya 90% ne) fawad khan ke peechay yeh drama dekha jub ap kisi aik actor k liye drama dekh rahay hain aur story k liye naheen to story ya kisi aur cheez kee kiya bat karna

    • AKKEE

      bhai mere jab kisi dramay mai kaam kar raha hia tou us daramay ki story bi to achi honi chahiye naa. tumhara matlab hia hum usay dekhny k liye drama dekh rhay thay??
      agr aisa hia to ye lo link ( uski pic ka aur apne background par laga do isay πŸ˜€ poora din bethy dekhty rehna πŸ˜€
      aur tumhara matlab hai ke actor acha hona chahiye baki drama poora bekar ho?
      bhai itna b na ho na ke bore hi kar de aur ek dost ne sach kaha hia apne comment mai ke hero , heroine to ajjo to denga hi lag rhy hen πŸ˜€ kyun adhay se zyada drama to unpr hi bna diya hia inho ne warna ye to bht choti si story thi jisko inho ne bht lamba khench diya hia . 10 episode honi chahiye thi.. :@

  • hadi

    end tu theek hy bt last episode mn ajo cha gai hy is liay mza nai aya….amuhhhh…….

  • xyz

    Only good thing is drama was Fawad!
    Our pakistani Hero — God bless him!

  • ayesha

    biddatt dekhai ha.. ALLAH se mangny ki bajay mazar p aak mangna.. wt z this?? logo ko ghumrah krna!!

  • Amna

    Geo tv always promote biddat in their dramas ://

  • tania

    i just like fawad drama to awain thaa lolzzzzz :)

  • jizz

    aww they didn't even hug πŸ˜€

  • secret window

    frankly saying most of the ppl watched this most boring drama just due to fawad…as i do too;)))

  • mina

    to the directors of this play,do you know that the winter season lasts only a few months in turkey.they showed winter in the entire play.i am sure this story was longer than 4 months.sara drama aur sari story winter se sguru ho kar winter main khatam ho gayee.
    lekin shukar ha ke khatam ho gayi


    i like last episode very much

  • Mrs ARIF

    not a bad drama

    i m from sailkot Mrs Arif

  • MRS arif

    dinga or ajo is best

  • Emaan

    Hadd hai yaar , mujhay to ye drama bht acha lga , Humsafar ki kamiyabi k pichay Maira or Fawad ka bht bhara hath tha , is dramay may sb achay actors nhi thay , bs yehi aik kami thi …
    Overal drama acha tha , good job !

  • saba

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    • Human being

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