Mirat ul Uroos Episode 15 on Geo Tv – 28 february 2013

Mirat ul Uroos Episode 15 on Geo Tv – 28 february 2013


Read Mirat ul Uroos Review by Fatima


Read Mirat ul Uroos Review by Fatima

  • Sahar

    A marriage with simplicity and at low expenses is a great idea. our society should follow this tradition with respect.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ShehnilaPrincess Misbah Raheem

      magar sahar koi baaz nhe ata :( sab show off k aadi ho chuky hen q k inhe pata nhe k aik aik chez ka hisab dena hy agly jahan men

    • Aneela

      Agreed with sahar

    • Optimist

      Agree, don’t waste money just for sake of what other people will think or say, just follow simplicity with dignity according to your resources.

    • Farooq

      By the way, my nikah took place at a masjid in 2005, while the bride’s rukhsati was done from her parents house. It was a very economical event especially for the parents of the bride because no dowry was taken.

      I witnessed few more marriages taking place on the same theme Al Hamdu lillah.
      It’s all about (1) Realization, (2) Talking to others in a respectful manner, giving strong arguments and Taking stand (3) Praying Allah to give success in that.

      • DM

        Allah is pleased with those who obey Him :)

  • Farah

    Part1 – 04:46 – Amina Sheikha’s Lines are not appropriate – We as Muslims know that Its Sunnat to have Nikkah in Masjid – if we are not following it then at least we should appreciate those you are doing this. Even this is a drama (nothing Real) we should not use these types of words.

    • kiwi

      Well said farah!just because it is a drama we shouldnt modify what out holy Prophet had himself done and advised others to do as well.

    • zara


    • Fizza

      Yes, Writer Must not write such words for Sunnat or anything related to Islam even from a negative character its Disrespect. Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah Aameen

      • ayesha k

        yes, but the writer is showing how ignorant Aiza and her dadi are, showing her dadi’s wrong tarbiyat that she did not teach her grand daughter any Islamic values etc, nikkah in musjid is sunah but instead dadi is saying (hum abhi atny islami sahi hoya kay sari sunnat pori karayn) something like that. jasi dadi wase poti. like there is a say an apple does not fall far from the tree!

        • fizza

          Such words which are Disrespect to Sunnat Must not be propagated from Muslims especially writers like Umera Ahemd who in her Digests career always proved that she is a good Muslim. Even from negative characters disrespect Must not be spread.

          • ayesha

            but this is reality… people in our society do speak like that… its mere reflection of our culture… nothing more than that.

        • MeMyself

          very true. ham nain jab apni man maani karni hoti hai tou keh daitay hain kay sari sunnatin pori nahin kar saktay. aray bhai, eik sunnat say shuru tou karain, baqi bhi aahista aahista seekhtay/kartay jana =)

    • farah

      correct,using such words for sunnah is blesphamy,so next time writer as well director should be careful

      • noor

        u r right..!

      • hina

        Yes,such words are blasphemy but don’t you see people are doing blasphemy through their acts.What is the punishments for such people who are not following Hadith and sunnah during marriages.

  • Mehnaz farhan

    A wonderful drama, deleivering an excellent message…………may Allah give our people understanding and awareness to make our weddings simpler and easier……hats off to the serial !

    • amna

      yup! inshallah!

  • sajal

    humary haan corruption , paisy ki hawis yeh sub isliye ziada hai bcz har bhai har baap ko nazaar ata hai k usy beti bayahni hai …. agar paisa na hua to jahez kahan se dain gay … bara ghar na hua to acha rishta nahi aye ga …. hum ne apni zindagi khud mushkil bana li ….. maa baap saari umar bachat karty reh jaty hain sirf is occassion k liye…… agar yeh jahez n dhoom dhaam se shadi na rona na ho to log sakoon se apni zindagi guzarein haraaam kamany mein na lagain …..

  • tiaqureef

    not good just rubbish….

    • http://www.facebook.com/ShehnilaPrincess Misbah Raheem

      o rubbish angraiz k bachy :@ :@ :@ zaban sanbhaal k ye hamari sunnat k mutabiq hy r jb tum men aik any wali larki ko bed r ghar deny ki himat nhe tu kesy khushian dy skty ho umar bhar :@ :@ :@ :@

      • amna


  • madiha altaf

    awsm programme ! i really like ayemas acting nd ayema hashims couple ! i hope our society wl adopt this tradition of wedding soon

  • sam

    iwish hum sub pakistani chahee ameer ho ya lower class or middle class sub ase
    a ho sochee but asa na hoa he or na hoga 18 years se to me dakh rahe ho balke ad to larkee bhe nahe mantee apna to apna mangeetar ko bhe force kartee he branded stuff ke yea sub humaree dramo ke glamer ke waja se ho koe mane ya na manee but its bitter truth

  • khads

    larkey ne larki se shaadi ki ha yahan gari ki liye ki ha !! he shouldn’t care if they did give or they didnt

  • abi

    shadi ki raat tu lerte rahay tu valima kaisa?

  • lukman

    good drama

  • lukman

    simplicity is good but this society dont like this.

  • abc

    Mehwish Hayat kay bhai ne bhi acting shroo kerdi iss dramay mein….kaafi good looking hai.

    • sana

      kon hai bhai ???

  • omi

    sorry to say its the weakest link in the chain of umera’s pearls. nonsense or might be the writer is’t impressive enough to send out the actual msg of drama to the masses

  • imran

    Bohat Alla likha hay….amazing…w

  • Feena

    Dono intehayen hain dermiani raasta theak hai.woh zain ki shaadi pe dikha daina :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004758818737 Sajjal Shah

    thinking is nice but in this age people dont like aaima

    • DM

      I like Aima’s role, one should be strong with ones beliefs and stay firm in your stance, when you know you are not wrong.

  • Z

    Meri shadi bhi isi trah hui hy simple tariqy se koi dikhawa nhn and im living happy life. No dikhawa no nazr:)

    • fizza


  • farzana

    why do ppl care so much abt LOG KYA KAHEIN GE

  • http://www.facebook.com/owais.siddiq Owais Siddiq

    Ever-time bad acting award goes to Ahsan…….

  • LubnaRashid

    2no behnain hi Extreme hain waise, 1 itna zyada kharcha ,1 ne had se zyada kanjoosi,Allah ki sari bato ka pata hai yeh nahi pata k Allah ko had se zyada Kanjoosi nahi pasnd 70’000 kamane wali ghr k poorani chezin le k jarhi hai UFFFFFFFFFF

    • DM

      earning 70000 for few months doesnot give her the approval to throw away her previous good clothes. Shadi does not mean you cannot take your previous clothes n things with u. Girls who dont want to throw away their usable things for new ones are greeeeeeedy. period.

  • nasreen

    the drama is the real picture of our society . I have seen people saying the exact words said by dadi and aiza in real life.

  • Nabila Masud

    Thoroughly enjoyable! Love Mahwish Hayat’s role wish we could all keep a low profile as every muslim should.

  • robina

    masjid me nikha sunnat haor yah society k liye madai or rohani dono lehaz s faida mand…is ko society me riwaj diya jae

  • Sudha

    lesson full role by Aaima 4 all……. Awesome.

  • nouman manzoor

    nyc drama