Mirat ul Uroos Episode 14 on Geo Tv – 27 february 2013

Mirat ul Uroos Episode 14 on Geo Tv – 27 february 2013



Read Mirat ul Uroos Review by Fatima

Read Mirat ul Uroos Review by Fatima

  • Aleena Azeem

    Nice drama but amna looks ptethik…

    • Sania

      Yup ur totally ryt! She doesnt look nice at allll……!!!!!

  • turab


  • uneza

    All the story till now revolves aroung the wedding, wedding function and their expenses mostly.
    Thats why Islam has told us to make our Nikah simple. Only nikah n walima is sunnah, and the best wedding is the one which has the least expenses.

    • Pisces

      jahez is the main reason of expenses….!

  • roman

    amna shaikh look old lady

  • saineee

    so ridcules drama.. no 1 seems a mature 1 other than aiema.. poray dramay main bs us bechari ki zamedari lagti hy sb ka khyal krna baki tu har kisi ko apni shadi dhom dham sy krny ki pari hy..Haad hy.. a single child can b rude to their parents in a family but Hammadz family every child has a same prob.kia saray bachpan sy kahein or pul rahy thy jo unhain apny ghar or parents k financial halat he ni pata??..

  • jack

    admin why we cant see drama simpy online, now we have to download it?

  • madiz

    do not like mehwish hayat!

  • MeMyself

    daadi said “na aaqbat andeeshi”…this one word explains every problem in this drama and all others.

  • MeMyself

    hamaray maa/baap ki jaidadein nahin hotein, sirf zindagian hoti hain jo woh hum par luta daitay hain — kia dialogue thaa

  • mubeennaz 1122@yahoo.com

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood story because both sisters different think about marriage

  • MeMyself

    The playwire video is the 14th episode of zindagi gulzar hai, not mirat ul uroos. I mean I like ZGH and all…. I think admin does not pay attention to mirat ul uroos =( continuation of parts/scenes bhi incomplete hoti hai.

  • aslamjaved

    nice drama

  • aslamjaved