Meri beti Episode 1 in High Quality 13th October 2013

Meri beti Episode 1 in High Quality 13th October 2013

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  • moto

    highlyyyy emetional

  • Sara R J Gazder


  • Muskan

    :-( apiiii

  • Mrs Malik

    Why do we make such pathetic dramas in which women are always shown weak and unable to survive without men ??? She is educated, has a great job and is blessed with a beautiful daughter. If she doesn’t want to get married again, it is not the end of the world and is not religiously wrong. Islam is being mocked a lot in our dramas these days . Marriage is important but being honest with yourself, others and Allah is even more important. Her mother forced her to take a false oath on Quran and now she will enter into a relationship on the basis of lies.

    • Aysha

      Agreed 100%. What a stupid drama it is. Pagloun wala drama hay. If her mom is so desperate to get her daughter married she can find a person who is willing accept the grand daughter. Otherwise, people can LIVE without getting married too. There are many women I know who are single and they are JUST FINE

    • sohaib

      i have to agree with you. this drama on another ridiculous “topic” is the newest addition in the list of crappy dramas currently being produced by ary and hum. i reckon Pakistani drama industry has once again lost its way :(

    • falto123

      but people do such things ,some of the lies of our society this is reality.

  • simy

    yeh kya baat huyi? aisi baat kaisi chup sakti hai, or kyu chupani chahie? aulad hai uski koi guna to nahi hai, aisi hi kahani hum tv ke drama jiya jaye na ki ti, beti ko behen bana liya akhir aisi baatey kaise chup sakti hai sub logo ko pata hai bachi ka, rishtedaro, dosto ko sub ko, shadi ke baad aisi baat kaisi chupi reh sakti hai????

  • Saira Kamran

    yehi topic reh gaye hain kya in writers ke pas????????????????

  • Reaam

    This story is based upon true life. I know a mom who act like Samina Peerzada in her real life. Her daughter was a widow and has 2 kids. The mom forced her to remarry as her iddat period was over and fixed her marriage to a widower relative. The girl was not agree and that relative refused to accept her kids. The mom forced the girl to give children to their dadi and save the future. That girl deny but her mom was keep pressurizing her. Then her mother in law set her wedding to her dewar who was 10 yrs younger than her. The girl and also her bro in law was not accepting each other as husband and wife, but their family forced and they got married to make girl’ mom happy and also to keep the kids stay with mom.

    • Mrs Malik

      Hope they are happy with each other now and he is a good father to his brother’s kids.


      w hapnd dn????

      • Reaam

        As I know both of them r having hard time in accepting each other as husband and wife but at least kids r happy.


          wow…insha-ALLAH de wil adjst bt de shd also sho sm maturity…

    • falto123

      at least better ending that her kids are with her,

  • Phikka Khurboooza

    wow…w a cute grl wd such a sweeet natur…… fantastc story……shuker ha at lest is drama me MARD ko villen ni bunaya hua…



    • Saher

      this is what we call media propaganda.. to show the world that muslim men are violent, dominating and women are oppressed and are not given their rights.. this is what media and our NGOs are doing now days.. ultimately they then portray that this is all what Islam is about


    fantastic drma …

  • DM

    Such an evil mother!!!

  • falto123

    evil twisted mind of her mother,

  • suman

    very emotional drama but true