Dil e Muztar Episode 4 in High Quality – 16th March 2013 on Hum Tv

Watch Latest Online Episode Dil e Muztar Episode 4 in High Quality – 16th March 2013 on Hum Tv

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  • http://www.buzzpk.com/ Muhammad Ahmed

    Buss ker day yaar Aadi (Adeel), Bachi Ki Jaan Lay Ga ab..

    or yeah Saba Pervaiz her drama may evil hi kun bani hoi hay

    • eeee

      HA YAAR

    • ihbvhxs

      saba hameed not sba parvaiz

    • zara

      agreed saba hameed har drame mn tapak parti h

    • Shazia

      haha saba achi hai yra

    • halima

      hahahaha…..ab asi bhi koi bat nahin hai…………..

  • eeee

    itna der se

  • hamna


    • Guest

      pehlay dekh to lo hamna

      • hamna

        mene to load k lie bola k aab gea

  • Haroon

    wow awesome

  • soni

    itna late load kia ha admin

    • shozib

      Aap logon ko jaldi drama daikhne ki aadat daal di hai mainay :p.. Thora issue tha is waja se late ho gai

      • Andleeb

        ainda aisa na ho oOk….:p

  • http://www.facebook.com/ramsha.nadeem.39 Ramsha NJ

    ufff… aur kitna time hai??? cant wait…

  • isha

    first one to comment!

    • Abdul

      autograph plz 😛

  • Hammu

    Okay.So,we all know what is going to be the story.It is going to be a very emotional one with distances between the main characters and a third lady.But one thinks what is different in this drama? I mean we’ve all seen these type of stories haven’t we ? So what is different ? I’ll tell you.Sanam Jung.She is extremly talented and cute.Absolutely charming,cute,bubbly and i don’t know what else.I’ll honest.Imran is good.But i would not have seen it just because of him.If it was any other female actress ( Maybe Emma Watson or world’s most beautiful one ) i would not have watched it.She is the only reason i’m watching it.And it is her presence that makes this drama more special.The credit definitely goes to the director Shahzad for chosing her.

    • sab

      @hammu i agree with you its a typical story just like all other dramas currently on-aired at different channels

    • Maasi Barkathey

      Yes, I agree.

    • Playboyyyy2

      That, is what i wanted to write…it is cool to see casual girls in dramas instead of
      6 foot skiny ones like kate moss & ur emma watson
      Is not?

  • Zainee


  • jahanzaib

    i was expecting romance to come back on our screens rather then typical middle class soaps im tired of repeating the same thing in dramas…fucking tired …

    • Hammu

      As much as i appreciate your view towards the drama,i strongly forbid the language you are using.Be careful next time.

      • jahanzaib

        here we use the same lang sorry not to hurt anyone

      • Me

        Agree ! mind your language ████████████████████████████████████████████

    • Hammu

      You will experience it soon.As much as i appreciate your view towards the drama,i strongly forbid the type of language you sre using.This is not 9gag.You have to show some respect!

    • Kiwi

      Watch your language, Mr Jahanzeb.No swearing here pls.

  • Faiza khan

    not workinggggggggggggggggggggggg :'(

  • Umayyaa

    Adeel is now realizing his responsibilities I think :) Mr.Zaman did really wrong that he disowned and renounced his daughter because she got married to her poor cousin ,though he is a noble man . But this is drama, the producer and director have to get some script to extend it 😉 Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas you both are phenomenal .

    • Mahi


      • adeel


    • Farheen Raza

      i hate ds so-cald ego of zaman

      • jerry


      • halima

        han na bohut bura kia inho nay……………aisa nahin karna chahiya na aur adi tou zaman kay bhai ka bata hai ……………

    • arslan fareed

      hmm right

    • waseem

      yeh u right i dont understand y her father taking too serious but anyway at the end of day its writer thought

    • http://www.facebook.com/adeel.zaib.14 Adeel Zaib

      NO i didn’t 😛 😛 😛

    • THB

      Well, I have witness on of such kind marriage. But in reality its not like this drama. it 100 percent oppsite, only difference was Adeel was not like this Adeel and sila was not like this sila. Director donot kill father of silla please. I want him to witness what he did..

    • Bisma


  • tweety

    very nice drama……..

  • Umayyaa

    Adeel is realizing his responsibilities now :) Mr.Zaman did really wrong that he disowned and renounced his daughter Because she got married to her poor cousin against her father’s wish. But this is drama ,the director have to stretch it by getting some script 😉

    Sanam jung and Imran Abbas you both are phenomenal

  • http://www.facebook.com/fawadrocking.ansari Fawad Rocking Ansari


  • iqra

    larky love marriage kren to sb jaiz hy but agr larki pasand kry to usk ly zindagi mot ka masla bn jata hy…. ajeb hmri society k cultures hn

    • http://www.facebook.com/zohaib.irshad.90 Zohaib Irshad

      hahahaha….tm b sch smj ke krna.

    • http://www.facebook.com/asad.mansoor3 Asad Mansoor

      shayd lrki ko aisi galti krni he nahi chahye …..baat conservative soch ke nahi hai …shayd hum nai moral or ethical standards he apnay kuch aisay bna liye hain….

      • http://www.facebook.com/AbdulRehman970 Abdul Rehman

        to aunty love marriage bhi wo kro na jis ma dono ki marzi shamil ho aysi na kro jo is episode ma dhakae ha :p

    • Hasnain

      hahahaha 100% galat farmaya ap ny

    • khuramuk707

      society ka kasoor nai hai janab…we have to fix thiz problem properly..we must convert it in arrange marriage..after this u can pass whole life welll!!! try thiz lolz

    • nayab

      very true……..

    • Mutayyib

      daM true ,,,,,,,,,

    • http://www.facebook.com/zainkhan.deswali Abid Ali Deswali

      aesa lag rha he mis iqra apne bhi love marriag krne k socha hua hai.;::p

    • Faiza


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001463251889 Sunny Unforgetable

      Muslim Ho?

    • hina na…..

      han na…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sadboy.fahad.3 Sadboy Fahad

    owsm drama ……

  • Amna

    the episode was different than what was shown in last week’s precap for today’s episode

    • DM


    • nudz


    • http://www.facebook.com/alenn.khan Alenn Khan

      i was also wondering

  • amber

    sanam is so cute

    • http://www.facebook.com/asad.mansoor3 Asad Mansoor

      ya she is…..her features…her face colour is mashalah very gud….

      • Seemi Khan

        Shukr hai kisi ney toh sanwale colour ko MashAllah kaha lols

      • Me

        what does her face colour have to do with her acting??!

  • Fatima

    nice coupl 😉

  • zara

    Adeel impression is very nice hahhahahah

    • aimen


  • Fatima

    sanam u r so cute :-*

  • graceful

    dil-e-muztar means “restless heart”

    • Maasi Barkathey

      I know. Good job!

    • Seemi Khan

      Thanks, I was wondering too lol

  • friend

    promo se different aya hai bhae..

  • younas khan

    superb.. i dont have such words tht how to describe it.. a very xcilent drama tht i have ever seen in ma hole life.. a very good story.. and a very good acting.. i would like to give maximum numbers..

  • arslan fareed

    hmm very nice epi,,,,,,,,,,,,,it looks like ,sila convinced aadi finaly……….But very negtive role of sila,s mother .while sila love her too much.

    • Seemi Khan

      Woh usski akhir stepmother jo dykai hai lols

  • http://www.facebook.com/prs.praim PR’s Praim

    Sila is such a sweetheart, luv her<3

  • beckey

    bs kro do adeel itaaa dant liya hai sila ko :(

  • amna

    i hate those cheap standards and ego of people and unfortunatly it is specialityof our people and culture

  • asad mansoor

    it will be the most hit drama after humsafar …

    • Rose

      I thought that zindagi gulzar hai was good but this is even better.

    • http://www.facebook.com/uxair.ansari Uxair Ansari


  • Siddy

    ek cheez mere samaj mei nahi arahi..last week dikhaya tha promo jis mei sila kisi uncle se apne baba ka poochti hai and roney lagti hai..but is week k episode mei aisa kuch nahi hua..kia promo ghalat chala dia tha??

    • http://www.facebook.com/reebs Ari Ba

      ho sakta hai par aisa ku kia???????

    • Seemi Khan

      Mai bhi yahi soch rahi thi, but no doubt yeh drama buhat acha hai. Sanam aur imran ki jodi buhat achi lag rahi hai.

  • Nadeem

    This play is getting attention now.If screen play and acting with direction go in right way than this would be super hit drama.Director should pay attention to highlight emotions.

  • Aamir Raza

    kya msla h yar…. dil e muztar k koi b episode yhn se nae chal rhi mjhse…. plzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • http://www.facebook.com/asad.mansoor3 Asad Mansoor

    i think there is no girl like silla in this world….see her perception in this episode…damn gud….

  • Yusra

    awesome script …. sila kai sath har taraf sein bohat bura ho raha hai …. adeel and mr zaman both r doing wrong …..

  • Sana

    Well, this is a lesson for girls like Sila, what an idiot she was? larkay ka pata nahee aur us say shadi ki zidd kar bethi.If only she had confirmed it with adeel.She is not respected by her husband, let alone loved.A girl should choose wisely, now her husband will fall in love with another woman and leave her.She will eventually rebuild her life, but her misfortunes are largely self-created.

    • zkhan

      kisi hud tak aap ki baat teek he but you have to remember dat her intention wasnt bad and then she felt support and encouragement from adeel’s mum too and later on adeel’s mum wished dat she wants sila as her daughter in law and that sila would be a very loving wife for adeel.

      but sooner or later adeel would realize sila’s love and sincerity and he will catch up with her …..

      I know that parents should consider children’s likes and dislike when it comes to their marriage but trust me if you obey your parents you would witness an endless happiness and success in your life………

      only if we had patience …..

  • Pisces

    awesome drama….just love it !!
    superb acting by all specially silla…..& title song…!!! OMG :)
    desperately waiting for next episode!

  • Pisces

    due to ptcl internet problem online streaming ho he nahe rahe….its too slowwwwwwwww…….
    any1 else having same problem jo ptcl ka net use kr rahy hain????????????

  • Mune

    Nifty one…

  • asma

    awesome drama & lovely couple

  • nainaa

    Sanam jung is sooooo Beautiful n Cute Girl . . . . >>>><<<<<
    Imran abbas is also V V Beautiful<<<<<<


  • maheen

    nice drama and nice couple…. simple and cute….

  • innoxent

    hiiiii guyzzzzzz………………………….

  • http://www.facebook.com/esha.amin.12 Aleeza Sikandar

    Video start hi ni ho rae…. I wonder whats the problem????
    I really want to watch it…..

    • zkhan

      when you solve the problem leme know plz im gonna help you then lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/fareeha.malik.52 Fareeha Kaleem

    allllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww drama…..sila luv u…<3

  • sam

    the father was suppose to die in this episode!!!!

  • Arwen

    I don’t know y this drama has ranked no.4 in the top rated dramas’ list however its rating is pretty high 9.4! which is more than ‘Kash Aisa Ho’ which is rated 9.3.. anyway.. so far its going great!


    Another excellent episode…superb direction and acting…..Sanam Jung knows how to express her emotions feelings using her eyes. Marvelous background score, specially the instrumental….good editing in all again a good team work….after so long a drama that one really to look forward for the next episode. Keep it up team Dil e Muztar.

    Administrator could you please upload the OST and the instrumental of Dil E Muztar?

  • Mune

    Aadi soooooooooooooooooo cute n nifty,,,,,,,,,,Sila is pulchritudinous….Both r nice bt Aadi’s behaviour is sooo bad………..Leave it Aadi

  • Mune

    Dil e Mustar is superb one………But i can’t wait….

  • bella

    i hate the step mother she is so clever

  • Suleman

    i cant wait next week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:)

  • Engr Zeeshan

    itni sweet anti k sath rehtay ho uncle phr b muskrana nahi aata 😛 😛 😛

    matchless drama production and mind blowing acting from both aadi and sila :)

  • Shanzey

    Ye adeel ki frd ki biwi bari appa drama me bi bari dawatey karti ti our yahan bi isey bara shok he dawatey karney ka 😛



  • Kashif

    Direction to drama team actors and actresses is very outclass ,,all members are doing their job fantastic…Dil e Muztar dialogue delivery specially Sila is(Sanam Jung) amazing reality based,,,I think Dil e Muztar and in past Meri Zaat Zare-e-Benishan both dramas dialogue delivery is superb……Love u all who providing us this kind of awesome dramas

  • Kashif

    By the way i can tell all the story in advance if anyone is intrested………..:-)

  • k1_03

    No doubt that Saba Hameed does excellent job doing negative roles. But I have seen too much of the negative roles of her. I know she did come in some (+) ones too but those are only a few, recently Manjali. May be she should do some more (+) or strong headed roles in future dramas.

  • SILA

    is Mulk ki AWAM mere sath ha….. to mghe mera haq mil kr rahe ga.. :(

  • sundasfatima

    hayee ager Imran abbas jaisa shohar ho to sab kuch berdasht ker lain lolzzz 😛

    • Playboyyyy2

      Pair to replay karo hum ko ..imran abbas se be bohath acha aur handsome and cuter.looz

    • Seemi Khan

      Lol maar bhi

      • sundasfatima

        aur nahi to kia lolzzz

        • Seemi Khan

          Argument toh theek hai miyan biwi mai ho jati hai. Lekin maar nahi lols

  • charlie

    Yaar what is the name of actress playing Nabila in the beginning?

    • Seemi Khan

      Madiha Rizvi

  • abc

    Promos main tou Sarwat Gilani bhi nazar aa rahi thi……..Lekin 4 episodes guzarnay k baad bhi Sarwat Gilani ka door door tak koi ata pata nahin hai.

    • Seemi Khan

      Mai bhi yahi soch rahi thi lols

  • http://www.facebook.com/DR.SAM88 Muhammad Sameer Hanif

    zabardast drama hai yarrr!!!!!!!!! ideal biwi dikhai di hai, itni mohabbat karne wali, taab-e-daar………dream wife, jo k ajkal extinct ho chuki hain 😛 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/uxair.ansari Uxair Ansari

    jo next episode k promo mai dikhate hain wo to epi mai hota hi nh hai=@

  • affy

    father like mr zaman hate it .she loves him si mein kya
    burai hai.yeh larkkaa ajj thora stable hota to koi issues nai
    bantay..i seriously fail to understand if gal choose a guy
    herself what is d biggg deal.Kya larkiyo ko itnaa b haq ni ke woh
    apnay liye apni pasand se shadi kare.she did rite apni lyf hai
    jo karna hai kare

  • rami

    I thought her dad’s dead in this ep? so confusing?

  • zkhan

    Adeel bahot zalim aur kathoor hein , itn piyari lerki ko har wqt rulata hein …liken sila ka piyar phir bhi bhrta jata hein kam nahi hota….

    sila ke piyar ka ye sila to nahi hona chahiye….

    kabhi kabhi insaan bahot khud gharz hojata jab usay ye ihsaas hota he k koi usay bahot chahta hein to ye ihsaas usay mazeed maghroor bana deta hein …

    sila has a lovely smile ……

  • Sila

    Adeel yar kion tang ker raha hai itni piyari bachi ko… She is so stunning

  • anna

    NICEEEEE darma :)

  • OedipusTyrannus

    curiously waiting for the turning point in the serial

  • zhalay dua

    ye just silah ka dream hona ha :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/jia.ali.142892 Jia Ali

    adeel khoch to raham karp bachari pr

  • ihsan khan

    nice dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • sanam

    adeel is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Imtiaz Ahmed

    Realy nice yaar .kamal ka drama ha

  • asima sheikh

    jo pichli dafa next episode dikhae the us me se to koe scene nahi tha

  • Sooch

    Really Really very nice drama….lov it!

  • aimen

    lovly drama

  • sabeen

    OMG…..this is sooooo awsummmmm <3
    I am in with this drama <3
    Next episode is very interesting

  • Maham Aftab

    TodayZ drOma iS diFfErEnT as was shown in last cOminG up so…why is iT..??

  • sowatsup

    wow cant wait 4 next epi .so sarwat is the badass in this serial.but the show wasnt wat the preview showed

  • sheru

    how bitchy can that lady get—pegley to sila ka naam lena band nahi karti aur baap ko pareshaan karti hai and then jhoot bhi bolti hai……

  • sheru

    yar promo ghalat dekhatay hain—-kham kham ka anticipation!!!!

  • jerry

    step motherrrrrrrrrrr huhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ashu ali

    awesome <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/adil.ubaid.3 Adil Ubaid


  • Shazia Nazir

    larky hoty he hmesha ase hain …be hiss

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005313934254 Faiza Awais

    pata nai larkon mein itna attitude kun hota hay kya larki apni marzi ki shadi nai kar sakti akhir larkon ko hi kun apni marzi karnay ka haq hota hay

  • fahad imi

    agae story me twist ae ga

  • Rashid

    its lesson for everyone

  • muxfi

    sanam jang ki acting bht bht achi hai, as compare to other vJ’s.. she is fresh addition n lukin very beutiful mashallah

  • noshi

    love this drama n awesome story n girl is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv pretty

  • sohail

    i agree k larki aisi mohabbat kar sakti ha,,,but mohabbat may ye sab takleef bardasht karay,,,,ye zamana e qadeem ki baat ha….

  • graceful

    Sila (Sanam) one day will rule TV Dramas in Pakistan

  • saima

    ek to ye adeel pata kea smjta hy apny ap ko os ko to shukar ada krna chaey k itni careng r lovng bivi os ko mil gae r wo b muft may

  • saima

    ek to nxt episd kch r dekaty hy r per hota kch hy ye kea mazak hy yarrrrrrrrrr

  • qirat

    mindblowing serial………….:)

  • amber

    nice drama.. <3

  • abdulrehman

    i love dil e muztar

  • rafeeq mohammed

    lovable drama…..

  • Khadija N

    Love the way Sila said,” Bohat, achay lag rahay hain aap” <3

  • sheen

    very nyc….


    is episode may boht sare scene missing hain………..Plz next may asa na ho…………….

  • Sana Baloch

    kis qisam ka Husband hay yes …MANHOOS hanstaa hi nahi !

  • hiba noor

    nycccc drama

  • ezba

    sanam can’t act

  • http://www.facebook.com/anjela.tamoeva.1 Anuki Manua Anuku

    pliz celme kitni serial des seri

  • halima

    adeel iz so cute…………..

  • bella

    imran looking cool. nice episode, sila z sweet

  • http://www.facebook.com/anjela.tamoeva.1 Anuki Manua Anuku

    kitna serii pliz telme

    • halima

      yeh kiya hai ………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/waqaskhan28 Waqas Khan

    this is one of the outstanding dramas..wow…love the theme

  • halima

    adiiiiiiii…..how cute na…..sila bhi bohut achi hain ………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/love.pakistan.5688 Love Pakistan

    hae ksme koe bra e sweet kism ka drama.hae sila chup kr jao na kraya kro bizti khud he.but bht maze ka lga drama

  • Muhammad Minhaj Mustafvi

    this is a wonder full drama and the very good acting and this drama is very beauity full

  • manal shahid

    owsssssssssaaaaaaaaaam draaaama love u sanam

  • fakeha

    amazing love this drama n imran abbas

  • Just saying.

    Its going too slow plus the girl’s actinh has gone horribly wrong she was so good in the first episode what’s gotten into her?she obviously knows how to act n she has the potential too i hope she acts better in the upcoming episodes.

    Looking fwd to thye next episode which will hopefully escalate things.

  • momo

    just want to slap Adeel… on this rude behavior with bychari silah :(

    • I Am Naughty

      itna gusa theek nai drama hi tu hai

  • zainab

    superve drama i like all hum dramas

    • I Am Naughty

      hum tv dramas plz

  • naveedjami

    The girl Sila is a wonderful new discovery, very cute and is a good actress. Adi’s friend Sami is also a wonderful new face, he doesnt look like he is acting, but very realistic. Adeel’s character seems a bit negative, seriously I want to punch his nose sometimes. He knows everything, complexity of the situation and yet he is acting so ruthless, unreal, how can he be so heartless to Sila.

    It is the song that touches my heart, Alicia is a great singer, this song if not beats the humsafar song then is almost as touching as QB.

    I have issues with the character of father too, a parental love is instinctive and persistence, it is the parents that embrace you even after you do anything. So his psychology is arguable.

  • Uzma zulfiqar

    you are brillient,
    out standing
    zabrdazst acting
    Really admirable girl……………………………!

  • zubair

    ye bilkul such hayyyyy q k aisa hwa hay or adeel k sath to jo meray sath hwa us say b bura hwa hay yarrr

  • uzair

    hey guyz is drama ko download kar k dekh saktey hain kiya….?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kashi.je.9 Kashi Je

    i love u sila…..bss ap koo yahi keh sakta hooo…amazing

  • ashii

    sila act just wow

  • ashii

    salam to all.kesy ja ry rozy

    • rida


  • ashii

    koi online hy

  • kehkshan

    bohat he fazooooooool drama tha or end bhi bohat fazoooooooooooool tha total time west tha

    • rida

      shut up your mouth dilemuztar is my favourate drama

  • maha shah

    clasic drama