Express telefilms : Doosri Dulhan in High Quality 27th October 2013

Express telefilms : Doosri Dulhan in High Quality 27th October 2013

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  • RKhan

    I don’t know why, but I don’t like this actress (the main young one). Just something about her.

    • ygddd

      her name is sonia hussain

      • RKhan

        Thank you!

    • Gul

      jungli billi c hy isliye

  • pyari jesi

    pani toh bathroom se b lia ja sakta hai penay k lia 😀

    gher mai islamic mahol rakhna is not a bad thing, jis pe focus ker rahi thee doctor sahiba. . .parda kerna koi haram kaam nahi hai. . . i really hate that thing! parda kerna doesnt mean k mahol ghuta hua hai !!

    writer really needs to be learn islam, demagh hila hua tha jab unhu ne yeh drama likha !!

    aba ne yeh ghalat kia k ik nojavan aadmi ko perhanay k lia rakh dya 8 months.

    ainee jab pehli baar dulhan bani thee toh zyada achi lag ri thee. .

    • Reaam

      I was thinking what you are thinking.
      Writer is saying Islam to barabri sikhata hai , aap bahar ja sakte hain to Aanie kyun nahi. Aap ghair aurat se mukhatib hain to Aaine kyun nahi. Media wants everyone go outside without veil like mostly actresses wears sleeveless dresses without dupatta.

  • DM

    Alas! many of the fathers in our society never pay attention to expression of love towards their daughters which results in enhancing their low self esteem.
    Good lesson!!!
    I wont comment about Islam, coz there are many people in our society who know Islam only for confining the women to houses, and have lame reasons for practicing unislamic things themselves.
    The main moral was about expressing affection towards your daughters too. Both mothers and fathers should play this part.

    • NRatter

      Excellent & so true! The key to a girl’s self confidence is her father!

    • Mamoona Anjum

      v v well said, mostly men in our society totally practice unislamic things, even they don pray not at homes and neither they go to masjid, but when it comes to their wife or daughter or sister they restrict them as it is according to islam, totally munafiq thinking!

  • ash

    yeh kiabkwas hai is age mai a k QURAN PAK parh ri hai aur wo b ik admi se itna usko parda karwana hai tu kisi aurat se parhway had hai writer g kuch tu socho

  • easha khan

    TRUE she’s always crying in each and every drama …………. i don’t know why directors select her in their serial’s ………………… hate her ………. and no match with such a handsome guy like humayun ashraf

  • jiya

    gud one…

  • Dr Kiran Faisal

    It is an anti-islamic drama that is made by an evil plan to exhibit negativeness of islmaic environment but reality is totally different than it, Islam is broad minded and enrich religion that enhance mental and physical health see today people are more mentaly sick,furstrated or the prey of depression..the reason behind is to go far away from the religion ISLAM..PROUD TO BE MUSLIM and so lucky to HAVING GRETEST AND SUCESSFUL LAWS OF ISLAM..

    • alishba

      its true,,,,,

    • DM

      I appreciate, agree and back what you said about Islam. Indeed, Islam is the most natural and modern code of life.
      But I would disagree about what the drama intended to portray. It doesnot seem to ill-portray Islam, rather it is highlighting the things wrongly practised under the cover of Islam.
      Prophet PBUH got into tears when a person boasted of not having kissed his children. Islam teaches parents to show affection to children, to give them self confidence and upbring them as strong mumineen.
      Had the father given affection and confidence to the girl when she had no other male mehram relative, the case had been different. So, it is not an evil plan against Islam, it is an eye-opener for those muslims who learn and follow the deen partly and ignore many important rulings due to lack of ilm.

  • gullsher khan

    i am v excited about my suhag raat , allah sab ko suhag raat naseeb karay ameen, too much religous parents of a girl should make sure she goes 2 religous family too, other wise she cant b happy or next people may not b happy , the makers should show people how to balance in life not negativity of relisous people or secular . …….:<3

    • jhonantoni

      GulSher Khan, bt tmne ek dm thk ki h b8 ho tm ek dm thrki.Just w8 kr yr, u will enjoy 2.

  • MMaannii

    -_- anti islamic drama had haii wysy ………

  • hadia

    im frm a religious family i do naiqab and all that but my faamily and all my relatives are not that physcho ye hamre religion ko ghalat tareeqe se pesh kar rhae hain………

    • ERFTG

      xactly…hmara media islam ke asal shkl begarna chahta hai…but ye Allah ka deen hai jo kbhe khtm nhe hoskta

  • Reaam

    Ajeeb drama tha. Now a days media is trying to show that person who is following Islam is mostly negative. Islam is the best religion. If the writer is trying to show Islamic atmosphere then why male teacher was teaching Quran and there is any then why she was siting in front on him, she should learn with any curtain in between.
    Father of a girl had very strange, but media is showing Islam in a wrong direction like Matam, MeRaqsam etc.

  • Aysha

    This drama brings so many questions to mind. If I am a professional career oriented engineer who has a job, how can I survive without interacting with men? I have both men/women work in our company, if I am running an executive meeting, do I need to just look down when interacting with outhers during the meeting (if they are men)? I have a group of people report to me, my team has 4 girls and 3 guys, If my male team members come talk to me about a project, or if I talk to him to get update on an assignment, do I just look down when talking to him? How can we survive like this?

    • jhonantoni

      Miss Aysha !!!

      Why you are doing Job ? Are your parents or husband Alive ? or they are not able bear your expensive ?.Sorry to say , if they are not alive than u have rights to do job ( Read Stories of Sahabia Kiram ) otherwise just shut your mouth.Try to learn about Believe on ALLAH SubhanoTalaa).Don’t argue about islam if you are not aware of it.Stupid Girl

      • Aysha

        jhnantoni, i am a professional and successful engineer. Engineering is my passion, my kids are grown up, i feel acomplished and productive becuase of my profession. And If I want to utilize my engineering talent, why shouldnt I?

    • Gul

      miss ayesha saaf si baat hy aap kehna chah rahi hyn k Allah ne ghalat qanoon bananya hy, aap Allah sy zyada aqalmand hyn? jab allah hukam deta hy k nigah neechi kro to who are you to question?????? drama sarasar Islam k khilaaf bana hy, is liye is sy sabaq mat hasil kren.

      • Aysha

        nighain neechay rakhnay say matlab hay kisi ko gandi nazer say aur hawas kee nazer say mat daikho. When I am giviging an update on a project in a meeting, I am not looking at people with “gandi nazer”. For me, there are all co-workers (regarldess of their gender),and we are talking about business in those meetings…hopefully u will understand my point. If I go to work to do “flirt” with other men, that is what is “prohibited” in religion, but if go to work becuase I am a career orinted person and my profession is my passion , islam does not stop me from doing that..

        • Muslim sister

          aoa,agr neegha neechi rakhne ka matlab hai k “gandi nigha” na mat dekho tu sorry to say sister phir aap kapre b na pehna kare q k haya tu nazar me hai.aur dosri baat nazar uthti hai tu gand atta hai.

          • Aysha

            So u are saying if I am giving instruction about a project to my subordinate (who is male), it means I have “gandi nigha” for him?? Do I have to look down when giving instructions and assigning project tasks to him ? If I am having a project planning meeting with the entire engineering group, do I need to look down when I am breifing the team about the project during the meeting?

  • rayyan

    yeh drama likhne wala 100% kafir hai

  • Gul

    ak muhtarma keh rahi hy k ghuta howa mahool hy patient k ghar ka, koe mard nae aaty inky ghar sirf aurten aten hyn,………. mtlb jis ghar me mardon ka ana jana hota hy wohi khushguwar hota hy, hadd ho gae media chahta hy k aurat bs tamasha bn jaye ghar me bhi or bahir bhi………………… afsos

    • Mehwish naz

      ye to apni apni observation hai k ap kesy observe kar rahy hain. Ghutay mahool kaa matlab hargiz ye nae k mard na ayenn jayen, bulky ghar ka friendly mahool hai. jo k necessary hota hai.. father daughter ka relationship itna hard nae hona chahiye. har bat ko samjhany ka tareeqa hota hai janab…. pyar say bhi samjhaya ja sakta hai……..

  • mahumkhan

    bilkol theak kaha gul g

  • nayyar kashif

    نہایت افسوس ہوا ، ڈائیکٹر کی سوچ پر ۔جہالت اور اسلام دو الگ الگ چیزیں ہیں، اسلامی تعلیمات کو اسطرح دکھانا اور اسکا مذاق اڑانا،،،یہ سب دیکھ کر بہت افسوس ہوا۔

  • Nuzhat

    Awesome concept. Actually in this drama writer is not against Islam. The main point of this drama is, good to practice Islamic environment at home, by not giving stressed on a particular direction. Father was following Islam but he forgot that according to Sunnah we should love our daughters , sisters and wives. In the last addressed of Muhammad ( P B U H) said that be kind to your women , if they do mistake pardon them because they are soft and polite. Beating to women is also prohibited in Islam. In the end doctor advised her father to realise ur daughter that u love her and show ur affection toward her. She did not say that free her from Pardah.

    • Ana Saeed

      bilkul theek kaha ap ne nuzhat or wese b Allahpak k nazdeeq wo bnda ya bndi ha jo deen or dunya ko 7 lekr chale.. agr koi job krta ha to zahir c bt ha k mardo se interaction to hoga iska mtlb ye to ni k haram ha ijazat ni! islam ko tung nazr se dekhogay to apna deen bht mushkil nazr ayega…

  • Mazhar

    what the media is going to portery about islam?????????? that is the job of media??????/

  • Guest

    Writer focus on father extreme behavior just like talbin

  • green bird

    Baqwas drama… islam ke khilaf.. islam ko baddnam kia hoa hy… bass gerr mardo ka aana jana ho to hi larkia pagl nehi hoti kia… …0 number