Manahil aur Khalil Episode 9 in High Quality – 25th December 2012

Watch Latest Turkish Drama on Express Ent Manahil aur Khalil Episode 9 in High Quality – 25th December 2012.

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  • hbhbx

    bakwaas drama, Pakistani dramas are much better. I don't like it at all. Koi muslim tor tarika hi nahi hai is dramay main.

    • tani

      psund krny walo ko ye love story he psund arhi ha.bukwaas darama

  • Dim


  • Asad

    Kia purana bakwaas drama. I told my Turkish friend and he said "u guys are really living in old times" and that he saw this drama 6 years ago.

    • noor

      ohhh :(

    • hira

      aap indian drame to purane dekhte ho bakwaas to woh hain .turkish nahin old is gold

  • ati

    i jus luv this drama, admin keep posting all its cuming episode..:)

  • ammara

    admin ye link open ne hu ry plz upload any gud quality video link..

  • ati

    bad video links i cant watch it :(

  • Pak

    Just wait and see that if u guys keep supporting these dramas, very soon they will be taking our dramas industry place. Because these freaking old dramas cost much less to these channels. I didn't believe it until I heard from our best actors. They are all against this too.

    • Pak

      And if you don't believe me ask yourself that why they are not showing Turkey's current dramas. They cant afford their current dramas, that's why.

      • Pak

        And I didn't watch thisdrama at all. I just want to support our dramas that's why I am here only to comment.

        • tani

          very well said pak i totally agree with you

        • faltu behta hai pak

          nobody asked u wht the hell why coming again and again after being insulted

          • khushi

            hahaha i cant stop laughing after seening ur name..i tottly agreed..

          • pak ka dost

            its look like u have too much time to comment. hum sub kabhi na kabhi faltoo bhette hain. After working long working hours we can find time to comment. So shut up. I 100% agreed with Pak.

      • to dheela hai

        because current episode can be seen if you have this much problem so go tell the drama producers dont tell us wht to do

    • ati

      u guys wud luv to watch indian dramas films n songs bt shwing ur hatrd toward turksh dramas n r afraid frm them tich tich..v sad

      • Pak

        I have no hate against Turkish dramas I just don't want them to take our dramas place. I am a actor too. I don't even like Indian dramas either. And most patriotic Pakistani don't like Indian dramas to shown in our channel. Its not up to us to show these dramas in these channels anyway.

        • Pak

          If u like their dramas so much , go to their website and watch them with eng subtitles they are old dramas and u can find them easily.

          • Pak

            And I love Turkey I don't hate them at all. I am only hear to comment I didn't even watch this drama. I just don't want them to take our dramas place. That's it and u will be against these dramas too when u will start missing our dramas in near future.

          • saleena jalbani

            hye dude first of all tum yeah harkat pehley bhi kar chuke ho phir se kyaa so u better see pehley bhi bolla tha nahi acha lagta to mat dekho but please irratate karnaa band karo so u r fazool

          • sachi

            hey i know u r not saleena jalbani so keep your real name onthe coments

          • asif

            u look like a detective. pata bhi laga lia. haha. by the way Pak is not insulting anybody. U are insulting him and Pak is right. You can write comments in favor of this drama no worries but I am against it.

      • abc

        atleast indian dramas are full dressed,and also you stupid people see those dramas

        • XYZ

          if you like india so much then why you living in pak go india idiot

        • maha

          well dressed honay se wo jo words boltay hain wo theek ho jata hai? pakistan k channels even hum, geo aur ary pe indian dramas aur shows lagtay hain tab protest kahan jata hai? chotay bachay unki language bol rahay hotay hain tab tu protest nai hota. mai ne kabhi indian drama nai daikha even movies b very rare but yeh drama daikh rahi hon baqi jahan tu paki dramas ki baat hai wo tu best hain

          • aksak

            jo log bhi is drama ke against hain who definetly indian drama ke bhi against hain humarey channel par dikhane ke. Aur tum log yeh kion samajhte ho ke hum turkey drama ke khilaf hain. Hum un ke apne tv par dikhane ke khilaf hain un drama ke nahi. I like this drama lekin main nahi chati ke un ko humaray tv par dhikaya jaye.

        • Maha

          ABC g kia ap english movies b nai dkhty?????

          • hira

            konsa indian drama full dressed hai .

    • saira

      fazoool log aur tm logon ki fazool batain

      • badtameez saira

        actually u are fazool that's why u like this fazool drama

        • hanni

          SHUT UP YOU ………..

          • sabeer shiekh

            who r u to say it

        • hira

          jealous woman. turkish drama to best hain aap k star plus se

      • hanni

        tu kon hai

      • Pak

        Sahi h=kaha aap ne fazzol to main bethoon kabhi kabhi, after long day of working. Lekin meri batay itni fazool nahi hain. Be cool madam.

      • gogopaan masala

        why are u so angry saira aunty, if u don't like the comments ignore them, its no need to become jealous.

        • hahaha


  • riya

    itna late q upload krty hain :(

  • annie

    i think im gonna boycott "welovepakistanidramas" if they post one more link to foreign dramas. Is this the level of education of "pakistani" administers of this website? they cant see the threat they are posing to their own dramas that mindlessly decide to allow, share and promote such dramas on a continuous bases despite repeated defensive feedback from viewers that they dont want to see such content? If they are true pakistanis, they will NEVER be showing such dramas give then fact they are fully aware of the threat they are posing to Pakistan's local indsutry. Shame on this website and people running it.

    • sabeer sheikh

      annie this a great drama you have any so the ishq e mumnoon fans will tell u ….. ! dude this one is great okay

  • brit

    nice drama …keeploading plz

  • Badtameez

    lol …….iss bakwas k pichay dunya pagal ho rahi hai…wow….i dont think these stupid plays are any threat ….they are not worth at least my time ….boring as hell….

    • sairah abc

      you are right

    • great drama

      badtameezi karna humein bhi aati ai tum apna mun band karoo to behter hai

  • maha

    bnd kren ye bekar drama

    • ahmer

      bako mat.

  • khushi

    its an awesome drama

  • Rameez Kazmi

    Nice Drama

  • pak ka opposite

    this is a great drama & i beg u to post more who ever the admin is dude u rock

    • ati

      lolz @ ur name..i agree btw..jus luv this drama

    • daalk

      u mean u are against Pak=Pakistan by looking at your name. Just kiding

  • Liz


  • Noreen

    bhat acha serial hai behlul ka to ishq-e-memnu be bht ala serial tha……..kya ishq-e-memnu ka is serial sy koi khas link hai is ke story sy koi link hai?

  • kinza

    admin plzz upload funny drama "halka na lo " its really amazing !

  • moosa sohail


  • mehboobamehbooba

    bekaar drama. Pakistani dramas are much better n my view.

  • Hafsah

    Thanks a bunch for the update Admin! =DD

  • nadia

    lar kouyn rahey hu sab its a small world now, loog yahan nahien dekhoien gey tu kahain aur dekhien gey, muqabla karo acha drama banwao yeh kya keh mien akela hi kheloun ga werna nahien , ab aap media ko rook nahien saktey har cheez har jaga dekhi jaye gi …internet hey na, jo actors shour ker rahey hien un ki tu rozi hey , unhien kam drama miley ga, but if they can proof better they can win the game..ab agar yeh zindagi hey jesey drama banien gey tu yeh tu hoga

  • Mrs. Meher Anwar

    Turkish dramas are superb, outstanding and fantastic. Keep it up. Dont stop them at all. Love Turkish dramas and its cast also. It is worth watching it .

  • Viki

    I love Manahil aur khalil drama. Express should continue this serial.

  • sumera


  • sarah

    Please stop showing foreign dramas. We don't want to destroy our pakistani television industry. Pakistani dramas are far better then this. We don't want to lose our actor and actress. We already. Destroy film industry but not this time we don't want that happen with our television industry no way.

    • hira

      apni soch ko itna chota nahin rakhna cahiye .turkish drame to itne nice hain k star plus se jaan chote culture kharab kar diya tha indian dramon ne .

  • Zeeshan

    I Like

  • Awsome

    Amazing Drama