Mi Raqsam Episode 15 on Geo Tv – 25th october 2012

Watch Latest Mi Raqsam Episode 15 on Geo Tv – 25th october 2012

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  • kami butt

    darma boor ho gaya hai

    • saleena

      This drama's story is really good but actors are not good.it could be better then that.

      • ali

        saleena i agree with u that this drama"s story r realy good but i dont agree this that the actrors r not gud actors r realy briellient.

      • ali

        actors are awesome

  • kami butt


    • Aqua

      you meant to write drama

  • kamran saeed

    darma boor ho gaya hai

    • Hina

      what is the meaning of mi raksam?

  • sanam shahid

    good drama

  • Ifzal

    Chota larka Abdullah who is also in (Mohabbat Jaye Bhadme) did a Great Acting through out the drama…Hats Off Young Boy…
    Also Zeeshan and Aiza did Good Job…
    Who Agrees with me?

    • Fari

      yes Abdullah is an awesome natural actor

  • Ifzal

    This Player sucks…Buffers a Lot :(

  • Sara

    Maybe they should have highlighted that the nikkah is not valid without the consent of the girl. She never said yes, so technically they were not married..

  • Purple

    I love this drama thy should play it 2 days a week …. I can't wait till what happens I hope this drama isn't too stretched I hope it ends soon cuz I wanna see the happy ending…
    Btw I think Saadi (Aiza) and Zeeshan (forgot his real name) make a really great couple…. My second favorite drama after Humsafar :)

  • mano

    next episode wil b nice

  • Asif

    Nice drama and superb story…ya drama unn logo ka liya haa ju sachi muhabat kerta hoo…mahubat bahut zalim hoti haa…jin logoo ko mil jati haa woo bahut khush naseeb hota haa

    • Nyla

      I don't understand Asif this kind of "suchi Mohabbat" and "Khush Naseebi " which makes a person extremly sefish and pretentious to destroy innocent lives which makes 'this muhabbat really more than Zalim' just like vulgar boys did to Bilqees. How can he blame his father marrying a woman of his choice calling names when he istrying to contact a married woman, not caring at all for her safety or 'Banami' decieving her huband who trust him all the way, even corrupting and using a little boy involving in his dirty plans who is more sensible to warn him for the risks The story is unrealistic.

      • sara

        agreed!!!! this is total BS. this isn't sachi muhabbat!!

        • Nyla

          Thanks Sara.

  • ain

    his name is shahzad sheikh

    • ali


  • Diya

    after every episode, we wait for "ab kia hoga"…….it has the element of suspense in it…….wonderful story

  • shani

    bychary bari mushkil main hy


    bakwaas serial me ne to ayeza ki wja se dekha tha

    • rehan ali raja

      bandar kya jany adhrak ka sawad