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Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu Episode 7 – Review

I found this particular episode to be very engrossing and gripping. The play has the kind of pace that keeps the viewers glued to their seats…very happening indeed. Adam’s attempt to get Yameena to sign the documents proved to be the last nail in the coffin. It may just have proved to be a blessing in disguise for Yameena. There is no turning back for her now. Nothing short of a revenge of the severest kind will quench her thirst for getting back to Adam. Adam is a typical man, all his education and grooming could not change his chauvinistic frame of mind. He wants Yameena’s money, love, loyalty and everything else that a wife can give to her husband but he does not feel the need to give her the least bit of respect. She is nothing more than a slave to him. But Yameena is an intelligent girl who may have made a mistake by marrying Adam but is wise enough to not be fooled twice and makes the right choice this time.


Ebaad’s and Haniya’s relationship is on the crossroads because of Ebaad’s father who wants his son to do exactly as he wishes. Until now Ebaad has been coming up to his father’s expectations without questioning him. But this is going to be a very difficult time for him because for the first time he cannot yield to his father’s desires. This new change is unacceptable to his father and he wants compliance like always. This is a very interesting turning point that gives the viewers a lot to look forward to. Ebaad’s mother on the other hand knows his son better than his father does and is fearful of what may be coming their way…call it maternal instinct!!



Ebaad for the time being decides to go along with the engagement because of the given circumstances. But what is very obvious is that he is getting himself deeper into a commitment he did not want to make in the first place. This will only make things more difficult for him. I can’t help but feel sorry for Ebaad in particular. No matter what he does to please his father it will never be enough. Can’t wait for the story to unfold so we can all find out if Ebaad manages to convince his father or ends up getting married to Anoushey against his will. What do you people think what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes? Do share your opinions.


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Author: Fatima Awan

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