Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu Episode 9 – Review.

This was another one of those extremely engrossing episodes of Maat-e-Jaan, which made it impossible for me to budge from in front of the Television screen. But I would most surely enjoy watching this show even more if I was completely unaware of what was coming next…in other words no promos for me please!


I simply loved the beginning of this episode. Ebaad may have assured Haniya of his commitment to her many times before too but the way he is standing by her right now is just charming. Aabi has truly proven himself to be a knight in the shining armor. Right from the onset he has been shown as the man who is very committed to everything in life, so he does not quite give you the feeling that he is out of a fairytale or too good to be true, Aabi is the kind of man who will stand by his woman through thick and thin no matter what it may cost, because that is just who Aabi is! Sarwat Gillani is surely doing a great job, her expressions and dialogue delivery today was brilliant. I must confess not very long ago I was wondering whether she was the right choice for this role, in fact I was quite sure she wasn’t. But she has definitely proven me wrong and I am very happy about that! I am thoroughly enjoying her acting, the only hitch I have is with her appearance. Given the present circumstances it would be more appropriate if Haniya wore a little less make up and jewelry! In fact I think Sarwat Gillani’s curly hair look would have been perfect for this role as a whole too, it would have gone perfectly with her carefree lifestyle.


Mama jaani certainly puts Ebaad in a tough spot when she asks him to marry Haniya before her surgery and expects an answer there and then….talk about putting someone’s love to test. I can’t help but feel for this guy, being pushed and pulled from left, right and centre. Ebaad’s sensitive nature and his love for Haniya make him take a decision that may lead to him losing his father forever. Ebaad’s mother gives him the strength he needs to go forward with his decision. The relationship between Ebaad and his mother is just adorable and definitely adds to one of the many moving moments in this show. Ebaad’s father’s behavior is clearly that of a man who does not know the difference between loving his children and owning them. In his eyes he is doing nothing wrong, he obviously does not know better.


Am I the only one who feels that Sanam Saeed’s acting has taken a turn for the worse? Since the last episode, although her dialogues are less, but her expressions, body language and dialogue delivery has not been up to the mark at all. I felt like she was sitting, standing too close to Ebaad in two scenes which seemed rather inappropriate. I had very high expectations from her because she really hit a home run with me with her acting in ‘Mera Naseeb’. Although utterly disappointed, but I am looking forward to the upcoming twist in the story. Even before watching the promo I could tell that Adam was going to take a drastic measure and do something dire. Like I said before, I would have enjoyed it more had I not known what he was actually going to do. I just hope it won’t be the end of Yameena, three people have already died and I don’t want another person in the family killed that is a bit too much! But then Yameena’s story does not seem to be going anywhere too, it started off quite well but now its just dull.


I definitely like the sound quality of the play and the fact that the background music is never imposing. I love the pace of the show, things happen quickly and with a lot of ease. There is a lot to look forward to; I am especially waiting to see how Ebaad and Haniya’s married life is going to be since Ebaad sacrificed a great deal for this marriage, it may have its repercussions. The play may have some shortcomings but overall it is very promising and I am hoping to see some good quality entertainment next week.


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Author: Fatima Awan

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