Main Gunehgar Nahi Episode 2 in High Quality – 3rd December 2012

Watch Latset Drama ONline Main Gunehgar Nahi Episode 2 in High Quality – 3rd December 2012


  • fary

    bht hi tragedic play hy KHUDA sb larkiun ko is tarhan k hadsat sy mehfoz rakhy ameen

    • Lubnarashid

      ameen or hero sahab ne to 1st episode main hi kehdya tha k main kisi ki use ki hue cheez use nahi karta to Allah hi kher kare ab larki ki

      • Ibrahim

        Haha…Han Par Yeh Mashraa Jeenay Nai Daita, Par Jeenay ka Haq tau ALLAH Daita hai..Isliye it's better to follow Islam and not to follow people.

    • zoha

      asi story dikhani nhi chahiay……..ab kisi k liay b kisi k ghar men ja k us ki izat ka janaza nikalna kitna asan ho ga?????????????

  • Mrs Asim

    its so painful to watch this drama,its a bitter reality of our society,may ALLAH keep us safe. one one side are such incidents and on the other side are girls who are letting themselve being fooled in the name of love, decieving themselve n their parents..that is also a bitter truth.ALLAh hamain aqal day.

    • kiwi

      the exact story has been portrayed in the drama "roag".looks like hum tv is repeating such is so troubling to watch girls in distress and coping for a crime in which they are innocent.i agree with ibrahim bhai hundred percent allah knows whats best for us.

  • Ibrahim

    Pehli baat tau yeh k Dramay ka naam "Main Gunahar Nai" Par uski do galty uski jaan lay gayee..Agar yeh Larki Parda karty hoty, tau Iss say uski bachat ho jaty aur dosra yeh k Apnay Jahez ki baat yun UNI main na karty..

    Aur Rape say ziada unhee ka hota hai Jo Parda Nai Karty..Par ALLAH sab ko Hidayat day aur Pura pura Deen par Chalnay Wala bnayee.

    • maya

      zaruri nai k rape us larki ka ho jo parda na krti to Allah ki taraf sy aazmaish hoti hy.Allah pak sb ki izzaton ko mehfooz rakhay.

      • Ibrahim

        Survey kerlo, Kud hee pta chal jaiye ga k Pardey wali aur Bagair Parday wali main kitno ka Rape hota hai aur Kitno ka Nai..Allah ka Qanoon har Lehaz say humari Tarbiyat karta hai tabhi tau Pardey ka Hukum daita hai k Uski har baat main Hikmat hoti hai… Azamish aur Pareshani main Farq hota hai..Yeh Zaroori nai k Yun bhi Allah Azmaiye Logo ko, Kyun k Amuman Logo k Hatho ki Kamai hee hoti hai jo un ki Pareshani ka Bahis Bun jaty hai..ALLAH AMal ki taufeeq Ata Farmaye..Ameen.

        • Aysha

          Mr. Ibrahim, rape has nothing to do with pardah. It is sick mentality of some men who do that. Let me give you an example and every girl on this forum will agree with me. I was born and raised in Peshawar(in strict pardha and islamic environment), but whenver I went out with my mother for some shopping, i was always always touched inappropriately by some sick minded sexualy deprived men. It had nothing to do with my pardha becuase I would be fully covered. I could not even imagine going out alone becuae my "muslim brothers" will be waiting for me like hungry wolves and will attack me whenever they will get apportunity. Here in west, even I am living among christans, when my 18 years old daughter comes back from college alone (in jeans and tshirt), she does not face the same fear I used to face in Pakistan. Rape does happen hear to becuase mentaly sick people are here too…but there is a huge huge difference. Becuase in last 20 years of my lfie in US I was never touched inappropriately even I was not doing any pardha. So its all the mentality of our men. Try to change men's mentality of pakistan instead of subjugating already abused women of pakistan

          • Samosa

            I agree with you, I was born and raised in America and I never experienced any weird things being done by men here. However, it also matters by the location. You would never let your 18 year old daughter leave the house in the night if you were living in NYC. I go to college, and I come home late as well. When I went to Pakistan last summer after 11 years, it was a huge culture shock for me. I was feeling so uncomfortable by the amount of stares and closeness of the men there. It's sad to see that, since it is ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan. Instead of putting fingers on women, why not change yourselves (men). Educate your sons, nephews, grandsons, etc (alll of the men) of how to treat women. I don't understan why men have to stare. It's like they have NEVER seen women before. Also, the touchiness, it's like they have no sisters, mothers, or grandmas of their own. WAKE UP men of Pakistan. Change yourselves.

          • Samosa

            I also don't understand why if women does pardah, then she will not get raped. Like wth? I wore hijab starting 7th grade, and before that I had never been touched by men. Starting hijab, I have had the same experience, but men will still have dirty minds. Learn some psychology you ignorant men.

          • kashif

            aysha rape does has something with parda.
            United States of America is supposed to be one of the most advanced countries of the world. It also has one of the highest rates of rape of any country in the world. According to an FBI report, in the year 1990, every day on an average 1756 cases of rape were committed in U.S.A alone. Later another report said that on an average everyday 1900 cases of rapes are committed in USA. The year was not mentioned. May be it was 1992 or 1993. May be the Americans got ‘bolder’ in the following years.

            Consider a scenario where the Islamic hijab is followed in America. Whenever a man looks at a woman and any brazen or unashamed thought comes to his mind, he lowers his gaze. Every woman wears the Islamic hijab, that is the whole body is covered except the face and the hands upto the wrist. After this if any man commits rape he is given capital punishment. I ask you, in such a scenario, will the rate of rape in America increase, will it remain the same, or will it decrease?

          • kashif

            Aysha I downvoted you because what happened with you only is not acceptable what is happening with the majority is acceptable. the rate of raped cases in a country like usa where hijab is not worn is greater then that of a islamic country where it is worn.

        • laila

          very good comment ibrahim bhai

        • Jahan

          Aray bhai itnay sakht ilfaaz to mat use karo drama hai msg hai is main wo seekhna chahiye behas nahi hum b jantay hain Parda lazim hai islam main mgr mere bhai ik larki kitni hi modern q na ho wo yeh nahi chahay g k jis ka dil karay wo us k qareeb a jaye har bat main aurat ko kasoor na do islam mardon k liye b hai un ko b amal karna chahiye har bat aurat pay shoro or khatam mat kiya karo kapron main thi wo ab samnay walay ki niyat kharab to aurat bechari ka kiya kasoor

          • maha

            bilkul sahi kaha

          • ain

            um with u jahan

        • Aysha

          Mr Ibrahim, rape has nothing to do with pardah. Its all about sick mentality of sexually deprived men. I was born and raised in srtict islamic environment and pardah (in peshawar), but whenever i would go out for shopping with my mother, I dont recall a single time when i was not unaapriopriately touched by some men (even i was in burka). Now in last 20 years in west, it never happend to me even once (even i am in jeans and tshirt). In pakistan, i could not even imagine to go out alone becuase my "muslim brothers" will be waiting for me to attack like wolves if they get an opportunity. Here in west, when my 18 years old daughter comes back from college alone, she does not face any such fear which I faced as young girl in Pakistan. SO PL. INSTEAD OF BLAMING WOMEN FOR RAPE, EDUCATE YOUR MEN.

          • maha tariq

            i 100% agree with u…its a time to educate men nd i want to say please stop blaming parda for that…gandagi mard ki nazro mai hoti hai agr aurat saat pardo mai bi ajai tb n tb bi mard apne ghalat irady se nai haty ga….pardy ki sense aik alag hai nd zina aik alag cheez hai

          • Noone

            Sabse zayada rape America mein hotay hain…..Dr Zakir Naik ne apne lecture mein yeh baat batai thi……..

          • Aysha

            aap zakir naik kee baat kerti hain us kay ko 99% "facts"jhotay hain. Search youtube with words like "zakir naik exposed" and you will see the videos. Mera 42 years of experience hay (21 east and 21 west) and as i said earlier,being a girl, i lived a life of fear in pakistan. Sometimes i just imagine, what if my 18 years old daughter has to go live in peshawar (among muslims), if she goes out alone,what is going to happen to her? if she goes out for shopping (even with me), how would she feel if men will try to touch her unappropriately? she would be shocked and scared. And all the girls on this forum would agree with me that they are touched unappropriately in public…i dont have any doubt in my mind. EXCEPT if a girl is from a very rich family, and goes for shopping with an armed gaurd with her, no men will even dare to touch her regardless of she is in pardha or not

          • kashif

            wear hijab like pathan nothing is goin to happen with you

          • Haq

            I don't know where you live. But if you live in America just watch criminal minds. Also go and check FBI website put your zip code in and you will see number of sex offenders in your area including child molesters. Also don't forget to watch ESPN where every other week a football player is charged with rape or domestic battery. Check your facts before watching YouTube. Mulla Kim pohuntch masjid tek

          • Khalid

            Theres no competition going on here about wether west has more crime rate or east. Crime is crime big or small, in east or west. So even if their are more sex offenders in west we r no far less behind and being muslims it should be a shame for us to perform even a single sin. And here we are comparing our sins with others.

          • Aleezay

            Not everyone will attain Jannah, to attain it we have to pass a test, that is the test of this world. And to succeed in this test we need to learn from the Quran and Hadiths. Not every man is able to control his sexual desires and not every man will enter the Jannah. It's a tst for him, does he prefer his desire or the message of GOD? and for the women who through this, its a test for them as well, a test to see how strong their belief is in GOD do they remeber GOD in this difficult time or not?. So its no use discussing pardah, or east/west men. At the end its all about you and your faith for GOD will question about you not about what the other person did.

        • maha

          parda karna aur na karna yeh aur baat hai baat tu dil k andar shaitan honay ki hai kai mard tu parday wali aurat ko b aisay ghortay hain jaisay x ray kar rahay hon baat niyat ki hoti hai

          • leemi

            yup absltly rit yar100%

        • kashif

          ibrahim I 100% agree with you mujhe samjh naheen aa raha k aapko reply karne walay padhe likhe honay k bawajood ek normal c bat naheen samjh pa rahay hain. mene aapka comment padha apne yeh naheen kaha k un ladkiyon ka hota hai jo parda naheen karteen balk aapnay yeh kaha k ZIYADA TAR un ladkiyon ka hota hai jo parda naheen karteen. jo k ek haqeeqat hai. jahan tak mera khayal hai donon ko islam par chalna chahiye ladkon ko bhi or ladkiyon ko bhi. ladkiyon ko parda karna chahiye or ladkon ko nigah neechee rakhnee chahie that's all

      • hunnymalik

        merabas chalay tu asay logon pa acid dal dn jo dosaron ki ezat sa khaltay hain bull shit hum or humara mashara sab kharab ho gaya hai………………………

      • kashif

        maya shayad aapne imbrahim k comment par ghor naheen kiya. unhon nay kaha ziyada tar unhin ladkiyon ka hotaa ha jo parda naheen karteen and he is right.

    • Jahan

      Allah ka khauf khao brother hum b behnon walay hain is main parda kahan say a gaya jis k dil shaitan ho us k samnay ba parda aurat b a jaye to wo gunah say baaz nahi ata ALLAH TALLAH har larki ko aise manhoos rat or aise manhoos din say bachaye jab waqat bura a jaye to kuch b nahi kar sakta insan q k hota wohi hai jo Allah nay likh chora hai aise dramas bananay ka maksad yehi hai un ka k hum kissi ko aise saza na dain agar kissi larki k sath kuch aisa waisa ho jaye to q k ALLAH TALLAH bohat hush hota hai jab ap kissi aise aurat ko shamil karo apni life main is main larkiuon ka kiya kasoor kissi b larki ka yeh dil kabhi nahi chahay ga k us k sath kabhi b aisa ho hum ko yeh dikhanay ka matlab yehi hai k hum hamesha aurat ko saza detay hain un ko nahi jo aise gunah kartay hain islam ko sahi say koi nahi janta agar jan jain to aise masoom or mazloom larkiuon k ghar bus jain shadi sirf aise larki say karnay ko nahi kaha jo har lehaz say sahi ho un say b kaha gaya hai jin ko kuch na karnay ki saza dy ja rahi ho NABI SAW ki sunnat to sub poori kartay hain mgr koi kissi talak yafta bewah yah aise larki say shadi nahi karta jab k humaray NABI SAW nay jitni shadiyan ki besahar auraton say ki jo talak yafta yah bewah hoti thi hum mard sunnat poori karnay ki bat kartay hain mgr jab aise kissi larki say shadi ki bat aye to hum kehtay hain k yehi reh gaye thi humaray liye jab k kissi ko hushi dena bohat sawa ki bat hai anyways ALLAH TALLAH har larki ki izat ko mehfoz rakhay mere dil say duwa hai or seekho k jahan maan baap ghalat hon unka sath nahi do wo karo jo islam or ALLAH farmata hai wo nahi jo log or duniya kehti hai

      • ujalla

        u r 100% right.i agree widd u

      • haleem sadia

        bilkuk theek kaha i agree with u

      • leemi

        yes u rit.i ye b sach hai k aj k mard hazrat is tarha andhe ahu gaye han k parde wali girls ko b ni chorte…thats truely 100%

      • assad shaikh

        yes u r rght…

      • saniya

        i agree with u
        parda kahan se le aye bech main . jesi envoirmaent hai or halat itne kharab hain koi b mehfooz nahi hai. Allah sub ko apni hifazat main rakhe ameen sum ameeen

      • Kausar

        aap nay bilkul thee kaha jahan bhai.
        zillat kis ki qismat ban jati hay koi nahi janta. is main aurat to bechari bebas hay. lakin aurat k jo bas main wo to kary yani parda to kary is main kuch to hikmat ho gi na…

        main nay aik waqa suna hay. k aik bar Nabi Akram SAW k pass aik aurat aai aur kehny lagi k main pani lainy k liay raat k time ghar sy niqli to aik aadmi nay mera zubardasti rape kia hy. To Nabi Akram SAW nay farmaya. k ye aurat jannti hay aur wo zabardasti karny wala shakhas Jahannmi hay.
        is main aurat

    • Badtameez

      though i partially agree with you but she got raped at home…. ab ghar mein wo apnay kamray mein thee tou parda karti ….?????

      • sabiha

        you are right among all

      • kashif

        han laikin aapne uski pic to daikhee naa??? ladkiyon ka yeh amal theek naheen hai. jo log khud say parda naheen karteen woh ibrahim jaise k comments ko apne ghalat aqaid or ghalat soch ki waja say ghalat sabit karne ki koshish kartee hain. i 100% agree with ibrahim

    • Ajmal shah

      Nahi mere bhai ye police waly bhi mily howe hai un larko ke saath jo aise karty hai kisi dosro ki betiyon , bihno ke saath police ko chaheye ke unko pakar ke direct goli maar de kyonky achay larky aisa nahi karthy aur bury larko ko koi haq nahi hai hamary muashry me…

    • sitara

      ALLAH hum sb per reham karay….

    • noor

      main nai manti k rape sirf aun ka hota hai jo parda nai karti.

      • kashif

        im downvoted you because ibrahim nay yeh naheen kaha k sirf un ladkiyon ka hota hai jo parda naheen karteen balk unhon nay yeh kaha k ziyada tar un ladkiyon ka hota hai jo parda naheen karteen.

    • zainab

      aap ki bat bilkul thek ha …. ap ko sath mardon ka b kahna chahea tha takay itni confusion na hoti logon ko…. pardah boht zaruri ha…..

    • Muslima

      Parda tu Kerna chiya zaror , but Islam sirf Larkio Kay Liye nahi hai agar humharay mulaq kay marad bhi Islam ko Samjay tu yeh sab naa ho . Agar koi larki Parda nahi Kertti tu marad ko pain nigha neechay rakhnee chiyaa hai , Apni Nafaz ko control karay , jasiay Kay Islam Mai hai…Yahe Kay marad Islam ko Samjay tu shayad sab theek ho jaye …

    • MeMyself

      WOW! kiay baat hai. kia aap is baat ka proof day saktay hain kay Allah us aurat ki hifazat nahin karta jo parda nahin karti?
      youu are saying kay woh apnay ghar main abaya pehn kar bethi hoti tou daaku kehtay "aye baa-parda khatun, hum itnay baa-hiya mard hain kay parda walioun ko kuch nahi kahain gay." what rubbish. rape karnay wala bhi muslaman aadmi tha – uskay bara main aap kiya kahein gay?

      • lily

        Ibrahim bhai jo keh rahe hain kuch hadh tak teek keh rahe hain, shaid apne drama teek say dekha nahin kyunke jab woh larka doosrey larkoun ko us larki ka bata raha tha tu un main se ek ne kaha ke larki kesi hai ab us ka jawab aap dekhya phir raya kaim karna ke pardha hona chahya ke nahin . Pardhay wali aurat ko koi nazar uta ke nahin dekhay ga lekin be pardha aurat ko har koi dekhay ga kyunke woh khud ko dikhana chahti hain isi lye tu mard ki neeyat kharab hoti hai .

  • Ibrahim

    Pehli baat tau yeh k Dramay ka naam "Main Gunahar Nai" Par uski do galty uski jaan lay gayee..Agar yeh Larki Parda karty hoty, tau Iss say uski bachat ho jaty aur dosra yeh k Apnay Jahez ki baat yun UNI main na karty..

    • gsg

      baray he sensitive hen ye sahib to :p

  • fam

    asie log to mujhe zahar lagte hain jo dosron k kahne per chalte hain khd ka dimag nai hota asie idiotoooooooooooooooooo k pas

    • mariyam

      aj kal ye sub bht aaam horha hay ..hamara mulk hi khrb hogaya hay ab yaha kuh bhi hoskta hay ..

  • mumu

    Very sad episode/ hard to watch. Its so sad how people judge others. Allah hum sab to mahfooz rakhe. Our country need to be fix big time. Things are so messy now. We need educated policial and good law system to hang these rapers infront of public to stop this act…..

    • rashid

      i have got a lessen of this episode
      gar ko achi trah locked rakhna chahye kisi b jagah se security leak nahi chorni chahiye
      gar banaty waqt hi dekh lo k chor daku kahan se asakty hai us ko save rakho grill aur darwazo ko aur gair zaroori lock na kholo susti ki wajah se aisa hota hai

  • gsg

    kion hamare dil sakht hu jatey hen…ase hasey ke bad ager sab se qareebi rishtay he sath chor jaien to insan kis qadar toot jata hay…. abhi to ammara ki bhabi ke tanay paren gay!… aik brilliant larki ka future kis terha tabah hu gya hay…so sad.. ammara ke father i think farooq name hay in ka,.. jab bhi in ki acting dekhi haqeeqat se qareeb tareen he dekhi…

    • mrs asim ameen

      allah pak sab ki ezatoon ki hifazat kry……………….ameeeeen

  • sanam shahid

    lant hy hmari police py 2 bat waki kabi kabi orat hi orat ko brbad krti hy ak nurse ko to asi training daty hain is mulk mien toba hyis kisum k case hmary mulk mien hr street mien ho rahy hain oar asi police b hr jaga majood hy

  • White

    i dont understand what people mean by Love n commitment…… its all about just dialogues n worldy promises and onces the situation changes love ends.uhhhh
    now quite obvious what sami khan z gona do though he knows evathing that there wasnt any fault of that girl……….

  • azmat

    parday ko hatyar banay waley apne zehnoon ki galazat ko door karain aur kudh bhi aurat ki izat karain to kabhi aisa na ho

    • Jahan

      Beshuk i agree with u azmat isy liye islam main saghay baap or bhai say b parday ka hukum hai yaani aisa parda jis main fasla ho jahan aik mard or aurat hotay hain un main teesra shaks shaitan hota hai beshuk parda lazim hai mgr mard ko apni nazar ki hifazat karnay ka b hukum hai humaray culture main mard ko bohat ooncha darja day diya hai kab k mard or aurat islam main brabar hain apni ankh say gandagy nikal k bahir phaink do to samnay khari larki jaise b ho dil main kabhi gandi soch nahi aye g gandi soch tab ati hai jab ap khud ganday zehan k malik hotay ho

  • M Shahzad

    Piyar karna bohat ahsan hai lakin nibhna bohat mushkal

    • Jahan

      Hmmmmmmm sahi kaha kissi ko kehna k tum mere sub kuch ho or phir agar us sub kuch k sath kuch ho jaye to us bat ko nibhana k tum mere sub kuch ho bohat mushkil hai mgr na mumkin nahi i think jis say piyar ho insan yeh nahi daikhta k us k sath kuch ho chuka hai yah nahi piyar kissi k dil say shakal say baton say kissi k akhlaq say kissi k achay honay say kiya jata hai piyar jism say to nahi kiya jata or jab koi yeh soch lay k nahi usko koi use kar chuka hai to piyar nahi hawas hoi k bus ik chahiye us k siwa kuch b nahi lannat hai aise mardon pay

  • Lubnarashid

    aamie g ne kehdya k ammara se koi rishta na rakho to woh feedar peeeney walay betay sahab maan b gye (zehar insaaan)

    • s.hashmi


    • fansari

      Really non sense of zeeshan :S

  • Mian Shahzad Tufail

    Allah na kary aisa waqt kisi par aya Allah Sab ke Ezat ko apni hifzat mai rekhy

    • s.hashmi


  • madiha


  • mrs imran

    may aap ki baat say ittefaaq karti hoo ibrahim magar allah hum sab ki hifazat farmayee ameen

  • Al huda

    Parday ka hukam to Khud Allah nay Quran may diya hay or Jo aurtain parda nhe krti to phr esi orton ko Dekh kr easy zleel mardood mardo may khuwahishay nafs jagti hay jis trha dramay may lrko ko ummara ki tasveer dekhtay huway dikhaya k wo aye kis kaam se the or kr kiya gAye…. Allah hmaray ma'ashray ki sb orto or mardo ko hidayat dAy(Ameen)
    Q k is trha k sb fasadaat sirf Mard ki wja se nhe hotAy blkay is may orat ka b braber ka hath hay… X

  • Jahan

    Allah na karay k kabhi yeh manhoos din or waqat kissi b larki ki zindagy main aye or un logon ko derd nak azab ho jo kissi k behan beti k sath aisa kartay hain kissi larki ko dil main soch k bura khayal lanay say pehlay sochna chahiye k khud b behan walay hain aisa har time dil main ho sub k to koi kissi ki beti behan k sath aisa salook na karay mgr jahan buray log hain wahan achay b hain or INSAF KARNAY WALI ZAAT SIRF ALLAH KI HAI us k siwa sahi insaaf koi nahi kar sakta humaray logon ki buri bat k kuch b ho kasoor or saza larki ko or kissi ka parda nahi rakhtay besharam ho k kissay sunatay jain jab k yeh buri bat hai aj duniya main kissi ka parda rakho shayad koi gunah humara aisa ho jis pay ALLAH TALLAH ki zaat parda rakh day or humain hashar k din sharmindagy na hon bus apnay or ALLAH k darmiyan rahay wo bat

  • Al huda

    Parday ka hukam to Khud Allah nay Quran may diya hay or Jo aurtain parda nhe krti to phr esi orton ko Dekh kr easy zleel mardood mardo may khuwahishay nafs jagti hay jis trha dramay may lrko ko ummara ki tasveer dekhtay huway dikhaya k wo aye kis kaam se the or kr kiya gAye…. Allah hmaray ma'ashray ki sb orto or mardo ko hidayat dAy(Ameen)

    • ashoo

      i agree with u, UNI waly larky ke dimagh me ummara ko dekh kr pehly se futoor aagaya tha jbhi usny apny saathiyo ko laalach de kr chori krny pr amada kiya tha

    • ashoo

      i agree with u , nigaho ka parda to mard or orat dono k liye hy pr niqaab sirf orat ke liye bana hy, mard to shot dress pehn kr bhi bahr ja sakty hy lekin jo orat zeenat kr ke ger mard ke samny bhi jaati hu uspr ALLAH or usky RASOOL S.A.W.W ki lanat hy, q ke orat ka ek galat qadam mard ko gunah pr amada krta hy , or mard ko ALLAH PAAK ne bardaasht krny ka zarf orat ke zarf se kam ata farmaya hy isiliye mard k liye orat ki zeenat ke baad apny nafs ko qaaboo krna boht mushkil hojata hy,

  • gsg

    yahan parday or beparda hune pa behas hay,… jab ke dono surtoon me akser asa hu jata hay yahan mard ki ghalazat or frustration dikhai gaye hay…use bhi nigah neche rekhne ka hukm hay…

  • affy

    Larkay k fam aur khud wo asay behave q karte hai yeh to normal si
    Baat hai Allah pak hum sab larkiyo k izzat ko qaim rakhay Ameen.
    Parda q karte wo yeh to ajeeb he baat hai asay waqt kisi pe b aa sakta hai
    Allah hifazat Kare humari Ameen

    • MRS arif


  • Shey

    I am just so surprised at some of the comments here… No pardah so this happened , what kind of mentality is this! those of you who have written such comments plus those who agreed with them are the kind of people who actually do such things ,they justify there actions based on jahalaat , lanaat on such people !! befoe pointing fingers and blame on others try and correct your own selves .. this can happen to anyone pardah or no pardah and when it happens to a pardhay wali who are you going to blame then??

    • MRS arif

      I M agree

    • manu

      i agree wth u pardah karny wali larkion k bhi rape hhoty hain…evn ppl rape 2-3 yr old girls unka kia??

    • maha

      yes u r rt dil mein burai ho tu kuch b ho ga dil saaf hona chahye niyat theek ho

    • zainab

      to is ka matlab har giz nae k pardah karna chor dea jay….. bayshak mard aisa kartay han…. but aurton ko to apni side say thek rahna chahea….

    • Aysha

      I agree shey, lanat hay un loguon per jo apni gandi nazruon aur ganday iraaduon ka ilzaam bhee aurat per lagatay hain. In others words, these peope are saying kay ager pardah na kia to hum rape karain gay. Halankay rape burkay walyuon ka ziada hota hay kyuonkay mostly wo ghareeb hoti hain aur un kee family powerful naheen hoti. Ager to kisi ameer jageerdar ya wadairay kee baiti hay, to koi us per haath naheen daalay ga kyuon kay un ko apni jaan ka khatra ho ga…aur ager kisi ghareeb kee baiti hay to wo kisi bhee tara mehfooz naheen, chahay pardah main ho ya na ho.

  • manu

    humare han k log hi zalil hain aisi qayammat jis p totay sab usi ko gunahgar banatay hain…log itny kharab hain k 2-3 saal ki bachion tak nahi chorthay.humari police ki asliyat dekhai hai iss main ye police na ho tu adhi takleef khatam ho awam ki..aur begairat nurse ko dekho …hawas k maray log tu murdoon ko nahi chorty so ye kehna k larki baparda nahi thi iss liye ye hua 100% galat hai..aur aise mard jo apnay faislay khud na kar sakain shadeed nafrat k laiq hain…

  • Zulley

    Good Drama .half of Pakistan is sleeping around yet a raped person is victimized !no one wants to marry her!
    Torture for the victim her fiancé should be man enough to stand by he is a week man!

    • Zulley

      Sorry that was a typo I meant weak man

    • Aysha

      excellent response Zulley

  • annie

    criticism sy behter hy k yeh dua kro k ALLAH bury waqt sy bachaiy

    • maha

      u r rt ALLAH sab ko mehfoz rakhay AMEEN

  • faiza

    Allah kabhi kisi bhi larki ko is azmaih ma na dale….yah drama waqai reality show karta hai humare mashre ki bora waqet ma koi kisi na sath nahi data caha woh jitna bhi pyar q na karta ho aus sa…maa baap ko larkiya bori nahi lagti lakin un ki izzat sa sub darte hai

  • assad shaikh drama… is episode m 2 baten batai gai hain.. aik to rat be khayalon ki tara mat soya kro and 2ndly is that akhbar walon ya media ko itni bt mat batani chiye ku k aj ki media bht tez hai,,,, agr ye news akhbar aur t.v m nai ati ksi ko pata tk nai chalta … phr larki k aur b rshty ajaty.. it s v. bad be aware from todays media..

  • Noone

    Islam says Pardah for both men and women…..No argument can rule out that Allah has asked for Pardah for both genders regardless if you are touched or untouched Pardah is must….That's all….JZK…….

  • Asfa Mudassir

    sick of same tragedy topics, showing detoriation of moral values in our society

  • Nazia

    very depressing Drama :-S

  • zainab

    yahn to aurton aur mardon dono ka educate hona boht zaruri ha…………

  • zainab

    yahan to sara system hi kharab ha…. akhar ko police nay kya kar lea……

  • Hinna

    If you are muslim, then you should know that if you do parda, it protects you from such things as rape. Even Allah has mentioned this to us. Yes, a woman can still be raped if she does parda but the chances are less. Parda is supposed to protect a person from Shaitaan and evil tings.

    • Ibrahim

      Exactly! Thats What i said in my Comment Hina. Thanks for Supporting.

    • ain

      u r living in a fool's world, larki ko parda krna chahye laikin jb wo bahir niklay, to u think girls should b in pardha at their homes even when they are not expecting any NA MEHRAM around them, i think this is rubbish. yahan bat pardhay ki nhi hy aisa hadisa kisi k sath b ho skta hy ksi ba pardha muallama k sath b q k ghar mein ghusne wale aurat dekhte hyn us k pardhay ko nhi, IBRAHIM n his supporters are extremists who just can talk about islam but practically they are like good for nothing. islam is a moderate religion it does not support such extremism

  • Sami

    Yes I agree with (jahan)

  • abeel

    ur all right but hamrey channales ko is kisam ka dramas nahi dekhane chiyea bcoz hamra moashra is se sahi sabqani nahi sekhta balke jo is mea dekhate hein wahi seekhte or phir karte hein or secondly like these dramas hum apne famliy like brother and father ka saath nahi dekh sakhte so y our channal make like these kind of dramas we are muslims and as a muslims sharm o haya hamre parient and o brother ka samne hamesha qaim rehna cheiya agar sharm o haya hi baqi nahi rahe o muslimat kis baat ki so i m no infavour like these dramas ye drama baand hona chiyea

  • Aysha

    By watching this drama, i am just comparing a raped woman in east and west (lived 21 years in both). Here a raped girl get extra sympahty, love and care so she could forget about what happend. No man will not have any problem marrying a raped girl and will not affect his love for the girl IF HE TRULY LOVES HER. A husband or fiance will give extra love, care, time to her and will try to make her happy becuase she is considered a victim. But its not the case in east.
    Let me ask all men here a question, lets say somebody brought a harm to your loved one (your child, sibling, parent), are you going to stop loving your loved one becuase of that harm a criminal brought to them? or are you going to try to bring them out of that bad memory? if you will try to make them happy, then why its different for a woman? is she not a human being or your love for her is not true enough?

    • kashif

      if a pure girl is rapped who is pious loving Allah I will love to love her.

  • saba

    lanat ho aese larko pe jo ksi masoom larki ki izat khrab kre.mera bas chale to goli mardo…besharam…

    • E.F

      n if everybody saw the drama carefully she was in her room when all this happened. she was not supposed to do perda in her own room so us ka is scenario mein kya kasoor tha. fazool mein blame kerna hamari qoum ki aadat hai.

  • shazi

    ya Allah im horrified reading the comments about the drama It reflects the trend in real life too. When ever anything bad happens to women we try to blame it on them that it happened coz it ws there fault and no body raise voice against perpetrators. It seems men are there in society moving as beasts and they have every right to rape a women not covering their heads. They cant control themselves so women sud hide and save themseleves coz if something bad happens to them then its only dem to be blamed. very sad but true.

    • shazi

      what men would do with non muslims girls :) they are not bound to do pardhan So go boys RAPE them :@

  • mojojojo

    v depressing drama tooba sir main dard hone lag gaya hae

  • faree

    Allah sab ki betyon k izat ki hifazat kery aamen

  • hina

    ooooooooooooo aamara ki bhabi ka asi naam kya hai?????????????koi btaye ga g………………………………..

  • hina

    asli naam?????????????

  • sana

    dua hy k allah asy logo ko hadayat dy jo kisie kie life ko asy tabah kr daty hy bakie logh sirf us taklief ka andazah laga skty hy jo un phr bety

  • kashif

    United States of America is supposed to be one of the most advanced countries of the world. It also has one of the highest rates of rape of any country in the world. According to an FBI report, in the year 1990, every day on an average 1756 cases of rape were committed in U.S.A alone. Later another report said that on an average everyday 1900 cases of rapes are committed in USA. The year was not mentioned. May be it was 1992 or 1993. May be the Americans got ‘bolder’ in the following years.

    Consider a scenario where the Islamic hijab is followed in America. Whenever a man looks at a woman and any brazen or unashamed thought comes to his mind, he lowers his gaze. Every woman wears the Islamic hijab, that is the whole body is covered except the face and the hands upto the wrist. After this if any man commits rape he is given capital punishment. I ask you, in such a scenario, will the rate of rape in America increase, will it remain the same, or will it decrease?

  • nabiha malik

    ammara ki shaadi ab kiss se ho gi?

  • ali hashmi

    bht say logo nay kaha purda nai karti es lye aisa hota h aisy murd pardy wali orto ko bhi nai chorty uski larki ki itni mistk h k usy uni main nai khna chaye tha bajye lrki ko ghlt khny k apny es ghleez mashry ko thk krna chaye

  • lily

    Hamare NABI SAW ne farmaya ha kai agar aurat ghar se bahir nilkey tu ba pardha aur mehram ke saath nikley kyunke woh achi tarah se jantey te ke baghair pardha aur mehram ke aurat fitna aur fasad kara kar deti he aur shaid aap logon ne yeh nai sunna ke jo mard kisi ki behn beti par buri nazar daley us ke saath kuch bura karey tu us ki apni behn betyon ke saath bhi wohi hota he agar is baat pe kisi ko koi shaque hai tu woh apne mufi ya allam se pooch lein,

    • FAROOQ


  • hina

    oh please for God's sake, stop the whole parda debate.
    Whether a female is covered head to toe, or she is naked, NO ONE has the right to rape her.
    End of story.

    • Hamza

      But she must protect herself miss hina by covering from head to toe as mention in islam. Thats all

  • 1234

    ap sob sahi khey rahey ho but yah tu dekhooo na maybe kese ko yah nahi pata k kese k thorey sey time k enjoyment k leyey kese ki life tabha kar di but yah sirf larki ki life nahi pori family tabha ho jati hai or tabha karney waley hum sob hotey hai hum duniya waley .jab hum aik news sontey hia kese larki ki rape ki tu wo just hamarey leyey news hoti hai but jes ki news hoti hai uss ki life yaha sey choroo ho jati hai or wo bhi tamashey wali :-(

  • 1234

    or 2nd thing is main parda kaha sey agay you are right parda karna cheey bikool karna chaeey but ap mujhy yah bataoo k parda karney wali or parda na karney wali sob apney gharoo main asey hee rehtey hai in logo ney ghar main ghoos kar asey kam kiiya asey tu nahi k larki bey-parda ja rahi thi usey dekha kidnap kiya ho pher fazool kam kiya areeey bhai jab hamrey mard orat ki ezat nahi karey gey na tu kiya pardey wali kiya bey-parda orat un k leyey sob barabar hai bat sirf etni see hai k apni mother ,sister,wife,beti k elawa bhi ap dosri orat ko ezat ki nazar sey dekhoo unhey ezat do just yah ap k 4 reshtey hai ezat k qabil nahi sari ortey hai chaeey wo kesee bhi ho un ka amal un k sath ap k amal ap k sath har cheez orat per dal kar aplog free nahi ho saktey. sahi bat hai hamrey mazahab main parda zarori hai sob ko karna chaeyey . mujhy koi bateey ga k agar koi ba-parda larki hoti uss k ghar main choor ajatey ho un ka erada galth hota larki ki leyey tu kiya wo usey choor detey just uss k pardey ki waja sey ????

  • Shaz

    These kind of serials are an eye opener for what is happening within our society. I would rather watch topics likes this than trashy shows like Humsafar because at least this is an attempt to educate the audience.
    And to those who have commented that this is the result of not doing parda- then SHAME on you! Blaming the victim is disguisting. Dirty men that do such terrible crimes are the ones that should be brought to justice. No man has the right to abuse a woman. Period. I am ashamed of such narrow minded and cheap comments posted here!

  • angel

    mere sath aisa ho chuka hai :(
    mujh se poochu k kya dard hai aur kya taklif hti hai is hadsay k bad.. pal pal marti hun main ..

    • Sahil

      o listen himat karin kuch nahe ho ga. Aur please ap khush rahin

    • sabah

      what ???

    • sabah

      Oh my God yar Allah apko himmat de :(

  • maham

    yeh drama dhek kr rona ajata hai yr ku howa us larki ke sth asa

  • sabah

    Makes me cry :'( uff

  • Mariam

    Ya Allah ! ye kaisay log hotay hain ???
    hamari police ko to sahee dikhaya hai bilkul , kuch nahin karti .. baray logon ki aulaad aise hi hoti hai unhain apni bhe betiyon ki fikar nahn hoti …

  • nadeemmalik

    nice darama

  • maria

    so nice

    • maria

      mujh se b koi pyr kry me gunehgar nai hon

      • shan

        i love u maria m karunga tm s pyar

        • PATHAN

          lol tharkiness of its peak 😀

    • maria

      so cute

  • asif mahar


  • Guest

    khud garzi ki zinda missal hi ye drama

  • Eman

    story bht zbrdst hai lekin direction fozool bakwaaas sab ki actiong b bakwaaassss

  • aftabquraishi

    ssssssooooooooooooooooo nice but the end was not good