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Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu Episode 8 Review

Mata-e-Jaan has definitely grown on me and I am thoroughly enjoying the emotional ups and downs in the show. Things are falling apart for Aabi and Haniya, Adam has lost all hope of getting back with Yameena and Mama jani has fallen seriously ill. Yet another happening episode.


Most of today’s episode was dedicated to Aabi’s stay in Pakistan, where he tries his utmost to convince his father of his love for Haniya. But, his father is stubborn to the core and will not budge. His attitude clearly states that its his way or the highway. Ebaad has to cut his trip short because of mama jani being sick. The fact that his father does not even say goodbye to him shows that he is not going to be changing his mind. His father feels betrayed and thinks that his son has changed. He even refuses to talk to Ebaad on the phone until Aabi bows down to his wishes. His mother on the other hand understands him, but is helpless. the scene where she tells him how much she loves him face to face is definitely an aww moment…loved the expressions on Ebaad’s face.


On the other side, Adam goes to Haniya in order to lure her into talking Yameena out of the court case. The response Haniya gives him is very fitting! He deserved just that! I did not however enjoy Yameena’s meeting with her lawyer, her dialogues could have been far more stronger and her expressions were not at all impressive. Although, this particular scene was extremely short but it was very badly done. Yameena could have given a much more apt answer to the lawyers query that whether she wanted revenge or her rightful share from Adam but the answer was a total disappointment. it could have been a very strong scene but Yameena’s weak dialogues and blank expressions totally ruined it.


Haniya is heart broken and devastated to find out about Ebaad’s father’s attitude and questions his love for his son. Ebaad, on the other hand understands where his father is coming from and feels guilty putting him through it all. Haniya is emotionally shattered because of the given circumstances and one can’t help but feel for her.

The next episode would be something to look forward to for sure. Things are moving fast, so better keep the next Friday night free!!

Author: Fatima Awan

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