Durre Shahwar Episode 11 in High Quality – 19th May 2012

Durre Shahwar Episode 11 in High Quality – 19th May 2012
The plot revolves around Shandana and Hyder who have been married for eight years but are now having problems in their marriage. Shandana goes to Murree with her daughter to spend the holidays with her parents, Durreshehwar and Mansoor. She cannot help envying her mother who has a devoted husband and is very happy, and subconsciously keeps comparing her husband with her father – until she learns that life is never a bed of roses and her mother’s happiness didn’t come easy.

  • Aysha

    shewar kay baap jaisay aadmi ko khuda baiti daita hee kyuon hay??? ager maan baap kee nazer main hee baiti kee value na ho to koi doosra kyon karay ga???

    • Rubab

      r u running an office for divorce consultancy ???

    • Muddy

      Aysha I wish Aap mein itna zarf hota k aap Shehwar k baap jaisay azeem fathers ko smjh skti'n…magar afsos hmare pakistan me ap jesi mentality k log kch zyada he hain

    • Sumaiya

      ayesha you shit piece of crap ..Tum se bada jaahil or selfish or badtameez koi nhi,,,,

    • soniya khan

      Aysha g agar her waldain aap ki terhan sochney lagay tu phir baas choka un ki beti ka ghar essay waldain akhree waqt tak koshshesh kertey hain but agar baat nahi banti tu who apni beti ka hi akhr main saath deytey hain asal main tu ya sab ker k hi who beti ka hi saath dey rahay hotey hain who alag baat k duniya ko samjh nahi aati es baat ki our eik baat or beti badsha ki hi kyun na ho who apney ghar nahi rakhsakta or na us k qismat badal sakta hai .

  • http://sikanderejaz1.blogspot.com SIkanderEjaz

    Soo sad for Durre Shahwar…:-(((

  • MS

    Awsum drama hai… buht reality based hai…. love this drama…. hats off to the team

  • muneeb

    Saas esa krty hue ye ni dekhten ka wo apna he bete ke zindigi destroy kr rhe hain ar phr jab talaq de deta hy beta bewe ko tophir rote hain phr logon ke agy haat jorte hain apny bete ke rishty kelye

    • kaun

      aur doosre bewaqoof log phir apni beti aise logon ke hawalay kar dete hain. Hamare muashre me aisi larkon ko bar bar larkian mil jati hain, magar shehwar jesi larki ko dobara koi larka nahin milta.

  • muneeb

    Shehwar jese Aurton ko chahaye ka lanat bhejein esay shuhar pr ar talaq lain lain

    • qurat ul ain

      aur talaq le k kahan jaein?????

      • kaun

        Muneeb, kia ap aisi larki se shadi karenge?

  • fawad

    bohat rullaya dur e shehwar ne

  • Rida

    Really well acted by Shahwar..Hos difficult is for woman to adjust in new house.



  • saira

    umera mujhe aise lag raha hai kay yeah ap nai mere story likh dii hai…100%.. i cannot believe it… i faced all these in a similar way….my husband is also army officer:)

    • salman aziz khan

      ap bhi novel likhti hain

    • Critical eye

      than u must be lucky ,,, just sitting and ordering ur batman all the time to cook n clean for u !!! still u r such an unthankful creature :)

  • salman aziz khan

    saira g ap bhi novel likhti hain??

  • Drama Buff

    I am still fuming. Seriously, there is one thing called ‘compromise’ and there is another thing called injustice to the nth degree. All couples watching this should take note that if anyone, no matter how close to either spouse, is preventing the husband and the wife from living together, then this is something that is ethically, morally, AND religiously wrong. It is also very sufficient grounds for a firm stand from the wronged party.

    I was wondering: who is to blame in this entire quagmire in which Durre-Shehwar currently finds herself? Can we solely blame the mum-in-law? The answer is: no. Durre-Shehwar is unfortunate to be married to a weak Mansoor – Mansoor who cannot stand up for his wife or politely inform his mother to sort her issues out with DeS herself. Mikaal Zulfiqar has done an amazing job. You seriously feel like throwing a frying fan at him (Sorry, I was watching “Tangled” too). I don’t go for this ‘can’t say things himself’ attitude. Doesn’t he realize things would be so much easier for DeS to handle if only his behaviour is less one-sided?

    I do wish the drama serial would hurry up now. The dialogues, though still thought-provoking, are repetitive. I am getting tired of Safia’s irritating expressions, DeS’s tears, and Mansoor’s stiff demeanour. From the preview, it does seem the story will go around in a circle. Sigh! I am thinking of skipping it for a couple of episodes now.

    • hina

      Shahwar's bro in law is much more sensible than Mansoor & even knows his mother better. How can Mansoor be so dumb, has he no mind of his own. And what was the use of getting married if he is not willing to keep his wife with him.. He deserves being hit by a frying pan..

      • Huma

        Do you want a man like Shahwar's bro in law? hahahahah

  • Ramzan Mehar

    All characters are doing well done work but Durre Shawar is a really heart touchy roll amazing. Good team work.

  • qabi

    I just love this drama……i have no words to express my feelings……..such a true story…..every part of drama is very heart touching…love ths drama <3

  • Batool

    This is actually for most people, there is a difference between own daughter and other's daughter. And when people will start caring for other's daughter in the same manner as they care for their own daughter……..the issue will be resolved by itself.

    • Aysha

      You are wrong. I think shewar's parents are not caring for their own daughter either. Just becuse she is daugher and not a son. they just want her to stay married no matter what happens to her. They are not willing to support or take stand for her. Didnt you see shwars dad face infront of her saas? she was acting like a mujrim. if parents wont give value to their daughter and her feelings, no one else will.

      • Aysha

        Also, if anyone thinks shewar was successful to save her married life, i wont call it a success. Staying married does not mean you lived a successful life. There is much more to life than tolrating every zulm just to stay married.

        • http://Pakistanidrama Asma khan

          Ayesha ap nay she'd note Nhi kiya ye do kirdaroun ki khanai hai jab shndana samjhtibhai Kay ye Zulum hai Kay wo compromise kray tu oski maa ko ye ahsas hota hai hay Kay wo serf apnay husband Kay sath hi Nhi adjust ho parhi hai or dure sehwar ko tubporay Susraal ko dekhna para tha na OSS waqt okay perants nay support kiya thaa jabkay mansoor osko full support karha hai ,,,,, kehnay ka maqsad ye hay kay jab apni bewi ki Baat thi tu ossay koi perwa na thi beti per Baat aye tu sister say bhi rishta tornay per razi hai …..

        • Syeda Mehreen Fatima

          You wont call it success, ok ITS ONLY YOUR OPINION, dont try to mis-lead people by your childish thoughts, when you will face practical life then you'll know, what is SELF WORTH n SELF RESPECT..n WHAT IS SACRIFICE, what ARE MORAL VALUES…..

        • Mahrukh

          Dont put your selfish thoughts in other peoples's minds. Selfish, you just want self happiness…..

  • Aysha

    I know mentality of paksitani wirters. At the end, they will show that every girl should sacrifice like shewar. She should tolrate every zulm to save her married life. maan baap ko sikha rahay hain kay baiti ko kabhi support naheen karo to baiti ka gher bes jaay ga. Baiti sahi bhee ho to us ko bolo tum galat ho aur susral theek hay…they will show that shewar was successful in saving her married life but i will never call it a success. Staying married does not mean you lived a successful life. There is much more to life than tolrating every zulm just to stay married. Yey bhee koi zindagi hay jo shewar guzar rahi hay? no love from the husband, cruel susral and on top of that parents are not willing to take her back….i would perfer death over that life. A person like me damn cares if husband changes later on in life, i will never be able to love someone like mansoor who gave me soooo much pain…jab maan baap naheen rahay, akiala ho gaya, to bivi yaad aa gai….this drama is so disrespectful to woman.

    • shago

      ayesha hum maanee yaan na maane hum kabhi kabhi na chahte howe bhi kamosh hojate hian… kabhi apne maa baap ki khushi ke liye tu kabhi khud se choti bethee hovi sisters ke liye jin ki abhi shaadiyan hone baki hoti hian… durr-shahwar ke saath jo kuch horahai hai kabhi kabhi tu usse zaida bhi hota zulm hota hai phir wife sacrifice karti hai….. shayed tab apni ulaad ke liye

      • Batool

        completely agree with you, kaash ye baat yahan comment krny waly logon ko samajh ajaye or dusry logo ko bhi…

        • Mahrukh

          I hope so, that todays girls understand this.

    • hina

      you are right to an extent but this drama is also making a comparison of past with present. In the past this was the norm of the society where people used to expect girls to make all sorts of sacrifices & compromises but this attitude has diminished over time if not fully disappeared and we find more n more girls like Shandana. I can also never imagine to behave the way Shahwar is behaving in her susral. If i were in her shoes I would have rebelled very early at any cost, rather than being scared of divorce. I thank Almighty Allah for having got a loving husband who pampers me the way my parents raised me as their only daughter. Its all a game of luck as marriage is a gamble.

      • Critical Eye

        Than it must be quite a HUGE pamper Hina !!! which u r wearing for last many years. Please try to relate what has been shown to the realities of our society. A woman makes every effort to save her new HOME. It is b'coz of intolerant elite like u that the divorce ratio of our society is rocket high. Nobody supports the ill-behaviour of in-laws, thats y it is one of the most troubled relations throughout the world. but who cares ,,, u remain happy in ur stinkin' diapers !!

    • Habib R Athar

      I agree with you Ayesha! jab behn bhai, maan baap koi na rahay phir BV k paas ana, us se love krna…. koi manay nahi. Aesay mn mard to faiday mn rehta hy… laikin BV itna zulm seh kr … phir sb kuch bhulay day…. Han agar aisi situation ho k aik hi ghar mn rehna majboori ho aour ye k kis ko khush rakhay maan ko ya BV ko, to km iz km husband BV k saath raat ko ya alehdgi mn dilasa day usay khush rakhay usko piyar se situation ko smjhaye or BV se kahay k wo uska saath day… to baat bun sakti hy. Shariat mn BV pr khawind ki khidmat farz hy… saas aur sussar ki naahin. Sharai hukm hy agar istara ki situation ho to husband pr farz hy Hasb e toufiq BV ko alehda ghar lay kr day. Agar wo aesa nahi krta to Qiyamat k din Allah ko jawabdeh hoga.

      Aakhir mn, mn ye kahoon ga keh ye Durre shahwar k maan baap high social standard k to ho saktay hn laikin psychologically week thay. Unhon nay durre shahwar ka ghalat rishta tay kiya. Social status, or education ka khayal nahi rakha. Hamaray peghamber Hazrat Muhammad PBUH ne farmaya jis ka mafhoom kuch yoon hy k tum rishta tay krtay waqt social, economic status ka khayal rakho. Haan jb in sab cheezon ko dekhnay k baad faisla mushkil ho tum uski Parsai, zuhd o taqwa ko smnay rakho. Hum sab nay akhri line pakar li, or uska bhi matlab ghalat nikal liya K larka namazi ho …. bus ….. Larkay ya larki ki parsai, zuhd o taqwa ka matlab hy wo Allah se darta ho…. jo apni BV ka khyal nahi rakh sakta….Na-insafi karay wo Allah k azab ko dawat day raha hy.

      Hamaray NABI PBUH nay farmayaa Mian BV aik dosray ki izzat or chadar hy…. ab mian ya BV dosray ki be-izzati karta/krti hy to dar haqeeqat apni be-izzati or bay touqeeri barhata hy.

    • Farrukh

      Ayesha tm just deengain maar rahi ho, jab shadi hogi na tumhari to aqal thikanay ajaye gee, phr tm divorce le k dikhana, sab ko kehti rehti ho SELF WORTH< SELF RESPECT…..jahil…

    • Mahnoor

      Ayesha you should keep in mind that writer of this drama IS A FEMALE…

  • Krash

    This story is like mine but with a lil difference no nand or sweet devar and me n my kids still living with my parents n my husband lives abroad…dur-e-shehwar lived this hell n i am living it ……still loooonng way to go

    • Aysha

      If you are living with your parents there is nothing wrong with that.If your husband does not care for you, why do you care for him. Why do you want to be with someone who does not want your in your life? You need to change your way of thinking. Your husband does not deserve you and staying married should not be the ONLY goal of life. have self respect and self wroth being a human being. na kisi per zulm karo aur na kisi ka zulm bardaasht karo…if someone is reason of pain, depression, sadness in your life, they should be kicked out of your life. As long as you have your kids with you, you have not lost anything…cheer up :)

      • Habib R Athar

        Yes, if you feel that your husband dont care of you and he didnot realize his love to you….. you should get rid of from him. But you should analyze it very carefully. May be he is in abroad to earn money and return his loan or save some money for you. May be he tried a lot to take you with him and felt VISA problems etc. but if he doesnt do anything and dont love you … then simply get separate.

        • Rafia

          separate? that is the LAST OPTION a FEMALE would take, coz after divorce such woman has no honour in society…

    • kaun

      I hope he is financially supporting u and the kids, it is something v personal, dont know what r ur circumstances to take this pain, but time is a big healer, inshallah things will get better for u. Apki qurbani zaya nahin jaegi inshallah.

    • kaun

      @ ayesha, ur thinking is very negative, get out off here…

  • Erum Noor

    So Sad :(

  • jia

    ma hairan hun k drama characters haqeeqat k itne kareeb ho sktay hain….credit goes to the writer.i can understand the feelings of durre e shehwar coz i,ve faced similar situations….

    • Habib R Athar

      Drama is written by UMERA AHMAD…. who is laso another ALLAMA RASHID UL KHAIRI…..

      • muneeb

        my all sympheties are wt u Hairin, Allah ese halat sy bachay ar ese sas se jo haqeeqat me apny bachy ke khud zindigui tyabah kr dete hain

    • Hira

      Situation ap ne face ki hain to hamara dimagh kharaab kar rahi hen, just spreading negative thoughts..!!!!!

  • http://dramaonline mahern_aleee

    great drama. shewar ny to aisy act kea hy k bilkul reality k kreeb hy.

  • http://facebook sheeba

    beti ki shadi krna buhut mushqil kaam hai baap k liye 2 muqam aise hai jo usko jete ji maar dalte hai

    1 jawan bete ki muaat

    2 beti ki talaaq

    iss maa n baap pori koshish krte hai ghar basane ki

    agar maa n baap shay dena shoro kr de tou betiyan aye din talaaq le k ghar bethi hongi

    • Majeed Qureshi

      Me being father of 4 daughters totaly disagee with you. If i made a wrong decision regarding my daughters marriage, I will accept it and will never ever let my daughter suffer and tolrate someone's zulm. Meri baiti meray liay sab say barh ker hay. Ager us kay saath koi aisa kary jaisa shewar kay saath ho raha hay to main un loguon kay muon per thook ker apni baiti ko apnay gher lay aauon ga aur usay shezadyon kee tarah rakhoon ga…ager aulad kee galti hay to usay zaroor samjhana chayey, laikin ager aulad sahi hay to us ko hamaisha support kerni chayey.

      • Habib R Athar

        Jab Baap apnay jigar ka tukra day deta hy… jo sab se qeemati cheez hy… peechay kiya bachta hy.

        agar beti pr zulm ho us per discuss kiya ja sakta hy. agar phir bhi masla hal na ho aur beti separation chati ho to sepration mn support krnai chaye.

        Lakin Majeed Qureshi sb aik baat bilkul ghalat ki… keh Betion ko ghar shahzadi bana kr rakhoon ga….. agar aesay ho to beti ki dosri shadi kr deni chahye. Ghar bethi betiyan nahi betion ki zinda lashen hoti hn jo roz zinda hoti hn or roz marti hn.. chahay aap unko jitni bhi asaesh day len.

        • kaun

          Ap aisa kiun sochte hain, kia shadi hi har masle ka hal hai? Kia wohi betiyaan parh likh ke, aik kaamiab insaan ban ke apne maa baap ke burhaape ka sahaara nahin ban saktin? Shadiaan zaroor karen, magar kia zaroori hai muaashre me zinda rehne ke liye ye karna, hamara muaashra aahir larki ko kisi aur tarhan se accept kiun nahin kar sakta? Betiaan apne maa baap ka ziada khayal rakhti hain, bete nahin. Bete farz nibaatay hain, betiyaan dil se karti hain.

        • Hira

          @ kaun, teri soch bilqul fazool hai..!!!!!!

      • Rukh

        aap kab tak zinda rahein gey usko shezadiyo ki tarah rakhnay k lye? kia aapko apni maut ka ilm ha k aap beti ki divorce karwa k logo k moun pe thuk k ayein gey tu agli subah aap dunya mei hongey beti ko achi life deny k lye? Why do ppl say stuff when they dont know their future?? Aur aaj k bhai 2 din bhi nai rakhty divorced/widow behn ko Mr.majeed qureshi? itnay baray bol mat bolein,Allah aapki beti pe rehm karay seriously. think before you comment about such things please…

        • Majeed Qureshi

          I am not that stupid Mr. Rukh. I will make sure my daughters are on their feet and can take care of themselves financialy. I will never want them to be dependant on me or my sons. Main naheen chahta kay wo her zulm bardasht karain just becuase they have no other option and no where to go.

  • hina

    I simply just love this drama… i wish i could express it in words.. after a long time i have the feeling that i when saturday will come and when this play will on air.

  • shago

    Mard waki ese he badal jate hain…. ajeeb baat hai magar shayed har larki ki life main kabhi na kabhi esa kuch jesa durr shahwar ke saath horahai howa hoga ……. main kabhi nahi rooti tv drame dekha kar magar phale bar roona agaya hai shayed apna upper guzara koi lamha yaad agaye…

    • muneeb

      Mard ese ni hote kuch sas ese hote hain mansoor to bechara masoom hy

  • Nadeem

    After watching this drama, i have told both of my daughters that i will always be with them if they ever face situation like dueshewar is facing in this drama. I will never leave them to suffer JUST TO STAY MARRIED. I will never allwo anybody to treat my daughters bad and cause that much pain in their life. Lanat ho aisi shaadi per. I have given them lesson of self respect and self worth.

    • kaun

      And I hope u r a good husband too, as good of a father u r.

      • Rukh

        shaadi se pehly parents ka aisa baat krna hota jab shaadi kareingey mr,nadeem apni aik beti ki tu phir usko compromise krny ko boleingey k kahien dosri beti ka rishty mei prob na ho jai.Allah aapki betiyo ko khush rakhy,KOi bhi father nai chata uski beti ko asa treat kia jai lekin halat circumstances aapko ye sab bear kirny pe majbor karti hein. itny baray bol mat bolein bas dua karein Allah aapki betiyo k naseeb achay karay.. What if something happens to you after ur daughter gets married, And still she has to go through all this cause you'r not there anymore. And parent cant be with their daughters/sons all the time,There would be time when she/he would be all alone in this world to face any kind of problem. teach them how to face difficulties and be patient. sorry i just didnt like ur comment. 21 ppl liked it cause they thought u'r being a good father. Allah knows what HE has for us in the future. May ALlah protects all of us..

        • Nadeem

          Rukh sahiba there are limits to compromise. I am not against compromise to a certain extent.Marriage is all about give and take (from both spouses) But everyone should have some self respect. As far as about your comment that what if something happens to me, I will make sure that my daughter are capable of taking care of themselevs financialy. I never want them to feel that they have to tolrate every zulm just becuase they dont have any other option and no where else to go. I am paying much more attention to my daughters' education and career as compare to my sons. I have already distributed my property equaly between my sons and my daughters names.I am sending both of them to better colleges than my sons went to. Just becuase i dont want them to bo dependent on anyone financialy and I want to them to have potential of taking care of themselves if bad time comes.I am not a typical pakistani father who dont want to spend alot on daughters education/career becuase in their mind, its a bad investment…its the hight of selfishness.

      • kaun

        Nadeem, I really admire ur behaviour towards raising ur daughters mashallah, u are absolutely doing the right thing. My father did the same thing, he educated me well and thats exactly what happened, I had a miserable married life which ended and i hv 2 kids. What really helped me in life is the education and how my parents raised me, I did 2 jobs at a time and took care of my kids, Now im married again to a v descent man who loves me and my kids. Thank u for sharing ur views. I wish u live a long life and see all the hapinness of ur kids and even grandkids and they wont face any problems in life and this prayer is for everyone here and the rest inshallah! Ameen!

    • Furqan

      @ Nadeem, and if a person's daughter come home with DIVORCE, the father's honour will be broken into endless pieces, the thing u said is not practical.

      • Nadeem

        Ager meri aulad per koi zulm karay (husband or whover) to main us ko zalim loguon say nijaat dilanay main sab say aagay hounga. Aur ager zalim say nijat dilanay ka tareeqa divorce hay to WHY NOT??? Meri baiti meri aulad hay, main us ko dosruon ka zulm bardasht kernay kay liay kyuon chore duon???

  • Hina


    respected readers i am also a married women having 2 kids.

    Maray khyal main aurat ko end tak compromise karna chahian. Allah ka hukam bhi yahi hai K agar mard ki tabiyyat sakhat ho to us key sath nibhana chahiyain magar koi ghair sharai baat nahi maan ni chahiyan. I know bohat say readers agree nahi hongay actually main famale side discribe kar rahi hoon. hamari zindagi bohat behtar hosakti hai agar ham apney haqooq or fariaz samajh lay.

    • http://dramasonline ANNIE

      100% RIGHT

    • Habib R Athar

      HINA! mard sakht ho koi baat naahin. Laikin zulm pe zulm karay. uski koi baat na sunnay. uski be izzati karay…. in cheezon ko shariat ne nibhanay ka naam nahi diya. Haan agar ghar mn koi chez toot gaye, salan kharab ho gaya, koi cheez gum ho gai… khawind is pe buht ziada naraz ho to baat smajh mn aati hy k nibaah karay

      • Mehreen

        what is zulm in ur point of view, i dont see any zulm in this drama, its just the reality of our societies.

    • kaun

      Baji Hina, apka experience durre shehwar ke zamaane se bhi purana lagta hai, zulm karne wala aur zulm sehne wala, dono gunha gar hain. Ap apne bachon ko bhi har tarah ke zulm ke liye tayyaar kar rahi hain, unko sikhaa rahi hain ke zulm sehne ki koi limit nahin honi chahiye. Plz do not confuse urself with comproise, sacrifise to killing ur self esteem and self respect. That is not a good example ur setting for ur kids. There should be a limit and balance of taking the abuse

      • Ruqaiya

        I have read all your comments, you are lame,,,,,DONT SING SONG OF SELF WORTH N SELF RESPECT…..

        • kaun

          r u talking to me? God bless u Ruqaiya.

    • Mehreen

      Kaash k ye baat aj kal ki larkian samjhen….kaash ,,Ae Allah inhain hidayat dy , Aameen.

  • http://dramasonline ANNIE



    • kaun

      Nobody has that athourity to tell what to comment. I think its good, that a lot of women can express their pain and sacrifises, that is the whole point of making such dramas, to put awareness in the society, to realize and to learn something out of it. Freedom of expression. As long as no abusive language or extreme personal or direct insult to anyone here is been written, anyone can write and express what they feel about this play or how close it is to their own personal experiences,be a good listener. BOL KE LAB AZAAD HAIN TERE!

      • Fan from CAnaDa

        Type 'cause your hands are free!

  • unknown but real

    jab shadi hu jaati hai tu sab kuch bardasht kaerna perta hia ager defend karo sab k samney tu log khetey hain badzuban hai khudkushi ki koshish bhi karo tu zaroori tu nahi mout aaa hi jayee susral sab ik sey hi hutey hian logon mein insaaf nahi hia pata nahi keun saas bahoo ka barey mein itni conservative keun hu jaati hai jab k beti ko laaakh azadi di jaati hai …. merey zindagi k 3 saal jitni zzyat mein guzraye hain Allah hi jaanta hai baat kaam ki nahi thi behaviour ki thi …. kya log bhool jatey hain k unki apni bhi betiyaan hai aur yeh bhi bhool jatey hain kay koi uper bhi Hian insaaf karney wala aur yeh bhi k waqt sada ik saa nahi rehta …Bus Alllah kisi ko bi in aziyatoon sey na guzarey buaht nushkil hu jaat ahi life guzarna ….yeh tu ghareeb gher ki kahani hai …but koi bhi mulk ko koi bhi log hun ammer hi keun na masail ik sey hutey hain…rawayaa baho sey ik saa hi huta hai..baho kabhi bhi susral waloon ko kush ker hi nahi sakti …koi na koi kami nikaaal hi li jaati hia ..niyaat per shuk hi kiya jaata hia….Bus i cant express my feeling….i canttttttttt

  • kiran

    this lady mother of mansoor remind me my mother in law she is as same as this lady solute to dur e shahwr nyc drama superb expression by all hatts off to the team

    • Mary

      Same as of my mother in law.

      • qurat ul ain

        saas hamesha aik se hoti hai kya app ki kya shahwar ki…saas bs saas hotii hai aur kuch nahi

        • kaun

          magar aj kal ki bahu bhi saas wala role play karne lagi hain, beton ko unki families se total cut off karwa ke rakhti hain, sirf apni family se interract karne deti hain. Maa baap apne hi bete ko dekhne ke liye taras jaate hain.

  • Habib R Athar

    Itnay saray comments parh kr yeh feel houa k waqi Drama superb hy…team nay acha kaam kiya hy. Mansoor aor uski saas ko jootiyan marnay ko dil krta hy or durre shahwar ki bebasi per rona aata hy…. meri ye feelings is baat ki gawah hn team nay dramay ko bilkul haqeeqat mn la khara kiya hy.

    Ye drama is liye bhi acha hy….. is men common man, middle class ko moazoo banaya gaya hy jo Pakistan mn 75-85% hy.

  • Hashimalik


    • qurat ul ain

      app ne shayed zalim loog dakhein nahi kbhii unn auratoo ki taraf dekein jinn ko roza mara jata hai

    • kaun

      Ap kaunsi duniya me hain?

  • Aryaan

    Lajawaab… Sach kahoon jab se pakistani Drama Serials dekhne shuroo kiye hain indian movies dekhni chorh di hain..

    Pakistan mein jo talent hai, woh shayed hi kaheen aur dekhne mein aaye… Good Job by director, writer and all actors.. kya baat hai..

    • Honey B

      I never watched indian movies but i did watch Hollywood stuff & Pakistani dramas since long … & now I can say that after 2008-2009 Pak dramas even beat Hollywood "over acting& exaggerating " also !!

  • Kala Bhoot

    Ufffffff itni buri, bad-lehaaz aur larakoo saas lekin larkion ko bhi thori bohot gherdari seekhni chahiye shaadi se pehle……Shehwar ke abba aur dever bohot achay aur samajhdaar hain

    • kaun

      dewar is so cute, he really looks like mansoor s brother, shakal milti hai. He’s my fave character. Loved his dailogues in this episode.

    • Ram

      Does anybody know what happened to the sweet Devar? The play should not have ended without his reference.

  • qurat ul ain

    OMG OUR JAZBATII PAKISTANIS…….duniya mein loog apni bahoo k sath ais se b bura kerty hain,shahwar to sirf mentally torture seh rahi hai, yahn to mar perti hai,apny gher k sath bahir k kam b kerny perte hai,bachoo k b …aur phir b hamary haan aurat khud kbhi nahi chatii k woh DIVORCE le k maa baap k gher ahh jaye,,yahn jitnii takleef talaq yafta aurat ko uhtanii pertii hai uss k samany yeh bezatii anr taklef kuch nahi….kehna bohat ahsan hai k aurat ko alaag ho jana chaiee bt this men dominating society will never let a divorce lady to survive ……..

    • kaun

      Trust me, the pain I went thru, my inlaws forced my husband to divorce me, with 2 little kids, my father inlaw told my husband if u dont divorv=ce ur wife, I will divorce ur mother!!! Wese dekha jae, to meri story me ziada dumm hai, durre shehwar to kuch nahin!! lol, ab to peeche murh ke dekhti hun to rona to ata hai, hassi bhi bahut ati hai. Aurat hi aurat ka ghar barbaad karti hai, aur aisi aurton ko apni aulad se hi piyar nahin hota, jo uska basaa basaya ghar kharaab karti hain, aur un bachon ko baap ke hotay hue bhi yateem karti hain.

    • mahrukh khan

      thek kaha

    • Anum

      True ….

  • Honey B

    watching ” DURE SHAHWAR ” & thanking God that i am still ” single “….. Single by choice ! yahooooo..no stupid Mansoor & no wicked Saas ….”Azadi bari naimat hai ” Alhamdulilah

    • http://none nada

      but one day u will be a married women n just pray that u live a happy life n no problen like DUR-E-SHAHWAR is facing so now enjoy

  • subah

    Insaan ka rawayya maaar deta hai ….buaht takleef deta hai ..kuch batein itni takleef deti hain kay insaan kehney per majboor hu jaata hai aur koi baat kahoo ya shikayat karoo tu kaha jaat hia k ahsaan jitaya ja raha hai….Aur haqeeqat mein aesa hi huta hai in sab cheezoon kay bawajood bhi insaam itni asaani sey susral ya shuher choor nahi sakta shadi sey phely meerey bhi ye hi khiyalat they k merey susral waley aesey hun tu mein tu na rahoon but haqeeqat mein rehna hi perta hai….khas tor per k ager app k mekah strong na hu tu supportive na hu tu…

    • Rukh

      fazool bakwaas

  • sidra shah

    apnu k bech mei akelepan ko maine mehsos kia hai buhat mushkil hai bilkul isi tarhan baith kar roya karti thi main…Allah tala bs sab larkiyon k nasseb achy karna aameen…is eprisod ny rula dia hai mujy…khud ko dekh rahi thi sanum baloch ki jaga…:(

    • subah

      as it is i feel realy

      • kaun

        Ahista ahista, bahut sari larkiyan accept kar rahi hain ke unki story kahin na kahin is dramay se zaroor relate kar rahi hai. Many women has gone through tough time after marriage, but the sad and the bad part is, that when they become mother in laws, they do the same to their bahus. But nowadays, its the opposite. Ab to bahu begum pehle se trained ati hain, saas ki majaal nahin jo pani bhi maang le. Aj kal ki larkiyon ko to apne husbands tak bardaasht nahin hotay, susraal to out of question! lol! To them, its all about ME MYSELF AND I!!

        • Drama Buff

          Kaun, I agree with you and that is where Shandana’s story comes in the drama serial:). Love it.

  • fatima

    its very nice drama, ad aaj andaza howa k susral past ka ho ya present ka, 2 logon pr ho ya 10 pr , sub aik jaisy hain.aaj comments phr k apna dukh kum laga k hum sub ki zindage same hy, i think main abhe shahwar ki he stage pr hoon jub yeh prb. face karni prte hain. any way betian brave ad strong honi chahian.

    • asma

      ye ghr ghr ki kahani hy.mery sath b bilkul esa he hoa ,ghr totny k kreb he tha mera mgr allah tala ne mjhy gud news di or allah ne mjhy twin baby diy wo 4 din k thy tou on k baba ki oman me govt job ho gae ,wo mjhy or bachon ko sath ly aye ab babies 9 maheny k hen me bht happy hon ab husband meri efforts ko aknowledge krty hen,me ne bilkul shahwar ki trh h

      halat face kiy mgr sabar kia mery baba b shahwar k baba jesy hen ,aj allah ka behad shukr hy bht happy hon

  • http://facebook.com sadia ad

    itna zulm shehwar kay sath rona arha hay :(

  • sara

    Mansoor jasy log parhy likhy jahil hty hain ,dure shahwar k saas tu he hi jahil aurat ,our pta ni jb auratn saas bn jati hain tu asi jahalt ka muzahira kion krnay lgti hain.

    • Drama Buff

      I know what you mean. It is SO sad, but even educated women do the most uneducated harkatein after becoming MILs

    • eman

      atleast uski nandon ko is tarah ka behaviour nai krna chahye wo jb kpray de cheezain de to bhabhi bhabhi n waise uski insult aisi jagah rhna asaan kam nai hai boht hi ghtia loog hain ufff

  • Rabia

    maine bohat saray logo k comments parhay hai aur kuch k nahi, yeh kahani har uss larki ki hai jo joint family system mei shadi kar k jati hai, bari bahu hoti hai ya pehli bahu hoti hai, baray sey lekar chotey tak ko poochna uss par lazim hai, aur agar kahi chook ho jaye to saas samait pooray ghar se maafi mangti hai, aik minute apney liye nahi milta, jab raat hoti to husband kahta hai k tum karti kya ho? maa baap se kahay to woh yeh kahtey hai sabar karo, hamarey paas mat aao wohi dil lagao, koi apna nahi hota, kisi se dil ki baat karo to woh shikayat ki tarah poorey ghar mei ghoomti thi. maine hoo bahoo durre shahwar ki kahani k jaisey apni zindagi k pehley 7 saal guzarey hai, aur ab iss saal allah ney meri suni hai to yakeen nahi aata lagta hai sub khuwab hai, wohi husband hai jisko mei pehley bohat buri, selfish aur kaamchor lagti thi. Kya faida ab in sub ka jab apney ghar ka kaam karney ki liye khud himmat hi na rahay susral ney bhi alag kar diya k yeh ab kisi kaam ki nahi rahi, doctors k rehmo karam pe hoo. meri dua hai Allah se sub betiyion k naseeb bohat achay nahi, to kam se kam unko sakoon pasand shadi shuda zindagi ata karay, husband bohat ziyada pyaar karney wala nahi, ehsaas karney wala de. Khuda sub behter karney wala hai uski maslahat wohi janay.

  • mani

    Lanat he asse compromise p jis mn apni self respct ko khatum kr lia jay,

    • sid

      believe it or not this is the story of every other pakistani woman

    • Maria

      What the hell is self respect? most comments givers are spreading selfish bad values and negative thoughts.

  • Anum

    Com'on ppl koi esa Zulm nahi jo raha yehan yes it's unfair but still it's no reason to end the marriage btw iss ki Kya guarantee hai k yehan se nikal k koi acha companion mil jai ga ideal relationship koi bhi nahi hota compromise kerna parta hai……

    • Anum

      Lolz …at low ratings but I believe in speaking your heart even if you think it will be unpopular anyways yeh Shahwar sahiba bhi Kafi bewaqoof hain ,bhai husband ko confidence main tu lo ussay ehsaas dilao that he is important and she loves him why would he believe her when he hasn't the emotional connection uss ki iss ghalti ko correct uss ka baap keray ga and then everyone will love happily ever after

      • Naveed

        Anum leave everybody thsts their non-sense personal opinion or perception. U r absolutely correct.

  • sana dilawer

    is draamy ka sb sy xyada appreciating character d/sh k father hen mera khyal hy her larki k waalid ko aisa hi hona chahie susral men paish aany waly tamam masaail ko nutraly analyes krny waaly or her larki ko yaqeenan bht bht bardaasht ly kr jana chahiye khud sy jury logon ki nafsiyat ko samajhny wala hona chahiye usy. drama dekhty hoy ankhon sy aansu or dil sy sb larkion k liye dua nikalti hy…….

  • eman

    i wana kill shahwars saas….agar husbnd b sath na de to phir ap kisk liye ye sb bkwaas brdasht kro ALHAMDULLILAH aisa kuch suffer nai krna prta mujhe but my mother suffered some of these things n i know kitna bura lgta hai….

    • evil2d

      cool down eeman):P

      qatal karna haram hai

      • eman


  • sunabil

    this drama depicts the reality but a darama should not b made only to show reality…it should teach a good moral lesson as well…so let's c what lesson or conclusion umera ahmed gives in the end….so far going well….i think we should compromise upto a limit….without losing our self respect…otherwise it is same as bucking up the rudeness,pride and the wrong….

  • syeda zabiha

    its very much nice and attractive drama serial.i am very big fan of it.its quite different from other drama.

  • kashoo

    buhat ziyda zitee ho rahee hai

    • kashoo

      mansoor ko aisa nahi karna BV ka pyer se bahi smajah jaya saqta hai

  • zainab muzammil

    humy ap ka serial bohat pasand hai

  • Momna

    humsafr k baad pahla drama h jis p itniiii Commentx….fab work..such a realistic drama!

  • eshal

    i m just crying :( main ne 5 saal guzary hain in halat main or ab sb thk hony k bawajud mera wo time wapis to nai askta na?i wish k meri beti ko wo sb na sehna pary jo main ne saha hai

    • hina

      mere bhe zindagi k 2 saal isi azab mein guzar rahen hain… samjh nai arahae meri kya ghalti hai ..is drama ka ek ek scene dekh ker apni life flashback ho jate hai … meri zindage mein to abhe bhe kuch sahe nai hua… pta nai shaid kabhe hoga bhe ya nai.. mera husband bhe 4 nand aur ma ki chemistry say nai nikalta ..ajeeb rasmein aur tareeqay hain in logon k … yeh ek bohat behtreen drama hai

      • sawera

        mera b ye drama dekh k apna wqt yaad agaya dil chah ta hy us ki saas se apni saas ka bdla lelooonnnn itna gussa aata hy us pe itna kaam kro susraal mein or nmber phir b kut k i milty hyn blky zayada tar to milty hi nahi hyn zero

  • asma

    well d drama is fantastic….but seeing all abv comnts n d des one thing i got to knw dat dhehwar father is really a very sensible n intelligent person he exactly undrstnds d prbs of Des in laws how dey live wid such low income and when ppl constantly lives in a life like dis dey bcome rude irritating….. n Des mother in law is not very mch diffrnt frm other ppls she bhvng d way her curcamstances r n she showed hr mentality dats it while mansoor is deaf n main culprit he hs d responsibilty of Des bt comes out 2 b week n irresponsible wid no much feelings dats how mens were used to be in 60 or 70,80,90,and still :p

  • rabia

    i think media is running a compaign against saas through its dramas like hamsafar,meri zaat benaamonishan(dont remember the exact name bt it was written by umera ahmed)and now more dramas are coming on same topic.girls are not like shewar any more.they do not tolerate anything against thrir will and they answer back to their mother in laws in a blunt and cruel way, their husbands take side of their wivwes from the first day.mother in laws are helpless and weak.bahoo only behave for intial few months ,then they change their attitude and tell her husband that she is giving great sacrifices .husband belive in it and try to stay away from his parents.if not then it means bahoo is going through great zulams of inlaws which is actually nt at all true.actually girls today are the princessses of their parents home and they do not want to (not know how to)deal with their inlaws .they do not know about thir duties ,all they know about their rights. actually its not their fault coz they do not learn about rights and duties in inlaws home from home or colleges.infact time is hard for boys parents .i ve seen saas touching bahoo feet for mercy.so do not represent one sided stories in dramas.

    • Rukh

      i totally agree with you,now a days i would say bahoo is more cruel than saas."and husband stays away from his parents" so true. story of my parents and brother. sis-in law was so nice and kind to my parents in first month and then she started making stories that what ur mother said to me or father said. And then she got her own house in couple months cause thats what she wanted..

      but then again durreshawar n mansoor's 1960's story.

      • s.

        i dont agree, even these days there are stories like shehwar's. i know how much i can relate to this.

    • farah sadiq

      I dont think their is any such campaign. What DeS is going through is what girls went through 35-40 years ago. You are right , girls now a days do not tolerate even a little bit.

      DeS was the past.

      Girls these days are more like Shandana. They just have to be nice to their husbands, no in-law interference, but they cant even do that.

    • MM

      You are wrong that daughter-in-law's answer back to anything. When dealing with cruel in-laws we have to find ways to get our husband's back on our sides. My gethani did not speak up for herself and her husband kicked her out because of my mother-in-law. I don't want to go through that so I'd rather speak up for myself.

  • Fatima

    The story is the real life drama that is being played almost in every joint family system.The border line is a girl tolerates if the husband is on her side but if he of the same rotten material then oos per bhi KHuda ki lanat hai for making someone's daughter life miserable .The precious years of youth will never come back and the girls who are going through all the trauma , have faith in Allah , the time will change and I believe that history repeats itself.Those husbands who have no emotions for their wives will receive the same humiliation from their daughters when they get married ,then they will feel the pain and sufferings the wife had gone through but they can't turn back the time ,so please be kind to all who are a part of your life , respect them , care for them and ask Allah for forgiveness.Let the others live life of their own .May Allah rest the soul of my mother in law in peace , she never humiliated me , respected me and my family and my husband always on my side , honors me and my sister in law is my best friend .Its been 18 years of my marriage and time has passed in a wink bcz good time flies and bad time stops .

    • amna Zia

      I agree. Mansoor made DeS go through hell when they were young & now he is suffering because his daughter Shandana is going through a difficult time in her marriage.

      What goes around comes around.

  • sq

    I feel so bad for the parents and how they were just sitting and listening to whatever the saas was saying. It is so sad that people don't realize that they are talking about someone's daughter. Inlaw's forget that they brought someone's daughter and a girl in their homes. That girl also has feelings and it is not only her duty to please everyone but other's should also think about her.

    I do agree that it has gotten better for the girls but sorry to say in-laws are still really unfair to their daughter in laws

  • MS

    Allah betian paida hi q krta hai??? or agr krta b hai to un k naseeb ache q nai krta??? betion ka kya qasoor hai jo ye sab sehna prta hai??? or parents kya qasoor hai jo unhen betion ka dukh dekhna prta hai??? so sad for girls & their parents…. ye problems mostly har lardki k sath hoti hain jab wo shadi ho k joint family mai jati hai…

    • memoona

      betyan Zahmat hoti hain.society creat many problem for girls for getting marriage …………….shahwar should be become independent if she made mother ………..she has educated and sport herself…………………..pta ni waldein betyon ko pada ker k sista q ker dety hain ya pher betyan bani hi sista honey k lye

  • M…S…

    ye drama dekhne k bad hr married lardki ko yehi lagega k us k sath b aisa hua tha…..

  • Er.Pervez

    Comments are galore for this superb drama.This drama seems to have made the fair sex very emotional.Me too although part of male part of population feel sorry for such married males who have a tendency of ignoring their better halves & miserably fail to justifiably balance the relationship between their respective wives & parents.Eventually they reap what they sow,but it is too late then to benefit from repenting.One silver lining should never be forgotten,ie;times have changed.What was old tradition for Saas-Bahu,is not common now.Nowadays usually Mom-in -laws & D-i-laws are both literates.They know their values & rights.In the society these cruel attitudes are now treated as uncivilized.Religion has nothing to do with these traditional mannerisms.In case Islam is obeyed in its right spirit,then indeed unjust & cruelty behaviour has no scope whatsoever.Cruelty is a man made tradition.If literates practice this,then they lack religious knowledge & are worst than illiterates.Vested elements hostile and inimical to our religion with their deliberate misinterpretation of Quran & Hadith have tried to create confusion in the minds of people mostly in women folk as if these things are permitted in Islam.—-The serial is a nice try to highlight this once old very bad tradition,showing 4-decades old family environment & current days happenings.The comparison of flash back & current is being directed in a very expert way for which congrats to the whole production team.I can say this drama from your side can beat any family drama from our side. THANKS.

    • http://none Rainbow

      @ ER.Perviez ………..very logic comments ,liked da way you ve described that mostly ppl misinterpretate Quran /Hadith , and dis misinterpretation is due to lack of knowledge .

      Even now a days ,the relationship of mother-in-law is da same .

      In fact dis drama is not only a lesson for gals , bt also its for mother in laws n especially an eyeopener for husbands , who are discouraging n not thankful to their wives .

      Excellent drama , Congrats to the team of Dur-Shawar .

      • Er.Pervez

        @ RAINBOW—I acknowledge your nice reply with thanks.I may need to add that only literacy & true knowledge of religion can solve this menace still prevailing in our whole subcontinent.With advance in literacy rate,socio-economic upgradation can be achieved to make us tolerant & pious.Muslims should never forget that they are supposed to be role models,& only when they become sincerely conscious of this fact ,these uncivilized actions shall vanish in thin air.

        • http://none Rainbow

          @ ER.Pervez v.well said , being as muslims we need to watch our actions ,and da behaviour shown of Dur-Shawar's mother in law can only be realized by her , when her conscious will prick her , when she will start think the same for Shahwar , as if she is her own daughter.The attitude of her mother in law is due to her pessimistic approach towards Shahwar. thats da reason in Quran and hadith say that the mind n heart should nt even have da seed of envy , cz such thoughts will never let one to be happy n not only oneself will find happiness , bt she will also find ways to ruin others happiness too .

  • Rana Jawad

    "Durr-e-Shahwar" is very realistic & different play from others. Well done Team. :)

  • Mahreen

    Durr e Shawar's daughter is in the same condition/situation and Mansoor is now getting so frustrated and angry just because she is his own daughter what about when he didn't cared about his own wife?? And when its come to his daughter he can't see any mistakes in her and he is ready to have a fight with his own sister and says he doesn't care about his sister or any relations more thn his daughter!!!

    • Ruqaiya

      THese DOUBLE STAndards are totally wrong…!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hassan

    Ahsaas-e-kamtari …. bari buri cheez hai ….. achay khasay khoobsurat insaan ko badsoorat bana dayti hai ..

  • Furqanmail

    what the hell.we are back again ,history repeating itself.We are facing the same society which faced our Prophet |Hazrat Muhammad SAWW 1400 years ago.woman has no respect no life ,nothing.even a woman has no respect for a woman.that mother in law shouldnt forget that she was also a daughter and replace her home.Shahwarz wife left everything for her husband but the people living in that home have no value of that sacrifice.

  • zainab

    a wonder full drama

  • http://arsalan.com isha

    I like durre shawar

  • iqra

    where is this drama????????????????????????????