Maria Wasti Clarifies Her Position On Beach Photos

TV actress Maria Wasti has said that it was strange to see people’s reaction on my personal photograph on beaches. She said that it was annoying and disturbing to see the commentary and captions on those photographs. Maria said this in her recent interview with a leading English newspaper of Pakistan.


“The commentary on those pictures was horrible. How do people behave on beaches? What do they wear? It saddens me to see how people twist things to fit their limited vision,” Maria said regarding those photos which become viral on social networking websites.


Maria also said that it is double standard of our society that we see extra-marital affairs or domestic violence films/dramas of Hollywood and Bollywood but when any Pakistani production house showcase these issue people started to raise their voice against them.


Many Facebook users have once again criticized Maria Wasti on her bold views and are of the view that our society, cultural does not allow these type of thinking and one should remain in limit. What are your views regarding Maria Wasti please comment.







Ahsan Ejaz 



  • seno

    sub ko apni life main khush rehna chahiye so plz leave maria n ayesha…

  • Not Important

    She is absolutely right! We, as a society, are terrible and pathetic unfortunately!
    Double standards, hypocrisy, inhuman behaviour, hositility, neglegence etc. are our very common characteristics..
    She has a life, a personal life, in which she has all the freedom to wear (say, do, eat, drink etc.) whatever she wills for.. Who tmhe hell are we to object or to criticize her?

    But as I said, we are horribly confused animals!

  • Sherry

    No one should interfere in someone else's personal life. Uss ki marzi hai woh kya pehne. As long as she's not poisoning the society! Your part is to say "Allah iss ko hidayat deh" and close the page. No need to make a fuss about it!

  • sid

    people have no right to comment or criticize anybody's personal life everybody has a right to spend life on his own way.phelay apne gireeban mai jhankna chaheye phir doosray ko naseehat karni chaheye

  • arif

    what the hell … kisi 2 friends ki aisi picx say kaha lagta hay yeh affair hay aray apnay apnay friends k sath picx nahi capture hon gee pakistan k awam jhag jio nahi to bhot dare hoo jiay gee and app koi dhond k dhullay hoiay nahi hon gey jisnay b yeh article aur picx upload ki hay

  • Maha

    Year ye sab Bara persnoal ha har koi kisi ki bhi zindagi main ghuss Jata ha

  • MariumAbdullah

    we don't feel ashamed while watching such things on television then why theae double standards? Everyone has a right to lead their own life. Everyone os accountable and answerable for their own sins. Correct yourself before passing comments on others and as one of the comment below says that our part is to pray that may Allah guide them and in fact, us too. We are also sinful for watching such things on television. May Allah guide us all.

  • maliha

    ye log to esse promote kar rahe hain jaise hum farishte hain

  • anoshia

    ap ne zroori sab ko inki yeh pics dikhani the admin?? hr personal chheze show kr daty hai jese khud to bare pak hai

  • sehrish

    Allah ka farman hai … Logo ki parda poshi karnay walo ki parda poshi main khud qayamat k din karun ga…

    so who the hell u are to put your dirty thinking over here…

    • saad

      waisy bat to theek ki aap ne
      But m soch raha hun phir waqeelon ka kya banega =P

  • doll

    respect woman , dont judge by appearance like illiterate people , read quran and learn manners

  • Farri

    All Fake!
    Ayesha n Maria we love you :)

  • ayesha

    i just want to request to the admin that stop using odd wording above the link that u guys always used so that people click it hastily to watch it.

  • Rania

    Who are we to judge them? It's their life , let them live as they want !!

  • Sehrish

    5 fingers are not always Equal… wakeelo ka apna Deen imaan… they are too literate about good n bed…




    hum ALLAH se shikayat krty hain k wo hm pr Q azmaeshyen nazil frmata hai??? Q YE DILL JESA PAKISTAN duniya mei ruswaa hota hai??? i think hamay apny swalon k jwab mil hi chuky hain……………

  • hamna farooq

    maria ap ko sharam karne chahiey aik muslman ho kar aise baat kar rahe ho shame shame and so on shame.

  • Harmas

    doob maro donu ki donu jaldi sy

  • kinza

    kitni gandi lag rahi ho donoooo

  • Omer

    All the actress are same mind and same thinking

  • fh

    what you expect from