Mi raqsam – Episode 10 – 22nd september 2012

Mi raqsam – Episode 10 – 22nd september 2012

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  • vera

    omg this puffin so useless…….

    • tayyab

      very nice

  • Aatika

    Soo true ^^^ F_ _ k

  • zoha

    Dear ADMIN,i really love this website becaz the videos always works n they r high qualit n i m recommeding my friend this website beca its very easy ,BUT i dont know wt happed NOW seemes like every video i try to open is NOT WORKING,n I endup on another website which i hate PLZ PLZ fix the prob n use youtube links .


    • admin

      As you know Youtube is BAN in Pakistan. So there so no other service like youtube. we tried almost all services, but no service gives performance like youtube. so lets hope youtube works in Pakistan.

      Facebook Videos are not so bad..??

      Sorry for Inconvenience.

      • zoha

        OK thankyou the reason i worte this mess is to let u know that people like me far from pakistan lov to watch paki dramas n wt u r doing is making our lives easy by posting them THANK YOU soo much .

      • kielrunner_6030

        salam ADMIN Boss: overseas fans ka kya qasoor ?,,,are ye kya ,,amad ho gai !!! qasoor film ka gana yaad aa gya,,,sorry boss but i have to : khata to jab hai k hum hal-e-dil kisi se kahen,,,,kisi ko chahte rehna koi khata to nhiii,,,,,, kyun ,,hun na main sureeela ?

        • http://www.woogii.blogspot.com usman

          wah KIELRUNNER be suray dhol kia amad hve ha

      • abdullah

        plz plz try metacafe

        pl try metacafe

  • kielrunner_6030

    OMG; such a solid episode it was ,,,, its gonna be too intresting ahead ,,,,coz you do not know what is happening next like other typical dramas (with funny names) ,,,,this one seems so real to me !,,, each player is so perfect in his/her role,,,,specially molvi's story is unique and untouched,,, background music is so amazing too ! appreciate whole team,, RESPECT

  • mano

    dailymotion was so irritating, the other one was excellent

  • Sana Ayan

    Good going & I love bilquees too hahaha

  • ayesha

    koi or web ha drama dakhny k liye??

  • Mary

    wat the hell yar…..dailymotion is soooooo irritating web…. Kindly admin find out some other better source of playing videos….

  • Aryaan

    Thanks a lot..

  • mannan shah

    i love this website sooooooo nice

  • jawad

    hummmmm goood one

  • mehwish ahmed


  • mehwish ahmed

    nice drama

  • Ch Asif

    Nice and Awesome Drama…

    • saba