Kankar Episode 1 [New Drama] in High Quality 31st May 2013

Kankar Episode 1 [New Drama] in High Quality 31st May 2013




  • google

    w8888ing for this drama i like Sanam Baloch she is exterodinary actress

  • Faraz

    Is the drama worth watching?

    • graceful

      The Drama may be good, but I am not going to watch, because of Music composer Janab-e-Aali WAQAR ALI SAHIB,Master of giving Loud back ground Music. Good luck to his fans !!

  • Faizan

    God Bless U Umera Ahmad… you are such a wonderful writer we have. U r really different and innovative fiction writer i have ever read. U never appeared in any show and in any program or simply on TV… but ur stories tell men what caliber of writing u have… u gave to Pakistani TV of yours some wonderful work which have no salt. “””i’m sad that Pier-e-Kamil wil never be dramatized””” but i’m satisfied because it’s ur masterpiece and masterpiece have no any comparison.

    I am so happy i am one of ur earlier reader since 200-present, waiting for “Dar-e-Nijaat”, ”Abay Hayyat” and AKS in book form.

    u r the most award wining fiction writer with 6 awards and 17 nominations from different shows. Hope Maat will win Lux style best writer award 2013.

    Allah bless u and never appeared on TV… because an unknown face and anonymous personifies are the master of their own.

    • hamnah

      I completely agree with your thoughts. Umera Ahmed is trend changer in drama industry, this industry owes her greatly for it’s revival starting from “Meri zaat zara e benishan” to now “Kankar & Behadd”. She is for sure the number one writer of Pakistan. The credit of getting rid of star plus inspired dramas truly goes to her.

    • sam

      All Episodes of AKS are available in famous urdu novel site

      • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

        I already read, just waiting in coming book form, i don’t like e-reading.

  • sara shakeel

    sanam baloch <3

  • imran

    sanam baloch is best … one the best actress love her acting in every play … drama looking nice this also super hit after zindagi gulzar hai … owsome acting

  • haniya

    superbbbb <3 drama i love sanam acting in every play very nice

  • haniya

    ye smj nhi ai is play ko bhi ki dislike kar saktta hy

  • google

    very much close to reality of our society

  • fk2336

    Well watching first episode i’m getting the idea that drama will get success..So far it’s look that drama is close to normal life tragedy, Rich & poor discussion..Good actors selection for this drama…

  • maria

    this drama is millon times better than zgh….strong story with good cast

    • imran

      do say better both different drama n different stroy … zgh is already blockbuster i hope this one also up to mark … both play different .. so dont say who better enjoy drama love sanam acting kankar would be another super hit from humtv …

    • Zam Zam

      really i feel the same..it is much much better then zgh

  • Nur

    it was a good start!!! hope the rest of the drama is the same!!!

  • Nur

    looks like another depressing drama!!!

  • gum tree


  • Nur

    looks like the story will revolve around status difference,marital problems and domestic violence!!!

  • Hasee

    yehee marital abuse doraha mein tha,yehee marital abuse uraan mein tha,in-laws kee dher saree probs doraha mein bhee thee dur-e-shehwar mein bhee,koi naya topic naheen mila drama bananay ko

    • aabi

      to mat dekho dramay 😛

    • gull

      zaher hai jo duniya main hota hai woh sab he dekhain gay nayea kea khalae makholk pay dramay banana shoro kar dain

  • rafia abdul qadir

    is ka novel main ne read kya hua hai is ka main purpose ye hai show karne ka k aurat mohabbat k bagair reh sakti hai but izzat k bagair nahi…..!!

    • reema

      Please don’t ruin drama story for us who didn’t read the novel ..

    • irfan

      bhut acha kiya app nay sab ko bata dya thanx

  • Nosheen. Malik

    I will watch this drama because of Sanam Baloch ,she is exterodinary actress ,I love her the way she is .

  • wardah yousaf

    gud starting !!

  • Samira

    After RosahanSitara i saw her know in this drama she is brillant i like her veryyyy much Natural Beauty

  • Mona299

    Excellent direction! Novel se insaaf karna har kissi k bas ki baat nahi, all girls are looking cute…..

  • Samira

    I Never red Umerah Ahmad Novels i saw drama but know i will read her novel if drama r soooo intresting then novel Must be more intresting live a Long Life Umerah

    • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

      i voted down down u(with no offense), i just waana tell plz read pier-e-kami… u never find such a master piece in popular fiction writing, it is the only fiction novel which has been translating or translated in 15 languages(19 regional + 5 international (Sanskrit, English, french, German and in Singhala)… it’s also includes in Punjab university Urdu department as a final thesis project and competitive exams.

      • sam

        ofcourse peer e kamil is a master piece i thnk u havnt read ” jannat k pattay ” new novel bye nimra ahmed and peer kamil is not included in competitive exams “raja gidh is is included in such exams ” and this is the novel bye Banu qudsia

        • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

          Raja Gidh is included for CSS exams 2010-2011, Pier-e-Kamil Included in 2012- Optional Urdu Exam. Not in Six -Compulsory.
          I am literature Lover and I know every Urdu adab writer and it’s work, (With respect and Humbly) as i mention Pier-e-Kamil is a Fiction Novel inspired by the era but fake yet close to life. and Raja Gidh Inspired By a Person(Un-Known but exist) and Bano ammi wrote on his character, and it is a Masterpiece of Adab, two genres of literature Adab and Fiction, and two Masterpieces PK and RG. so never compared Adab and Fiction as said By Umaira Jee too. Well ‘I already red Jannat k patay’ it’s good.

      • Meeni

        Peer e Kamil is the most awesome novel i have ever read. i usaully read English literature. i love to read to english classics but peer e kamil is by far the best novel i have read in my life. I have read it so many times. i would also recommend “mus haf ” by nimra ahmed.its really great

        • Muhammad Faizan MuGhal

          i read Mushaf when it was publishing in Khwateen Digest, it was really good, plot was so strong, Idea was out rated, hold on plot was so strong. more specially end of the story tel itself the start of the story that “Who was that Back Girl? Who helped Mehmal by giving Qurran”. Actually She shows the rivaling Humanity circle of nature repeating contentiously.

      • ihtisham

        i started to read umera ahmed novels after reading peer e kamil. it’s really a masterpiece. other novel by her “AKS” is an inspiring novel for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hanishah5 Hani Syed

    Behrooz sabzwaarii, awsome getup


      yes u r right behroz sabzwari ki acting kamal ki hy

  • Abiha

    Sanam Balouch is a fabalous actress

  • Buffalo from Lahore

    Interesting story, very good cast, nice episode.

  • Sajjal Khan

    Very nice drama mujhe ab Pata chala its umera Ahmed novel story InshaAllah successful ha drama jori nice ha fahad and sanam bloach both are looking nice <3. It's better than zindagi gulzar ha .

    • zahoor khan

      zindagi gulzar ha is much better miss khan

  • Zam Zam

    Thumbs up for such a excellent piece of work by Ma’am Umera..story,cast,direction,script,acting,camera work all are superb what a great msg by her “محبت تکلیف تو سھ سکتی ھے’مگر تذلیل نھیں “would most of people understand it..Kankar is more pretty then ZGH( that was combinition of exaggration,glamour and fantsy)….to me best plays by Umera Ahmed 1:Meri zat 2: Da’am 3: Kankar….thanks ma’am keep up this good work …stay blessed

  • noor

    I like this drama firstly because of sanam baloch she is so cute and innocent.and Behroz subswari appears in very different looks’well done

  • mian ahmed ali

    super hit

  • Abdul Haque Junejo

    lanat ho drama bananea walea per indion culture dikha rehea hn apna cultuer dikh ho muslim ho muslman walea kam karo indion batchea bannea ke koshash nehe karo

    • sami

      what the hell??kaunsa indian culture??pagal to nae ho??


        han yar mujhy to khud kahin py b indian culture nazr nai aya ??????
        app main sy kisi ny dekha

    • imran

      u are looking blind…

    • fahadali

      pehly likhna to cikh lo phr kisi par tanqide bhi kar lena

      • fahadali

        indion nai hota

        indian hota hy

    • Fahad Ali

      nafsiyati hogaya?? kon sa indian culture dikhaya hais main :/

    • RED DOLL


  • shazi

    what a horrible prof…he should be fired…what is he teaching…its sad :(

  • honey

    konsa indian culture hai iss main, muje to kahin naxar nahi aya
    suparb drama…. i think humsafar ki takkar ka ho ga.

  • imran

    great start…love that….

  • sara

    Graet Lovely

    hamarey society mein jo khuch ho rha hai wohe is mein dikha rhe hein

    Umera you are the best ….

    Nice story

    Usually i don’t like fahad mustafa dramas but due to sanam and all senior cast and Umera Ahmed i don’t stop myself to watch this

  • fahadali


  • asma shah

    sanam is a splendid actress n she pulls u to watch her show….scenes were shot beautifully …overall another good wrk frm hum

  • nori

    nice drama…sanam is a good actress.
    great job umera ahmad…..

  • noor

    not impressive yet

  • sumiro

    awesome drama love it <3

  • soma

    Is there anything else in Umera Ahmed’s writing other than Shaadi, Rishta, cousins in love and a man with the “burden” of three daughters?

    • ihtisham

      what do you expect from her? what you want her to write about? crime or politics?
      what’s wrong with people like you. every time criticizing about anything and even before watching the entire drama.
      if you are tired of watching the same story then it’s better to watch another drama instead of this.

    • fasiha ikram

      exactly, at least she give a reasonable lesson at the end of each and every drama like maat, daam, mano salwa and zgh , so plz keep your concentration on lesson.

      • Soma

        What lessons have you learned? Pray tell.

        Pakistani ladkiyon ko shaadi ke elawa kuch nahi soojhta?
        Kab hogi shaadi, kiss se hogi, kaisey hogi, Hai allah! Sassural kaise honge…
        At the end the girl keeps sacrificing or worse MARRIES the guy she initially couldnt stand (ZGH).
        Kya pakistan mein aur writers nahi hai? Serf Umera ahmed ne tekka le rakha hai?

        • muzneh

          i agree soma for marriage etc but not for umera.pls read PEER_E_KAMIL(p.b.u.h) written by umera. u ll see a new phase of life in her words

        • Abbas

          Every person has a right of opinion but we should also learn to respect the person whom we are criticizing.

    • RED DOLL

      oye umera ahmed ky bary main kuch matt kaho


    is dramay main sanam ki choti behan us ki besti kitni krti hy……..


    aik reidhta kya ho gya sab k moun e ban gya hy ……..
    bai un ki marzi wo jahan marzi shadi krain

  • qaiser

    i proud of you my dear sanam . very very nice drama

  • qaiser

    mere sanam sabse pyara hai ( best of luck) bano

  • Aryaan

    Thanks Admin..

  • Sidrah

    Yeh drama Umera Ahmed ke konse novel pe bana hai?


    is dramay main sab larkion k dopaty or shalwarain white e q hain koi or rang nai hy kya?????? ………..or bus shirts coloured hain

    • disqus_mqkDscAFB7

      haha funny

  • disqus_mqkDscAFB7

    sanam and fahad couple is very nyc <3

  • Brown Eyes

    Nice yet

  • Shiza

    Waaow Umera ahmed and Hum r going amazingly Good.. and yes after watching Daastaan, Daam i love Sanam balooch… u r a my fav actress …

    • Veronica

      i think Sanam jhang is better…

      • Shiza

        Never just aik dafa Daastan and Dur e shahwaar dekh lo u will surely do agree with me :-)) ok

        • Veronica

          yar i have seen dem butt u r r8 actually v shud nt fight yar dem both r gudddd!

        • Veronica

          acha axha theek hai

  • qaiser abbas

    With due respect, it can be said that dialogue writer is a psycho with normal behavior but depressed thinking who couldn’t do anything except thinking about women and her relations with man without gaining the knowledge of Nature and universal processes and procedures, creation of man and women. This whole world is created with the concept n basis of oneness. there cannot be any other equal to any other. 1 king for a state, 1 emperor of an empire, 1 guardian of a family, 1 decision maker of any deliverable.

    Don’t follow west blindly that time would reach when our women would claim what men are given and avoid what they are responsible for and vice versa.

    • Palwasha Khan

      100% agree …

    • preet

      pathetic thinking…feel sorry for all the women in this guy’s life…his mom, wife, sister or daughter..

      • qaiser abbas

        Do you really sorry for those women?
        I believe that there is a huge difference in making a statement and uttering words from mouth. I made a statement and you just uttered words from mouth with no logic, no reason, no reference and no psychological argument.
        Therefore, as a human, you are suggested to learn what is criticism, how to respond to any comments given by people and what should a criticism contain in its verdict.
        Lastly, you need to understand few things from this current world. Go to history give me statistics I am wrong, read human psychology and give arguments to prove my statements wrong and if you are Muslim tell me why men where prophets not women, if you are hindu tell me why men are all in all in religious decisions, if you are christian, tell me why pops are religiously dominate women. It stands true for the people of every religion.
        You are requested to criticize with arguments not with words.

    • afreen

      I think you have a point but i dont agree that the professor was right…you might have hit a woman or may be you havent you are angry on some other point but you have to agree that The professor was just humiliating himself when he was giving that lecture..
      kia aap agree kartay hain teacher k sath?

    • MeMyself

      I think you misunderstood the point. Mard/aurat ki zimidarioun may farq hai lekin haqooq main nahin. Haqooq barbar hain. Sawab ya gunnah babar ka hai. Shaadi dou baligh, samajhdaar aur barabary kay haqooq rakhnay walay insaanoun may hi hoti hai. Hamara muashra isay barabar ka rishta nahin sumjhta kiyoun kay hum apnay ilm main izafa nahin kartay aur ghair-islami riwaat par zaida amal kartay hain jis main aurat ki koi value nahin hoti. Islam yeh nahi sikhata.

  • Abbas

    The thing which i like is the relationship between families of different class and that what happening in Pakistan today. It is complicated and made difficult by our own choices and preferences. One thing is for sure now, that there is no room for being simple, middle class people in the world and Pakistan in general.
    I criticized her for Shehar-e-Zaat but she has made her mark with ZGH and it seems this drama will continue the trend.

  • harim

    Did u guys notice class difference is in everywhere … what faiqa thinks of behroz’s family exact same attitude kiran’s mother has towards phoppo’s family (remember kiran’s sis asked kiran not to cook food for phoppo , ammi ll b angry ) just coz they were lower than behroz’s family ?? so why to cry over faiqa’s family decision?? im not defending faiqa’s decision as every one should first think of relatives but NO ONE THINKS OF OTHERS IN TODAYS TIME, SAB MAYA HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harim

    i really dont understand y some ppl always complain , it is so simple if u dont like any drama just skip it , there r lot lot lots of daramas u can watch then y wasting time to abuse writer or story or cast or directors :p of any specific drama which u dont like , spend that time in search of other dramas u ll like.

    • qaiser abbas

      Criticism adds beauty in things. It is always necessary to watch what you are continuously asked to watch by media. Give your opinion keeping in view the impact, consequences and moral authority of the drama, ad, show etc.
      I really don’t understand either why don’t we realize that media has major impact on us and it is highly influential now a days.
      Nothing more to say but about drama, you can read my other comments below.

      • harim

        oh so u always follow media ?? to whom did u cast vote as media was promoting too many ???????? joke a part but dont judge the book from cover ,it was just first episode. media pushed u to watch this , right , so u didnt like first episode , then SKIP it rather abusing it , and plzzz keep it mind everyone has different choices n preferences no one can force anyone. yea u ve right to express ur opinion then just say i didnt like it , why to put in it aglay pchlay dramas which r liked by many if not u or some .
        and plz no offence i was not talking abt only u.

    • nanni pari


      • tumra baap

        no not r8

  • Uran

    only watching this for sanam whom i love after watching dastaan. living outside of pk I’ve learned a lot from that drama Dastaan and fell in love with Sanam’s character and acting.

    • Uran

      also I hate fawad mustafa after watching his morning show he seems really rude to this guest and callers at times, asking stupid questions which i don’t expect from such an educated man. does doing morning shows in pk make one dumb? I’m starting to think so. (except for sanam and a few others)


    koi outclass drama kab ay ga

  • nanni pari

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………….i like sanam :*

  • ops mano

    story agay banay gi …….not soo bad soo soo….:P

  • Munawar malik

    nice story and good Episode 1#


      yeh ap ko nice lag rha hy????????????

      • Maha

        nice hi hy g

  • afreen

    sanam baloch has the best resume



    durr e shehwar

    now she is doing “kankar”,
    1st episode se hi andaza hogaya hai k serial acha hoga aur sanam ki acting to MashaAllah hai hi

    • Veronica

      she rocked Dil e muztar…………………..

    • Veronica

      Ap ko sanam ka pura naam likhna chahiye sanam naam ki bht milingi….
      Sanam jhang
      Sanam Saeed

      • Veronica

        waise i knw dat u r talking about Sanam baloch..

  • arg

    “ab hamarey aur unkey status mein bara farq hae…… Dil tu naheen manta na” …best lines & equally good performance :)


    is dramay main b koi khaas baat nhin hy ………….
    pta nai wesy dramay kab ayin gy jo mujhy pasand hon gy

    • gul gul

      oh tou aapko kaisay dramas psnd hai ?

      • Veronica

        u r r8

    • Veronica

      yar tum drama industry khol lo agar inn dramoon se maza nhi araha…..


    mjhy sanam ki awaz kano mein chubti hai………itna jahilon ki trha bolti hai…….pta e nai chalta bol rai hai yan lar rai hai……P

  • Mehr

    this drama is based on which novel?

    • Veronica

      This is nt based on a novel…

  • diamond

    not like zindagi gulzar hai bus theke hi thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Veronica

      sahee keh rhi hoo… wo khak acha nhi tha bus sab usss zaroo0n ke fans they …………….. umm wo tou mein bhi thi :p


    dekha app logon ny k kisi sy belawaja ummedain lganay ka kya nuksan hota hy
    bandy ko kbi kisi sy ummed nai lgani chahey chahey wo koi b ho ….
    insan kabhi b buray nai hotay un sy hm ny jo ummedain lgai hoti hain wo pori na hon to hmain wo insan bura lagny lag jata hy insaan ko haqeeqat pasand hona chahey reality sy kabhi b nai bhagna cahey or fantacy ki dunia main kabhi b nai rehna chahey

    main ny zingdagi sy to yahi sekha hy ……
    k zindagi bht mushkil cheez ka nam hy pta nai kon sy log hain jin ki zindagiyan asan hoti hain…………..

    • ooh

      f u

  • ooh

    mast drama 😀

  • ooh


  • ooh


  • ooh


  • ooh

    f u.

  • ooh

    kkaaiissaa ;D

  • ooh

    hum balouchi hai baba !

  • ooh

    tumra naam ka hai

  • ooh


  • sohasamlaa

    plz muje lolz ka matlb batay e ga

    • Alvina Junaid

      lough out loud zebra’s..p

    • zeeshan ali

      laght out loud

    • nosheen

      laugh out louder

      • fari

        lots of laugh:P

  • samia

    nice drama

  • mimi

    hmm… nicee drAma :) … l00king f0rward for the next episode..

  • Clown

    Boring js ne bhi is dramy ko bnaya hy wo kta hy

    • alizeh

      tum kute ho

  • princesss

    lovely drama . Nice story .little bit like daam drama. I like ,love this drama 😀

  • zainab

    nice drama…:)

    • farrukh

      nice drama

  • Saif khan

    beautiful drama

  • Şąmềềṙ Jịḿmy


  • U , H

    i’m here

    • LALIN


    • LALIN

      r u there?


    yr ho kya ,,,k num rite karo,,

    • U , H

      yes yr jaldi ok,,dealat bhi karna

      • Guest


        • U , H

          ok .yr jaldi dealat karna ..aur koi paas tu nahi cell karo?

          • Guest

            nai hai abi karo,,
            aur phir mera num deleat karo ok,,

          • U , H

            ok main ny sb comment delat karna hay ,,,pershan nahi ho /

      • LALIN

        nai hai abi karo,,

        • U , H

          ok bas 10 minte

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  • Jabbar Bajwa

    Tuje Yaad Krne Se Dil Khush Ho Jata Mai,
    Kr Rha Hu Sms Tu B Kr Le Isme Tera Kya Jata Hain.

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