Baandi Last Episode 20 By Ary Digital – 3rd February 2013

Baandi Last Episode 20 By Ary Digital – 3rd February 2013


  • DM

    very nice topic highlighted, nice drama. Nice ending!!

  • Mian Nadeem

    nice end

  • Pali

    the best drama through out each episode and perfect ending love it, thumbs up the to the whole team of baandi. :)

  • kitty

    nice drama!bt did anyone notice everybody wore glasses after seven years:D I mean its not necessary to wear specs:))anyways shukar hai khtm ho gya ….

  • Danny

    This guy bobby …just do not know how to act…too much over acting…stupid.

  • uneza

    har kisi k chashmay lag gay bhae 7 saal bad!!!!

  • uneza

    overall it was a good play…..

  • Nosheen Chattha

    very well finished can any one tell me what is its title song any link i m not able to find up plz if any one can

    • asif

      youtube pe ja ker sun lo na title song.

  • sidrah butt

    pls upload tune videosss

  • MA

    good ending, can anyone tell who sang baandi backgroung song? Want to listen full.

  • MA

    I also noticed glasses bit, they were too many. Everyone lost eyesight in 7 years.

  • hina

    jhaan taak mujhy yaad maya ko divorce kr deea tha …..tu wapis ky saay chali gaee,..

    • naeem

      oh mam its just a drama not real

      • hina

        means ky dramy talaq deey kr phir wapis chaly jaooo…great…

  • Minhaa

    Maya k ghr mai sb ko ek ek kr k kiun sense atii haa 😛 pehle zoya theek hui phr kamyar and at last daddy b phr 😀