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  • S.Syed

    Please , dont promote such dramas here…..these are causing loss to our drama industry and must not be encouraged , please !

    • tahir

      its good
      same characters are repeted in pakistani drama
      its good change for better entertainment and some thing going to be different and script is also nice its basically in turkish and now converted into urdu

  • Lubnarashid

    May these dramas are very nice But,,We will not support such dramas,Our drama industry produces allot of verity dramas ,so every 1 should support our drama industry

    • sajjad

      very Nice

  • far00

    say no to these dramas!!

    • magnus

      say No to indian dramas n programs on pakistani channels , Turkish dramas are good at least they are muslims not HINDU

  • YOLO

    can't wait !

  • amna

    look to watch these dramas cant cause damage to our industry coz v also watch our dramas… but these r also so intresting so one shud watch …like u dont v watch english serials and indian movies so its also a diff choice … but that doesnt mean that v dont watch our dramas n they r nt gud…v still watch n v vll watch this aswell

  • maha


  • Ch Tahir

    I like behlul.indian darams per koi comments nei karta or na movies py just one turkey darma py sab ko itne problem beacuse hit. I am so sorry but i like this ishq e mamnoon

    • orcs kaptain


  • biyya khan

    ilike the acting of behlul nd i lve the searial ishq mamnoo i thnk logo ko dkhne k lye ek story mill rahi ha nd indian dramas ki koi story nei hoti hm jb woh bkwas story dkh skte hain tu yeh ku nei jis ki story ha

  • romana

    I love kivance (khalil).plese tell us repeat time of manahil aur khalil.I just love this drama.thanks express.

  • dimple

    excuse me don't forget that our drama industry is also playing Indian dramas on our relative channels so first say no to them then come these one… at least it belongs to our religion…

    • Jahanzeb

      agree , indian drama yad nai aur turkish dramay pay rola . agree dimple boy

  • saddi

    ya I agree to dimple… guys watch it +vely y u all are taking it si wrong…!!
    so be relax… take it as a time pass… 😉

    • liz

      So trueee

  • dee

    nice saying Biyya khan and Ch Tahir… I agree wid them… 😉

  • Shahyan khan

    Manahil or khalil is the best drama of the world manahil is so beutifull access i love u manahil and khalil is the best hero

  • saba

    we should apriciate every good thing …hummain itna pations hona chahye k paki hi nhi her achi series ko sarahain…na k paki or indian aor turkish main hi lartay hain…i love this serial that why main is main diffrense nhi samjahti jo bhi ho

  • jimmi jaan

    Khush rho jea

  • hassanjaved

    this is a fantastic story i like it.