Good Morning Pakistan – 18th January 2013 (Junaid Jamshed)

Good Morning Pakistan – 18th January 2013 (Junaid Jamshed)


  • Uneza_j

    junaid jamshed aya tou scarf b pehen lia NIDA jee ne..:P

    • annie

      yeahhh its a gud thing ……!!!

      • Uneza_j

        yeah…obviously a good thing, but kal phr ni hoga !!!
        it means they change with the people ..

    • MeMyself

      I think this was one of Junaid Jamshed's condition for doing the interview — something other hosts refused to follow. They talk about it a bit when the program starts

  • annie

    uff nida she luk soooo beautiful in scarff mashallah mashallah

    • annie

      Nida api

      • ambreen

        nida api aap scarf main achi lagti hain.scarf lia karein.thanks

  • reeja

    ufff shukar he itne time baad koi dhanka show tu mila dhekhne ko,,warna tu nach gaana or nida ka pagalpan 😛 lov u junaid jamshed :)

    • coco

      yup nida ka pagalpan.hahahhaaaa.

  • Shamim

    You look amazing ….stay like this and give all us ladies a change that will make our akhirat roshan

  • Aiman

    We need people like Junaid Jamshed to come on TV on and off to guide people so that people will not be miss guided by Fake Scholars….

    • MeMyself

      yes. though he is only a student of islam, not a qualified scholar, he has learnt a great deal. (check part 2, 15:47)

      • Aiman

        I hve said "we need PEOPLE like JJ" bcuz i knw he is not a degree holder scholar otherwise i would hve said "we need SCHOLARS like JJ"…infact agar ye show na bhi dekha hota mene tab bhi i knw he is not a qualified scholar….but still he is better than those fake scholars who miss guide ppl and r in abundance on TV…..

  • binatehawwa

    you look sooooooooo beautiful in hijab , nida, carry on.
    and the show was also very good, informative.

  • zuny



  • sam

    junid shikh ny bi young age mn hi dein ki tarf aey hain

  • Mrs Asim

    great show:)

  • Irfan Khan

    Great show today

  • Love Pakistan

    ese logon ko aage ane nh dete.aamir liaqat jese hote hen jo saha karam R.A KO bh galat khte hen or Hazrat AYESHA R.A ko ko pta nh late kyu hen.

    • maheen

      agree with u pta nae Amir liaqat ko q le ate hai bar bar us ki bato mai asr nai hai

  • maheen

    excellent show bada maza aya plz Junaid Jamshed again nd want to listen his more nasheeds nd nats

  • Honey

    Mere khayal me pehli dafa nida k show ki koi episode ittni achi thi .. without that annoying song at the background .. fuzool ulti pulti herkatain guests k sath .. audiance ki bgher kisi waja ki taliyoun k bgher .. a very nice episode just because of Junaid Jamshed ..

  • ASH


  • almas

    awsom awsom ever best kash koi mian iwi parents iss se lesson lesakain i hope

  • Farha

    Nida you look very pretty mashallah with the scarf on. I like how Junaid Jamshed corrects Nida that wearing the scarf is not for him or the people/fans – it should only be for the right reasons and that is Allah.

    Nida – I really hope this is a stepping stone for you and many of us in making the right choices in changing ourselves to find peace.

    Show well done!

  • Muhammad

    Mashallah very NYC batain of Junaid Bhai and very gud effort of nida to make change,Allah hum sab ko hadait dy…,,,ameen

  • barfi

    Aaj mainay ye show puraaaa dekha bhot maza ayea.mujhay nahi lagta nida kal say scarf main hoon gi, lakin dua hai ALLAH nida ko nake hdayat day

  • Sana

    Amazing show! LOVED Junaid Jamshed's talks. He should begin his own show because he really touches the heart with his words. And Nida looked absolutely beautiful in a scarf mashallah :)

  • Lucky

    Mujhy 10 saal pehly zunaid bhai ki naat k elfaz ni bholty… Muhammad ka roza qrib araha hai…es ki ek line yai hai k (wafa tum dekho k hargiz kisi may zamana wo aisa karib araha hai Hifazat karo apny eman-o-deen ki zamana wo aisa ajib a raha hai) Yai jo bat enho kahi hai es naat may wo ab sach ho rahi hai…. 2003 say 2013 tak realy bohat changes ho choki hain… wakaye may zamana bohat ajib a choka hai… Humian bohat ahtiyat karni pady gi… Din Islam k mutabik chalan hai hum sab ko…or yai bilkol b ni bholna humain..

  • roha khan


  • Nazu

    This is what public want n love 2 see. We don't want half naked dancers, singers or actors. Plz think seriously abt it.

  • Arfa

    Best morning show ever. Junaid jamshed is my favorite, my ideal and very nice man

  • nira

    Loved loved this show bohat maza aya yeh show dekh kar very nice and definetly nida looking beautiful in scarf.

  • Noreen

    Never have I liked a morning show this much. Such a good discussion. Junaid is such a good speaker. Har baat dil ko lagi. And Nida looked so good in a head scarf.

  • waqas

    love u Junaid jamshed………………..may u have a vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv long life AMIN

  • waqas

    nida looking so cute n this is best show ever…………………..poora rabi ul awwal main aisy h guest hny chaye hn………

  • hina

    we chan

  • noor

    MASHA ALLAH very gud show. n nida is looking very gud in scarf

  • Love Pakistan

    WESE MEne socha abhe ye student hy to jinhon ne inhe sb sikhaya is trf laye n k pas kitna knowledge ho MOULVi Tariq jameel sahib.aggression dikhane ki bajae is trha aram se bat krne chayye k bndy pe asar bh ho.

    • Aiman

      Moulvi Tariq Jameel ki batoon mein itna asar he keh aap abhi jin Junaid Jamshed sahab ki tareef ker rahe hain Unhe is rahh per laane wale hi Tariq Jameel sahab hain…sorry to say but I dont knw keh aapka dil kis tarhan ka hai keh usper Tariq Jameel sahab keh alfaz aur lehje ka aasar nahi hota……unka yah lehja hi to hai jo Moulvi Sahab ko Dosron se Khas banata he aur aap ussi per aitraz ker rahe hain….JJ , Saeed anwar , Shahid afridi etc ye sub kuch examples hain yeh batane keh liye keh Moulvi Sahab ki batoon aur khaas ker LEHGE me Kitna ASAR he….as JJ said "har marz ki dawa alag hoti he"

      • Mrs Asim

        m just astonished !!!!!!!! ap keh kya rahi hain or..u got it wrong I guess, love pakistan infact was praising Molana sahib!! u r talking abt lehja n what is ur own lahja!!!

        • Aiman

          Mrs Asim 1st of all kia howa mere lehje ko samjhaiye wats wrong in it i will try to correct it…and secondly u r right i got it wrong jab mene inke msg ko baar baar perha then i got it correctly but meri kam aqli keh me already comment ker chuki thi pehle and yahan per delet button nahi he i think……if sm1 knws hw to delet their comment toh mjhe tarika bataiye..and lastly love Pak sorry aapki baat pehli baar me mjhe samaj nahi aai thi bcuz i thnk jis terha aapne full stop ko istemal kia he usse koi aur shaks bhi jald baazi me ghalt samaj sakta he aapki baat ko but kher hai….i will say sorry again if i might have hurt u ..and mr asim do rpl…

          • Mrs Asim

            a person who was right himself is more vulnerable for negative comments, I said about lehja coz u said a right thing in wrong context.u said 'apka dil kis tarah ka hay…' , well u learnt ur lesson:) jaldi ka kaam shetaan ka. m sorry if u felt bad. I was looking at it from love pakistan's point of view:).

          • Aiman

            Mrs Asim I thnk "aapka dil kis terhan ka he" is jumle ko meri nazar se dekhen to nthng has got wrong in it….i thnk its about how u take it whether in a positive way or nagative 1 …..aapko meri baat shoro se hi ghalat lagi hogi iss liye aapko yeh line bhi ghalat lagi…agar aap thori positive thinking keh sath perhain to u i blv aapko yeh baat ghalat nahi lage gi for sm1 joh keh Tariq Jameel Sahab per tankeed kar raha ho…joh keh mjhe laga keh Pak love ker rahe hain…..and mene poori baat yeh kahi thi "sorry to say but i dont knw keh aapka dil kis terha ka he"…ab bataiye ab bhi yeh line perte howe aapko mera lehja gustakhana lag raha he??????

          • Mrs Asim

            may be u r interested in poitless discussions…m not.

  • Lovely

    MashaAllah, this is the best show of Nadia Khan. I love this show and Nadia is looking gorgeous in scarf. She look more beautiful in scarf than without scarf. We want to see more shows like this one. Jazakallah Khair

    • waqas

      she is nida yasir not nadia khan

      • Lovely

        Thanks for correction.

  • purplegem

    Nida I would , infact i think everyone of us, would appreciate it if u continue wearing a scarf .i really suits ur carry it on.maybe by ur efforts others would also get an inspiration.

  • nasreen

    I like Junaid Jumshed, but to say he won't answer questions because they are "hypotheticals" is not right because he used a hypothetical himself. He said if you teach a woman to drive, that woman will not stay in the home…..that's a hypothetical itself, and it's not true for all women. It all comes back to power & authority.

    • Mrs Asim

      u r right I also dont agree him on this point. driving sikhana aik baat hay or khuli chutti dena doosri baat. n it depends on many things k a husband should let her learn on not. everyone should understand his or her own circumstances and use his or her own brain.

  • umme saad

    super emaan taza ho gya

  • ummesaad

    nida u r looking nice in hijab keep it up

  • Aysha

    What does Junaid Jamshed mean by "hypothetical"??? There are many many many divorced and widow women with kids WHO NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUTSIDE THINGS AS WELL IS INSIDE, how will they survive if they are never taught to go out and face the world. If they are never taught how to drive, and those women have to go out to raise their children, what would they do???

    • Mrs Asim

      in fact in a true Islamic society woman is never left to face hardships, what he said is true for that society, it semms wrong in our context since our society is not a true muslim one, ham sirf naam k musalman hain.

    • ali

      read and understand islam thoroughly miss ayeha

      • Umber

        well, In prophet Muhammad PBUH time, women use to ride camels and horses (becuase there were no cars). If they could ride horses, why cant they drive cars? If in all muslim countries, cars are banned and just horses are allowed to travel, will these mullah allow women to ride horses then?

      • Love Pakistan

        ye kasoor in ka nh hy wj kal btaya e yhe jarha k andr ka angrez bol rha hy.ayesha ap ye btayen ab tk jitne countries ne aurat o bahir nikala khuli azadi di kya wahan orat ki kadr hy?wahan tissue paper ki trh ort uz hti hy.or wese bh jo cheez keemti ho use smbhal k parde me rkhte hen hm is lye islam me ort bht keemti hy is lye prde ka kha k bahir ki hawa se jhuls ne jae.

        • Aysha

          Love Pakistan, aap jaisay lohuon ko yey batain us waqt samajh aati hain jub wo khud un mushkilat say guzartay hain… Ager aap aik mother hain aur Allah na karay aap bewa ho jaain, to aap ko samajha aay gee main kia khe rahi huon

    • saba

      ALLAH hi wahid raziq hy… agarye baat samjh ajaye aur is py yaqeen ho to isi baatun ki gunjaish nhi… but i think k koi harj nhi driving seekhny my.. bas limits pata honi chahy…jin ko ghar se nikalna hota hy wo nikal jati hen driving ki zaruart nhi hoti

      • Aysha

        Miss saba. Allah rizq un ko daita hay jo is kay liay koshih kertay hain…Allah wahid raziq mard kay liay bhee hay aur aurat kay liay bhee…kia aap kisi mard ko kahain gee kay Allah raziq hay is liay tum gher baithay raho??? isi tarah aap aurat ko bhee naheen khe sakteen kay Allah raziq hay is liay tum gher main baithi raho…a woman also needs to "work" to get rizq just like a man has to. And if you dont allow a widow, divorce to go out to earn living for her kids or herself, how would she and her kids will survive???

    • aini

      agr aap muslim ho to aapka yaqeen sirf ALLAH ki zaat pe hona chaheye. n 2ndly islam aurat ko ghar se bilawajah nekalne se mana krta hai na k zaruriyaat e zindagi k lye . kya aap qayamat se phle koe tyari krtein hain? tou phr koe b aurat q bewa ya divorcd hone se phle he tyari krna chahti hai? k wo kaise survive kare ge? ye sirf bahana hai hum aurtoun ka k koe reasn mel jaye bahir neklne ka. dunya mein surviv krne k lye itni tyari n akhrat k lye itni pus o pesh. or jahan tk qabil or parhi likhi aurtoun ka bahir a k kaam krne ki baat hai to ye mana nahi hai or eski sbse bari misal hazrat Khadija R.A hain. n akhri importnt baat ye hai k jo aurtein ghar mein bethi hain wo bekaar or lachaar zndagi guzar rahein hain tou blkul ghalat hai q k wo apni nasal ki achi tarbiyat kr apni duty pori krti hain. kya ye munasib hai k working women apne bachoun or ghar ko nokroun k hawale kr k job karein? plz sbko requst hai k her cheez ko positvely lya jaye.

  • Umber

    How will a country develop if half of her brain power (women) is not utilized (by keeping women home and not letting them being productive member of the society)

    • Mrs Asim

      women can prove themeselve productive members of society even while staying at home, its not necessary for all women to must go outside in order to make use of their 'brain power'. for a common house wife its a big contribution to the society if she could maintain a healthy atmosphere at home , if she could educate and nurtured her kids and was able to make them good muslim and useful members of society. in fact its her ehsaan on the society.

      • ali

        best best bset coment ever…….yahi soch mai har awrat mai dekna chahata hun…khush raho….

        • Mrs Asim

          thanks, I also wish so. in most situation what women need is 'justice', while they ask for 'equality'. Islam wants to give her peace and she wants to choos fitnah, kya hogaya hay hamain!.

          • Aysha

            Remeber one thing "A person’s (man or woman) worth in a society is defined by his or her contribution to societal wealth generation.

          • Mrs Asim

            in a materialistic society yes but in truth wealth is not everything, I live in UK, here women are doing exactly what u wish them to do, but a woman is no more woman, she is a tissue paper for them. ye end hay iska!! r u ready to pay the price? does it worth it?

          • iffi

            i agree with mrs asim totally but tell me k woman ka driving seekhnay main kia mazaika hay……..

          • MeMyself

            this is a very typical standard reply to anybody fighting for women's rights. Why do we need to compare our rights with the western women's rights? Women should not fight for what the western feminist has acheived. Western law is based on reason, it is not derived from sacred books like the Quran. Women need to demand the rights that ALLAH himself has afforded to them in sharia. In Islami jamhoira pakistan, a women is charged with zina if she is a victim of rape. Is there anything islamic about that?

      • MeMyself

        agar aurtain ghar beth gain to phir hum "LADY doctor" kahan say lain gay?

  • Wonderwoman

    junaid talks about things 1500 years back if our profit mohammad peace be upon him was born in this time junaid would be talking differently about women but it was a nice show n nida was looking cute and allah has put junaid on this direction koi naiki kam kar gai junaid ki

    • Mrs Asim

      he is talking about our deen n Allah set up the rules for it, do u mean that Allah didnt know about the future? human nature is same as it was in Adam and eve time.

  • GUL

    very nice talk, but nida kay question ka jawab daina chahiyay tha junaid bhai ko k ager kisi k walid ya husband ki death ho jay to wo kia kray jub k us k wasail bhi na hn very tough/nice question by nida, because i faced it
    and there is no one who answered it but i have its answer because i have faced it

    • Aysha

      Miss Gul, I have raised that question and look at the dislikes at my comments I got from people. All who have disliked my comments are the ones who have not been thru the situation or have not seen any loved one going thru the tough times. Unfortunately, hum doosray kee takleef ko us waqt tak naheen samjhtay jub tak khud us taqleef say na guzrain. Allah raziq hay laikin rizq kay liay mehnat aur koshih kerna insaan ka kaam hay…jub aik aurat ko kaha jaay kay tum gher baitho aur Allah tumhain rizq day ga, tu is say bari baiwaqoofi aur naheen

    • aini

      gul its true its very difficlt , maine apne aaspas logo ko dekha hai or jo haqeeqat sb se phle samaj aati hai wo ye k sblog peche hat jate hain n sirf ALLAH he rehta hai jo aap k sath tb tk hota hai jb tk sb theek na hojaye or us k baad b. inshort jb 1 insan ko kanta chubta hai tou us taklif ka b ALLAH ajar deta hai. tou phr aisi tklif jo aapne face ki uska ALLAH ne kitna inaam rakha hoga? jb humko hamara rab tklif mein b ni chorta to phr hum q uska asaan hukum jo k hamare lye he useful hai q ni mante? q reasoning krte hai? inshort hum apne nafs ko khush krne k lye ye sb krte hain. islam 1 reliable or bht reasonable deen hai hr cheez mein aitedaal hai. ye humlog hain jsne esko apne lye mushkil bana liya hai

  • zujajah

    Buhat hi maza aya aur Nida aaj waqai buhat hi piyari lag rahi hai scarf may.

  • Aysha

    1400 years ago, hazrat khadeeja (prophet Muhammad PBUH) first wife was a business woman and prophet Muhammad was her employee. And today after 1400 years, Junaid sahab is saying that women should not be allowed to drive??? In Prophet Muhammad's time, women were riding horses becuase there wre no CARS. Today if cars are banned in Pakistan and only horses are allowed to ride, will people like Junaid Jamshed be ok for women to ride a horse instead of driving a car???

    • aini

      sorry to say aysha app deen ko q limited kr rahi hain. 1400sal phle ki sirf wo batein aapne yaad rakhi jo ap k lye faidamand thein? baat hai deen e islaam ki ap junaid k sir pe thop k sahi ko ghalat or ghalat ko sahi ni kh sakti, inshort u need to carefully study SURA.E.NISA SURA.E.AHZAAB N SURA E NOOR. hmlog k paas bilkul b elm nahi k hum kisi ko judge karein. junaid jamshed ki baatein mostly theek thein bt un k pas time km k wo usko explain kr sake n kuch unki personal thnking thein. aap usko pointout kr k deen pe ungli ni utha sakti.

      • MeMyself

        I admire Junaid for leaving the glamourous life and for turning towards Allah – he has more guts/will power than most of us ever will. He left it all at the PEAK of his success. HOWEVER, this women should not drive notion is just his personal opinion and he should specifically say that. I think in the second part of the interview, he admits that one of his "flaws" is that his knowledge is limited (because he is a student of islam, not a scholar).

  • Aysha

    He is wrong when he said men by nature want to stay home and women by nature want to go out. Koi mard gher main naheen baitna chata

  • faisal

    what i believe junaid is a good fellow but he is not a qualified scholar should'nt be out in public giving examples from quran what if he got it wrong and pass on the wrong interpretation yes i understand his life story is a but turn around he should tell every one about it so peoples should learn from it and follow a quran and prophet life . i am a muslim and i belive that quran is for our guide but we should go and ask about this serious matters from the qualified scholars .

    • MeMyself

      You are the only person who got the right answer….

    • MeMyself

      in fact in the second part @15.47, he himself admits he is a student of islam, not a scholar.

  • Aliza

    u r looking awesome u look more beautiful ..also show is great and wonderful ……

  • sadu

    nida is looking really good

  • Lubna rashid

    Hazrat Khadija working women thin ….juniad jamshed ka yeh point k aurt ko car chalana na sikhaye,bhair na le k jaye bharosa na karna bivi p,kia yeh kehta hai Deen humara

    • Aysha

      I totally agree with you Lubna. As I said in my comments earlier, 1400 years ago n prophet Muhammad's PBUH era, women used to ride horses and camels (becuase there were no cars). Ager pakistan main aaj cars kee bajai sirf horses/camels kee swaari ho, in that case, what would Mr. Junaid Jamshed say? would he say not to teach your women horse riding???

    • Aiman

      Maam jitna mera Ilm he Hazrat Khatija R.A tujarat kerti theen gher per bhet ker..unke employe kerte they mulk mulk ja ker tujarat and woh ghar per beth ker saare mamlaat sambhalti theen…….and secondly Junaid Jamshed ne driving keh hawale se joh kaha woh unka personal opinion he lekin uska matlab woh phir bhi nahin jo aap samjhi keh "bharosa nah karen biwi per"….apni biwi ko driving na sikhane se unka matlab tha ke aurat ki FITRAT he keh woh ghar se bahar nikalna chahti he jaise mard ki FITRAT he keh woh ghar keh ANDAR rehna chahta he…is liye agar ek baar aurat ko driving sikha di jai toh woh phir apne aap ko khudmukhtaar smajhane lage gi aur woh bohat se kaam jo humari society me mard hazrat ki zimedaari hain un kamoon ko bhi apna ker apne uper booojh lad le gi …and ofcourse ek doosra pehlo yeh bhi he unki baat ka keh jisko aurat ko aik baar ghar se bahir nikalne ki aadat per jai usse phir ghar me nahi betha jaata…thts y woh keh rahe the keh apni biwiyon ko driving na sikhao. is baat me trust na karo wali koi baat nahi…aur agar kissi ko lagta he keh mein ghalat samjhi Junaid sahab ki baaat ko to woh zaroor mjhe correct kare plz…

  • iffi

    pehli baat too ye k junaid bhai ko iss prog main ana hi nae chahiye tha, wo apni jaga apni mrs ko b bhej saktay they muslim women ki guidence k liye……and the other thing is that whats bad in to learn a drive for women, its her necessity…islam main ourat ka bilaa zaroorat nikalna na paseendeeda amal hay lekin zaroorat k liye nikalna jaiz hay pardeh main reh ker……aur jahan tak bewah ki baat hay too uska aur uskay bachoo ka wazifa hakoomat ki taraf se muqarrar hota takay usay earning k liye bahir ka sahara nae lena paray……lekin afsoos k hum islaami jhamooria pakistan sirf naam ki had tak hain…

    • Aysha

      iffi, aap nay kaha bewa kay liay wazeefa govt say muqarrar hona chayey. Jahan tak aik aisi mother ka taluq hay jo paisa kamanay kee capability naheen rakhti, I agree that its better for her to live on welfare/zakat, but what about an educated/capable/professional mother? For example if a widow is a doctor/banker/engineer/accountant/lecturer and she can earn handsome salary to give her children a good life, why would she want to raise her kids on zakat money??? ager wo kama ker apnay bachuon kay liay acha gher, gaari, achi education afford ker sakti hay, to wo zakat/wazeefay kay kuch paisuon per apnay bachay kyoun raise karay???

      • iffi

        ayesha you are right on your side….in case if a woman is a literate person she can earn for her family but better to choose a profession in which she has to interact with men the least because islam does not encourage women to leave their homes…..and the other thing is that the wazifa that government grants for widow and her children should not be from zakat, its her right and and government responsibility to supplement them….and that wazifa amount should be much enough to bear of their expenses….whereas you talk about better education, it is there that we have different standard in education otherwise there must be only one standard in education, hospitalization and government must ensure their easy accessibility for all of us.

    • omairahmad

      just shut up he should come in every program

      • iffi

        mr just mind your lang….main b tm se isi tarah baat ker sakta hun samjhay na…..everyone has his right to express his thinking….

  • Rubina kashif

    nida ALLAH aap ko toufeeq day kai aap perda karain aur apni life Allah aur rasool (p b u h ) kai bataye huy tareeqe per spend karain .Ameen

  • binatehawwa

    Assalam o alikum
    the debate is infact over dear pakistani fellows.
    the message that i want to give is that we intensly need to understand that
    freedom of speech and RESPECT should go side by side.
    this isnt a taunt on anyone of you, and who am i to do so?
    but just a humble request.
    we can do healthy debates, and can reach on a single point.of less conflict but taunting, reverse commenting and the slang language, we all have to avoid. please!

    This message is firstly for me to act upon as i am delivering it, and then for you.. may we understand.

    regards and regrets: daughters of hawwa

  • MeMyself

    A Pakistani woman in Saudi almost lost her husband due to a heart attack. She did not speak arabic, could not drive, could not call an ambulance or tell her other female neighbors to come help. She had to call a Pakistani friend of her husband to get help for them. Actually she should not have called/talked to a non-mehram to save her husband life…

  • MeMyself

    cool quote: jism ki ghiza zameen say aag gi, aur ruh ki ghiza aasman say aaei gi

  • Hanzla

    Allah apko kush rjhe junaid bhai

  • Hanzla shaikh

    BeAuTIfUL LOOKING jUNaid bHai n greaT INTERvIew , ap ne sb ki islah ki,ALLAH APKI zindgi me brkat ata farmai,ameen

  • pari

    you looked fabolous nida … i really appreciate it ….. u looked sooooo pretty

  • shahida

    Nida you are looking very different in scarf…hamesha aesi hi nazar aya karen.

  • sanam shahid

    nida humesha asi hi rahain sar dahnap k plz and plz saira chudhary ko b invite krain

  • Rahmanfouzia

    All of us who drive should vehemently condemn Junaid Jamshed for his shameful utterings for women. This man has no right to give fake sermons. He is reportedly doing business with NATO forces in Afghanistan supplying meat …. what a hypocrite. He is also minting money through his clothing business for women, fleecing them on expensive suits and tight fitting “burqas” studded with crystals. Is this his version of Islamic dress code for women ?. Shame on him. He should give a public apology to millions of Muslim women who drive !!!!  


    • Abbas

      tight fitting burka? such a oblivious comment. I havent seen any women in tight fitting burka but in lose and modest burka which is perfectly in accordance to Islamic dress code. you probably dont where one yourself that is why you made that ridiculous comment

      • abbas

        hypocritical women don’t have problem with revealing Shalwar Kameez and Jeans and T-shirts but try to find out un Islamic things in Burkas and abayas

  • Samz

    U should be shame on u Fauzia saying such shameful words. Lemme clear u he doesn’t sell abbayas and no tight fitting dresses for ladies I am a regular buyer I mercer found anything like that in any of his Lahore Sialkot islamabad or Karachi outlets. I m sure u never ever walked inside his any of the stores or u r simply complexed. Secondly he doesn’t have a meat business. May Allah give u hadayat ameeen

    • uncoverTruth

      Ma’am the point is not what he sells. Abayas which are designed with crystals, if you are honest to yourself, are also under the catagory of un-modest. A guy who supports paralyzing 50%+ of population by restricting them in home, for the sake of modesty while he designs “abayas” with enticing charms, SOUNDS HYPOCRITICAL TO ME.

      Another thing, he believes “women should not be taught to drive”, i wonder how he would judge women of Quraysh who used to ride camels? Also, if you analyze the fact, riding a camel vs driving a car, which is more modest and enclosed way of traveling? I would say car, where woman is “inside” sitting, while on camel, woman is exposed to nature and also her body will show movement if the ride is a bit rocky. If our prophet (sallahualayhiwasalam) didn’t forbid them from riding, who is this guy claiming to be more modest and better well wisher of women, THAN RASOOL-ALLAH??. he is nothing but another patriarchal guy claiming to preach Islam, while what he actually preaches is his own WHIMS!

      SAHIH BUKHARI: 4794. It is related by Abu Hurayra that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The best of women are the riders of camels, the righteous women of Quraysh. They are the most compassionate to their children when they are young and most prudent with the property of their husbands.”

  • Mohammad Shahid

    Very Beutyfull astonished show, Allah Rawbul eizat change whole ummat like this religious man. 021-32068816.
    Our Dua for all muslim’s.

  • Sami

    Islam is a second name of Arabic culture. ???Not it is not. Neither Abbaya is anywhere in Islam nor Hijab. Where in Quran or Hadees it is written??? . Look at Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They became fundamentalist Muslims and coincide Islam with Arab Culture and destroyed their own culture and now they are lost nations and Arabs have already dumped you. Wake up before it is too late and it will destroy Pakistan. Be a Sufi Muslim or Secular Muslim and kindly dont follow Fundamentalism. So Junaid is basically telling to kept women inside homes like 53 percent population will simply do nothing?? Kindly dont follow Arabic culture.
    Duppata is also good and we Pakistani men are not animals not to respect women who dont wear one Arabic Abbaya or Hijab. It is a rule made for Jaahil animal like people but educated people now knows that modern Civilization is different.
    In the last 1000 thousand years Muslims have not been able to contribute anything significant in Science, technology and Art and if this trend will continue then i think even in the next 1000 years Muslims contribution will be zero in modern civilization.

    Kindly atleast if you belong from Upper Punjab then dump these rules and never listen to Junaid Jamshed or else be ready to welcome Taliban like KPK and in Afghanistan. You have two paths. Either destroy yourself or else be a moderate person and you have to choose one of these two.

    • Abbas

      Sami Hijab is part of Islam not arab culture. so called liberals are very hypocritical on one side they have wannabe and slavish attitude and follow everything western from culture to language and from ideas to lifestyle on the otherside they oppose Islamic tents in the name of Arab culture. bloody hypocrites we need lecture on culture wannabes who have disdain for Islam. moderation is in Islam not in negation of it. and its the religious people in our country who hold by original culture and values they are void of inferiority culture while they secularists are known were being victims inferiority complex and blinding following west. feeling ashamed of there identity and belief

    • muslimah

      “Neither Abbaya is anywhere in Islam nor Hijab. Where in Quran or Hadees it is written???” Get your facts cleared Sir,

      Surah Al-Ahzaab, Verse #59
      Surah An-Nur, Verses #30 and #31
      Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Hadith # 282
      Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 1, Book 8, Hadith # 368
      Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Hadith # 148
      Abu Dawood Book 14, Hadith # 2482
      Abu Dawood Book 32, Hadith # 4090
      Abu Dawood Book 32, Hadith # 4091
      Imaam Malik’s MUWATTA Book 20 Hadith # 20.5.16

      and there are many many more. May Allah guide the ummah, aameen.

  • Saqib Tahir

    JJ represents what direction Pakisan of today is heading. I feel pity not only for a person like him but for the whole nation who is proud to be ona suicide mission. دیکھنے کی بات یہ ھے کہ جنید جمشید کی سوچ کی کیا بنیاد ھے۔ جب تک برے کی ماں موجود ھے برے جنتی رھے گی۔

  • faraz

    host is looking sexy in hijab…. lol

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  • nadia

    does the ,man know that talking to a woman in a gathering of other women, while she is smiling laughing and has no mehram around is also forbidden in islam?

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  • FP

    The man suffers from self-deception. He believes that he has left his ‘un-Islamic’ musical phase behind and is now living an Islamic life. In fact, his Islamic phase is nothing but a return on investment on his un-Islamic phase. Who would have invited him to shows, bought his cloths and listened to him if the long-standing memory and perception of the un-Islamic Junaid did not stand behind him?

  • Karim Noor

    JJ was happy that Nida was wearing Hijab. He hinted that Nida should find out her fans’ opinion about how she looked – hoping that the fans would say that she indeed looked more beautiful and attractive in Hijab. Now, it does not occur to JJ that in conventional Islamic tradition wearing Hijab was to make a women less not more attractive. He was thus asking Nida to actually become more un-Islamic – wear Hijab to be more attractive to namehram.

  • sana khan

    …cOmOn guys…stOp pOinting Out JUNAID.this is his way Of taking the wOrld and its matters..and everybOdy has freedom Of Speech..and he is right in a way,infact many ways..anyhOw,but hey NIDA,stOp interrupting yOur celebrity while he/she is On the way telling sumthing,unless and until he/she stOps…

  • Nihari

    An suddenly they become experts in the art of married life. Every religious nut thinks he can outsmart everyone including degreeholders when they grow some baird. I think we give them to much respect.

  • unknown,

    I feel ashamed and saddened by these comments. We call ourselves civilized but we are still in times of jahiliya. Please study Islam first before judging who is right and wrong. The mere act of posting such comments against a brother who is mostly right is disgraceful. May Allah help our nation.