Dil e Muztar Episode 11 in High Quality 4th May 2013

Dil e Muztar Episode 11 in High Quality 4th May 2013




  • ali

    its a good location for amusement

  • sana waqas

    chahe koi kitna bhi jayada accha bane par kisi ko jayada free nahin karna chahiye…allah jab zoya chote bacche ka zara bhi dyaan nahin kar rai thi to sach bahot bura feel ho raha tha aur ye ho raha hai aajkal baccho ko maid ko dete hai jo unka zara bhi khyaal nahin karte …poor sila…feel bad her..over all nice drama.ab story main maza aayega.

  • Rind

    1st one to comment

    • ….

      bohat bohat mubarak ho. mithai bhi baant dain. wo kasar bhi poori kar lain.

      • xyz

        hahahaha. gulab jamun plzz.

        • abc

          hahahahah….LADOOOOOO PLZZZZZZZZZ…..

  • urwa

    zoya – Allah sey dero please ..

    kaisay kaam ker rahee ho .. aisay kaam tau shaitan kerta hai ..

    Indeed it is a devil who brings distance between scared relation like husband and wife.

    • Waleed


    • http://www.facebook.com/De.SaD.MaN Awais Khan Burki

      scared… ??!!! ^_^

    • urwa

      Correction please: sacred

  • sana khan

    very vert nice drama

  • urwa

    This drama will be a huge hit – IA

    sanam jang sounds like inocent in real life

  • MAham


  • MAham


  • me

    who is this BAI SUREE singer?:

  • neelo

    reallly changa drama

  • neelo

    silla is very nice bv

  • farhan

    dil e muztar ka kya mtlab hy?
    koi btaey ga?

    • Sarah Siddiqui

      Muztar mean bechara, bebus (helpless) aur dil ka to pata he hoga 😛

    • sabih

      dil ki bechaini ko kehtay hain hain dil-e-muztar

      • wew

        yeeah you are right sabih….dil ki bechaini…

  • Rukhsheen

    Sila is such a stupid girl, aaj kal k daur main koi itna bhi innocent nahi hota, jo sab ko apni ankhon se dekh dekh k notice kar rahi hay aur koi action nahi le rahi, shohar se shikwa karne k bajaye usay zoya ko uski limits khud batani chahiyen, mager ye to shohar ko jaisay plate main rakh k pesh kar rahi hain

    • urwa

      Clearly, Sila cannot say anything directly to Zoya because of her favours..
      Assuming Sila say something to Zoya, Adeel will obviously support Zoya..

      The main lesson behind this story is: – Nauture of all men are same .. They will always think other women better than their life partners..

      • powerpuffgirl

        but she can tell her hubby that she is giving her money and what zoya is doing is not favour if she takes money,,after all thats how zoya gets all importance from adeel,he thinks she is a good person and she is doing all this for their family without any ulterior motive.
        so yeah i guess the blame is on sila.

    • powerpuffgirl

      kisi hi daur main itna innocent nhi hona chahiye,remember soni mahiwal.soni was stupid

      • aqsa

        you’r right, this world is so cruel.. It wont let incconet people live..

        But then again, its not our choice to be inconnet or sharp..

        Innocence is the part of human nature..which you cannot change

        • powerpuffgirl

          yeah i know you are right but i thnk she knows that “khichri pak rahee hai” and still if she is not telling her hubby everything then its, i dont know not even innocent its down right idiotic.

    • aini

      infact innocence or bewaqufi mein bht farq hota hai. n sila bewaqufi kr rai hai

  • Afridi

    This drama Is mega n Super Hit Drama n more better than “Zindagi gulzar hai”

    • iffff

      NO WAY!!!!!!!! ZGH IS ON TOP…

  • jojoba

    she is stupid if she is not telling her hubby about the money she is giving her.

  • nimra

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy niccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • powerpuffgirl

    to all the boys who want innocent girls.

    in your face

    those kind of girls cant take care of their baby or hubby,so marry a nice and wise girl.

    who knows whats good fro her baby and her family,and family first and parosan second.

    i get shivers when imagine how would she deal once her kid starts going to school,she will make him mummy daddy bacha.

  • aqsa

    Never trust anyone is what life teaches us in long run .. Silla not only trusted zoya but also trusted Adeel..Its not only Zoya who is breaking her trust, Adeel is doing the same..

    Men will always see what they want to see..How come Adeel forgot all scrafices made by Sila .. He urgently needs a flash back session ..

  • Zeeshan12

    Sila should have left the job…. as soon as Adi got the job…For her only child

  • msgorgeous

    How heartless they are. That’s why I don’t work and enjoying each and every moment with my 7 months old baby girl. I have beautiful small house amd we have only one car but that’s ok I m giving my daughter all the love amd care she deserves.

    • powerpuffgirl

      May Allah bless you with more.i know sila could help it before but since adeel got the job she should just leave he job

      • powerpuffgirl

        i mean couldn’t* help it before

  • ambereen

    Each women should be have strong ability of decision making at every point of life.
    Becuase it is women’s decision who destory families.. May Allah give every women enough strenght to make right decision at every point of life.

  • sania

    sila kch zyada hi stupid hai warna itna andha trust koi kisi pe nahi karta

    • ambreen

      Indeed she is! but considering she is cut off from her family and relatives.

      I guess she needs a friend also. Whatever the case is you got to trust a person in your life to get a life lesson.

  • zain

    nawaz shareef zindabaad

    • pakistan

      IA imran khan will be the next president..

      It’s not only roads, buses and laptop that matters..

      It’s justice, education and human rights that matters..

      Please think before you choose your leaders..Please give my country a good leader who can think like a leader not like a business man ..

      • pakistan

        Dear Pakistanis: Please think for next generation .. Our country needs a gentle man to lead her .. I donot care what imran khan will do for this country, what I care about are the qualities that I wish to in a great leader ..

        @Metro bus, roads, and laptop supporters: There are people who are dying with hunger, illness, in justice.. Please think and grow like a nation.. This is a last chance for pakistan..

  • khan

    awesome drama!!

  • zain

    ambreen sahab aap jesi qoum ka kuch nhi ho sakta na shukri quom ho aap loge nawaz shareef nai lahore ko poora badal dia hai cheez milti hai fir bhi qadar nhi

    • ambreen

      Mr. Zain I totally agree with you. Not only lahore but pakistan is changed..
      There is no electricitly. People are dying with diseases, and hunger. youth is totally spoiled .. we are lacking behind in technology.. And pakistan ki jo izzat hai bahar key mulkoon mein usey tau app waqif hi hoon gayee..
      And you are just saying roads, metro bus and laptops have changed nation..

    • abc

      HUHHHHH!!!! Nawaz shareef …..use lahore kay siwa kuch nazar hi nai atta!!!! or ap ko un kay laptop kay siva khuch nazar q nai atta???

  • hamna

    han han nawaz shareef zindabaad

    • ambreen

      Please pray for a good leader for this nation..
      Please pray for respect of pakistanis accroos the country

    • areej

      imran khan painda bad

  • THB

    yaar agar indian daram hota. tu zoya ab tak pregnant ho chuki hoti. Duniya itni be masoom nahi wo be May, 2013, chal raha hain.
    Anyhow writer is trying to make people blood pressure patient. lolx. May Allah Save us.
    Adeel does not derserv Sila,
    Zoya does not deserve Adeel, Zoya deserve that Sabzi wala. lolx. chill up. its just a drama.
    Sila good acting. best acting. 9/10 for Sila,
    Zoya 8/10
    Adeel 7/10.
    Wo zoya ki amma 5/10.

    • mahi

      hahahahaha…..zoya ki amma ko 2/10 milnay chahiye…..lolx :>D

  • sadaf

    ab ye drama mazay ka ni ra :(

    • heeeee

      bilkul sahi kaha ap ne sadaf. bht hi bukwas ho gaya h ye darama. phle intazar hota tha ke kab lage ga darama li#akin ab ni hota intazar:(

  • maryam

    zoya is soooooooooooooo yeh ker kia rahi hy sila o jab sab nazar aa raha to wo khul k baat kun nahi karte aadi sy or apnay shoher sai paison mutaliq jhoot had hai use adeel ko btana chaie k zoya us se paise leti hai. awin zoya adeel k samne apne number bna rahi mera dil karta hai zoya a gala daba doon manhoooooooooossssssss

    • http://www.facebook.com/TALAT.khan.HYDEER.hossain Syeda Rukhsana Noor

      kisay apny jaal mai phansa lia pagal

  • hamna

    ambreen we r praying and aap zain ka message paren wo shi keh rae hain aqal sai kaam lain

    • ambreen

      pray kernay sey kuch nai ho ga .. we got to change your thinking from materialism to realistism to humanism .. Please think for a common person .. who is striving for basic human rights .. A common person does not care about luxury like buses, laptop, roads .. What he cares about to get his children educated .. Do you know what is the condition of government schools .. Alass .. Please think like a common person.. Muhjey pata hai apki souch boohat hi ala hai jo laptop, roads, aur metro bus ka souchti hai … but mein aik aisey mulk ka souchti hun jis mein pakistanioo ki pechan ho ..
      where there is a respect of every human ..

  • awais

    only imran khan can bring change in country he is true leader after qaid e azam guys is baar apna nahi apny mulk ka socho or ksis kutte ya sher o nahi bel k kisi insan k bache ko vote daina
    verna 5 saal beth k rona

    • anonymous

      Imran Khan can and will do nothing as long as he continues his coalition with “religious” extremists. In Pakistan only fanatics have the power and nobody is able to stop them.

      • authenticated

        We don’t care of with which party he forms coaltion.. We just belief on his ideology .. Every one need a leader .. Why don’t you people realize that he will support every person in the nation..

        • anonymous

          You mean you don’t care whether he will be able to put his goals into practice or not. You will follow him just because you need a leader. How strange!
          His ideology is nothing, but empty words. He will not be able to act accordingly as long as he continues his coalition with “religious” exremists. He has to break his coalition if he really wants benevolence for his nation.

    • MOna

      yeah awais! you are 1000% true…..only imran khan can bring change…

  • zain

    mai nai kaha hai na tum log koam na shukri ho imran ko dusron ko tane denay kai siwa kuch nhi ata chawal insan hai tum log uss ko vote denay ki baat kar rae ho jiss nai khud apna diary par likha hai me nai jue kai pesay karza lai kar pure kie……pehlay wo apna settlement kai lie paisay bnae ga fir shahid wo lgane ka soche do teen deen ke batein kar deta hai hamari pagal koam uss kai peechay pagal ho jati hai jo deta hai kam az kam uss ki to izzat kro

    • ambreen

      Hey, I’m not concered with what imran khan has done or will do..

      I’m just concered with his thinking and ideology. Ajj kay door mein koi bari soch rakhta ho aur wo bhi leader aur kya chahiye us kaum ko..See why our nation does not make a progress .. because we are materialistic people .. we are atrracted towards thing not people..

      Agar koi bura kaam keray tau usay log bura hi kaheen ga na..

      PML N kya jawaab dey gi un loogon ko jo bhook sey maar raheey hain .. metro bus khliayee ga.. Aur kya jawab dey ka un logon ko jin key pass school janee ki fees nai hai aur wo child labour hain .. university key students ko laptop deina .. would it justify people who are not going school due to fees

      • ambreen

        okay, i’m not going to disscuss this topic from now onwards

        I end my disccsussion with Iqbal’s poet..

        Hai Dil Ke Liye Maut, Machine’on Ki Hukoomat;
        Ehsaas-e-Murawwat Ko Kuchal Dete Hain Alaat

        Rule of machines are death to our hearts (humans),
        These machines destroy sense and feelings of human kindness.

        • hum

          wah wah kia kehnay!!!

        • anonymous

          I don’t agree because machines in a hospital save human life.

      • anonymous

        Haray mulq or koum ki taraki Na karnay ki aik hi wajah hai or wo hai;”Mazhabi”Jonooniyat ya yeh kehna behtar hoga kay mazhab ka ghalat istemal

        Hamaray mulq ki taraki us din shuru hogi jis din mazhab or siyasat alag ho jayegay or janooni Mullah siyasat say nikal diye janyegay.

  • nisha

    is drame ko diakhne k bad apna B.P zarur chk kia karen sab zoya sb ko bloodpressure ka patient bna rahi hadd hay yaar is ki shadi wakie sabzi wale se hone chahye or mera to khyal hay k kisi ATOC MATIC tareeky se ise sila or adeel ki zindage se bahr phenk ana chahye

    • Khushal


    • Gora sb.

      mein tu soch raha hon k Ye bacha kyun bara naheen ho raha.. abi tak eik month ka dikha rahey han!!!? kab ye bara ho aur sari mushkilat khatam hon :)

      • ash


  • aiman

    shi baat hai iss baar mulk ka socho nawaz shareef ko vote do

  • asad

    nawaz shareef zindabaad

    • xyz

      nawaz shareef murdabaad….lolz!!!!

  • nisha

    aise baat nahi he powerpuff girl imran ne jo kaha such aha tumhe kia lagta hai ye nawaz or zardari nay kabhe jooa nahi khela ho ga ye sati sawetri hain doodh k nahai we sab drame baaz imran such to bolta he honest hai factories or mils nahi laga raha in ki trha or na he correption kar raha… sb ko azma chuke sab dhoke bazz hain is bar ise azmana chahye ager dhoka b diya to km z km aik neya bnda de ga un purane logon k hathon bewakoof ban ban k hamari qom abhi tk ni samjhti is dafa aik new insan ko moqa do shid wo behter ho in se

    • HaNi


  • nisha

    momin aik jagga se do bar dhoka nahi khata… nawaz zardari mulk ka berra gharq ker gai apne mehal kharre ker liye awam ka paisa le k bhag jate hain ye to islam ki baat b nahi karte imran chalo karta to hai yeh sab amreeca k ghulam ager koi leader hai jo amrica ki g hazoori nahi karta to wo imran khan hai

  • nisha

    imran tane daita hy to bilkel sahi daita he yeh hain he is qabil kam z kam awam jo un k samne ni hisab le sakti imran wo tane de k poora ker leta kher apki apni rai he meri apni or hame sb ki araa ka ehteram kerna chaie

  • sam

    by the way itni achi prosan milti kese hai

    • urwa

      Astag firullah kaise baatein ker raheen hain ..
      yeh achi prosan hai .. Astagfirullah

    • nisha

      yeh achi parrosan hai????????????? zoya ki baaat ker rahi ho???

  • naz

    y tune pk nt workng?

  • Dimplz

    Twisted mentally

  • amna

    sila and office guy r so cute

  • Hani

    Arghhhhhh!!!!i hate u zoya and adeel has changed a lot I’m sad !!:-(

    • HaNi


  • roman

    silla ka boss us k bajaey us k husband jo job de deta tu kia tha

    • authenticated

      MashahAllah! aisa ho tau ajj last episode hoti

      • mani

        he can’t because her husband is not as much qualified as sila. and adeel refused to take any work from her boss!

    • HaNi


    • ash

      g hn previous episode mein sila k husbad ny us k pass job kerny sy inkar kia thaa

  • lahori123

    boring as usual !!!!!!

  • Gara sb.

    Ye bacha kyun bara naheen ho raha.. abi tak eik month ka dikha rahey han!!!?

    • mady

      hahahaha q kay use time pay feed nai milti is lie bara nai ho raha….lolx :>D

  • http://www.facebook.com/angel.shezik AnGel ShEzi

    silla is such a stpd girl !!

    • ash

      how can u realize she is stuped

      • ash

        she just realize something happen now so next episode she will be manage it ok

  • alvina


  • sara chaudary

    this ep is not so much good but i think in next ep silla will did something

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000039001791 Majid Anwar

    apny he apny graty hai nasyman pey bajleya dost he dost kr brbad kr rhi hai

  • atiqa

    ache dost bohot mushkil se milte hain har kisi ko dost nai karna chaiye

    • azka

      you’re right, no one cares except your parents, brothers and sisters..

      Everyone wants to be wid you when sun shines .. They all leave in the of difficulties. We should never scarfice our family for anyone. Silla will now realize his father/ step mother was right about adeel.

      • azka

        They all leave in the time of syetruggle.. Agar silla job kar rahee hai key apnay bache ko acha mustaqil day tau is mein haraj hi kya hai .. Silla key boss ko aik day care centre kol laina chahiye for Silla.. lolz

      • moophut bashira

        no ur family n gud frnds also leave u in harsh conditions, this is only nonly ALLAH who is aways with u

  • umm e haider

    Sila ko kya zarorat thee zoya ko itna ser per charhany ki.adeel is so egoistic,complexd and mean insan.how can he say kay tum FAZOOL KHARCH hov,us ny kin kin halat main adeel ky sath bachat kr kay faqay kar ky guzara kya:( its unfair

    • azka

      you’re right, one side she left her parents for adeel. And now she is leaving adeel for Zoya..

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahsan.ahsan.140 Ahsan Ahmed

    sila ne zoya ko boht sir pe charya tha ab os ka result ha wase adeel b bra mtlbi nikla sily ne os ky sath kse dn guzare or ye ise kh rha ha k fazol kharchi krne ki tme adat ha ye thk bt ni

  • princees sony

    sali bht achi larki ha sae ha sae logo k sth asa hta ha r wo zoya bht buri bht nuksan uthae gi r adeel b bht matlbi h use qdr nahe sila ki

    • mashal

      Sarwat’s low neckline from back seems to vulgar (Astaghfirullah,Astaghfirullah,Astaghfirullah Aameen) . Please dont show such dresses.

      May ALLAH Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala ‘s Mercy and Blessings upon all of you in both the worlds. Aameen

    • pretty


  • Bashr Khan

    yeh dawanload q nhi ho raha ha yeh kiya masla bana ha koi batye mujhe

  • fadi bloody boy

    sila ko zoya pr itna atbar nhi karna chiay tha

    • rani


  • fadi bloody boy

    bohat mcy ha

  • fadi bloody boy

    zoya [chpically]

  • dania

    great drama

  • fadi bloody boy

    kia dawanload nhi ho raha

  • fadi bloody boy

    acha ma rani

    • rani


  • fadi bloody boy

    bashr girl ho daramas dhkti ho

    • princess

      u r mental

  • OedipusTyrannus

    that poor little baby doesn’t even know that he is acting in a serial!


    after watching this ep, i wanna sing ” q kisi ko wafa k badley wafa nahin milti “

  • http://twitter.com/SoniaSuleman Dr Sonia ShahZur

    it is sad to see wot zoya n her mother doing with baby

  • imran

    loveeeeeeeeeee this drama and hate zoyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • queen of hearts

      i thnk zoya b isi drama me aati h

  • fatima

    How can you all watch this . as youtube is blocked can you guys me any link so thar i can watch it also

    • sara

      Fatima google se hotspot shield download kar lo youtube open ho jae ge

      • http://www.facebook.com/zeeshan.haider.505 Zeeshan Haider

        U can watch this on daily motion tooo

  • Lonely_island

    Nice drama

  • oceanic girl

    by the way adeel & sila should com 2 know dat y zoya is doing all of this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/zeeshan.haider.505 Zeeshan Haider

      I think they both know… but Adi has given up on Sila because of her job… i think Adi will be responsible here rather than zoya if Sila breaks up…But Sila should have left the job soon after Adi gets the job.

  • adnankhan

    bhout simple drma h kuch hut ke ho na tha

  • AAA


  • abeer

    ab adi b hd kr rha hy zoya ke hamdrdy me r sila ko chahey ke jb chor dy kiun ke adi ko mill gaey nai tu wo zoya r khrabiyan daal dy gy

  • pareesa

    zoya should not do like this. i hate her soooooooooooo much.

  • mery

    IN this scared world AURAT HI AURAT KI DUSHMEN HAI.

  • sila

    sila is so stupid….kia zaroorat thi adeel ko khne ki k zoya madam kitchen main ha…or mje kch mangwana ha. sila ko adeel se cheezain chupa kr nh rakhni chahiay.. bta daina chahiay k phle b paose dia the or ab b usko de rahi hn…10,000 k ye gifts laine the zoya ne:/at least next episode main sila ko bta daina chahiay or ahmer ki baat nh sunni chahiay.

    • Avila

      Sahi baat he apne ghar me kisi ko koi itna ane deta he kiya or orat hokar orat ki harkat ko nahi pehchan rahi he

    • umer

      tum call ker ke bata do adeel ko……

  • http://www.facebook.com/mera.dil.9 Mera Dil

    nyc drama

  • meero

    yea adeel sahab khud kuun nai bacha or ghar sambhalty dosra ghar main gusy ga to asa hi ho ga

  • dia

    sila jesa bewakuf koe ne ho ga

  • qadir

    drama hai jano……hehehehe

  • umais

    bewaqoof hy sila us chalak urat k hathy char gai

  • asma khan

    sarwat gelani was good as hania but not good as zoya!!!don’t her character

    • muniza

      ya i agree………….

    • OedipusTyrannus

      you mean she is not performing well? or you are just disliking the character

      to me she is doing a great job in portraying a chichori larki

  • asma khan

    btw…ye ahmer sahab kis chakar mein sila ki itni help kar rahy hn??????

    • OedipusTyrannus

      itni payari or softspoken larki ki help kon nahi kare ga!

  • icekruz

    Sila can hire old woman for her baby in the Mohalla because she is earning and above all her husband can agree!!! And this point makes the drama so weak!!!! Isn’t it???

    • OedipusTyrannus

      daycare centers are everywhere these days

      this drama has been far far away from reality right from the beginning

  • Guest

    akhar wo leater ks k aty hain?

    • Sara

      i guess from her mother

      • OedipusTyrannus

        but she didn’t know her adress or did she?

        • Sara

          hmm… she investigates? otherwise how can be?

          • kifayat

            sure lag raha hai mujy b

  • Sara

    i read yor comments about sila…someone says she should talk to zoya, not adeel, i agree… But are you blaming zoya or sila… Zoya is very mean and sila is acting too naive, but the main stupid and worth to blame is adeel… Sila is working, and in office you know you have to listen what the boss says…if during the day he goes out of house in the evening he can stay home and take care of the baby…it’s also his… And way he is so frank with Zoya??it’s his wife friend not his! Dumb man

    • OedipusTyrannus

      They are also friends as per a previous episode when Sila was in labour in critical condition and Zoya helped Adeel a lot during that difficult time

      Also when a woman herself tries to be close with a man, then how could he resist

      • Sara

        he’s a human being, not an animal… he can control his self…

        • http://www.facebook.com/zeeshan.haider.505 Zeeshan Haider

          I totally blame Adi ….he wants sila to quit the job on her oown and that’s y he is getting close to zoya to make her own wife jealous …. probably this would be the reason for their breakup…

          • http://www.facebook.com/zeeshan.haider.505 Zeeshan Haider

            what if the kid dies ….. who would be blamed???

          • Sara

            i don’t think it’s for jelousy… actually he dosn’t value his wife…

        • OedipusTyrannus

          only a tiny percentage of men can controll theirselves, others just slip

  • Muhammad Riaz

    Zoya Bitch 😛

    • Yusra Ansari

      hmmm she is tooo..

      • Yusra Ansari

        Also adeel is looser man ..he sold his sense…

  • Sehar

    Adeel is a bloody loser and a hypocrite. Actually he deserves someone like Zoya who is exactly like him. They need to be together. Sila deserves someone far better than this loser Adeel-good for nothing complexed “loose” man..

  • Muhammadusman

    Zoya acha nahi kar rahi

  • alena

    na hi qasor zoya ka h r na hi adeel ka,,,sara qasor sila ka h q k sila ko apny hsbnd ki bt man ni cahye the jb wo usk job k haq m ni tha to sila ko b ni krni chaye the,,,us n to khud apny hathn s zoya ko r adeel ko aik 2sry k close kya h ,,,,jb wife bhr nikly ge r wo b apny hsbnad k khilaf to hsband k dil m koi r lerki to jga bnaye ge hi ,,,,zahiri bt h

    • Sara

      job was not silas choice, it was a need… adeel was jobless…and i think the base of a relationship is trust, if you can’t trust your wife/husband so what kind of marrige is this and how can you trust??

      • alena

        jtna b trst krloo,,,kahen na kaheen galtfehmi hte h,,,,,its my experience ,,,,,,hsbnd k dil m ksi r ki jga bnty dair ni lgte ,,,,,

        • isha

          yes u r right, husband k trust aur permission k beghair wife koi b kam kr k apna ghar he khrab kerti he,

          sila kush aur manage ker leti. kisi skool me job ker leti adeel ko razi ker k. q k usy ziada ghussa ahmer k pas job kerny se a raha he.

        • kifayat

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      • kifayat

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    • ali

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    • Saleha

      Tottaly wrong silah has done very right because adeel could not find a job and what would they so many days without food if they had no noney!!

      • Shua

        Your comment made me laugh a lot. U wrote a serious thing and typo error made your money NONEY!!!

      • kifayat

        oh really

  • M. Ejaz Qureshi

    i total disagree with you alena, sila bohat achi larki hai sila nay apnay father aur aram dey zindagi is adil kay pechay chori, ar ab be wo apni kushi say ghar say bahir nai nikai apni khushi say office join nai kia jab husband ko kam nai milagy ga ar ghar k halat financial tor per bohat kharab ho ar nobat yaha tak pohac aye k baby key medical treatment key ley be paisay na ho tu wife kia karay, kisi ar say paisy magnay ar mazeed karza lenay say behtar hai k sila na office join kia aur apnay ghar k halat behter karnay k ley khud koshish karahi hay aur hai achay office may job karahe hai hai. kis k ley apnay ley nai, sir apnay husband aur apny baby k ley, adil agar chata tu apny bachy ko khud sambal sakta tha jab tak usay job nail miljati, lekin adil ko sub kam ready chaiye, adil bohat khush naseeb hai jo usay sila jesi wife mili. i think adil apni ana (ego) may rehta hai. sila sara din office may kam karti hai phr ghar jab pohacti hai tu adil sahab zoya ki itni tareef kartay hai k agar sila ki zindi 4 din hai tu wo sirf 2 din he zinda rahey gi. aj adil ko zoya bohat achi lagrahe hai na adil ko jab pata chaley ga jab sila chali jai gi, tab zoya bataye gi adil ko k wife kia cheez hoti hai.

  • quaid-e-azam

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    • Rabia

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    • http://www.facebook.com/abina03 Abina Josen

      Usmaji….. aap yeh bol rehre ki ek suite khareedega tho do mahine meim kharab hogayega!!!!!!!.he lost his job 2 months back only. because of silas surgery, new born + 2 months advance rent make them sudden crisis. purane wala kapada bhek nahi sakta na. naya cheap kapada lane keliye paise chahiye na…. do you think any mother let her child hurt especially while the child is in her hand. this drauma is very close to reality.

      • Asmara Mushtaq

        abina ji first of all u checked urs spellings,,,,,so many mistakes…can u tell me k is drama main reality kia ha,,,
        stupid ha drama….sila is not a wife of any minister….uzma ne jo bhi is drama k baray main kaha sahi kaha….okey

        • kifayat

          abina ji writer nahe es drama ka ..

      • Uzma Sajid

        Are you saila. Saila don,t tie your hair. You look like maid.which type of job you are doing? That you have so much money! Tell me where is that job



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