Mann Kay Moti By Geo TV Episode 6 – 25 July 2013

Mann Kay Moti By Geo TV Episode 6 – 25 July 2013

  • Hina

    Error loading media. The file could not be played. This is the same message I saw while clicking on meenu ka susral as well as justuju. Hope someone is looking into it.

  • farah ahmad

    main khud aik akeli maa hoon muje iss dramay ki kahani achi nahi lagi drama likhne waloon ko aurat ko mazboot dekhna chahe na key kamzoor agr maa chahti tuo ghar lee kar apne bachoon key sath reh sakti thi mgr……………..

    • aysha

      I totally agree with you farah

    • Ahmed

      you are right they should not show a women that weak plus i think such type of dadi amma are rare who even don’t care of their own blood.

  • Saimah

    This drama is the real depiction of Pakistani Society. Farrah what are you talking about? How many girls do you know if they get kicked out from they’re homes they are able to fend for themselves? They need father,brother,uncle or husband and that’s the truth.

    • aysha

      saimah, pakistani women cant survive without a man becuase of WOEMEN LIKE YOU.Instead of supporting a single mother, women like u will always discourage her o be on her feet. Have some respect for yourself being a woman. Encourage other women to be a tree instead of a parasite. Instead of appriciating farah, u are discouraging her that no woman can survive without a man. May be, not every women is a parasite

  • Hina Zia

    Error in video playing….. Plzzzz do something…

  • sadi

    awaz kahan gai drama ki, awaz he nhi arhe :(

  • FARI

    salam to all and ramzan mubarak

    • sadi

      w/salam, ap ko bhe mubarak ho ramazan..

  • aysha

    instead of her waqt ka rona dhona by women, they should show dramas like “riahai” to empower women. Drama like rihai encourage women to take steps , make themselves financially independent and live a respectable life.

    • nina

      i m pretty sure thts wht they gonna do,,,empower her ,,,,talking abt rehai beginning was same as well.

  • Fazal Abbas

    میری امی کہتی ہیں “قسمت ان کی اچھی ہوتی ہے جو اچھی قسمت والوں کے گھر پیدا ہوں”

    اس عورت کی کہانی دیکھ کر مجھے اپنی امی کی بات پر یقین ہونے لگا ہے

  • Hina Zia

    Thanks alot:)

  • Ghulam Fareed

    Yaar yeh tune ya face book videos k frmat me kio ni upload hta…………….

  • Marina Khan

    i refuse to watch this drama anymore, its making me depress and low , waste of time , money and specially bijly for lightening the sets ! peace to all the veiwers who do like this one !

  • Jym

    @Marina Khan @ Ayesha @ Fari This is an existing problem writer did not create this all by himself he just found out and highlighting one of the thousand issues maybe there are still worst happenings comparatively . If you want to refuse something then refuse this culture at your first priority and adopt western culture where family institution does not exist or i have better suggestion for you, should watch starplus dramas would be more fascinating for you or produce courage to change it by living it.Why always women crying for equality when your religion set all the rules of your marital life , problem take birth when women trying to be a master of family remember family can not be run with two masters at the same time , woman is week because he want to compete against man, i guess she would be more successful,honored and powerful if she compete against ideology of man. This is my point of view you right to disagree.
    Note : Man possess mind where woman heart , so master yourself with the qualities God has blessed you and enjoy you life.

  • gosho0o

    This Is Called Real Drama With No Reality.. Yehe Hona Chaye Itna Fake K Lagay Dramay Ho Rhe Hain

  • Noone

    Have sabar people they might show her strong later on……

  • zain

    i like this drama