Behadd [Telefilm] on HumTv 8th June 2013

Behadd [Telefilm] on HumTv 8th June 2013


  • jia

    wowww!!!! thank u soo much i love u fawad khan โ™ฅ

  • wajid


  • Minahil

    Is it for just 11 minutes?

  • Elyna Shawcat

    is it complete? or are some parts missing?

  • zeeshan

    nyc drama

  • shozib

    As i mentioned. More Parts in Process.

    • Love

      r there some parts cut out between each scenes???coz they don’t seem connected somehow.

  • Shiza

    Haaye Fawad khan what a actor u R:-)) hr drama best hai aapka but in this drama ur looks made u just Waaaow ;-))

  • atty

    typical mehreen jabbar cast , nice so far

  • Hnne

    Fawad looks so different yet so good .. He is always awesome!
    Loved they play!

    • rabeea

      Nyc profile pic:-)

      • Hnne

        thanku :)

  • mehak


  • Zubaida Bilal

    more parts,yar aik to or post kr do

  • mehak

    I like this drama

  • Marina

    Is the drama complete to watch?

  • Aims HUSSAIN

    Lovely drama but waiting for others parts

  • hira

    oswm drama but still w8ing 4 da next parts :)


    Nadia!! you are simply..awesome…good job team BEHADD!!

    • rabeea

      I agree right :-)

  • sddgg

    awesome telefilm.. esprcially fawad khan ur looks was just wowww… love u <3

  • Love

    it seems like some parts were cut out, like how the scenes r playing one after another they don’t seem connected.

  • Mojee

    It was very nice Drama, concept is unique, nice written and direct. I really enjoyed, One more thing ” The lesson”, not only for youngsters but every one, we should care of our love ones, respects their feelings.
    Anyhow, there’s many things to say and share, let’s hear from you some.

    • repentance

      Yes, i have to share my repentance. I forced my father to leave his second wife in a similar way. Today I am extremely sorry, I hate myself, but I dont know what to do. My father still assures me for his love but I cannot tell him what I did to get his complete love.

  • sam

    ufff meray pas ku nahi chal raha tune pk :(((((((

    • rabeea

      Soo sad :-(

  • blue

    a very nice telefilm and a very nice concept
    but the moment fawad khan was slapped i felt like how could i jump into the screen and slap the two :p
    fk was looking just amazing….pta nai kahan say esi looks and expressions lata hai
    love him
    the remaining cast also did well……

    • Saniya

      Comon dnt be so obsed i rather think he has ordinary looks:) not that special :/

  • zoya

    i wanted a happy ending :/

  • Yasir Khan

    is it complete or part no 6 left??????????????

  • gumtree

    going good. upload other parts too..waitingg…

  • hina

    zaberdast drama i like it

  • Kamran Ameen

    so far good….waiting for the next parts

  • Sibgha Bilal

    plz upload the next part.we r w8ng……..

  • Sibgha Bilal

    cant w8 more…………..

  • Elyna Shawcat

    uploaddddddddddddddd :S

  • hira

    koi or part b hai ya bus khtam??????

    • Noor Amam

      khtam :(

      • rabeea

        Noooooooooooo happy ending :-(

    • Saniya


  • sana

    do they marry ?

    • Noor Amam


  • Aims HUSSAIN

    Lovely awesome man :) just love it

  • rehana shah

    end nh dkha gussa araha h :@ rept kab hoga again :( i luv u nadia mj ap bht pasnd hn just pak me mmj ao he femea actrz achi lagti hn

    • Aiman Mano

      Repeat timings : Friday, 14 at 1 p.m

      • rabeea

        Thnx mein ney bhi naye Dekha :-(

  • Sundas Amjad

    awsome whole cast …
    fawad as always,nadia,sajjal both great … <3

  • ufazal

    well the mother has acted really well and she exquisitely casted the character..
    the girl character was incomplete.. A girl such innocent as her, cannot even think of what she did.. the girl’s character needed to be a little unconsciously wicked so one could expect such thing from her.

    And ladies please don’t like the drama because of Fawad Khan.. you ladies need to be critical with your reviews rather biased cuz you like Fawad Khan. (I like him too btw but that doesn’t affect my review :p)

    • rabeea


    • repentance

      I would disagree regarding the girls character. Generally she is portrayed as an innocent girl but this is what is the message that over possessiveness and the fear of not hurting her mother directly made her act wicked. I can relate myself to this girl. I did something evil that my father started hating my stepmother and consequently left her. Honestly, now after years, I realize my mistake esp when I see my father alone in old age.

      • katty

        u should tell ur father about ur mistake, may be that woman again come into ur lives or someone else……….. hr msly ka koi na koi hal hota he , is trha ap guilt feel krty hue zndgi ni guzar skty,,,,,,,,, Allah pak bht ghafoor-ur-raheem hn , wo bht bri ghltyan muaf kr dyty hn, so plz take courage and confess ur crime,,,,,,, lgaya to bohtan tha apne lekin ap muafi mang lyn schy dil k sath,,,,,,,ap ki or apk father ki khushyan dubara loat ayen gi, Allah pak k khazanon men koi b kami nhi he, wo to sb ko ata krta he or gunah kr k muafi mangny waly usy bht psnd hn, wo loat k any walon ko bht nawazta he, ap us k dr p girgira k muafi mangen, ho sky to apni stepmother ko talash kren or unse b apologize kren……….. sb thek ho jayega,,,,,,himmat se kam lyn AND DO IT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ

        • repenting

          I am glad for the support Katty. I have confessed to him and we have talked about this matter and he didnot respond as I expected him to. He wants me to stay happy in my life and blames himself for not understanding me. I think, I should do it once again and now I am thinking about it seriously. I want him to get married now.

          Infact it was not me alone who acted evil, I was a teenager, I believe it was the people around our family who kept telling me that your father did not marry a good lady and I became too negative about her. I am very hopeful things would turn right by grace of God. And thank you for sincere advice and time, Im glad good people are still in this world.

          P.S My step mother has remarried and its no use to look for her.

  • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

    I must say, in this drama, the looks of fawad is surely killing for girls, and gave complexion to boys…

    • blaster

      haha ;-p I think Faizan you have got the most complexion from him :-p

      • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

        well it’s not like that but exactly is like that! p, he is good looking and i never bathel on praising beauty, and don’t worry i have no complexion because i am far ok then him.

        • Wusqa

          o really ???
          Fawaad xe bhi bettr v0o b far :p
          Nice j0ke

          • nayyab

            iss ma jok ki kia baat hai there are millions beter than him physically speaking. kooain k mandako kooain se bahr bhi ek dunya hai.

          • rabeea

            I agree. Alright he’s good looking but all humam beings are made by “Allah” to sab equal Hein :-)

          • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

            Behan jee main Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat hun, is say narh kr meray iay dunya main koi sharf nae, Fawad ko usi rab nay bnaya ha or mujhay bhi. Mujhay Aah ki tareef krta hun apni nae.

            Or us baicharay pay ine marna chor dain sab, wo shadi shuda ha aik bacha ha, or baichara Shugar (diabetes mellitus).

  • sumi

    amazing movie

  • nayyab

    kitna ganda naam hai masuuma. yukh. and what a load of crap hr jaga iss khan ko ghusaya hua hai zara jo darrhi suit krti ho iss amma k sath fi krne k lye darhi le ae

    • Aiman Mano

      don’t mind but u have some bad sense of humor !!

      • nayyab

        only thing is i did not joke. so now you have a real knack for mistaking criticism for jokes.

  • Kamran Ameen

    Well whatever the drawbacks are…..the basic thing is the theme,which is truly presented,……..thanks to Umaira Ahmed for realizing the audience that even the excess of Love is dangerous

  • saben_ks

    nice but as always umera’s drama end is incomplete in many apect. may be its direction ,script but few scenes missing

  • Guest

    amazing drama……….love fawad’s acting……….

    • Aims HUSSAIN

      Ii agree with u :)

      • rabeea


        • Aims HUSSAIN

          Ooh I know :) u r laughing at my mistake hehe

  • Clandestine Entity

    superb topic. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Zubaida Bilal

    part 7 is last?anyone will tell me

    • rabeea


  • rafia

    amazing jst wao… realistic

  • simy

    it was ok, jitna mujhe intezar ta itna khas nahi ta, lekin nadia ko dekh kar acha laga aaj bhi utni hi piyari lagti hai.

  • Nayab Tahir

    gr88888888 concept, cast , acting, ending….evrythng z superbbbbbb…wot elx cn i sy…….BAYHAD z realy ” BAYHADD THOUGHT PROVOKING” act…..

  • uzma

    there is no more parts uploaded baqi sb ne kahan dakh lyay han

    • simy

      uzma drama waha hi katam ho jata hai, jaha part 7 katam hota hai.

  • Atif Faraz

    Fawad khan is good acter .

  • Atif Faraz

    this time fawad khan’s get up is not soo good … m i right?

  • rabeea

    Nyc telefilm

  • Ahmed

    Fawad, great asset

  • uzma

    I have seen just first part of 11 minutes there is no other part

    • rabeea


  • nida

    simply the best….good message

    • mutahir


  • huda fatima

    first of all fawad khan u were roking in thix character ,nd other 1 is congratulation the entier team of BEHAAD ..
    beautifull, simply nice and last but not the least good job ……………….

  • sajal

    just superbbbbb outstandingggggggggg …….. confession karna bohat bara kaam hai

  • Repenting

    Can’t stop crying, a very true reality, Getting over possessive in love for family makes you a fool to a degree that you act as a devil.
    After years, I am also repenting on what I did. I also forced my Dad to leave his second wife, i too had got insecure about my Dad’s love for me and my brother sisters. Ultimately, my Dad left her after few years. Today my heart cries when I see him alone in his life. I don’t know what I should do now.

    • Shaista

      Go n confess to ur father and look for another women and get him married again :p

    • sobia

      get him married again

      • Repenting

        I have thought about this a lot. But he doesnot agree and wants me to get married. And God knows how n when I’ll get married (personal issues). I am staying with him now but still feels he talks less than before and is not happy any longer.

    • Aiman Mano

      This is quite sad, I feel sorry for you !

      • Repenting

        I need prayers and forgiveness from God.

        • katty

          may Allah forgive u and grant u and ur father many many pleasures….AAmeen

    • saki

      Say blessin a lot

    • Cancerian

      You can talk to your Dad,acknowledge and admit your mistake and share with him what your insecurities were as a child, that you now at this point in life understand what hurt and pain it caused your Father…things cannot be changed now,but by asking for forgiveness you will ease out a lot of bottled up negative ,unspoken emotions in yourself and your Dad…it is NOT going to be an easy task but its not an impossible one either…muster up the courage, and do your best to put things right in your relationship with your Dad…before its too late…ask HIM, our LORD, to help you through with it…if your intentions are pure ,you will definitely put yourself and your Father out of a misery…believe me, you and your Dad will be happier…if he doesnt take too well to your acknowledgement, then give him time to come to terms with all the hurt he went through….In Sha Allah, all will be well between you and your Dad…:-)

      • repenting

        Thank you very much Cancerian. I have tried all this but he just asks me to forget it. I told him how mierable I feel, but he is a very great father and assure me that it was his mistake and not mine. We decided that we will not talk about it anymore and that we will look forward in our lives. But I still feel that we both didnot proceed in our lives. I do pray a alot to Allah and believe one day things will change. This telefilm really took me back into my retrospect.
        I really am glad for your advice and time :) God bless u

  • Tooba Owais

    Just watched the drama, last scene made me cry.
    It was nice

  • Fatima Ahmad

    it was good….far better than zindgi gulzar hai :p

    • sagileo

      hahahahha really ๐Ÿ˜›

  • farah saleem

    very nice..i like’it

    • mutahir


  • ME

    well u ruined his life n i think u deserve to cry and repent and no matter how much u regret u can’t change the fact tht he’s alone now because of you. Life isn’t all about us and it shouldn’t be. we become all selfish and go on try star plus kinds twisted tricks to ruin people’s lives

    • Repenting

      I am crying since 5 years now and God punished me by not sending any companion in my life. All I can do now is stay with him but he is not happy any longer. I have repented a lot and want to do something that could help us both get happiness back in life

    • Anita

      Not that great, I expected better than this……..

  • sagileo

    gr8888 :)

  • Abbas

    6 out of 10..though the story was good…

  • love lahori

    I really inspired by all team of be had congrats to make a good project n good luck all team.

  • shaze

    probably the best so far in telefilms

  • asma

    Superb,Outstanding, amazing No words to say…………

  • mona

    I am so much in love with this telefilm. great effort by the whole team!

  • KHAN

    awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as expected. FAWAD NADIA U ROCK

  • zoya

    well done fawad and nadia

  • shini

    nyc drama..sajal is no doubt a versatile actress jo character play kerti hai whi lagti hai kitne bare role bhi kiye hai but is me teenager bani hai to wohi lagti hai hatsoff to her

  • Mona299

    very nice drama, promo se jo story ka idea tha uss se totally different hi nikli…sab ki hi acting achi thi.

  • zuni

    really a very good concept,set & dialogues.. we hv funtastic assets in our

  • Adeel Ch

    Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great …..Great ………i like it :)

  • meeow

    Great stoty… momina duraid plus umaira u rock.n fawad u to ho e <3

  • Sara

    wat happens in the end? does he marry her?

  • senorita

    V adult topic….no proper ending

    • Dil-e-Muztarib

      not worth watching? tell tell.

  • tooba

    GOD it was too goodd (Y)

  • Rubina Ahmad

    super duper story i love that

    • mutahir


  • hiba nesar

    nice msg..

  • Mahjabeen Ali

    beautifully written, directed and all actors played it beautifully I must say..really apprecitated good one.

    • isam ali

      ap ke husn e nazar ka kam hai

  • farah


  • Dil-e-Muztarib

    i am thinking of watching it. please tell me in advance if its gonna disappoint in the end.
    PS: I usually don’t like too obvious story line.

    • AA

      if u dont like too obvious story line…u’ll like it!

  • Dil-e-Muztarib

    well no opinion ? M gonna watch then ! thnx everyone ! :@

  • Sana

    Its witten by UmeraAhmed so should be good !!

  • Amna Rehman

    very nice.and a message 4 guys.always b carefull about character and dont play with others lives………

    • mutahir

      hahahahahhahaha u ri8

  • Aryaan

    Beautiful played by all..

  • kinza

    oh wow what a masterpiece umera ahmad again did well momina andfawad +nadia jamil +sjjal what a team

  • faria

    best telefilm i have seen till date congratulation

  • asma shah

    splendid show! story was well written wid a positive message plus other aspects of telifilm was also covered properly…fawad look as dashing as shown in da character ,nadia jamil too looked gorgeous as always….i too feel shez da same no change in her….sajal is a gd actress too n she looked pretty n cute….loved the show however would hav appreciated if dey hav shown i nda end da complete sort of end in a sense a family pic of dem together or somthign like that or a scene where all is shown settle n happily after.

  • shahnaz

    what a wonderful heart touching it….everyone did a very good job…specially i love her….Mom the lady who played the role…excellent…btw what is the meaning of Behadd…:)

    • Syeda

      Its two words “Be Hadd” means ” Too Much”

  • moa

    ok!kool it was all abt star power btw good actors made it worth sitng by it n end plot is strong however begning n middle is quite monotonous ,n it w0uld ve been a better option. ending without givng it a sad end n showng a reunion…

  • arsalan

    bhoot nice hain story lakin shadi to kara datay

  • Maha


    • akasha

      to dekha kun tha

      • shah

        dekh ker hi judge kya jata hai…Main to comments perney k baad drama daikhta hoon…Baad main time barbad honey ka dukh nahi hota?

    • marrium

      ap beykar

  • danial tariq

    cant they end it properly…obviously worth mentioning that the serial was good and loved the work and efforts made.

  • Buffalo from Lahore

    simple story. nice drama.

  • Nina

    Beautifully written and very well played by all the actors….the story is based on reality. A brilliant work by all!

  • smart gurl

    Awesome ! Love the way the entire situation was dealt with ! Very mature n very very very touching.

  • nomi

    nice topic and nice acting. a well deliver project. excess of even love can ruin everyone’s life, well said.

  • NA

    Some stories don’t need a perfect ending…it is let open for the viewers make up their own. Such is the beauty of a powerful serial.

  • AamiR

    different story after a long time in pakistan industry,,, superb acting by fawad and mo and also a cute little girl

  • Syeda

    Very nice drama! Loved acting, script, story, direction, cast! Every thing was very strong! And Nadia Jamil always rocks!!


    bohat zabardust long play but shadi bhi hona chahiya thi.

  • mahnoor

    good play with a nice dialogue,screen play and performance.But still few flaws one major one is that are they didn’t get married at all this was not clear till the end to me

  • katty

    awsome drama,,,,,,,,,,,awsome ending……. isi trha ka ik novel RAZIA BUTT ne b likha MUAMLY DIL K ………………but end bht fazul tha……. bht ghusa aya tha end parh k…….anyways it is really great effort……… Allah pak hm sb ko apni ghltyan sudharny ka moqa dyn,,,,,,,,AAMeen

  • Khareem Mughal

    Its really nice.

  • Abbas Aspires Karan Tacker

    really very intresting nd loving serial ……i like it to much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • phoosra larka

    favvad look like bander

    • abisha khan

      i hope you face like bander .

    • marrium

      u r a monkey

  • syeda azeema hassan

    awesome telefilm and also a good story as well

  • Abisha khan

    fawad khan ko old man hi bana diya sajal ka sajal itni bari larki hai iss ka bawa jod i not right yar 1 but i like this story and also fawad khan

  • Kiran Zehra

    nice telifilm i really like it

  • aqsa mano

    awesome drama love it

  • nida

    fazoooooooooool drama na koi sir na koi paon…………

    • marrium

      this drama is not fazoool u r fazoooool


        ghalat baat marium kisi ko fazool nai kehte plzzz ok


      nida aayenda wo ap se poch k hi drama banayen ge yaqeen kro

  • Aniqa Siddiqui


  • sara

    which link do we click on?

  • madiha

    i like nadia and sajal

  • Junaid Khan

    Nice play I like nadia …….

  • sammy

    Wow, Fawad looks insanely handsome <3 he iz da best actor !!

  • sonia rafique

    really a lovly telefilm..sajal..nadia..fawad..act v well

  • samman

    Beautifully acted <3 it

  • rida

    fawwad looks soo nice nd sajal do very well so nice tele film keep it up

  • zainab ali

    i love u fawad khan

  • aqsa

    nice acting by fawad.keepit up

  • sadia ad

    mind blowing amazing <3
    nadia jameel n fawad khan both r rock

  • isam ali

    not good at all

  • Azna Akks

    so much amazing…… fawad rockssssssssssssss..LOVELY

  • Azna Akks


  • hassan

    very nice story



  • DR.Maliha



      dr sahiba ap ne kyu time vaste kiya NICEEE likhne ma

      • Sunny

        Uncle apka her comment pe bolna zarori hai? Kaheen apko mun ki bawaseer to nhn????

        • NAEEM BHATI

          beta sunny ager mere coments se apko bil aagya to adaa kerdo plzzz koi baat nai kyun k tmhari shakal ma jo ma ne ghalati ki hui hai uska andaza muje aj hua ok dear ab apne father ko na pochna plzzz wo tens ho jayen gee ok betaa

  • fariya

    not so good……..
    umera ahmed iss se bhe zyada behtreen likhti hai…….but behaad dekh kr maza nai aaya……..infact kal hamari ight bhi nahi gai:)

    • marrium

      that was a gud a stor aap ko achi nai lagi wo alag bt hai
      fawad was looking awesome love u fawad


      oyee hoyee lite nai gayi ye to khushkhabri hai ji

  • pakeeza fatima

    best story I hv ever seen. All rocks Nadia. sajal and especially fawad khan.

  • saba

    awsom and awesome drama …………..really…….

  • jia

    OMG!! i waz crying when fawad crieddd he iz an amazing actorrrrrrr โ™ฅ

    • EMAAN!


  • fahad ameer

    If i would have been in place of fawad khan i would have fucked this girl if she camed for sorry 2 me…………….

  • Syed Xaidi

    Good story line !!!

  • tuba ali

    awom movie,,,,,,,,,,, superb cast, and superb story :) <3

  • sweetyy

    fawad looks soo hott <33 ds beard really suits him..

  • DR.Maliha

    superb acting of nadia , fawad and sajal too….. v nice….

  • Sammy

    WoW ,the best TELEFILM ever.The End is Amazing,but not Perfect.Fawad ist Amazing!!!!

  • icekeuzzz

    fucking intelligent drama…..Goood on you Fawad!!



  • raffatammar

    nice darama…

  • Asra Rani


  • marrium

    very good story nd hats of to the acting of sajjal nadia nd fawad……i love u fawad

  • Adeel Ahmed

    Heart Touching Story and awesome acting specially by Fawad
    You always rock man Stay blessed :)

  • sawaira dar

    awesome story like always Fawad Khan did best work

  • princess

    waoooo awsom no words…. :)

  • saba

    story waz not gud but acting of all actorz was great but ye fawad khan din ba din chitoo e hoe ja rha hai.

  • ummara

    can any one plz guide me why my utune videos are not working :(


      wo es lye k ap ka ajkal dimagh sahi work nahi ker raha ok

  • waleed

    Beautiful work

  • ishrat

    nice……….luv it

  • aini noor

    nadia u did da awsome work…..hats off to you..all da credit goes to you…….superb acting by you……i dont know why ppl r getting mad about fawad this story revolves around sajal nd nadia..fawad is having a small role……it was not his best….

  • aashir

    file not found :(

  • fifi

    3rd part ka kia msla hai:(

  • saima

    bakwas drama mana k fawad is a good actor but uska hr drama zarori tu ni k acha hi hu fazool mein bus tareefainy kr rhy hain koi story ni bakwas


      ap to naraz hi ho gayee hain fawad pe wo bichara to bacpan se sugar ka mareez hai

    • Faizan Ahmad

      kehnay say pehlay socha karien.

    • taby

      lagta hai keh telefilm ki samajh nahi ai

  • maryam

    ah tragic story reallly shocking and ofcourse wonderfull acting by all sajal loook so cute while crying.superb guuuuuuuuuuud

  • Sarah

    I loved Fawad and Sajjal, but Nadia Jamil was the star of the show! Brilliant yet subtle expressions and acting

  • Sarah

    This was supposed to be shown on Mother’s Day. The impact wouldve been double. A month too late, Hum!

    • Samira

      Mother day???????????????? Musalman has mother day.????????????? Strange veryyyyyy strange

      • blah blah

        no we dont…… cuz we cant specify only A single day fr the love to our mothers!

  • komal

    story is very nyc n realistic bt end wasnt good…

  • hafsmughal

    awesom telefilm

  • moiza


  • Ruqia

    A very heart touching drama..great job

  • honey

    sajal,fawad,nadia jameel n umeera ahmed r al rocks

    • blah blah

      hahahahahahhaahh…. r all ROCKS! bolay to….pathar..???! hahah still cant stop laughing!

  • Fairmawlove

    think, this telefilm was really good. The story was prefect with the
    proper cast. I would say that these type of stories should be witten by
    our writers. I simply loved it because of it’s moral in the story. The
    ending could have been little longer with every one happily walking on
    the beach.

  • Moon Khan

    Superb Drama

  • diamond

    end pe masoooooma or jamaal ki shadi ho ni chahiye thiii

    • nabeel

      were you sleeping during play…….they got married and then twist happened.

      • Syeda

        I think you were sleeping ๐Ÿ˜› coz they didnt! BURNNNN!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • shee

    really nice story…..and perfect cast….. only low was the ending….. should’ve been a little longer..

  • Samira

    Ma apni ulad ki hr ghalti maf kr dete ha ulad k lie apni zindigi ki khushi bhi qurban kr dete ha ar ulad us ki choti si khushi pr etraz Krte ha :-(

    • red rose

      i agree

  • mahwish sahar

    bht ala

  • amna

    Love it

  • amna rashid

    Suuuuuperbbbbb…..every one did gr8 job but fawad u r tooooooo gud…..looks + talent… married but still gettin crush on u ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • gustavo

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    nadia and fawad u did amazing job guys :)

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      • sadiqian

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  • Khala@Saleema

    Behad – A copy of very old PTV drama, in which lead role was played by Shehla Ahmed (Uncle Urfi girl) with Manzoor Qureshi. It was not expected by Umaira Ahmad and Hum to copy a drama without mentioning the original writer๏ปฟ and play.

    • mahnaz aiddiqui


    • Samira

      What is the name of old one plssssss tell me

      • khala@Saleema

        The original drama was GURYA, directed by Shirin Khan, written by Haseena MOIN , and won the best Script Award in Tokyo Japan

    • khala@Saleema

      The original drama was GURYA , directed by Shirin khan, written by haseena moin, and won the best script AWARD in TOKYO

    • hamnah

      don’t agree at all. Umera Ahmed never does that, Her one drama “The ghost” was based on an english novel, On her insist this reference was mentioned in the credits of that drama, that’s why I can never believe that she can copy any other story without mentioning the real reference.

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      • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

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  • disqus_G7gufpM6Q1


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    Coming to the telefilm. Everything about it was really nice, the acting, direction, story soundtrack, AND *ahem* Fawad ๐Ÿ˜‰ I gotta admit he's the only reason why I took the pain of watching this telefilm on my uber slow internet connection -.- It was worth it though. I gave this one a 9 outta 10 only because Joe k saath acha nahi hua. Poor guy. Uski shaadi toh kara dete.

    • I Am Naughty

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      ok ma dekhta hun drama phir batata hun

    • Sarah

      Yaar, Maha accused Jamal of trying to sexually abuse her. If you remember in the beginning Masooma tells Shafaq that Maha had seen a movie where a man does this to his daughter. So thats where she got the idea from. And inorder to make Masooma hate him, she pulled the same trick. She knew her mom was overprotective of her. So it worked.

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      • somi

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    • I Am Naughty

      u know what step parents shall or may be good parents but society always say that sutela baap ya suteli maa and this thing make a bad effect to children….

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    • naveedjami

      Fazool thaa nahi, aapko laga, so doesnt make it fazool.

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    n crdt also goes 2 shafaq aunty ๐Ÿ˜›
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      • asma shah

        dastaan main fawad saba comer ko khala kehta tha due to the rishta dey had…ab ages ke hisab se blate tu woh same age ke dekhaye the pher tu naam lena chaye tha directly….hamare culture main rishtoon se he bulaya jata ha usually

        • sadiqian

          Right.I was not talking about that girl Maha.main to sajjal ki baat kar rahi thi jo dekhne main bari lgti hai!

        • sadiqian

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  • sadiqian

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  • sadiqian

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    • asma shah

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    Mind blowing…Pakistani Telefilm industery can do much better than lollywood..

    • asma shah

      agreed! first it was anjuman was a splendid work for telifilm nd nw dis behaad.



    • naveedjami

      Do not watch films or dramas if you wish to know about deen, its in your hands change the channel to QTV or something.

      • Pharmacist Gill

        its doesnot mean……….deen in sub sy b motivate kea ja skta hy

      • mahera

        bhai mere ab to q t.v se bhi ads aaty hn

      • Sikandar

        muslim can never put his Deen apart even 4 a moment ……….it wasn’t the matter of qtv,hbo,or hum…..but u mr.naveed being a muslim need to give a thought to ur statement…

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    • Sikandar


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    • naveedjami

      You want to be different? Be different, but do not say bakwas thi, aap bolo aapko pasand nahi ayi, doesnt make it bakwas.

      • Sikandar


      • [email protected]

        nice and soft story……….fawad and everyone did a good job…..i realy

    • reyan

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  • isa ahmad jalil

    A great drama.Americans call Pakistanis a nation of ‘pathological liars’.On mohala level,on university level or on family level,we use ‘lies’ as a tool to conceal our insecurities,flaws and low self-esteem.This drama isn’t just about romance or great stars,it shows how a single lie can cause dis-repute and trauma.A great,great subject to identify in a society where acid attacks,honour killings,rape and murder,all are children of a ‘single lie’.

    • anonymous

      I have met a lot of Americans in my life. They never
      used the term as “pathological liars” for Pakistanis. Since lie is
      one of the biggest sins in Islam people avoid it with the exceptions of those
      situations where it is considered permissible.

      How are murder and etc. “children of a single
      lie”? What do you mean by it? May be you mean these crimes are committed
      with an untruthful justification.

      • desi

        Koran was written 70 years after mohmad

  • Umar Yaqoob

    I think it is good massage for paerents who make their children so senstive and its reason is that the their children make unconfidence person and not grow up as mature person

  • naveedjami

    Watching it now online (youtube) and liking it, one thing bugs me. Why is jamshed “JOE” and why not “JAMMOO” , i dont know what class of people have their nicknames sounding so westrenized. Great wannabees!

    • Amber

      His name is Jamal.

      • desi

        Why not desi native jamun ya jambuwant? Why arabi ya farasi?

  • hafsa irshad

    really nyc and great msg…………….

  • Najam

    An excellent message…..parents must wactch.

  • Pharmacist Gill

    no word simply fabulous……….
    superb idea to new generation that fulfilling wishes is not just the right of youngsters…………it’s also the elder one………..specially parents………..who sacrifices for their children………… hat’s off the idea :) <3 (y)
    and the other side parents should not pamper their children………..they should face the realities and troubles of life……….

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    • RaBia

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    • syeda mano.

      u r a pan of NADIYA JAMIL ๐Ÿ˜€ i think u r trying to say fan. :) its ok ho jata hy jaldi jaldi type krne m. not a big blander. im just kiding amreen.:) hope u dnt mind.:/

      • AnnieD


  • Sikandar

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  • tasawarsahi

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  • views on Behadd

    Yeh film wazay tor par kisi angrezi movie ki nakal hai or Pakistani muashray ki tarjumani to hargiz nahi karti. Nam bhi isayon walay rakhay hain Joe or Puppy.


    amazing lesson (‘:

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    i lOve it

  • sam rai

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  • HiNa Iqbal

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    awesome telefilm …. but in the end …. they have to get married and live happily so the girl have to realize what she did… :)

  • Noor

    another stroke of Umera Ahmed, really touched story as well as acting. After a long time seen such memorable project.

  • shahnaz


  • rameez

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  • Edward Gujjar

    Great… But wats the problem with part 6???

  • nomi

    amazing,nice,light and soft tele film which has also a soft story…. keep it up asim raza. it could be a social matter in another sense

  • Tahir Khan

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  • Tahir Khan

    awesome (y) but i had a wish that they could marry

  • khamkhaw

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    it was a brilliant story the lesson of the story was very strong i loved it it was a great story keep it up hum tv

  • yousaf khan

    i want second part of this telefilm in which they will get married

  • Syeda Rida Hassan

    nice !

  • zain

    some wht boring

  • Wani

    Well thought of subject
    Kudos to Fawad and others

  • RR

    love this drama. and fawad khan is sizzinling in that new do of his. this drama is a very cute and strong message for this generation. i am a teen a i feel like this drama has affected me alot. please thank your parents for everything they have done for you

  • Sila


  • Amna Yaqoob

    yr atleast it requires little bit extension fr a prfct end and the prsnlity of jo is beyond imaginationz

  • Life Beautiful

    very nice story ;’;and beautiful song ;;good job fawaddddddddddddd

  • sad

    yar maha ko ni pta tha k security camera hy living my?

  • Rabea Naveed

    nice nd gud lesson for us
    next pat b ana chahe

    • shaiq

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  • ลžฤ…mแปแปแน™ Jแป‹แธฟmy


  • ali

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  • ali


  • Malak Bilal

    Awesome….. but very poor ending at least they should show their marriage.

  • Annaya

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    • shaiq

      hm :)

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    • shaiq

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    jo mother play kiya han wo best role han very nice

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  • Ainnie Khan

    I jzz simply luvd it….it was amazing …the cast and the story it was minddd blowing… simply awesome… it was really really gud… fawad <3 lukd breathh takingggg lol

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