Mi Raqsam Episode 3 on Geo Tv – 4th August 2012

Watch Latest Mi Raqsam Episode 3 on Geo Tv – 4th August 2012


  • Mumu

    Very good story. It is very sad but it happen a lot in our society. These molvis I must say ukkkkkkkk,

    • FIFI

      Pagal Molvi….hate such type of people.

      • From abroad

        When i was watching I was thinking.. Is maulvi ko chaaron biwiaan jala k nahi maar skateen :p kaaaassshhh mere paas aik Death note ajae ese saray logon ka naam likh dun us me!

  • Khadija

    fascinating love story!! but the watta satta part is crazy!!story of a shallow society!!

    • From abroad

      and we r that shallow society. This drama is showing truth!

  • http://Dramasonline Aliyan

    Is ki story khuda aur muhabbt jaise nae ho jae

  • Aryaan

    Love this drama.. Good story..

  • yamna

    soopab drama

  • iqra ali

    ahh i was always waiting for this drama badly really i love it espeacially itny time k baad koi itna zabardast acting kar rahy hein in dramas loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Dyashankarpanday

    Very nice and sad drama, can't believe still such things happens in our society. This Pandit Rehmat is an asshole. In plain words this is a rape. 'cause he was forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him without her consent and against her will, esp. by the threat or use of violence against her, according to the Islamic Laws, she clearly said that she was not agreed to this marriage, at that point this marriage has no validity, so its all H A R A M; therefore this Pandit Rehmat is committed to be a PAKKA HARAMI. Can't believe that's what going on in a so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan's Islamic Society. Very sad.

    • SID

      Miss daya! Sadly such people and such incidence happen everywhere, be it islamic or non islamic society, such molesters exist in every part of this world and can have any religion in the world. It is easy to point fingers at others but it takes courage to show such dark aspects of our society in our own drama. So please dont let it be your chance for degrading Pakistan and Islam. And dont think that we are not aware of how women are treated in your country, but i dont think this is the forum to start india-pakistan fight, thats why i wont. But you should also limit your comments to the dramas only.

      • Dyashankarpanday

        Sir I am sorry if I hurt your feelings any ways. Answer to your question: yes Women are being treated worse in India than in Pakistan, but I had a feeling that being an Islamic state it would be different then non islamic countries, therefore I was shocked when I saw such things in this drama and I felt sad that's why I said something about it, but honestly I didn't meant to be picked Pakistan. Again I am sorry for all the inappropriate words I used. I hope you guys would finally take my apology, and I would be careful next time in this forum. BTW I'm a boy. Thanks

        • Kahkashan Razvi

          Good boy.

        • Hania shaikh

          There is nothing wrong with your opinion… Being muslims this act of men is shamefull…this is nt what our religion teaches us but these hypocrites have been destroying our morals and values n have brought a bad name… May Allah lead these people to the right path… Ameen

      • Kahkashan Razvi

        Haqeeqat to yay hay Kay is tarha Kay log(molvee) inka na koee mazhab Hota hay na mulk yay log mazaheb ko istemaal kartay hain aour Aawara kuttoun kee tarha ksee bhe mulk o miillat main ghoomtay phirtay nazar atay hain . Mazaheb to tehzeeb kee tarjumanee kartay hain Jo in ghlazatoun ko door karnay Kay leyay tarteeb deyay jatay hain in dramoun ka bhee yahee maqsad hay aour hona bhee chaheyay.

    • biya

      can i ask u a qustion? where u from?

      • Dyashankarpanday

        From Bharat but I live here in Connecticut, USA.

  • Dyashankarpanday

    Further more, I know for my below comments all I will get is disagreed votes and soon my comments will be vanished 'cause no one wants to hear the truth or would like to see such things against their culture. Well its viewers choice, and the truth is how other world is looking at your country or man-made system. Excuse me but this is not an Islamic society or culture, where women has no right or raise their voices. God bless you. Jay Hind

    • noor

      yes this doesnot happen in our culture and if gal doesnot say yes marriage cannot happen… its sin and haram

      but this happens in tribes due to illetracy and lack of religious knowledge …. its not permissible in ISLAM..

      • Tahseen

        @Noor. I agree that this is not how Islamic society should be. But sadly this is how it has been interpreted by many extremists.

    • SID

      The problems depicted in this drama can be of any south asian country, unfortunately most south asian men consider women their property and so they can do exactly how they please. Such men exist in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka to name a few. And i'm giving this statement because i live in UK and i've encountered families from each of the mentioned countries, even in UK poor women are suffering because God made their other half to be south asian. So there's nothing to be JAY about HIND if you're talking about women rights. Oh and by the way why dont you go check out some star plus serials to find out how much worth women at hind got.

  • saba

    i like it iss ki story ko dykh kr apny din yaad aa gai kaash piyar krny waly kbhi juda na hoty.

  • Zzzz

    Whats the actress's name playing the girl who married sadias dad (maulvis daughter) ????

  • nida

    urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..these idiot media people …they are a disgrace to our nation…why the hell they have decided to make and call that evil character a molvi…he cud be anyone…any person…y did thy tag him as molvi….wt msg r thy trying to give..feeling sick..nt going to watch this play

    • sami

      actually they r trying to convey a message that everything is love. more than God, ur relegion and ur parents.

  • sami

    i dont know why some writers r inspired by indian movies and their thoughts. "or bhi gham hain zamanay mein mohabbat ke siwa". this drama is a copy of "khuda or mohabbat". love is not superior than anything but ya love wid God is superior than anything.

    • saba

      well said……………………:):)

  • Raza Muhammad

    Molvi was in standing position while he was drinking water. Please stop to make fun of Islam.

    • Hania shaikh

      Molvi ki biwian n bachay… Us ki baatain n harkatain every single thing is real…..:( . Shame on people like him.

  • http://www.ques.t.edu.pk Mahtab Soomro

    sari copy he khuda aur muhabbat ki aj kal bus sirf muhabbat e bachi he kya aur koi kahani nahi he?? real life m agar dekho to buhat kuch he just ek e story ko pesh nahi kiya jata,, story dekhni he to ptv k dramas ki dekho

  • Sadia

    why arent this video available ?

  • anonymous

    in my point of view ye drama serial bura nae hai is serial k start mai ye dikhaya hai k aurat per kitna oppression (zulm) hota hai ….mardo ki nazar mai aurat ki koi ahmiat nae hai aurat tu jaise istamal krne ki chiz hai is drame mai ye dikhaya hai k apni bv ko dosri aurat k liye chor diya or phr us dusri aurat sy bhi sincer nae yani k yaha mard nae admi hai ye tu smjh ata hai k kisi pr dil ajaye tu us k liye chor diya…….per hr br istamal kr ke chor dena jaise aurat un ki jageer hai wo mar jaye tu bhi koi fark ni parta…..or apne greed (laalach) ki khatir us admi ne apni beti ki shadi apne say bi bar admi say karadi …ppl said that it only happened in urban ruler area but this is not ryt urban ho ya defence aurat ki izat nahi ki jati bs fark itna hai kahi zyada tu khi kam khne ko tu we r educated but jb aurat ka mamala ho tu sb illitrate hain…shadi krni hi nae chahiye q sari umar kisi k pair ki joti band kr rahe aurat.