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Ek Nazar Meri Taraf – Strong Message, Shoddy Packaging

Ek Nazar Meri Taraf concluded this week without much fanfare. In all honesty, this drama serial’s time slot was changed so many times (no pun intended) you had to wonder why it was getting such an unfair treatment from the channel. The only possible reason can be low TRPs. In any case, this drama serial tried to put across a strong message about the unfair treatment meted out to young widows in our society, but failed to garner any real interest from the audience mainly because it introduced a distasteful track of extra marital affairs smack in the middle of the show and put off the viewers a great deal.


But is Ek Nazar Meri Taraf the first drama serial to actually highlight the plight of the widows? The very obvious answer is: NO! Many different drama serials and soap serials have portrayed the same issue in a much better “packaging” – better cast, better script/dialogues, and of course, better overall treatment of the subject. Here are the top five such serials which made the effort:


1) Terey Janay Kay Baad (Hum TV)


I still remember this very poignant soap serial a few years back. The main characters, Eesha (Sarwat Gillani) and Shahkar (Syed Jibran) lose their respective spouses after a brief period of a happy marriage. Both go through an extremely traumatic period of grief after which they decide to enter a marriage of convenience, mainly as they want to thwart the efforts of their parents to get them married elsewhere. They feel they can have the perfect non-existent relationship in which none of them can demand anything from the other. Things however get complicated and thus begins an aww-going love story.


2) Khwaish (ARY)


The first ever Balaji production made for the Pakistani audiences, Khwaish focused on the ideal marriage of Kabir and Afreen, which comes to an abrupt end when Kabir loases his life in an accident. Afreen is emotionally coerced into marrying her brother-in-law , Azaan, with whom she has never been able to get along. To make matters worse, Azaan’s ex-friend leaves no stone unturned to create trouble. How Afreen and Azaan manage to make their marriage work was worth a watch despite the sappiness characteristic of a Balaji serial


3) Tum Kahan Hum Kahan (Geo)


This very short and very sweet soap serial focused on the life and times of Momo (Sarah Chaudary) who is a little too innocent for her own good. After her husband goes missing presumed dead, she marries her cousin. When it is discovered that her husband was not dead after all, things get more than a little mixed up as Momo battles her feelings and the entire family has something to say on the matter.


4) Muhabbat Tum Se Hai (Hum TV)


One of the tracks of this soap serial focused upon a young widow played by Tooba Siddiqui, who is used to taking life extremely seriously. She faces typical Sifat-like problems at the hands of her in-laws, and has to work very hard in order to bring up her only son. Enters a fun-loving Faisal Shah on the scene, and the soap serial makes you smile throughout.


5) Tere Ishq Main (Geo TV)


With Humayun Saeed and Juhi Parmar as the main leads, this drama serial gave out a very strong message of an empowered woman, who loses her husband, but does not lose her strength. She gets her life back on track, and dedicates it towards serving others!

Which drama serial have you seen focusing upon the issue of young widows? Share your insight!

Written by Drama Buff

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