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MQMD Last Episode…Poetic Justice!

My-my what an ending! It may not have been the play as a whole that was very distinctive but I have got to hand it to the writer for ending it in a way that truly sets it apart from most of the plays that have ended recently. For once the leading lady of the play managed to pull off a heroic act unlike most of the plays where the heroine must eventually return to the man who has tormented and mistreated her because nothing else can guarantee a good ending. Maham no doubt is a role model, a brave woman who would rather rely on the strength within her than going back to a man who never valued her when she was with him. Kudos to the writer for reaffirming our faith in the belief that there are women out there for whom being righteous holds more value that anything else.


Aren’t we all pleased to watch Durdana phupo’s end. Her arrogance and dictatorial ways take her where we want to see her. Umer gives her a life sentence of desolation, agony and suffering by divorcing her daughter, her most precious asset….. it is poetic justice personified for sure! The days of bullying innocent victims are over and phupo will be spending a life of sorrow and distress. Shifa finds it impossible to cope with the shock and pain of a sudden divorce and loses her mental balance. This shows what a sensitive person she is. Ironic, isn’t it? A person who has always treated people around her like they have no feelings is so sensitive when it comes to herself. Shocking double standards!



Maham disappeared without a trace leaving everything to Rubab and her son. It is a bewildering and mortifying discovery for Bakhtiar- the all mighty. In his crippled state of mind he has an accident that takes away his life…poetic justice yet again I would say. Rubab on the other hand starts afresh, living a life she had never imagined would be hers. That is Maham’s gift to her. She has given her what she truly deserves after a lifetime of hardships.

Umer definitely stole the show today with his dialogues and brilliant acting. All that umer is left with is remorse ,shame, guilt and a strong desire to be able to meet Maham at some point in life so he can repent for his wrongdoings. Waiting for that day without end may just be his punishment. Some people may think Umer is a vicitim too, but I most certainly don’t. I believe Maham deserves someone better than him and Umer’s behavior should not go unpunished. No amount of guilt or shame is going to turn back time or bring Maham back. He never stood up for Maham and didn’t give her the respect she deserved as his wife and that is something she is not willing to forgive.


The entire episode was like the moment of truth the viewers had been waiting for. There is definitely a moral in the ending and a lot of lessons to be learned. Liars, deceivers, hypocrites and dictators may get away with all their dirty deeds for a year or two or even ten but eventually they do sow what they have been reaping for so long. This world is a place where no person can escape the consequences of their actions…whether it is someone as arrogant as Durdana phupo or someone as high and mighty as Bakhtiar.


I thoroughly enjoyed this last episode even more than I would have had Maham gone back to Umer. And who does not enjoy watching truth triumph over evil. A huge applause and heaps of praise for the writer cast and crew of the play for giving us top notch entertainment…great job!


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Author: Fatima Awan

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