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Durr-e-Shehwar- Episode 14- Review

This was one episode of Durr-e-Shehwar that did not make me cry for Shehwar or her circumstances. But I found myself smiling at what Shehwar had ‘achieved’, and I was definitely cheering for Shehwar’s father just as much as I was for Shehwar. So it took Shehwar two years or so to earn a place in Mansoor’s heart and finally be recognized by Safia. I really thought it would have taken longer since I got a feeling that Mansoor never took care of his children too. Anyway, the scene where Safia says to Mansoor the house will be lonesome without Shehwar and the way Shehwar and Safia cry was just fabulous, I found it extremely moving. Yes Shehwar you certainly have passed with distinction, way to go.


So much happened in today’s episode, it covered months, not days or weeks. Although I thoroughly enjoyed all that I saw on screen today but I have to admit I felt like all this could have been more aptly done had it been covered in at least two episodes or maybe more. I definitely want to see Sehwar have her happy ending but I do not want to be rushed into it! So, Fazeelat came and lived with her parents for a few months and was asked to go back to her in laws by Mansoor because he thought his sister was at fault. Shehwar and Mansoor had an adorable baby (such a cute baby I must say! ). Mansoor has been transferred to Karachi, has a house of his own and finally convinced Safia that he wanted to take Shehwar with him. Mansoor is not such a bad guy after all, just took him some time to realize how things should be. I am so glad that Shehwar has been proven wrong, she said in the last episode that sabr o tahamul se kuch anhi milta farmaishi puri kurni se milta hai…I guess not! And I am equally happy that her father has been proven right, indeed patience and perseverance does pay off. His advice to write letters to Mansoor was one of his many wise suggestions to Shehwar. Shehwar is a good daughter and acts on her father’s advice, difficult as it maybe in the beginning.


My favorite scene from tdoday’s episode was when Mansoor and Shehwar are in the bedroom and Mansoor asks her sab ke kaam kur liye etc that was too cute. The scene at Shehwar’s house where everyone’s sitting together and Shehwar’s sister’s in laws are questioning Mansoor about the house and Shehwar not living with him. The way Shehwar’s parents give explanations for Mansoor was really very well done too. Shehwar is truly her parent’s daughter, whatever she has done till now shows her excellent upbringing.


I am really truly looking forward to the next episode. I have been hoping to see Shandana for a very long time now and telling from the promos I am truly ecstatic that Shehwar managed to ‘convince’ her daughter to choose what is good for her and sophie. Way to go DeS team, this was yet another brilliant episode.


Watch Durre Shahwar Episode 14 


Author: Fatima Awan.

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