Mahira Khan’s Personal life Under Attack

Mahira Khan is extremely talented, pretty and simply adorable. She won over the hearts of many when she played Khirad in Hamsafar and now she is doing complete justice to her role in Shehr-e-Zaat. Mahira is not just a gifted actress but she is also very popular in the fashion industry because she has a unique style and a very pretty face. Mahira Khan has made a very important place in the industry in a very short span of time and that is not an easy task given that there is so much competition nowadays.


Unfortunately Mahira’s personal life is under attack nowadays, gossip magazines and different showbiz websites are spreading the rumor that Mahira Khan’s married life is in trouble and she will be taking divorce soon. Mahira Khan is married to Ali Askari, who himself is a very talented gentleman as well. The two got married in the year 2007 and have a  little boy. People who know the couple personally find the divorce rumors difficult to believe because there is very good understanding between the couple and Mahira’s husband is not the kind of person who would feel insecure because of Mahira’s popularity.



Mahira Khan is currently in New Delhi attending PFDC fashion event so she is not here to give any comments regarding these rumors. All of us wish Mahira Khan and her husband all the best and hope the rumors are not true.


This is a very cute picture of Mahira Khan with her husband and kid,


  • Nida

    Mahira only has a son ,she has no daughter

    • Qurat

      tou phr hum kya krien

  • sabz

    good actor…disgusted by the outfit she has on in the pic above..if any other person (not muslim) had it on i would say wow nice…but not muslim woman seriously…and well i hope she doesnt call herself a muslim…

    • Zar

      you have no right to judge anyone miss Sabz. and by that I mean no one.

      • hina

        zar, sabz is right. we all start liking mahira because of her character of khirad and khirad was very pure and innocent plus she had a self respect. still we want to see mahira like that not as in the above picture, showing her leg

    • coolashez

      OMG! there are such double standards in our country! but thats wat i can expect! we judge people from wat they wear… can i ask u all agar yahan koi bollywood actress ho tou comments will b like ''soo pretty O m gonna die'' y?? she is a Muslim but i'll say better than majority of pakistanis….. and btw muslaman honay kay liye sirf kapray pooray pehnana nahi hotey aur bhi bauhat chezain hoti hain jinhay poora karna hota hai!! huh! such double standards!

      • Sara

        right! whatever she wears thats her personal matter!! jis nay dopata nahi lia wo muslim nahi!! had hay bhae!! we cant judge others like this!

      • sara

        right! we can't judge others like this we have no right to say anything like this!! whatever she wears thats her personal matter!! dopatat nahi lia muslim nahi hay had hay bhae!

      • salma

        its true a lot is required of a muslim. but being fully clothed and covered is one of the requirements. i dont know why it seems to be the last in line in importance. you cannot have imaan in ur heart without haya. and you cannot have haya if u dont have iman in the heart. they go hand in hand. also if you have iman in the heart all the other things you r talking about will fall in place. you cannot be a great human being without following the hukm of Allah. Allah says in the Quran …that He will waste our deeds if there is an iota of disobedience or shirk in our actions.

    • salma

      I call people like her "non practicing muslims". a muslim is one who submits his/her will to the will of Allah swt. if you dont…then you are non practicing.

  • Batool

    I hope it would not be true. Coz mahira doesn't deserve that.

    • nono

      kuch in ki b BEHODA pics aa rahi thi,or paise k nashey mei madhosh aage hi nikalne ki dur mei chali ja rahi thi,mahira bibi,zahir hai k koi bhi hasband ye sab bardasht nahi ker sakta hai,Mahira bibi hosh ki nakhun lo ye rishta bohat PAKIZA rishta hota hai,or pata nahi aik merd ko chor k dosre se kaise attach ho jati hain or phir love kerti hain"apni tu samach se bahar hai.allah in logo pe REHEM kare.

      • Nyla

        Nono, I'm sorry that we can't discuss her personal life. It is not nice even if she is a public figure. It is between her and her husband like every married couple. It is private, not a character in drama. We should respect her privacy. Thank you.

        • nono

          Nyla,ager ye personal life hai to phir pablic mei show mat karo,ye pehli pic se hi aap undaza laga ley k ye kitni NIKKAL chuki hain.

  • Faria

    Its not true….bas rumour hai :/

  • Gosh0o

    Pehle Azfar Phie Shaista Wahidi Now Mahira Ye Media Kitne Logo K Nikah Jaise Pak Rishto Ko Kha Jayega.

  • me

    lol … come on guys its just a rumor . Mahira are her husband are one of the best couples who utterly love each other . This is only a rumor no evidence . People always talk things about those who are at the peek of their Career like Mahira . Shes a good humanbeing n we all shouldnt give a damm about it . Rumors are like seasons they come and go .

  • http://[email protected] masooma

    jhoot h media waly kuch bhi dikha dety h unki personal life h jo marzi kary hm sb kon hotey h kuch bolne waly or ye media walo ki to lgta h maa behenei hi nhi h jbhi doosro ki izat uchalne me lagy rehty h

  • Zar

    well if you did like Mahira as Khirad , you did not like Mahira, you loved the character she was playing. but this is her in reality and she belongs to the world of glamour. I am sorry but I have to disagree no one has a right to judge anyone on the choice of their clothes. God knows whos better amongst us. HE and only HE is the better judge , so kindly leave all the judgements for him to make. how can somebody say they are better muslim just because they are fully clothed. We all know how corrupt our society is ,but if thats how the judgements are to be made then I think there will be very few"muslims " amongst us.

    • Hirra

      Ok… thats true but did u see the cloths she's waring plus i like khirat and user not fawad or mahira plus look at her husband he has a beard she dose not look good with him

      • Zar

        oh come on! thats what I said. we need to stop being judgemental. she is only answerable to Allah for what ever she is doing. leave it up to her to decide what is right what is not. and I think they both make a nice couple 😉

        • Emaz

          absolutely ZAR 100% agreed wid u very well said :)

      • Esha

        Hira joorey asmanoon py bantey hyn …. ap ye kesay keh sakti hu ki uskay hubby ki beard hy to uski sath acha nahi lagta …. kiya apka hubby kabhi zindagi main beard rakh lyga to app usko chor dogii ?

        • urooj

          us key husband ki beard sirf shqya type hey koi musalmanoo wali sunat key mutabiq nahi, uss key hulyee sey nahi lagta key wohh koi deen dar shakhs heyy

          agar hota tu apni wife ko iss tarhan be lagam nahi chortaaa

    • Vivilicious

      Exactly! Atleast there is someone who's right! :)

    • Sara

      Well said!!

  • Aqeel

    No one has right to discuss someone's personal life in public. Why is everyone interfering in their personal lives?

  • Fatima Mirza

    I hope the rumour is not true as Mahira appears to be a family oriented person and her husband looks genunely loyal to her and a decent guy.But all the fame she has gained and the glamorous life she has been leading could have gone to her head.I think the viewers have put her on a pedestal based on her role of Khirad in Humsafar.She is basically a star and fame and fortune which is short lived can destroy a person's personal life if they are not level headed and grateful of what they have.

  • sara

    oh come on grow up people ?let her do whatever she wants kapray puray nae toh muslim nae ??kon janta hy ke woh Allah ke kitni pass hy its about Heart n niyyat not abt Parda crap

    • from UK(oxford)

      I agreed but not say Parda as a Crap ok!!

      Do research about your religion then you got to know parda is so important for women ALLAH pak bless you HADAYAT :)

      • Xainab USA

        These are among those ppl who add what they like into The religion n take out whatever they don't like.yeah do the research n u will see that bay parda bodies will be the fuel of heaven.

        • Xainab USA

          Sorry fuel for hell.may Allah bless us all with hidaya

    • sana

      shame on you sara talk like that.idiot ALLAH tumy hadiyat de pardy ka mazak urati ho

      • sana

        you are idiot sara

      • salma

        Dear Sana…one tip for da'wah…..if you want people to listen to you…then be soft and gentle like the Prophet pbuh. He never would call anyone an idiot. I agree with what you say but not how you say it. I am a student at Al Huda university and the first thing they teach you is to be "hayyin wa Layyin". Soft and gentle" in your approach. If you start by calling someone an idiot they will never listen to you. And ur good intentions will be wasted.

    • Afia Qazi

      I support you Sara!!

    • salma

      You are terribly wrong Sara. I wouldnt comment on any religious matter if I didnt have the knowledge. Just like I wouldnt tell a doctor his job in the hospital or a lawyer what to do in the courtroom. These are career choices. But the knowledge of deen is for everyone. If you dont have it…then get it. You owe it to urself before u make remarks which u might regret one day.

  • Aisha

    There is no getting close to Allah and performing Namaz when she will wear such revealing clothes. In Islam, atleast the clothing should cover the woman's body, but here, there is no sight of that.

    • Light

      Well miss … Its up to Allah almighty to deside who is better and who is not . Maybe the person who you are talking about is ten times better than you in the view of Allah almighty . So b4 talking about any person in the world one should look in the mirror first . Allah judges whats in heart . N Mahira khan no matter what people say is good by heart . M sure She among the Good humanbeings .

      • Laila

        I am sorry Light, such women can never be adorable in the eyes of Allah, because Allah does not have double standards. If it were so, then ALlah would never have mentioned about pardah in the Quran.

        • Laila

          And Mr/Ms Light, tum bhi kaprey utaar do aur dil saaf rakho, kia pta tum bhi Mahira ki tarah good people me shumar ho jao. Kiyun, theek kaha na?

    • urooj

      Jis ka zahir acha na ho uss ka batin kese acha ho sakta hey jo app keh rahi hein ke kon jane woh Allah ke kitne qareeb hey. Allah key qareeb hone key liyee uss ka hukum manaa pare gaaa apna zahir pehle Allah key hukum key mutabiq karein phir batin ki batt karein

  • jero

    i also like maheera…but is ka ye matlab nahi ha k ap usy jasi wo ha wasy hi pasand karn..but its my right to comment on how mahira dreesd up… ..b`coz she is in lime light …and yes i think maheera should dress decently coz it suits her personality…mujhy iss bat pay attraz ha that she did not dress properly…baqi us ki personal life main kia ho raha ha ya kisi oor ki i dnt care at all..and i pray 4 her k asi koi bat na ho.INSHALLAH.

  • khadeja

    oh but we cant do anything first ask mahira or her husband than tell us]

  • Vivilicious

    I hope that the rumours ain't true! Her son Azlaan is so cute!

    Guys you can't judge someone from the way they dress themselves! Cuz we don't know who's better in the eyes of Allah Almighty… So plz stop passing such stupid comments!

  • http://dramasonline sania

    pakistani actresses or models ko dekh kar lagta hai k wo pakistan mai nahi america mai reh rahi hain

    • VeeDee


      n Excuse me? Why do you think so?

    • saadia

      No Ma'am its wrong i am in U.S.A it doesn't mean all american get divorce ,every thing is possible in Pakistan (pakistani women r not innocent any more )

    • XXXX

      sania saali tu khud randi hai .bharwi raand ki aulad. teri maa ki choot mai lohay ka lun saali kuti

    • NC

      Loose comments sey parhaiz karain, hum America mein rehte hain aur aap jo Pakistan mein rehte hain un par haraan hotey hain, Ghar ka mahol sambhalein, Amreeka ko jaaney dain. Pehle apna gareebaan phir doosron ka.

  • ayesha

    when the magz are giving all these newz so, there must be something..

  • abc

    miss sara i just want to say ager wo ALLAH k boha kareeb hoti tu atleast is fashion industry me nahi hoti.ALLLAH se muhabbbat humko ALLAH k kareeb krti hai.

  • Abdul Samad

    Some of u people say that HIJAB is not necessary, She can be good in the eyes of Allah, IDK anything whether she is good in HIS eyes or not, what I know is that according to wht is written in Quran, She is absolutely against her, She is a Muslim ryt? Take clothes out of the way, I have seen her friend (Rizwanullah Fashion Designer) kissing her like a husband… Wht would u say now? IT IS HARAM IN ISLAM, SHE IS PREACHING ILLUMINATI NOT ISLAM… And there is no double standard in the judgement of Allah, Those who wear full clothes, offer 5 tymz SALAH are not equal to those who wear revealing clothes and act against ISLAM… If they do then It means what ALLAH has written is a lie. (Which is not)… GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

    • CutiePie

      "I have seen her friend (Rizwanullah Fashion Designer) kissing her like a husband"

      ^Any solid proof of this???

    • hehe

      strange,cnt belief,didnt expecy her to be so worst being kissed by na mehrum?dramay toa pehlay bhi bnthay thay hit ptv dramas,kaha pay fahashe?kaha suhe clothes nehi?its not required wot they consider to be….mujeh olte arhe hay woh bth pur kay.and some say there is no compulsion in deen?hey!there for sure is compulsion in parda,hijab,thats y in not obeying ALLAH there is punishment,but we are given choice or this duniya would not have bin an imtihaan

  • Zee

    What shit is this?

  • eshu

    i wish k ye jhut ho.:(

  • arisha

    logon ne shadi or talaq ko mazak bana liya hy srif showbiz k hi nhi balke humeri pori society ne choti choti baat pe divorce hate it

  • Adina

    Very talented actress, no doubt she is pretty too. I hope she chooses her family over her career. Children suffer the most in broken families. May Allah SWT guide her to the right path and help her make a wise choice, Ameen.

    • Kala Bhoot

      @Adina. I agree with you. Mahira is a very nice actress and I do not want her to get divorce.

  • coolashez

    mahira jo marzi pehnay… agr uskay husband ko koi aiterraz nahi hai na uski family ko tou it would be better agar har koi apnay kam se kam rakhay…. wo uska masla hai usnay apni jannat kamani hai…. doosro ko chor kay apni jannat kay barey main socho!! Allah ne aur bhi bauaht si chezon ko bura kaha hai…. and humain ek kapray miltay hain discuss karnay kay liye…. let her be herself…. banday ko uski personality se pehchanaty hain kapron se nahi!

  • Usama Khan

    Kash yeh sab Jhoot hoo..Bhot acha couple hai yeh:(

  • shahbaz

    Very talented actress,I hope she chooses her family over her career.

  • shahbaz

    Very talented actress. I hope she chooses her family over her career.

  • QAZI

    hope every thing would be fine ………could be the fake news

    • vj


    • sheema


  • Zoombie

    Oh my God!!!

    after reading all the comments n posts,, am somewhat confused that what was article about n what the people are discussing here…she looked beautiful in the character of Khired,,i am not a fan of Mahira,,don;t like her…but want to say why we all are interested in the make-up n break-up kinda news?? whether she is in a relationship or not how it will effect anyone of us… COULDN'T GET THE POINT…

  • Sensible Critic


    i agree with the people who say that we can't judge whether a person with full cloths is more endeared to Allah or not…

    the main n missing point is that a person with complete clothing may be or may not be close to Allah…

    but a person n especially a girl who exposes herself to the people can NEVER NEVER be closer to Allah…

    i read somewhere "that people say that there is no compulsion or stress in DEEN…so we can do whatever we want to do according to our need n desire…taht's why people opt a mid-way between Abu-jahel and Abu Baker(R.A.) but the actual point is that we have to choice n opt a way between Hazret Abu-Baker(RA) and Hazrat Usman Ghani(RA)…

    this statement tells that a Muslim women has to make a choice whether she has to just cover her head n all the parts or the face too…the choice isn't between covering whole body and exposing some parts allowed to be exposed in the rest of the world like hindus,jews…

    • salma

      "There is no compulsion in religion"…verse 256 of Surah Baqara. It means Allah will not compel us to obey Him. He has given us a free will to obey or disobey. When we do not obey Him..we are automatically disobeying Him. There is no such thing as a "middle path" in deen. There is no such thing as a "moderate muslim" either. In Allahs deen we have no choices to live life our way. There are serious consequenses to that. Also in Surah Ahzab and sura Nur Allah makes it clear that "believing" women should cover their heads, shoulders and bosom. There is no "choice" at all. We do what we please is another story altogether.Mahira Khan is a stunningly beautiful woman…and that is an "azmaish"for her husband and herself. She has been given a free will by Allah swt and she has also been ordered to cover up. She has chosen not to obey Allah. That is because she has probably not even read the Quran. That is the tragedy of us "muslims" . We do not know of our deen.

      • Sensible Critic

        this is what i am saying the Miaana-Ravi(a middle path) is about to opt a path while living in the limits of Islam n while obeying Allah…

  • Zainab

    Bad dressing..idont like

  • Aimen

    GOD!! this a shocking news for me….I mean the couple looked so happy together…I hope everything's fine….ameen.

  • Aimanbilal

    Allah n kry k in ka Shista wala Hal ho Allah in ko Nazr e bud sy bachay.Ameen wish this couple a very very Happy life

  • aliza

    yah tu hona he tha . . mahira ka husband jal nahe raha. . . wo insecure feel kar raha ha. . showbiz walong ko shadi he nahe karni chaheye. . . wo different dofferent logong k sd fir rahe ha tu zaheri si bat ha us ka husband ko insecure(guzsa) karay ga. . .

  • http://google msn

    I dont like her! She;s so proud and specially her attitude is non-serious always overreact……..

    • hehe

      she dznt overreact, she does as directed.she dznt seem proud but innocent,day dreamer,bit fool in this drama,if she had bin proud she wouldnt have done so much for her hubby in this drama,so doing as,as directed:)

      • Zoombie

        what is she doing in this drama for her hubby…

        comeon wake up…

        she loves her husband in the drama cox she is attracted towards him due to his looks…she is been made a girl of today's elite class who just believes in the worldly things…

      • Zoombie

        and one more thing Mr./Miss. MMS is talking about MAHIRA KHAN,, not KHIRED or FALAK…and i believe she is just and undertalented over-rated actress…SORRY

  • http://google msn


  • Ali Askari

    Although i believe commenting on this article is unnecessary, after reading some of your comments i feel somebody has to shut you all up.

    Firstly, this article is completely false. I understand you all thrive on gossip and rumours, but sorry to burst your bubble… it's all a load of bullshit.

    Secondly and more importantly, public figures are human beings. They sacrifice time with their families to put smiles on your faces, they spend hours in studios with no a/c's just so you morons can enjoy an hour of television. Show them some god damn respect. It is not your place to judge someone, based on their looks, based on their decisions in life, and definitely not based on a gossip column with incorrect information. Shame on all of you! You are talking about someone's wife/daughter/mother like she's some pony at a racecourse. Go read the Quran, go learn some manners from your parents, and please go get a life.

    • Sam

      Really nice… Welldone…

    • Just an expat

      Ali, if thats really you, you shouldn't be reading these post. Pakistan is 180 million people. There are bound to be millions of trolls out there. Keep you head up man. It takes a real man to have the security to go through all this. Much respect bro.

    • zaini

      m agreed wid u ….unnecessary article, if u believe this is just rumors than why did u write dat ….. funny!

    • Kala Bhoot

      @Ali Askari

      Good to know that it was just a rumour :) Thanks for clarifying if it is you (her husband)

    • Saba

      Just btw as you said that actors work without acs and wht not to put a smile on our faces i would just like to add that its true but they do it for money and fame..acting karke hum par koi ehsaan nae kar rahe..aur aap kon hotay hain Quran parhne ki advice denay wale agar aap khud kabhi beth kar Quran parhen tou ap mein shayad thori ghairat ajaye ke apki biwi jo ghair mardon ke sath beth kar hansti gaati hai..people like you have NO right to talk about religion so please..baki kisi larki pe tauhmat lagana ghalat baat hai woh apni jagah..and ill repeat that actors dont work to put a smile on our face, they do it for MONEY otherwise shouldnt they do it for free?

      • Kamran

        Well said saba , they all actors are just working for the money , fame and to be superior.I personally met some of them and seriously all are piece of shit and Munafiq Type…

        Nothing special to be an actor Ali Askari , keep this in mind and who u are preaching us that read the Quran?? is u and Ur wife read the Quran , if yes why she is a actor?? if being a muslim tahmat lagana theek nai hai tau kia ye theek hai k what Mahira khan and u are doing?

        I just "respect" and think "he is hero and superier" of those who have TAQWA that islam teaches me thats it

        all knows the fact, all over the world most actors have bad marriage life's and ll say u something about that u said in ur comment that actors "put a smile on our faces" ,common they actors and media bring sorrows in our life. World became full of sorrows just become of dramas(munafiqat , lies , break promises , divorces and so on ) and News.

        Grow up yourself Ali Askari!!!!!!!

    • adeela

      @ali askari,, when somone is a public figure, he or she has 2 face rumours 4 sure… this is absolutly wrong but its a trend u can say… so handle it with peace and calm,, just a happily married coupl with smiles on your faces can prove this rumour wrong… wish u a very happy life.. u r one of the best coupkes indeed.. never ever spoil it due to all these stuff.. its doesn,t even matter a single percent

    • Saima butt

      Where there's smoke there's fire!…

    • me

      I feel sorry for the people who think this person is real Ali Askari…have you learned nothing about the internet yet? I can change my user name to Mahira Khan and suddenly become THE popular star….smh lol

    • Sensible Critic

      and who the hell is here in media who is working to put smile on the face of the public…they all are doing this just to earn the money..many of them (not most of them) are working in this field (acting n modeling) just because they don't know anyother thing which they can do get a quick way to money n fame…

  • kinza

    Allah kre k rumor hi ho………baki apne apne amaal hn .Allah hm sb se ziada janta hn ksi k behan bhai pr tankeed na kro apne ap pr tawaja do…Allah pak sb behter kre (ameen )… wo hmesha behter hi krta hn

  • haya

    koi batae ga k mahera k kitne bche hain?

    • Aimen

      a son. AZLAAN.

    • Zoombie

      Why u are asking??

      are u intended to adapt any of them after divorce of the couple?? 😀 😀

  • Maheen

    LOL at all of you!!!

  • Saima butt

    I mean if u dont want rumors than dont let other men kiss u , also that infront of a camera what did u expect!! ?

  • hehe

    am not getting why we ppl got so much to do with others???????wot for and why?do something the way supposed to be done.just critising,arguing and all……..

  • me

    kIYA matlab? yani Mahira, Khirad ki tarah sidhi saadhi, bholi bhali, wafadaar, taabaydaar nahi hai? woh angelina jolie ki tarah stage par anpni tang nikal kar phirti hia?!?

    • SR

      grow up people!!khirad was a CHARACTER!! it was not mahira herself!!

      • me

        ummm my comment was supposed to SARCASTICALLY point out what you have said in plain words….

  • allia bukhari

    Gosh whats wrong with these pakistani women &TLEAST from her it was definitely not expected.I am not talking about her personal life but to what she is wearing in this pic.pathetic,i mean why do they want to be extra liberal,exposing….for sure if it was in their hands these chicks would transform themselves into a "gori".Sadly they dont fear the death ,the grave & the day of judgement.I agree we are no one to judge them but being a muslim and a nation of a country made in the name of islam this is utter SHAME!!

    • Zoombie


      you should have seen this whole pic… :) :)

      and i would love to read yo comments aftr that…she has her whole leg flaunted in this pic… n then ppl say it can be fake…

    • Sid

      I tottaly agree with you there!

  • me

    IMO that most stars are shallow and their "gear" is stuck in the glitz and glamour of this worldly life, although what I do find interesting that after acting out a POWERFIUL script like Shehr-e-zaat that encourages each and every one of us to be more God conscious, how can it impact your personality so little….If I as a viewer can be so deeply impacted by it, how could Mahria not FEEL Falak's transformation and reflect that in her behaviour? I know Falak is only a character, but don't actors/actresses usually accept a role in a play/movie because the character offered to the actor/actress has inspired them?

    • Oops

      U stole my words…

  • Afzaal

    y dont U all mind ur own bizness? She is one of the finest actresses in a long time….

  • Badshah

    Ali Askarai!!!

    CHup kAR

  • Adidas

    This is only shock for those who did not know her before humsafar,and they though boy she is khirad,grow up,she was always liberal.

  • Mirab

    No dout Mahira is a preeety actress ,bt frstly she is woman.Being a woman she thnk abt hr prsonal life.Career is nt mch imp th an hr fam.She shud be honest n sincere to hr hus n kid.May God guide this coup n they always live happily.Ameen

    • NimrA KhAn

      Yupp Agree for u'r Comment …

  • Limits

    Just watched Mahira khan latest interview . In which she was talking about her family … Kid husband n parents … her life . I told u all its just a rumour . Shes now the brand embassider of awarness for brest cancer . Shes helping soo many people … visiting hospitals n colleges for awarness . Look how good human being she is . M sure Allah almighty would be happy with her . Just learn good things from people =) =) =)

  • Wow

    …It's so sad how one tiny rumor that has no evidence to support itself AT ALL can set fire throughout the whole country. How old are we? DONT believe anything you read on the internet people…common. We give these lessons to little children…not adults. Also: religion is a private matter. No one should point their finger at anyone else and claim that he/she is less Islamic than the next person. That's Allah's job. Get it? Got it? Good.

  • Ahmad

    Assalamoalaykum all. I think Mahira should quit the showbiz immediately if her husband is not easy with it. They have two adorable kids and their own lives of course. If showbiz is the reason behind the glitch….. its a very tiny thing to sacrifice for saving the normal lives of their own and their beautiful kids. May Allah keep everyone away from grieves. I hope Mahira and her husband reads this and rethink……. Aameen

  • blueapple

    aap ki pareshani or maamle pata chale aap jo bhi he mujhe nhi pta lkn mera mashwara ye he aap allah se maddad maange or pabandi namaz pare wish u best of luck

  • Zahir

    Hi ,I just wanna say that I recently saw humsafar which I got from a friend of mine…this drama is amazing with top class acting done by mahira khan (khirat).I really by my heart like her cute smile,if I can get any web link or site which is directly connect to mahira khan I would really appreciate ..

  • aleena

    i hope it is not true cuz she deserves good

  • aleena

    BTW… ke dressing bhi us ka personal matter ha tou jo jo bhi bol raha ha ka ye 'us ki personal life ha but i hate her dressing'SO THESE ALL PEOPLE SHOULD SHUT THEIR MOUTHS!

  • yousaf khan

    khush raho raho hamisha

  • yousaf khan

    ap ne hamsafar ma bohat acha acting keya 20 or 25 dek choka ho ..i like u very much .