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Mera Saaein 2 Episode 1 – Review

Finally, the long awaited sequel of ‘Mera Saaein’ is on air. The expectations from this sequel are enormous and so is the curiosity. The promos gave us all a fair idea what it is all going to be about…..more political drama, heaps of wicked conspiracies, exploitation of women and of course Malik Shahzaman’s larger than life on screen presence. After watching the promos I am convinced that Fahad Mustafa is definitely the right choice for playing the role of Malik Shahzaman. The entire cast claims to be playing the kind of roles that are unique in the sense that they have never been seen performing such roles before…that might just be right. I must confess here that I am not at all at ease with the excessive abuse of women being shown in this drama, whether it be begum Shazmeen or all the women in Malik Shahzaman’s life. In my opinion verbal confrontations and a disgustful behavior could have conveyed the message too and there was no need to be so explicit. The manhandling of these women is a bit over board and I find it very distasteful. Are there people out there who are going to derive some kind of a sadistic pleasure out of watching all this violence?? Or does the script demand it? I leave this question open for debate.


One cannot overestimate the value of a fitting start to a much awaited show and who would know that better than Baber Javed. In my opinion that is the reason he and his team did not disappoint us at all and gave the drama a thrilling start. Begum Shazmeen’s grand arrival at the public gathering is just the start the audience expected of him. The name of Shazmeen’s party ‘Pakistan Umeed Party’ is rather ironic! The slogan ‘hamari aan hamari shan hamari chahat malik wajahat’ is even more so! Shazmeen’s dialogues are to die for…a big applause to the writer Parisa Siddiqui, I am very impressed. These small things point to the fact that every little detail in this play will be very well thought out. The first episode was dedicated solely to introducing the viewers to Shazmeen’s character. She is shown as a nasty imposter, to say the least. The hatred she feels in her heart for Malik Wajahat is almost loathsome. One can’t help but wonder if it is doing her more good or bad!!! One year after Malik Wajahat’s demise Begum Shazmeen has managed to reach political heights that her husband could only dream of. But even after achieving all this she is far from being content. Murdering Malik Wajahat and using his name and title to reach where she is today is not enough to appease her desire to avenge her husband. She will not be satisfied until she completely omits Malik Wajahat’s name off of the minds of the people. Her final goal is that only her and her daughters should be the sole representatives of the party which was once Malik Wajahat’s…no lesser revenge will do. She may have killed him but he still rules her mind I would say! I feel disheartened watching what had become of a woman who was once so positive and driven to change the society for the better. Why do most women in our plays turn negative and evil as a consequence of being mistreated by men? Are women really like that? If not, than why this constant negative portrayal of women? Or is it that two wrongs do make a right???


Shazmeen’s encounter with Malik Wajahat’s cousin shows the amount of confidence she has gained over the years. But at the same time her meeting with a seasoned politician Iftikhar ul Ameen proves that she is as gullible today as she was many years back. The plots against her are many and facing them is going to be a daunting task. Shazmeen may have killed one person like Malik Wajahat but that does not clean the society of all such men, so she will coming across many such people in her political career. I am sure all of Mera Saaein’s fans are waiting for Malik Shahzaman to make an entry. I may not fully agree with the story line but the dialogues are brilliant and the overall direction is good. I also hope that there will be some greater lesson in this sequel and it will not just be a depiction of a very ugly side of Pakistani politics.


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Author: Fatima Awan

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