Humsafar Episode 19 – Latest 28th January 2012

Episode 20 will be aired on 11th February 2012

  • madiha

    next parts plz

    • Zahid

      hi gorgeous :-)

      i am sure the whole pakistan is like this play

  • laiba khan

    yawr ab dooja part v la dio !!!!

  • jav nadm

    wtf is this…………………why are you guys taking soo long uploading more parts……………….m hell angry

  • Omair

    What a useless episode. Nothing of purpose happened. What a shame. I really waited for this one!

  • zarmeena ansari

    nice drama serial …this story is hit just b coz of its great cast…..

  • Mrs Ammad

    its really awsum drama… its a complete addiction i must say..

  • http://[email protected] anam malik

    its an really really reallyyyyyyy awsum drama i love that drama its entire cast n specially asher…. love u asherrr

    i pray to God tht plx plx mra husbnd ap jesa he hooooooo….. :)

    may God bless u awllllll

    • ahmed awan


  • Yasir

    Ooo sir jeeee nice serial yarrr….next part bhi la do yarrr:))

  • Sheharyar Ali

    Simply awesome……. Last time i watched Dasht PTV DRAMA when i was kid NOW after a long time i am watching this one . Soo touching…… Execellent work done by "Sarmad Sultan Khoosat". xx

  • idrees

    ohm wow, what a great drama, thanks to for being the first one to upload it. Keep it up


  • faheela

    very touching episode i was weeping literaly

  • Maryam Waris

    aaaawwwwwsssssooooommmmeeee drama i love it.

  • baasqa

    i luv da drama spacialllyyyyy fawad khan…..and the song by Q.B

  • ashna

    i really luv this dramma keep it up……………

  • sana zeeshan

    nice drama…… it

  • zain

    this drama humsafar is really a good drama with an outstanding starcast ……….

  • Alina Tayyab

    love this serial!!!! IT ROCKXXXXXXXXX!!!!!

  • http://facebook eman hamza

    plzzzzzzz next part dikhao ,,,,,,,,i am waiting,,,,,& i must say that the serial is owesome ,to gud,,,,

  • Mrs a)hmed

    Please relay this drama twice a week so that our waiting period is shortened. Both hero heroin have done marv, job

  • Alina Tayyab


  • effukhan

    owsome yar .kash kuch or part b chal jata.excellent fahad and mahira work

  • tahira

    Very nice episode and this drama rocks and it shows the reality of people. Rich people think that they are the only one that exist on earth.thank you so much for this nice drama

  • Ayesha Bilal

    This drama is superb,fantastic and mind blowing…The more i write good words for this drama serial they are less.Thumps up to it's staff who corroborate it.I hope to see it's remaining episodes as soon as possible because this curiosity is killing me!


    brilliant, contact me on facebook

  • Ch. Usman

    i want to see next Episode ……… But i am not waiting 1 week plz ……. plz look me next Episode

    nice story

  • http://none Fahad Sheikh

    Very Nice Drama Serial Marvelous Acting Khirat And Asher and her Naughty Hareem, i suggest best drama serial in hum tv history and deserve to number one drama of the year, Maza Aagaya, Hareem operation is successful Inshallah,

  • http://none Fahad Sheikh

    Dear Humtv

    next episode kay liyah itna intisar nae hota hai, sab ek sath deka tu yaaro

  • shakeela

    I love the dialogues, beautiful written and dilivered very well by all the actors (khirad, asher, sarah, zareen and others)! My favorites are offcourse Khirad and Asher. I also like sara who did a brilliant job.

  • Syed

    NXT edisope will be the decisive one…..Stay tuned……Do,nt dare miss it…..

  • Johnhash


  • iftikhar malik arrar

    very nice drama i realy like it,all are doing very good acting,best wishies to whole HAMSAFAR team.

  • samar

    outstanding drama i luv it

  • http://[email protected] hina

    my fav drama humsafar fawad khan my fav actor……….<3<3

  • sameer

    hmmm… khirad u r awsome… kash key meri wife bhi tumhari jesi masoom aur sachi ho… love u khirad…


    Hums afar is very nice drama we all are seeing this drama in Dubai and this drama is very popular in U A E. One thing i seek from this drama that kids are the biggest gift from God.———thanks

  • mohammad

    WOW!aamazing drama.. my mom,who is probably one of the strongest woman on earth, started crying…this episode was aamazing and the next one is going to be the best.. humsafar is abt to end:(

    fawad,sarmad khoosat,mahira,naveen,attiqa, khizar and Q.B hav done an excellent job..

  • mohammad

    WOW!aamazing drama.. my mom,who is probably one of the strongest woman on earth, started crying…this episode was aamazing and the next one is going to be the best.. humsafar is abt to end:(

  • Nadir Islam

    Mind BLowing…My Best Ever Drama Is HUMSAFAR…

  • sherry

    its simply the best…awsm site too…

  • shzma

    humsafar drama is awsm i like it veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhhh…………………………..

  • iqra

    i love humsafar itz the best drama ever !!love its whole cast especially fawad khan :) cnt wait to watch the nxt episode

  • http://[email protected] abdul aziz noorzai

    witing for next episode love it

  • fati

    i love ds drama.FAWAD nd MAHIRA rocksssssss.cant w8 4 a week………

  • Mahwish Rahman

    superb drama….amaxing dialouge delivery…excellen job done by all cast….:)waiting 4 nxt episode…

  • Anonymous

    OMG!! Fawad Khan looked sooooo cute in the end (preview of next episode) but this episode didn't have much in it. Can't wait for the next!!!!!

  • mano

    i like this drama..awsome drama… :)

  • mano

    i like this drama..awsome drama…


  • fatima shakil

    fabulous and my most favourite drama serial .. !! can't wait for a week to watch it ..!! amazing dialogue with awesome cast .. !!

  • naina

    very nice drama ……………

  • naina


    • http://yahoo zia zia

      kasa rpli

  • Nazim Hussain

    greatest drama forever

    Fawad u r great….

  • Pagal devana

    luking 4wd 4 HAPPY ENDING……

  • saleha

    wot a grt novel it is,

    really awsome at all.. all cast are playing an awsome role ..

    mahira n fawad.. i just love u.. !!

  • shahzad

    1st time koi Pakistani drama dil pe laga h really niCe

  • Asmara

    very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy awsome drama. the entire cast doing wll.

  • Ammar

    Is there any wiki leaks for this drama…want to see the next episode :)

  • http://youtub munawar ali

    very nice and iteresting serial i very very like it.

  • http://youtub munawar ali

    i like it and this is very interesting serial





  • Zen

    What happened to the scene where usher is clai

    Claiming to be friends I think they the drama early

    Look for "next episode" scenes from last episode

    What the heck



  • salmeen

    I love this Drama. Total addication . Well done everyone especially the writer


    nice drama…..

  • seema

    0333-7575645 i like this drama

  • Rehan

    Its a novel based drama, so the end could be known from its novel….dont waste ur time to wait for one week and watch these clips….:P

  • Madiha malik

    awsum sroty………awsum cast….awsum acting…….awsum drama

    • nisar ahmed

      awsum comments jano…………………

  • http://deleted Madiha malik

    here z diffrnce b/w watching and reading…… waitng for next episode

    • Innocent Devil

      When and What time the next Episode is???

  • M Athar

    This is my first Urdu drama after so so long time. I used to watch them when i was kid. Now I realized that thinking of our people is changing to positive direction once again and creativity is becoming a part of our culture after so long time.

    Our media is working good but it needs much more to facilitate people in understanding actual standards of life.


    nice drama and nice story…….

    • ahmed awan

      BUT YAR Y U R NOT STRESSING ABOUT THE CHEATING OF directer…y they cheat….


    nice feeling husband and wife !!!!!!!

  • Innocent Devil

    I never saw any drama for the last 15 years but this one is amazing i watched 19 Episodes in one day, Excellent. Can somebody tell me the day and timing for the next Episode Please.

  • Aamir Majeed

    nxt episode k liye itna w8……………….. not fair!

  • Pious Boy

    Come on yar just speed up this drama. every one is knowing its end but director dont wanna finish this drama and stretching this chewing gum into so many episodes. Definitely it will loose its viewer like asghari akbari. One of its popularity is beautiful lyrics and singer voice. It is looking all Hum tv director are impressed with narrow minded indians. Just look into ptv dramas, indian are still copying these. We all know our expertise, its required to be improved rather than to copy worst.

  • http://face shee

    i like ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • rina

    hi its great

  • sara

    plz upload latest episode 20TH,Its last week episode.

    • admin

      Today's Episode of Humsafar was not AIRED on Hum TV. Episode 19th Repeat was aired.

  • Innocent Devil

    Whre is today's Episode yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • admin

      20th Episode was not aired today on Hum Tv.

  • tauqeer ahmed

    i waited for whole week ! wtf is this ! hum tv wt happened

  • iftikhar malik arrar

    yeh kia last episode repeated today, this is not good

  • http://none Fahad Sheikh

    why delay humsafar today episode, that's not fare, humtv channel

  • munir

    where is new part?

  • Kiran

    hell nooooooooooo,thats not fair…was looking fwd for this episode,any how one more whole week to wait for now :( alasssss

  • manzoor

    Lagta ha pakistan k train ka asar Dramas pe b parni pari hain, jo ye late anay lagi hain.

    ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo ssssaaaaaaddddddd

  • syed

    where new episode did air today…waiting since last week for next episode…bizzarrrrrrreee

  • Jamshed Haroon

    Super Drama Maihra & fawad Super Acting

  • Asad Noman

    Love the darama .. fully emotional .. so touchy :)

  • yassrass

    Yaaar Kar Diya Na Train Wala Kam!!

    Khoote De Puttar :-

    • asamia khan

      khoote da puttar tum ho gai

  • riffat ilyas

    i did not watch any pakistani drama for maybe for last 12 yRS BUT SOMBODY TOLD ME ABOUT HUMSAFAR SO I WATCHED FEW IN ONE DAY I M WAITING FOR 20TH EPISODE but no we do not have it what happened

  • shahrukh

    nice drama …….I love this drama ………

  • iffi05

    realy gud drama and print

    bt where is da 20 episode?

  • uzi

    Yar where is the next episode. we dnt have cable so main yeh drama iss site sy daikhti hun. HUm TV dis is not fair main ny novel read kiya hua hai lekin drama ka apna maza hai ab pi say SEVEN days wait kranay paray gay. : (

  • ahmeed awan

    what the hell…………..y u didnt releasd the new episode ….cheating hawwwwwwww??????????

    missing nex episode… time much bzy… project..OMG

  • Naveed Mustafa

    I LOv3 Pakistani Dramas

  • Naveed Mustafa

    Plz new episode upload karin….

  • zee

    wat happened wt abt the next episode….


    Love the darama .. fully emotional

  • hyder dad

    where is da 20 episode?

  • http://none kashif

    nice drama & nice cast ………….. next episode plz :-(

  • munir boston

    Ist time after 12 years i watched great play congrulations to humsafar team.

  • malik

    very very nice drama nd cast specialy qeerat hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • kami (03347553156)

    MAHIRA is a pretty girl but FAWAD AFZAL KHAN wat a personality he has. his way of talking n voice is much decent. i like him n his personality.

    • khansa

      me too


    YAR THIS IS SOO GOOD DRAMA WE LOVE THIS DRAMA THIS DRAMA IS OUR FAVORITE BUT inhon ne epi 20 na dekar buhat bura kia me sakht naraz hun :-*

  • http://facebook sadia

    awwwwwwsom drama i love ashar and khirad couple

  • Mano

    The part when they tell Hareem about her going to hospital was the best!! They both acted so well like they were smiling so that Hareem doesn't get scared but both of them looked really scared and sad… Best acting.. Fawad + Mahira = Best onscreen couple.. love them!! <3 <3 <3

    • Mano

      Also when Ashar comes to Khirad while she's praying <3

  • aimon

    lush work

  • aimon

    lush work