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Kaala Jadoo Latest Review

A curse!! That’s what it is. Our society is plagued with it. Of all the drama ho ha these days this perhaps is the only serial dealing with a very sensitive issue that probably prevails in every household. What we are seeing here are modern educated families facing with super natural dilemma. Sabah Ansari and Abid Ali are at their best.


Dewar bhabhi consolidation, doubting husband on an appearing mazloom wife, saas bahu anger confrontation, accompanied with a slap of course, somemore doubting husband on slap taking baychari bahu and viola its Kala Jado. The only highlight of this week’s episode is how Sabah Ansari has carpeted herself in welcoming Abid Ali while visiting her, not only does she gives away god knows how many thousands as sadakh of Sarkar, saying Sarkar eissay hath laga dijyeah. Sarkar promptly claims someone has strongly bewitched the house and that he shall take care of it, follows are a few lip syncing and shoulder jerks to un-bewitch the house. The moment was Oh my God stone beliefs in a human being?

The drama is a bit slow paced maybe if the actors had crispier dialogues and more expressions and didn’t play it under toned like Summan, always appearing to be the baychari, gives me the hindi drama sickness.

The scenes are limited and bit repeated with a brawl here and a brawl there, the script writer can add a lot more variety to the subject.So far Sarkar and Sheeren are holding the forte.


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