Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Latest Review

“Revenge is best served cold” the real element of MQMD’s success.A serial that has a neck to neck following, needs no reviews, despite the cursed load shedding handicap the nation is hooked to it. Fear not though we have to our rescue, these fantastic people are doing an excellent job by keeping us posted equally and timely. I can assure you the only delay DoL may have is its ISP’s speed.


Coming back to MQMD, Maham’s “take that” strategy couldn’t get any better and precise with phupoo and Shifa.

Heart touching moments came when Maham hands Rehan the money, with absolute courtesy and humbleness, mentioning she owes it for Omer and her wedding expenses. The climax this week left us gasping for the next episode, as phupoo’s epic blackmailing has begun and Omer has unintentionally eves dropped.


Will it be a happy ending? Will it be a realistic ending? The story is as real as it can get. And for those of us who thought kay Allah pay chor dayna chayeah tha … Well this is His way of showing us how He has His business taken care of from His mankind.


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  • aysha

    This drama is tooooooooooooooo far from reality when it comes to Bakhtayar's and Maham's marriage and Bakhtyar's behaviour towards Maham

  • Usman JAved

    agreed with aysha .. this drama is not a reality based.. when maham did mariage with Bakhtiyar and her behaaviour with phuphooo, it seeeeems like a fairy tale k sab kuch is in maham's hands and Bakhtiyar is such a dumbass.. lol.. well like the story it seems to have a happy ending like SAB HANSI KHUSI REHNY LAGY..

  • Khurram

    its not gonna b a happy ending, MARK MY WORDS

  • Rizwan Saleem

    phupoo or Shifa kay sath aisa hi hona chaye tha and its not happy ending

  • mehreen

    very nice end…. hope to see its part 2 also

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