Manahil aur Khalil Episode 2 in High Quality – 18th December 2012

Watch Latest Turkish Drama in Urdu Manahil aur Khalil Episode 2 in High Quality – 18th December 2012

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  • uneza

    PLZ..ADMIN…DNT POST THIS DRAMA HERE, u have written up that "we love pakistani dramas", then what is the purpose of this?

    • imran

      admin !! don;t think commerical way plz stop uploading this turkish dramas on ur site !!

      • nadia

        u are right we are with u

      • anum shahid

        i likeeeeeeeee these dramas so mucccccccchhhhh.

    • zain

      when british music and movies invaded in usa, the period was called "british invasion". USA didnt banned anyone or anything. Rather there musicians and actors saw it an opportunity to learn what american audience want. They learnt from foreign content and developed themselves, but here our television personal are protesting against these soaps.
      This shows that pakistani tv artists are incompetent, afraid of competing. And if you are good enough, why dont you provide a quality material and content, and win back your local audience.

      • nadia

        they are not afraid even from indien then how iz it turkey but at least these programz not telecast at prime time cz that time iz only for pakistani dramas..u shud luk to india where any pakistani channel is not allowed…………….so be pakistani and promote our own drama industry

        • zain

          Thats fine, they are not afraid of indians cauz they copy indian dramas and movies. If they are not afraid of these turkish dramas, than how come all this uproar and protest against these turkish drmas. Yesterday, i was watching many tv artists were protesting at press club to ban these turkish dramas.
          As far as your argument is concerned, about india doesnt allow any pakistani stuff to be aired in india, well i guess we've done the same thing, pemra has already banned indian channels i dont see them anymore on cables. And if we are that loyal why dont we stop promoting indian movies, and stop showing them at cinemas.

  • Uneza_j

    PLZ..ADMIN…DNT POST THIS DRAMA HERE, u have written up that "we love pakistani dramas", then what is the purpose of this?

    • sana

      Turkish Dramas Are the BEst

      • anas

        be,hayaee aue muqadass rishton ke toheen ke jati ha in foriegn dramon ma,,

  • brit

    nice drama

    • sana

      Yeah very nice…

  • batool

    kia turkey m heroes ki kami hai jo ye smart boy har dramy m nazar araha hai??..

    • aish

      great story based on love,,,,,,,,,,i like it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i like manahil too much turkesh ppl r truly beautiful

    • salena gomez

      stupid shut up u bloory basker stupid he is great & manahil too okkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!:(

  • sana

    Thanks alot Admin loving ur dramas… stop pakistani dramas…play all dubbed and nice nice ones…

    • Khadija Naqvi

      tumhari tabiyat to theek hai?

      • naveed

        iski tabiyat theek hai dimag nahi

        • sana

          You ppl are such biased … U're own dramas are crap and spreading shit in the world. Turkish dramas are nice and good story lines.. Just watch ur Qadoosi ki bewa, mohabbat bhar main jaye, kitni girhain baki hain, madiha aur maliha… and see what message they are giving to our kids.. Spreading shameless ethics to kids… Please stop making dramas in Pakistan. Actors are getting frustrated…

  • sana

    please send me links of ishq -e – memnu

    • khawar

      google pe ja k jo b ishq e mamnu likh do sab link ajainge…

      • 123message

        I need it from the 1st episode.

    • khan

      i love you 03062967767

  • imran

    upload talkhian episode 1 one express ent & teri raah main rul gai way on urdu1 &another good paki dramas on turkish

  • bushra

    turkey bhi tu Muslim Country hai yeh itnay achaay kyon hain inn kay pass kya Molvi nahi hotay Wah bhi wah

  • Lubnarashid

    PLZ Admit we are higly requesting do not promote and upload these crap dramas ,we have to support our drama industry

  • sadaf

    I just want to ask the administration of this website that if you are against these dramas and posting some many contents against them then why? you are posting this drama on your website. what a diplomacy is this, so strange. like I just hate this act from channels and I am not watching these and i simply don't want to watch them. Thanks God I never watch indian drama in my life. I am a great fan of Pakistani dramas. come on yar life is more than that typical saas bahou ki larhi.

    • sana

      then go fight with ur own Saas… We want turkish dramas… Admin u can't stop them.. Many ppl like these dramas. What the hell ppl who live in LOndon dont have these channels and we want this website to play all these turkish dramas for us.

      • sadaf

        I don't know what ur age is? but please think first before writing or saying something, Everything is not a joke. My saas is not alive. typical stupid women life is really more than doing stupid joke and doing stupid fights.

        • 123message

          Oh I see.. But please u also see what u're writing
          we dont want pakistani dramas..

  • CFF

    i love it

  • liz


  • mina

    we donnt like turkish dramas please stop post on this page



  • Ayesha

    awsome drama and outstanding acting of Kivanc Tatlitug… simply loved it!
    my reply to those people who are telling to stop turkish content, where are they when stupid indian dramas are being on aired!!?? why ppl are being so against turkish dramas, where as indian dramas and their crap movies are promoted so highly here!
    huh! damn indian lovers! :/

  • Ali

    Please do realize and understand your own culture don't act like copy cat…first Indian media and now Turkish… I don't know why we always learn the bad side of developed or developing countries..Although Turkey is a Muslim country but there is a hell of difference of Culture… Alcohol and having boy/girl friend is not considered as bad (haram). I also know that we are not Muslim in real sense as we should be..but at-least we can try to be a good Muslim

    Agr Zindo main to app apni Dunyia payda kar….

    Please please save your self and next generation… This is the start and slowly they will increase the vulgarity level…
    Its a very generous request to all Pakistani bros/sisters.

  • Elena

    Awww I like this dramaa sooo much :)

  • hina

    plz dont post turkey or any other country plays on this ite

  • kashhaf

    geo pe jo indian dramay arahe hain un ko bhi upload karein please takay hamaray drama ko tabah hone se koi na bacha sakay. sirf or sirf afsos hai ham pe. 2 saal baad isi site pe article aey ga ke "where r our own dramas".

  • Ch Tahir

    I like turkey darama manil aur khalil.ple indian darma ko close karo pr bd me in ka sochna.indian ko support karty ho sharam ne aty

  • crystal

    please is website pe kisi aur k dramaz mat upload kare

  • haMAD

    PLZ keep it up

  • Kamran

    im in support for turkish drama as compared to pakistani, which are dubbed for pakistan. thanks admin!

  • sana

    Why Admin u're not putting our comments?

  • Tahira

    voting kon kerta hai aur kaise?

  • B.shah

    fuzool drama

  • maha

    bekaaaaaaaar tareen serial. apka dimag khrab hai jo upload krdya aur express ka tu hai hi.

  • Ayesha

    jin logon ko itni taqleef ho rahi hai in dramo se, to plz ap log mat dekhein, nobody is forcing u to watch it…!!! but let us watch, you ppl keep on appreciating indian content!! carry on!

  • Hadi

    well everyone if you have any problem with turkish dramas so stop wining like kids and make a good drama. all pakistani dramas are only based on the fights of mother in law etc. go ahead and make a drama which has a good story line. counter these dramas by making a good drama. act like grown ups!

    • Maya shaikh.

      Apny blkl thk kha yara….:)

  • Maya shaikh.

    I dnt thnk so k hme bevja is drama ko bura khna chahiye cz Turkish dramaz achy wo dkhaty hen wo unka cltur hy..
    Or sbsy bari bat unki sucs ki ye hy ajkal Pak me k sb unka hr drama dekh rhy hen…critsz krty hen bt dejhna b nhi chorty…rdcls…:D

    • Maya shaikh.

      1 bat ye smj nhi ati Pak actorz k rony q khtm nhi hoty…
      Jsy hi Ishqe mamnu k bad mazid Turkish dramaz k trlrz any lgy foran morning shwz waly strt hogaye rona…huh!
      Jb inki ghyrat kahan mar jati hy jb ye Paki dramaz me khul k bkwas dikhaty hen dialogz b itny ghtya hoty hen..ya us wqt ghyrat q nhi jagti jb hmary hr chnl py Indian cltur ko dikhaya jarha hota hy jb dykho or js chnl sy dykho wo dirty enemy idianz k shwz…hmary music chnlz py jst unka music dikhaya jata hy..indian ka koi mar jaye ya kisi ki brthdy ho hmary nws u dikhai jati hy jsy bht ibadat bhara kam hy…huh dbl facz pplz…
      Insan phly khud ko dekhy us k bad kisi py ungli uthaye…
      # agr Turkish dramaz dikhaye jarhy hen to qayamat arhi hy or jbsy ptv k bad ye sb chnlz khuly hen tbsy indian shws, dramaz chly jarhy hen uspy kbi bycot nhi hua…

  • Fazal Hayat

    It is such a short sightedness on the part of the self styled critics. We should not be the part of the team which feels threatened by the barage of the turkish dramas. rather we should gather our resources and meet the challenge. Do recall the "Jaal Agitation' of 1952; it never prove an encouragement to our film industry. Let these dramas be a source of positive comparison and let us perk our productions. Let the viewing public decide who is the top raking show. No need to get upset and let us not blow all of this out of proportion. Time will tell.

  • amna

    i dont get what is the issue if pakisyani pple like watching these turkish dramas…nobody complained when indian dramas were aired in pak…when slowly they penetrated our youths minds…nobody claaimed when evry woman in the country was hooked to them…people went crazy when the government decided to ban them…nd so…the cable operators stil show all those indian dramas on dvd channels…certain channels show indian dramas just fpr the sake of the pple addicted to them….why doesnt anybdy protest to that? why didnt our tv artists protist that indian industry would take over our drama industry…instead most dramas made in pakistan were directed in the same pattern as many indian dramas….
    ou drama industry is just scaredof the stardom of the turkish dramas…the sudden fame they got…that scared them…nd they're so incompetent that they would rather protest than work to make better dramas….and any bdy who supports the banning of these dramas in pak…well think again….

  • Sehar

    Turkish people are one of the most beautiful Muslim people inside out. They are so much like us Pakistanis and I think I would rather watch these dramas than Indian movies. We can just learn some stuff from them. Turkish people love Pakistanis and I think its wise to add their dramas to our industry as it will give us an opportunity to go beyond our borders. If we show theirs they will also show ours and they are our Muslim brothers!

    • Paki drama

      No doubt Turkey is amazing country and loving people but that doesn't mean we have to follow their living style and wacth their dramas, same goes to indian dramas which I don't like either. do they wacth ours.most of our actors are already good they don't need to learn from anyone, and the one with less experience can learn from experienced Pakistani actor not some Turkish actors. That's very ashamed of u that u are promoting their dubbing old dramas and say that our actors need to learned from them.They are white that's why u love them so much how dare u.

      • Paki drama

        Most of this turkish drama is westernized. Women are wearing less cloth, this is what u want ours actors to learn from.

    • shehroze rapper

      i agree with you……….

  • umar farooq

    girls hoti he bywafa h

    • shehroze rapper

      oye wo bewafah nai us larkay k liya apna ghar chor rahi hay

  • shiza

    intahai ghlt culture ko promote krny ke koshish ke jarhe hai. musalman he islam ko bdnaam krny pr lg gay hain. vshrm ka muqam hai musalmano k liye

    • shehroze rapper

      yeh story hai aur kn say musalman ki baat karti hooo jooo ic mulak ko bant rahay hain gas band bijli band aur fone servece band……………….

    • aaa


  • shiza

    in dramo my musalmano ko intahai kmzor dikhaya jata hai.. 1 aurat k khatir sb kch chor dainy walay

    • shehroze rapper

      oye musalmano kya hum se achay wo musalmaan hain jooo turki mai rehtay hain aur us larkay kaaa koi nai uss drama mai is liya aur minahil heee sirf uski hai story ko ghooor c dakho…….

  • barbie

    nice drama i love it <3 <3

  • http://none shehroze rapper

    turkish dramaz are owesome and pakistanis are tooooooo u all are mad ap log yeh dakhtay hooooo k drama kahan ka hay story ko koi nai dakh taaaa…… all stupidzzz n silly aur yeeeh khan pagal jahil saaa i love u aur apna number likhta hay tou jahil ko yeh nai pata k dramas k baray main discuess hooo rahe hy koi lovers point nai yeh haal ha pakistanio kaaaa . . . . . . . stupids

  • shumaila naz

    i love khalil and manhil character and drama also

  • jimmi jaan


  • jimmi jaan


  • Sajid Langove


  • Angel Rameesha

    best drama in the world.there can be no best drama ever except minahil aur Khalil.My favourite drama serial

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