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Kafir Episode 18 Review.

Naya naya imann ka sauda kiya hai, doo char din ka soug tu rahay ga” … Yasir to Shahan Ali Khan. Dialogues and expressions to reckon with. This week was a strong episode where Ezzat finally comes face to face with her father on her talk show, former episode saw her best friend and confidante Yasir sold out to Shahan Ali Khan, at least  that’s how it seemed when Yasir had accepted the 10 lakh cheque, however this week the twist was rather heroic when Yasir didn’t do as expected.


This week’s episode yet again was super exciting as SAK, kept the angelic façade to his best with family and across work, it’s an absolute Ufff! Moment as to how can this guy pull it off with so much ease. At one instant he is shown as a cry baby in his mother’s shoulders the other see’s him with a glass of alcohol and a female pleasure mate, making conversation to his wife over the phone that is under the shrifana strong influence of hubby darling.


Syed Omer Khan is briefed by SAK before Ezzat’s show begins. He is told that the show is going to be scripted, but oh boy! oh boy! Omer sahib is sure in for a surprise when nothing turns out to be as expected.


Ezzat’s direct questioning to SOK as to if he is her father and husband to her mother, obviously followed by a denial by SOK and further cornering SOK she tells him about  her rape and how her mother succumbed to misery of daughter’s tragic event of ordeals imposed by SAK. The shocking face of SOK is worth a million bucks to learn all of this happening to his own daughter, further filth she spills on him is by denying him to be her father, saying cause if she were the daughter of a man of his caliber none of it would have happened in the first place and at least she would not have been denied justice.


After this episode, the plot has thickened, public anticipation to see Shahan Ali Khan come face down is intense. Hold your breath peeps, each episode from now only going to be Kafirer!!


Author:  Afshan Aziz

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