Mera Yaqeen Episode 1 by ary digital – 1st august 2012

Mera Yaqeen episode 1 by ary digital – 1st august 2012


  • Hibah

    I remember When my sis in law said to me"Mei apnay bacho ki chohti age mei shaadi kar dongi jasay meri huvi".She's couple years younger than me,I wasn't that old but cause she got married early,She thought I was too old to get married.Anyways,I got married after a year and soon to be a mom of my first baby. She's still trying to conceive after 4 years of her marriage.Its all in Allah's hand Who he wants to bless. Just like savera was talking She reminded me of my bhaabi.I remember praying that time" Yaa Allah muje iss se pehlay Ulad dena" And MashAllah duaa was heard and accepted.

    Don't ever say such things Which are not in our control.Larki ki shaadi naa tu ussk apnay haath mei hai naa uss k parents k.

    And if you get married in early age its not cause your parents were smart or you'r prettier than other unmarried girls.Everything is written When and what you will get.

    Allah takabur ko pasand nai karta.

    Did i forgive my sis in law? I try but I can't..I don't say that Allah isnt blessing her with kids cause of my Duaa. It might be some other good reason. Allah might have written something better for her. Allah knows best.

    Don't be proud of something Which Allah's provided/blessed you with. Always SAY Alhamdulilah for everything..

    • ayesha kashif

      i think here naazish`s mom is luking for the bestest groom she cud find for her daughter as maha has…she wants her son-in-law to be asfand`s equal if not more …that is why she wasted so many beautiful yrs of her daughter..i hav seen so many mums waiting for a prinnce 4 their daughters..isi chakkar mein betiyon ki umr nikal jati hai…agar koi rishta hi nahi aata to woh baat aur hai..par agar rishta aata hai to usme meen-mekh nikalna galat baat hai…i know maha is proud of herself and her life…but the main culprit is naazish`s mom…

    • fari

      i agree


    well said sister!!!

    sb kch Allah taala k hath me hai!!!

    • mahi khan


  • Aisha

    first time saw sawera in such attitude. well playing well. she is my fav actress. and yes very true one always stay humble and thankful to Allah on all blessings

  • nomi

    laanat hay aisee maan per or os say bhi bari lanat hay aisay ghatiya larkon per :@

    • Abdul

      Aur lanat ho aisi larkyuon per bhee jo apnay aap ko qurbani ka bakra bana ker samajhti hain kay wo buhut azeem hain. Aur lanat ho aisay maan baap per bhee jo apni baityuon ko shuru din say yey khetay hain kay "jo bhee ho jaay, talaq naheen laina. apnay shuher kay gher say mar ker hee nikalana".

      Girls are under alot of pressure in our culture just beucase the lessons they are given from their childhood. For god sake, daughters are human beings too. If someone treats my daughter like that guys is treating his wife, i will not let my daughter stay with him for single second. I will tell my daughter that he does not deserve you instead of putting pressure on her. hum apni so called naak bachanay kay laiy apni baityuon ko qurbani kay bakra bana daitay hain…lanat ho hum per

      • fari

        im proud of you for what you said you would do if it was your daughter in Nazish's place

        • naina

          Hum 7 sisters magar humhari ammi ne kabhi nahi kaha ke mar ke nikalana husband ke ghar se…. agr husband mistreat kare ammi or abbu ne usi din bolna beta ghar wapes ajoo hum ne tumko sell out nahi kerke diya un larkon ko or na unke family ko………. ajj kaal ke duoor main esa nahi hota hai …. magr may be ajj kaal ke loog ese kiyn karte hian…….. bus ik kaam ammi abbu ne kiya hum sub ko achi education de hai doc engineer bana ker taakee kaal ko koi esa time aaye tu humko kisi ka mohtaj na hone pare……. jab hum 7 sisters universities taak study kersakte hain baki girls kyn nahi…………..

      • anna syedha

        Good hai Abdul :)

  • drama princess sis

    not woking !!!!!!!!!! :@@@

  • zarqa

    very nyc drama.

  • Hammu

    A very good start.This was not the usual ARY drama.It was a little better then the usual.And Thank God they finally decided to cast someone else other than Sami Khan,Aiza Khan,Sajjal Ali,Saba Hameed.Looks promising and i am definitely going to watch it.

  • Farhana

    Ahhh… Fell bad for Nazish, but blaming her for her upbringing and her parents is not right.. its the society which treats people like this.. She is not beautiful as her friend and her friend all the time make her feel so… Her mother might not be looking for a groom equivalent to Asfand but if do not get positive response from somewhere, she on the other side might not want to break her daughters heart… And her friend too is way too involved in self love and have a superiorty complex for having a loving husband, heaven home and cute kids…

    The groom was main culprit and so is his mom.. but mom in her style tried to save his son on the kurbani of an innocent girl which did not work out…

    This is our society general phenomena.. We need to change our thinking

  • fari

    I can see where this story will go by the name "mera yakeen" and also the story. It will be something like the HUMtv telefilm called "yakeen"

    same is the case with me my cousins who are years younger than me who I used to treat like kids are married and are living happily…three of them have kids too. And Im still struggling to get married not that Im not good looking or rich enough.ALhamdulillah aisa kuch nhi phir bhi meri kismat me nhi hai shadi abhi issi lia kuch na kuch khraab hota hi rehta hai jab k mera rishta 10 saal pehle teh hua tha jab meri married cousins bachiyan thin 8/9 saal ki.ALLAH knows better k aisa kion hota hai.

    • anna syedha

      Be Happy on ALLAH ki RAZA … marriage is not the Goal of Life its the PART OF LIFE & as not everybody has both parents or single parents or not everybody is ORPHAN same is the case for being Married or remaining Single !!

      Our Society is So bad on this issue ..dont know bcoz of Religion or Culture but its making life of a Bachelor ( both man or woman ) a Hell ! Do enjoy your LIFE on AS IS WHERE IS BASES :)Stay Happy

      • Abdul

        Excellen Response Anna. Fari, as Anna said, marriage is not goal of life. do enjoy your life to its fullest as a single person. But please, try to be on your feet financialy and try not be dependent on anyone.

        • jacky

          most of the time if the girls are older or the so called "shaadi age" is passing parents or even the girl are willing to compromise on many things…as in this case parents did notice that the guy wasnt happy or wasnt talking…that should have been a red flag but i guess they were overlooked that just so she can get married…and now she is in a worse situation plus even if this has happened to her she needs to tell her parents…why must she "bardasht" this…just cause she is a woman :(

    • shago

      Dont worry dear , I am married now ALLAH ka shukar hai ,,, magar mere 4 choti sisters ke shaadiyaon ke bad jaker mere shadi hovi … even unke bache bhi school jane lage thai….

      I know someone who got married last year I call her khala she is now 36yr old. yeah sub Naseeb ki baat hai or apne liye dua kiya karo and koi dua bhi phara karo baki sub ALLAH per chordo

    • fari

      Thank you ALL !

      I know yeh kismat ki baat hoti hai lekin mujhe buhat dafa aisa feel hua k jese main kisi se kamtrr hon meri choti cousins mjhe aise treat krti hein jaise k pta nai main koi mujrim hon aur woh bari ho gyi hein bcoz they are married,In our society this gives people to mentally abuse you.

      Meri shadi sirf iss lia nhi ho payi aaj tk kionk jisk sath rishta hua tha his behaviour he just too cheap to describe/typical wadeira type thinking,abuse galiyaan,intimidation,treating like a piece of dirt,not respecting etc are just a few examples. Iss mein mera tou koi kasoor nhi k aisa hai main sirf itna hi kr skti the k dil pe pathar rakh k ussko itna chahnay k bawajood usko chorr doon sirf iss lia main buri hon aur issi liye meri shadi nhi hui aur parents mere bahir duniya se dartay hein k log pata nai kaise nikleingay ek yeh bhi tou buhat bara masla hai hamari society ka bahir wale apko asaani se chorr dete hein relatives me yeh hota hai zyada tr k kuch bhi ho whethere u r happy or not the husband doesnt leave his wife because of family pressure and all. Buhat si larkiyan iss liye bhi bethi hein k koi bhorsay wala rishta nhi mil pa raha

      • Hibah

        Don't stress yourself over marriage issue, Try to pray 5 times a day and after each namaz ask Allah to bless you with Nikkah.I got married last year, going to be mom in a month Insha Allah.I got married at the age of 26 but my sister in law was younger than me so she made a big issue out of it.I was too old for her cause she got married when she's 18. I understand how you fee.lYou will get married when Allah's Insha Allah .Patient and Duaa is the only thing which is going to help you.I will keep you in my duaas.

        Its a month of Ramadan Please everyone pray for Fari and for all these unmarried girls ..

      • LUBNA

        Fari, you are one brave women who refused to marry an abuser. women marry jsut for the heck of it. aap kee sab cousins jo aap kay aagay show kerti hain kay wo buhut kush hain becuas they are married, belive me they are all putting up a show…you dont kinow what they face in their married life. its not easy to live with a man in our culture. most of them treat their wives like gulaams and have no respect for their wife. My suggestion is, if you find a right person, well and good, otherwise, its better to be single than ending up with the wrong person. Also, as someone mentioned below, try to make your self financialy indepnedent and do something productive…aap kee cousins shaadiyan ker kay bachay paida ker rahi hain jo pakistan kee 99% auratin kerti hain…may be you are capable of doing something much bigger than that…you can join any organizatoin do some welfare work, i think it will give you alot of respect in the society as well…and dont forget to do things which make you happy…god bless you

        • fari

          Thank you so much, you all are great.May ALLAH bless you all with eternal happiness,health and prosperity ameen sum ameen..

          Yeah sure please do remember me in prayers. :)

  • anna syedha

    Sawera , Faisal & NIRMA BUCHA .. & the captain of the ship ..SERMAD .. so we should expect BEST of The BEST .. let see how strong will be the story written by Seema Munnaf !

  • Syeda

    Poor Nazish! I feel so sorry for her! Pakistan main esi kitni hi larkiyan hain jin ki shadi sirf Maa Baab ka akela pan miltaney ko ker di jati hai or larka kahen or interested hota hai! :( When will this change??

    Kisi ko bhi kabhi bhi shadi k liye force nahi kerna chaheye, chahey larki ho ya larka.. Its just so un fair. Even Islam main bhi is baat ki ijazat nahi hai. Nikah ka matlab sirf zaban se "qabool" word keh dena nahi hai. U Must Must accept the person from heart. Phir bhi pata nahi kyun Pakistan main yeh Forced marriages ka Rivaj nahi khatam hona.

  • Mrswajih

    Seems nIce! I l love faisal and sawera couple! They have show v good chemisty btw them

  • Dyashankarpanday

    So interesting; picked the sensitive issue of our society. I hope after watching this drama, someone would treat themselves better than what they are for the sake of their and others lives. I would give 5 stars to this drama for picking up good topic and nice beginning.

  • zara

    Maan ke kehne par shadi kar li to ab maa ko dukh nahi hoga jab talak ki baat kar raha hai. Abhi stand lene se pehle shadi hi na karta. Men!!!!!!! Bohot majboor hote hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HunnY Sheikh

    parents should never force their children for marriage just because for their own sake.

    i know the consequences in real

    • MS

      force krna alag cheez hai coz maaen b chahti hn apne beton k sar pe sehra dekhen…. but us waqt force nai krna chahye jb wo ye janti hon k beta ksi or mai involve hai….or commitment b kr chuka hai…

  • Noone

    No marriage is not goal of life but it is in islam that we should marry but shouldnt be forced into it………..I think that poor girl will end up Faisal Qureshi……..What do u think?

    • fari

      No I think "mera yakeen/uska yakeen" hoga shaed k her husband will change and eventually he will change but yeah almost in every drama same is the case with women they have to tolerate whatsoever they are faced with in the hope that everything will be fine in the end

  • Noone

    No marriage is not goal of life but it is in islam that we should marry but shouldnt be forced into it………..I think that poor girl will end up with Faisal Qureshi……..What do u think?

  • Sara

    lagta hay sawera ka husband (Faisal Quraishi) hi shadi karay ga Nazish say aur phir akal aye gi Sawera ko

  • Jiya

    This play has brought the extraordinary out of ordinary. A great job by the accomplished writer Seema Munaf. A good change for Savera Nadeem as she gets into a new character. The bride has played her part beautifully. We could sense the anguish and pain in her voice all along. Such stories are scattered everywhere. It was nice of Mr Khoosat to have picked this sensitive issue. Thumbs up


    does anyone understand what message almost all pakistani dramas send to pakistani men? almost every drama you pick (dureshewar, yahan pyar naheen hay, thakan, meri ladli, mera yaqeen) the message we are sending to men is “NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU TREAT YOUR WIFE, SHE WILL STILL WORSHIP YOU BECCUASE SHE DOES NOT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTION, SHE IS MAJBOOR. SHE WILL STAY WITH YOU AND WILL BE YOURS NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO HER”

    Can we make a drama where we show a woman who:

    1:had enough courage to divorce her cruel husband,

    2:stood up for her rights

    3: refused to put up with inlaws who were treating her like shit

    4:and was still able to live a happy and successful life?

    • MS

      nai lubna ye drame woi btarae hain jo humari eastern society m hota h usually…. or han agr is tarah k drame banne lage jesa k ap ki soch hai to koi b lyk nai krega or comments aenge totally fake…. coz aisa hota nai humari society mai… sb lardkiyon ko hi brdast krna parta hai unfortunately :(

      • Miss Sulaman

        Culture banyni se he ban Ta hai… You can change the culture by promoting a different way of thinking…. And im not saying divorce is the only solution. But advocating for you rights should definatelly be promoted.

        So instead of the women crying and mopping around she does something productive like go get a job or help other women in the same situation and form sort of a support system… There r many other ways a drama can go instead of waiting for a man who doesnt love u to begin with and putting up with ill treatment!

    • Rizwan

      Yes LUBNA.,

      You are 100% right .But the reality z that it's not possible in real life as a Muslim religion.Bcz to many chances of many chances of bad thing will come in our life,.B z Islam always talk about reality n Islam does'nt allow any women to do that .But I agreed with you if any man behave like this should be criticised.but Plz as a women never think with such a mind(divorce to men by women). Bcz then no difference between you n non Muslim women.

      There are tO many different ways to get solution from this situation.

      So think positive otherwise you be a sinner on your mistake,,,take care

      • aysha

        so you think its ok for a man to divorce a woman but not ok for a woman to divorce a man? And islam does give the right of divorce to both man and woman. are you saying If a man divorces his wife, he is a muslim and if a woman divorces her husband she is not a muslim??? what a twisted mentality you have? ager aap kee baiti ho jis per us ka shuher zulm kerta ho, maar peet kerta ho, then what would you say? would you let your daughter keep tolrating her husband's zulm for the rest of her life???

      • HIbah

        Rizwan dont bring religion in it. Yeah whatever the suggestion lubna had isnt possible in pakistan. Pakistan where a man can't find a job and has no resources after getting an MBA OR PHD degree what would a woman do?

        Yeah Lubna if you'r promising us a different Pakistan where jobs are available.Where everyone is equal and we women will be able to get and do any kind of work then yes I LOVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND ADVICE" But AGAIN ITS NOT POSSIBLE IN PAKISTAN WHOSE PRESIDENT IS CORRUPT AND EVERYONE ELSE LIVING THERE IS SELFISH.

        These dramas are based on reality and What a woman can do in our country. Why don't they show these kind of shows/dramas in foreign countries? Cause these women are treated well and equal.


        WOman has right to divorce her husband.

        but after getting divorced woman have no life in Pakistan. Bhaabiya jotay ki nok pe rakheingi. and Unfortunately not so many pakistani women are educated.

    • Sara

      Ruzwan and Lubna, your right. But for once, maybe there could be a drama on a bold women, who obviously is modern and can face the things that Lubna has listed… and the women can still be a great human being, and Muslim. this could totally workut. And I hate dramas were the women is put down, and all the zulm and stuff. It represents women as weak humans.

  • bluesky

    It is quite obvious that in Pakistan & India husbands taking full advantage of wives. Well if the husband come out of his house HE can't even fight for his right! lolzzzz! Isn't it man???

  • aysha

    pakistan is #3 on the list of countries which are most dangrous for women in the world. And funny part is, we are teaching lesson of sabar to already abused/victimized women thru these dramas. that is sickning. Please bring some awareness, educate you daughter, let them be on their feet, dont teach them lesson of "mar kay hee apnay shuher kay gher say nikalna", teach them values of self respect and self worth, teach them to raise voice against zulm…zulm ko bardasht kernay main koi azmat naheen…zulm kernay aur bardasht kernay wala donuon zalim hotay hain..

    • MS

      agar aisa teach kr k rukhsat krenge maa baap to shayd hi koi ghar bas pae…. or ye kehna asan hai k self respect self worth…. bad mai maa baap bhi baten sunaenge k apna ghar nai basa saki…. sasural mai onch nich to hoti rehti h…. bardasht krna parta h lardki ko… ye humara rule hai is eastern society ka :(

      • Fatima

        MS i agree wid u… 1 dosray ko bardasht krna hi relations ka husan hay…

        • Miss Sulaman

          There is a limit to what you should put up with. I agree there should be bardasht when it comes to starting your life since it takes time to understand the person you are married to ( and in out society the family of the guy)

          However, to say that self respect and worth don't mean anything is wrong… It's almost as bad as saying domestic violence is ok! It's absolutely NOT ok to let someone treat you this way!

          Being part of a eastern society dose not mean you should put up with injustice…. We need to break these so called "rules" instead of just saying we are helpless… And When people say leave it up to Allah and kismat they r forgetting that Allah cant help people unless they want to be helped and try and change their situation….

          Otherwise it's like praying that you win the lottery but never actually buying a lottery ticket or praying for money but not working to earn it. Allah doesn't want to help people who don't help themselves!!!

        • HIbah

          Haan agar bardasht hoti tu aaj divorce itni ziada naa hoti. and I hate to say our pakistani parents arrange our marriages and everything and when it comes to get divorce'tumai zindagi hai khudh faisla karo".Why couldnt these girls decide before they got married. Parents should allow their daughters to decide what they want.I chose my husband,Alhamdulilah he's nice and loving but if something happens between us I don't tell my mom cause I know it was my decision and still is. I have to take care of everything.Its my life and I have to deal with it.Why should i bother my parents to get involve in between husband wife's problem,And my husband does the same.

          • Khan_Ayesha

            Hi Ye ab Jo youtube r google par video band hain ab dramas kisey dekh thy hain

    • Fahad

      I dont understand why you guys always say that women has to compromise and sacrifice only. I have seen several men doing that too. I am talking about the cities as I dont have any knowledge about the rural areas but relationships work due to mutual understanding and sacrifices. There are many women who just want to break their houses due to their horrible natures. So, plz har waqt yeh huqooq e niswaan ka dhol peetna band karein. I say k aurat ziada sacrifice karta hai but mard bhi karta hai..yahan hum mard koi takhat pe nahi baithay rahaty 24 , plz STOP GETTING SYMPATHIES ALL THE TIME..issay aap log ki izzat hi kam hojati hai logon ki nazron main.

  • MS

    nyc drama……..aj kl ki maon k lye 1 lesson b hai is mai jo ye soch k betiyon ko bitha k rkhti h k acha or rich family ka rishta ae to han kron…..

  • Maaha

    nice drama !

  • http://Youtube Jiya

    We can go on and on for arguments' sake.

    Pakistani Drama is reaching it's zenith once again. Repeating topics is because of the issues rampant in eastern society. Nevertheless every writer is writing it differently and every director is making it differently.

    This play is done beautifully. It's not a debate of right and wrong. Pieces of art are not meant for this. They are meant to expose realities in their own way.

    So please enjoy this picture of society which is painted so artistically. There are many other forums that ask for opinions.

    Kindly take a look on the other protagonists in the drama. There s this very happily married woman Sawera Nadeem, who s treated like a queen by her husband. Also notice the bride s mother, who has such a meek husband …

  • ayaz

    cast bot bay kaar hay…

  • zara

    a kui nahe raha :/

  • raza

    I can't see this episode…………………….

  • Ali

    Very Good Drama serial…

  • Suleman
  • Amber

    Very nice drama!!!!!!!