Durr-e-Shehwar- Episode 14- Review

This was one episode of Durr-e-Shehwar that did not make me cry for Shehwar or her circumstances. But I found myself smiling at what Shehwar had ‘achieved’, and I was definitely cheering for Shehwar’s father just as much as I was for Shehwar. So it took Shehwar two years or so to earn a place in Mansoor’s heart and finally be recognized by Safia. I really thought it would have taken longer since I got a feeling that Mansoor never took care of his children too. Anyway, the scene where Safia says to Mansoor the house will be lonesome without Shehwar and the way Shehwar and Safia cry was just fabulous, I found it extremely moving. Yes Shehwar you certainly have passed with distinction, way to go.


So much happened in today’s episode, it covered months, not days or weeks. Although I thoroughly enjoyed all that I saw on screen today but I have to admit I felt like all this could have been more aptly done had it been covered in at least two episodes or maybe more. I definitely want to see Sehwar have her happy ending but I do not want to be rushed into it! So, Fazeelat came and lived with her parents for a few months and was asked to go back to her in laws by Mansoor because he thought his sister was at fault. Shehwar and Mansoor had an adorable baby (such a cute baby I must say! ). Mansoor has been transferred to Karachi, has a house of his own and finally convinced Safia that he wanted to take Shehwar with him. Mansoor is not such a bad guy after all, just took him some time to realize how things should be. I am so glad that Shehwar has been proven wrong, she said in the last episode that sabr o tahamul se kuch anhi milta farmaishi puri kurni se milta hai…I guess not! And I am equally happy that her father has been proven right, indeed patience and perseverance does pay off. His advice to write letters to Mansoor was one of his many wise suggestions to Shehwar. Shehwar is a good daughter and acts on her father’s advice, difficult as it maybe in the beginning.


My favorite scene from tdoday’s episode was when Mansoor and Shehwar are in the bedroom and Mansoor asks her sab ke kaam kur liye etc that was too cute. The scene at Shehwar’s house where everyone’s sitting together and Shehwar’s sister’s in laws are questioning Mansoor about the house and Shehwar not living with him. The way Shehwar’s parents give explanations for Mansoor was really very well done too. Shehwar is truly her parent’s daughter, whatever she has done till now shows her excellent upbringing.


I am really truly looking forward to the next episode. I have been hoping to see Shandana for a very long time now and telling from the promos I am truly ecstatic that Shehwar managed to ‘convince’ her daughter to choose what is good for her and sophie. Way to go DeS team, this was yet another brilliant episode.


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Author: Fatima Awan.

  • zainab

    the drama is very touching and emotional . the best thing is the mother in law of shahwar who prtend to hate shehwar has lot of respect for her in her heart , loved the line when she said "apni bhabhi ko dekho kitni tameezdar hai kitne naram lehjay mein baat krti hai " over all best drama and better than humsafar ..

  • naina

    awesun awesum

    I thnk it's da story of many woman ov our society or our family like our mother & grand mother.

    w8ng for next episode.

  • maham

    It is indeed much bettr than humsafar. Atleast 4 me it is.

    • anam

      everybody thinks the same.. its wayyyyy better…

    • RA


  • bushra

    wow awesomw performances nd well written.loved it.i think every bahu of our society can relate to Durre shahwar in some way.golden words where father writes to his daughter.

  • batul ali

    yes definitely better than hamsafar —-has changed the lives of many girls —-hats off to durreshewar team

  • zoya

    very nice drama……

  • mariamk

    very nice drama and excellent review

  • http://none nada

    Superb review realy can't wait for the nxt episode.

    FATIMA AWAN why u are not writing reivew on MAAT-E-JAAN.

  • http://none nada

    Superb review realy can't wait for the nxt episode.

    FATIMA AWAN why u are not writing reivew on MAAT-E-JAAN.I ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE REVIEW

    • Fatima Awan

      Nada i was dishearted when Ebaad certainly disappeared! But i will be reviewing Ashk next.

  • Umariya

    Yeah it's very near to reallity….humsafar main tu husband wife ki baat hi nahin hoti lolz which is not happening around us…mujhe to humsafar ki story Kanin say related Nahin lagti apni ya apni kissi friend ki life say…but DES story is very much related to me n ppl around me….best drama…I must say…I have learned alot from this drama

    • anam

      humsafar was a cliche' drama… husband and wife, zalim samaj, too much coincidences with timing, and happy ending. no episode of it made me cry. my heart never went out to any of the characters. and mahira is a pretty face but she isn't that convincing an actress. durr e shahwar is amazing. return of the golden era of television.

      • RA

        100% true anam

    • Insiyah

      I totally agree!! Dure Shehwar is such a beautiful drama! the emotions are so beautifully depicted, with very simple dialogues…..it has definitely touched my heart….and just like Umariya said it has taught me so much too; that nothing is as simple as black or white, in fact there are shades of grey to everything!!….wish for similarly good dramas to keep coming our way!!

  • Umariya

    I loved the scene…in which DES called her dad from phone….aap letter likhna main 100 times perhti hoon n her dad said main 1000 times Petra hoon…wahan DES dad's expressions were so touchy

    • Saadia Y

      I loved it too. I started crying while watching that scene

  • Umariya

    Each n every dialogue is so touchy…want to c this drama again n again

  • faryal

    these kinds of dramas portraying the real picture of the kind of life our parents have gone through….are truly awesum….watching dureshewar truly brings tears in your eyes….the writer has really done a mindblowing job….

  • Umariya

    It was a simple story but shown so beautifully….no words ….every word delivered in this drama is so heart touching…n everyone have has a lesson….superb acting in slow scenes…the eye movement n expressions …omg this is a complete drama with perfection in each n every scene

  • Fatima

    awsomee script awsome drama.. splendid acting by sanam balochhhh… evry grl shd watch this drama…. script is bettr than hmsafar

    • anie

      i agreed to, script plot and story is far far better than humsafar.

  • anie

    This drama is simply mind blowing. Every girl can relate few things of this drama with us. Really true and bitter reality of our society which has been potrate by writter and actors marvouslly.

  • Sarah

    We want to see more young durr e shahwar. Episode is great. I hope it's not end of young durr e shahwar story end. Great acting by sanam baloch.

    • Amna Zia

      I love young Sanam as younger DES, but I miss the present day cast with the crazy Shandana & her equally crazy husband, Haider. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  • Amna Zia

    Spot on review to an excellent eprsode. Oh how I shall miss this show!!!!!

    I absolutely love it.

    Hats off to the Writer , Director & cast.

  • Aamir Basharat

    جب عورت کو عّزت نہ ملے تو وہ اپنی ذات کے خول میں بند ہو جاتی ھے۔ مرد سمجھتا ہے اس نے عورت کو تسخیر کر لیا ھے‘ اس نے اس سے دب کر خاموشی اختیار کر لی ھے بے وقوف مرد۔ وہ یہ نہیں جانتا کہ یہ خاموشی مرد ذات کی نفی کے لیے اختیار کی گئی ھے اور اس چُپ کے پردے میں فقط بیزاری‘ نفرت اور مصلحت کے جزبے پوشیدہ ہیں۔

    • Aysha

      wow….wow…wow….all i can say is excellent comment.

    • RA

      Zabardast:) itna acha to me bhi apne ap ko describe na kr sakti hoo:)))

      • Aamir Basharat

        thankyou although i am guy but truth is truth

  • farah sadiq

    What a beautiful drama. i love this show. it has become the most beloved show of me & my friends, we watch every episode & then discuss it religiously.

    hats off to the writer, director & cast for bringing us this masterpiece.

    • farah sadiq

      the baby was so cute….kind of resembled durreshewar & mansoor.

  • adiba

    humsafar larkiyon ne fawad ke wajah se kia aur larkon ne mahira ke wajah ae aur baqe jo bach gye thy unho ne drama song sun kar drama pasand kiya aur kise so story ache lag gae……. dure shehwar is better than humsafar in real sense….. best drama after mzzbn and janat se nikale hue aurat…….

    • Muddy

      No doubt Humsafar was a very nice drama as well…but it gain immense popularity because of the romantic scenes and dialogues between the protagonists.

  • Tahsen

    I honestly could not understand the hype around "Humsafar". Yes, pretty people and pretty house but the story was so unrealistic. If, instead of Atiqa, they had a mustachioed villain, it could have been a Bollywood masala thriller-handsome but deluded hero, long-suffering heroine, cute child, conniving vamp..But I love DeS. It is a real story, easily demonstrated by the number of people who insist that it could be their own story. The acting is impeccable and the dialogues simple and believable. No grand, romantic gestures just small disappointments which are part of everyone's lives. Love it and like Safia, I too will miss DeS when she "leaves".

    • Umariya

      Super liked ur post…u r very right about humsafar

    • NNNNN

      Always a hit fairy tale Cinderella An innocent and beautiful girl mistreated by step mother, simply Humsafar is look like that a beautiful poor girl suddenly get marry by prince charming that's why Humsafar is so hit & popular but if you are watching DS this is the story of every second girl in Pakistan, presently trend is change but unfortunately their are lots of in laws are cruel and humiliate their Daughter-in-laws. Even Mata-e-jaan is not hit bcz their is no Fawad(Prince Charming) Adeel Hussain who is look like every body son & brother but people prince & princess, still want to live in dreamland.

      Mata-e-Jaan is also a real story & Farhat Ishtiaq writev her in own words bcz she is also Civil Engineer.

    • sana

      hamsafar was good, but average ..not a real life story..or may be i believe the song gave it a lot of upraisal ,

    • Kitty

      why the hell is everybody comparing DeS with humsafar!!both are frm different genres!!that ws a sort of love story,like a romantic tragedy!!!was best in its own place where as DeS is a tragedy in the life of a girl,or every second girl…. related to social problems that she faces in her new home!!would u like khirad n mother in law arguing on bread in breakfast???or khirad asking fawad for pocket money??lolz…both are two different stories n master pieces in their own places!hats off to both teams…wont ever compare them cox i love dm both!!gud work hum tv keep going!!

  • Saadia Y

    Another excellent episode of a Masterpiece.

    Umera's script was sharp & wonderful but the way Haissam Hussain handled it is beyond words. HH took an ordinary script & converted it into Extraordinary.

    If DES was not directed this way it would've been a typical story a zalim saas & mazloom bahu.

  • javeria

    who is the one troll disliking every single post on this forum and every other forum where dure shewar is praised…express your grudge or else get a life

    • Fatima

      Haha… good observation;)

    • Saadia Y

      ROFL…. thats right, troll

  • Umariya

    This drama will remain ever green like alpha bravo Charlie n dramas like this…will b remembered n watched again n again ….not like dramas which have no story no golden words…only beautiful faces can make nothing they r good just for entertainment…but this drama will b watched by our next generations …strong msg…beautiful faces…great acting a complete drama …no need of any song to get it hit ..


    But I must say the way she her story to Shandana is excellent.

    Not Durre Shahwar even her grand mother and mother in law face the same problem in theirs life that why they got importance other wise their is no value of a women. Whether she is a house wife or a working woman if every woman want to achieve they have to be pretend that she is caring & loving.

  • sana

    what i felt after watching today's episode is that they have rushed to the ending, kind of something like no more funds, or time isnt enough… in the beginning , they showed that DS,(samina peerzada) had life long effects on her due to the bad behavior of her husband in the initial stages of marriage.However as they said everything happened with in 2 years and then it was happily ever after…such small time doesnt have such great impact that can haunt ever after..this usually happens after years of abuse and never ending sufferings otherwise women usually forget and try to adjust…they should had shown a bit longer era to make the impact.

    • Hina

      Early two years are the most important one.

      • afia k

        i dont agree, early two years are mostly honeymoon for many couples, butin troubled cases like this a man who gets better in 2 years is a rarity , sana is rt, this drama is now being rushed.

  • Rubab

    This episode was very fast. Los its hows that MAnsoor is not a bad man . IT took him only 2 yrs to realize that he needs his wife n baby in with him not bad.

  • Hina

    Very nicely done. It teaches patience and sacrifice. Giving jahez, financial help and khidmat to in laws I agree but to compromise to live apart I don't agree. She should have put her foot down at that point. No one can bring back those early beautiful days. I would have joined the forces to be with my husband. When he used to call at neighbor's house and she was not allowed to talk to him was an extreme abuse. I will tell the girls to serve and sacrifice but with dignity and keep assertive style. Get the job and financially help in laws in that situation but not at the cost of your own dignity. When Durre shahwar's parents found the better in laws for other daughter is a good lesson. They learned that only sharafat is not enough. People should find appropriate rishta for their daughters.

  • http://www.bringingupachild.com Maria

    two years is nothing! during the whole show, we were saying its totally based on reality but after this episode, i couldnt help but say "its just a drama". the drama could be based more on reality if it showed shehwar suffering for 10 years and then mansoor finally realizing it. seriously, a guy who realizes in two years that he needs to love and care for his wife and children is a VERY GOOD person. you wont find guys like him these days. it takes them many many years until the children grow up to realize there had been something wrong.

    i have a relative who stayed in karachi while her husband was out of country for 10-12 years until he finally realized he should call his family to him. he called them to spend a vacation with them after 8 years!!!

    so this episode did not hit the mark as the other ones as we could not relate it to the actual situation of women in our country. the reality is women get distinctions but this is a very long process and it takes as many as 25 years to reach there, not 2 years.

    • afia k

      yeah thats rt

      • Adiba

        Yup that that's right.time duration should be large than 2years

    • Fareeha

      I agree 100%. This is really nothing if he got changed just in 2 yrs, u r rt that its just a drama…I know this takes a lot more than 2 yrs and only if it happens!!!

    • Bia


  • Azher

    Lesson for every girl, its is your duty to do your inlaws khidmat. That is the ONLY way you can earn love of your husband. This drama is teaching you how to sacrifice. Every girl should be selfless like shewar. She should not be thinking about what SHE wants. She should always be thinking about what she can do to make her husband and inlaws happy.. A woman should never ever complain of her situation or raise her voice for her "so called" rights. Remeber that she is INFERIOR to her husband. if she wants to save her marriage, even she is not allowed to live with your husband (or talk to him over the ph),she should never complain about it.

    • Fatima Awan

      AYESHA use your own name please. I know you like to give 'controversial' comments and start debate, which is great, but i would like my readers to know who they are talking to. Who are you really Ayesha, Umber, Saba or Azher?

      • Aysha

        fatima, i am uuable to put comments. Is there something you are blocking?

      • Aysha

        Miss Fatima, I am not a child or not afraid of anyone to use those childish tactics of using different names. I would appreciate if you don’t falsely accuse your readers. I work full time with three teen ager kids. But still take time out of my busy schedule to put comments in here to bring awareness about women’s plight in Pakistan. You sound like a learned person, and must have read a recent report by Reuters (please check on the internet if you haven’t checked yet) that Pakistan is #3 in the world on the list of most dangerous countries for women in world (Afghanistan #1 and Congo #2). What pains me the most that instead of using the media to bring awareness about women’s physical and mental abuse, we are talking about praising women who are tolerating that abuse. Maray hoay ko kia marna??? Pakistan kee 90% aurtain majboor hian aur emotional abuse ka victim hain. But we don’t want to talk about it. What percentage of Pakistani women do you think file for divorce? 5%? 10%? We want to teach lesson of patience to those 5% women thru media but don’t want to talk about rest of the 95% women who are suffering.

    • Bee

      – OR – maybe its a way of letting men know what women feel when they are going through the crap the guys family puts them through. How much the appreciation of a man means to a woman, and how their kind words can mend their relationship.

      It also tells parents not to rush their daughters into marriage just because she has reached 23, and to realize how the cultural backgrounds of families can effect the lives of their daughters. Because life is not always supposed to be this hard for anyone, certainly not for the woman alone.

      Also, it is not a woman's 'duty' to serve her in-laws. It is an 'Ehsan'. Whatever she does to serve her in-laws, she is not bound to do. He only responsibility is her husband and kids. It is the husbands duty to take care of his parents and his family's adults to take care of themselves.

      No doubt Shehwar is an example of patience, and that it the only thing that could have helped her at that time. But every thing she did was not her duty. It was her good will.

  • Umariya

    Thanx god isko baki Daramas ki tehaan stretch nahin Kia…..abhi bhi Mansoor budha ho ker bhi us ki baat nahin sunnta…shandana ki sass Jo us ki behan bhi hai us ko bayzat ker daita hai…DES is sensible …Zarrorri nahin Kay relationship ko chalanay Kay lite donno hi sensible hoon…issiliye Mansoor was saying at old stage tum main saber bohut tha….

    • Fatima Awan

      Well said Umariya.

  • sami

    just a masterpiece. i think this drama shud be repeated every year for new viewers and to save our family values which r being westernized.

  • RA

    I watched this episode three time<3. This drama is a master piece for all gilrs who r going to marry and for married women..

  • huma

    this drama is one of da best dramas i have watched….DES showing picture of life…far better than indian dramas

  • Aysha

    Has anyone in paksitan read a recent report by Reuters (please check on the internet if you haven’t checked yet) that paksitan is #3 in the world on the list of most dangerous countries for women in world (Afghanistan #1 and Congo #2). What pains me the most that instead of using the media to bring awareness about women’s physical and mental abuse, we are talking about praising women who are tolerating that abuse. Maray hoay ko kia marna??? Pakistan kee 90% aurtain majboor hian aur emotional abuse ka victim hain. But we don’t want to talk about it. What percentage of Pakistani women do you think file for divorce? 5%? 10%? We want to teach lesson of patience to those 5% thru media but don’t want to talk about rest of the 95% who are suffering.

    • Fatima Awan

      We get an IP adress with the messages, if they are the same then it is easy to put two and two together. Why would i falsely accuse you! Just stating a fact. And no , no one has blocked you. Have your say but use your name:)

      • Aysha

        Then it could be anyone from my family puting comments. I will confrim with them.

  • Yasmeen

    I have a few questions regarding

    1) What is your opinion about Joint Family Systems?

    2) Do you think its right for the wife to demand her Privacy from her husband?

    3) Do you think the husband and wife can stay happier if they live seperately and not in a Joint family?

    4) Do you think the wife have to sacrifice alot if living in a joint family system?

    5) What does Islam say about Joint Family?

    6) What do you think a wife should do if she is not happy in Joint family and want to live seperatly with her husband but the husband doesnt agree?

    Please give your opinions!