Mirat ul Uroos Episode 20 on Geo Tv – 28 march 2013

Mirat ul Uroos Episode 20 on Geo Tv – 28 march 2013



  • misha

    first one to coment 😀

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      But u haven’t really commented

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      • Selena♥

        True.♥ ♥ ♥

    • javeria

      and your point is???

      • misha

        akberi is the most interesting character hahaha

        • *****Hamn@

          <3 <3 ur sense of humor :)

  • zaineb

    first part is not working.

  • mahi

    cheel tu raha ha

  • zaineb ashraf

    Why first part is not working.?????

    • Selena♥

      Why not play the full video? It works sometimes.

  • mahi

    tu sabar kar looo mar tu nai jaoo gii

  • amna

    why u guys are fighting and shut up mahi
    just learn some manaers

  • Rnai

    Tune sab best hai..kam se kam speed tu thik ati hai…

  • fangirl

    What is the big deal in our desi society if a son moves out of his fathers house…yeh ajeeb hi mentality hai

    • Fatema

      Agreed. Joint families is not an Islamic tradition, it’s a South Asian one & a tradition that I find extremely problematic! It’s so cultural. Joint families have so many issues. Living separately allows everyone to live their own life & have better relationships in the long run.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sana.azfar786 Sana Azfar


      • asma

        khud ko kabhi parents ki jagah rakh kay sochen phir pata lagegaa WHATS A BIG DEAL…..u know meri shadi ko 8 saal ho gaye meray husband sab say baray hain or aik bari family hai hamari…beshak laakh masalay hon lekin ALLAH ko khabar hai kabhi dil nahi chaahaa kay alag rahoon…

        • saira

          totally agree with u. agr family achi he tu sath rehny mei koi masla nhe. like ham bhe sab sath rehty hen. ALLAH ka shukr he k sab khush hen ar aik dosry ka khiyal rakhty hain.

      • coco

        you are right joint family is an unislamic tradition islam is quite contrary to it,islam main hai k wife ko le k alag ghar banao,nuclear family system is islamic,jo k ek sochnay ka moka hai kyun k hum nay maan baap ki izzat aur kahyal rakhna mazhab se seekha hai aur agar mazhab hi hai k alag hojao to whats the problem,wesey to kisi nay dupatta na pehna ho sab shor macha dete hain k ye hamara relgion nhi aur sab islam k against baat kar rahay hain.,hairat hai..sach ye hai k kisi ko pata hi nhi k mazhab kia hai sab culture ko mazhab samajhte hain,

        studies bhi hui hain iss per or studies k mutabik jo qomain joint families main rehti hain wo kabhi agay nhi barhti.

        per phir bhi apany maan baap k huqooq se aap farigh nhi hotay alag ghar lene k bawajood.

        If I am the parent I will ask my son to buy a house first and then get married.

        I am sorry I talk islamic,and so non traditional.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glorious.angel.927 Glourious Angel

          o hello excuse me dont take Islam to a wrong side !! I hate ur stupid views! Allah Almighty says: 17:23 And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word. And now please dont say tht joint family system is contrary to Islam!

          • Sahirash

            Yes but “good treatment” does not really mean that u live them…..u can live away from ur parents and still take care of them…..and also bear in mind that Islamically it is compulsory for children (sons and daughter) to take care of their parents not of DAUGHTER IN LAWS…. so to fulfil the rights of ur wife it is in best interest of every one that guy gets his own place rather then living with parents….JOint families and interference of in laws is pretty much the biggest factor in breaking up of lots of marriages…

          • Sahirash

            And yes joint family is contrary to Islam…..

          • Arooj

            Why to differ between Daughters and Daughters in law…. beti bana ke late hain na tu she has to act like one. a daughter and not as a Bahu only….. and how can you treat the good if you dont live with them. unless on until a bahu doesn’t take the responsibility of a daughter she can’t be the pillar which holds a family together and a beti would never want to leave her parents….. put yourself in the place of a daughter, daughter in law, mother and mother in law and the think darling…… her wakt hypocrisy nai chalti

          • MeMyself

            I don’t see the hypocrisy. khidmat aulad ki responsibility hai. damaad/bahu ki nahin. How about a couple that only has daughters, not sons? unki khidmat kay liye tou koi bahu nahin ho gi.

          • Arooj

            you dont get my point bahus and damads are supposed to act like sons and daughters, not only as Daughter and sons in laws. tab is tarha ka koi masla nai ho ga. You do know that we have three fathers…. the one we are born to, the one who is our teacher and third father in law….. teeno ki izzat and khidmat farz hai. get it!

          • http://www.facebook.com/hina.waheed.33 Hina Waheed

            If a daughter in law has to act as a real daughter and fulfil responsibilities towards in-laws then what about her own parents? There is not a single word in Quran which dictates a woman to fulfil responsibilities of her in-laws, yes they must be treated nicely and with respect when you meet them and these gestures should be reciprocated, its never a one way traffic. its the duty of the son to take care of them not of the bahu. If she does take care of them, then its her ‘ehsaan’. Her responsibilities are towards her husband, children and her own parents. And please admit the fact that saas susar can never be your parents, its not natural and its not possible.

          • coco

            If you think I made it up and you are against it ,then you need to rethink ,i am only stating what i know about islam,you should consult an aalim,becoz you just mean that living separate from parents is unislamic,that is wrong and we cannot decide what is islam or what is not,if you do not know it then dont say anything against it becoz then it will be against islamic law and you calling it wrong is a problem you cannot do that in islam,you have to follow whole of islam ,you cant choose to follow things out of islam and choose to leave some things.

          • MeMyself

            your proof does not support your argument. Yes, parents deserve the utmost respect and have rights on you, living together under one roof is not one of those rights. IF you can send your son to dubai to earn money to support you, then you can allow him to live by himself.

          • Oops

            Islam allows us to live separately …..but not from parents……purpose is to provide a girl separate space ….so that she could run her responsibilites……within limits….means she can carry perdah with males in law…..n also it’s helpful for dewarani jithani relationship…….parents….wil be there with any son…….but 3,4 Bahu ko saath main rakhna……mana nahi but pasand nahi kya Gaya….as auraton main khatpat chalti rehti hey iss liye…

        • hadoo

          coco jb maa baaap olad ko bara karte hain un k lye mehnat kr k apni sehat ko nhe dekhte bht si qurbaniya dete hain tou iska matlb ye nhe k ap apni biwi k behkawe ma a kr un se alag hojae ha agr had se zada serious qisam ka masla khara karti hon apki biwi ki saaas ya apki walda tou phr alag hojae pher tou sahi hai wese islam m h k agr ghar alag krna chahte hain tou karen kis ne mana kya magr maa baaap jo ek sath rhte hui apko subah sham dekhte hai tou nki adat hojati hai mgr jb ap alag hojae g tou un k lye bht mushkil hoga apko apne aap se juda krna.kher ap log ki marzi hoti hai k wo sath rahen ya alag.mgr humey apne maa baap or biwi dono k lye dkhna parta hai mgr koshish krn chahye k dono khush rahen dono ki apni apni jaga bht eham hai mgr humey apne maa baap ko unki khidmat ka sila zaroor dena chahye q k ek din ap bhi maa baap banege phr jb ap k bete ki bhhi shadi hogi or wo alag ghar pe rehne pe razamand hoga tou ap ki feelings bhi bht hurt hongi ap tou abhi bol rhe k m usey ye ye kaho ga kehne mai maza bht aata hai mgr krna bht mushkil hai

          • coco

            hey i did not say you should not care for parents,but living with parents is not islamic and is not a norm in muslim cultures….if you follow islam fully you will understand that shariah makes brother in laws na mehram,you are just saying it without knowing the whole islam ,parents in our culture do not know the correct islam…it is the wife’s right to live separately,i find it really bad that all people are having tough time believing in islam,dont wanna follow alright!dont come here and try to explain it to me parents this parents that,my parents are happiest with me,and i am the one who does not live with them,there are things more important and bigger than just living inside the same house,should live close,and if your parents truly love you and want you to succeed they will ask you to move out,cause intelligent moms know that their child will never be able to fully stand on his feet and be the independant man he should be.,if your father died and mother is alone its a different context then,then you inherit the house along with your mom or siblings and can live there,but to think your fathers house is yours and you should keep living there forever and never try to make your house is lame,and will keep a person from trying hard…parents ki feelings kyun hurt hongi,agar kal ko unki feelings hurt hongi aap k shadi karnay say to kia shadi nhi karo gey,bat sahee ki hai,parents have many rights but to ask sons to keep living with you along with his wife and children and other brothers in the same house is a very bad idea even on the parents part.this is my last message plz dont try to explain it to me unless you have something more than this hindu idea of home and family,in islam your family is your wife and unmarried kids.

          • MeMyself

            unfortunately, hamaray yahain deen ka feham itna kam hai that people do not realize that coco is speaking the truth. sahid bukhari main darj hai kay dewar/jeth kay saath ghar main maut kay barabar aur khatarnaaq hai. apni zarurat ko apna mazhab bana liya hai.

          • Farah

            Well said. Parda is fard with brothers in law. But if it is only parents. They can live with the couple. Susar is mahram. But if the house is too small. Its ok to accomodate ur family separately. Parents are the most respected n shd be taken care of . Living with u or separetely. People think culture n tradition is islam. islam is a v easy religion but unfortunately we know v little about it. That is the reason of r so many social problems. May Allah guide us to the right path.

      • joint family lover

        Not necessarily. In joint family, at times family members act as ‘shock absorbers’ and partners behave reasonably due to family’s pressure. Living separately is not so easy, for various reasons. Any ways, both life styles have plus and minus points.

        • MeMyself

          i completely agree. but if you are only able to live with your husband because family pressure will make him “behave”, then there are other, MUCH bigger problems to worry about. What will happen if saas/susar pass away and the pressure to act reasonably is no longer there?

      • zara

        but it hurt parents :( and kxi ka dil dukhana axhe bt nahe

        • arooj

          yes so simple

      • Rixwan

        dont get offended but dont link things to religions when one dont know about anything…dont u know its clear cut teaching of Islam that dont hurt ur parents…even this much that word “uffff” comes out of their mouth….and u r saying that keep their childrens away from them and thats what Islam taught us,….aisay he nahin burhapay ko dosra bachpan kaha jata hai… jab maa baap ko apnay bachon ki sab se zyada zaroorat hotiii hai…

        • MeMyself

          how come these parents can tolerate sending their kids to muscat or dubai to earn money but cannot tolerate if the son lives in a separate house with his wife?

      • http://www.facebook.com/hina.waheed.33 Hina Waheed

        Totally agree, Islam also gives women the right to live in a separate house where she can have her privacy. In a joint family system there are so many na-mehrams and living with them can only create problems for the lady. Its only the hindu culture in which they vehemently advocate the joint family system with large families living under one roof. If the parents need financial help, they must be provided adequately by the sons but living together is not a compulsion.

    • uzair

      its not ajib mentality meri behen.. its the feelings that ur parents have .. when u have got seperated! itna bara kia unho ne apko.. or atlast ek esi orat k behkaway me a kar alag ho jaty hyn! wow!

      • bili

        behkawa nahi, demand :)

    • tutu

      people want gossip nowadays that is always hot iin joint system

      • MeMyself

        and saas wants “khidamt” from bahu because saas was once a khidmat guzar bahu herself and now wants the same treatment. joint family allows that to happen.

    • MeMyself

      To all the joiny family lovers:
      Yes, it is farz to serve your parents and treat them with utmost respect and kindness. The problem is however, that sons DO NOT serve their parents physically. What kind of khidmat do they do? none. Sons only provide financial support and maybe eat one meal a day with their parents or have chai with them. This can be done even if you don’t live in the same house. Simply go to your parents house for 1-2 hours before going home 3-4 times a week. Spend a weekend with them.
      Unless your parents are disabled, you do not SERVE your parents in any way.
      People, you can live VERY CLOSE to your parent’s home but you don’t have to live INSIDE the same house! why is this so hard to understand? you can go visit your parents DAILY! take your children, take your wife.

    • MeMyself

      people see this a black and white issue whereas it is not so clear cut. living with your parents does not mean that you are serving them. many sons only see their parents for 10 minutes this away. Also, living away from your parents does not mean you are not serving them. In fact, you are probably calling/visiting more and are more aware of your parents’ needs. You spend more time with your parents if you live separately because now you are dedicating a specific time in your day/week/life to exclusively be with your parents without interruptions.

  • MeMyself

    yay phela episode without interruption!!

  • Rabi

    uff ek tu ye hashim ko abi tak job hi nhi mili 😛

  • Mrs.Potato Head

    Tell me if you liked this episode!!! Just reply and say yes!!!

  • sam

    is dramy sy gari kab nikly gi :p

  • ibrahim

    ye net speed ka problem kub solve hoga

  • hina bashir

    jab olad maa baap ko sambhalnay k kabil ho to wo un ko chor ker chalay jain yea achi baat nai.hum jitna payar apni oulaad ko kertay han unsay yea espect b nai kertay k wo kabi hum say dur jayn.weasay islaam ka logon ko pata nai alag honay mean islam ko beech men lay aatay han

  • hamnah

    Balance is the essence of Islamic teachings & this drama basically shows the unbalanced behaviors which are common in whole world, NOT NECESSARILY PAKISTAN OR SOUTH ASIA, joint family such like the one showed in this drama breaks the laws of pardah so it’s not at all encouraged, house should be divided into portions or floors, sons & daughters can live in separate homes but they shouldn’t be hesitant in taking the responsibility of their parents, parents should live with each for some time!

    • sara

      which world are you living in?? you think majority of the pakistani people can afford big houses which they can divide into portions and floors?

      • MeMyself

        and since you cannot divide the house into floors and portions, it is better to live alone than live with your dewar/jeth.

        • hamnah

          yes, you can live alone but then you shouldn’t be hesitant in taking your parents in law to live with you for some time & you should never try to run away from fulfilling those responsibilites

          • MeMyself

            I agree. Caring for your parents is your responsibility. If in a specific case, this responsibility is fullfilled by living together, then yes the saas/susar should live with the son/bahu.

      • hamnah

        small houses can be divided into portions, if that’s not possible then the parents must realize the importance of these delicate relations, violation of the rules of pardah can be never allowed

    • MeMyself

      you are correct that balance is the essence of islam. you are to fullfill your wifes rights and your parents rights in such a way that everybody their rights are fullfilled without the other party feeling unwanted.

  • hamnah

    in this drama, hammad & Nasir are unable to maintain balance, moreover hammad is selfish, he may shift into another house but these times don’t call for it! he can wait, after the major problems are solved he may shift & the parents won’t mind that much, what’s hurting them terribly is his selfishness

  • uzair iqbal khatri

    (y) a reality based show! its awesome!

    uzair iqbal khatri

  • ammad

    negative rule hr dfa ak fmale ku hi kyun dia jata hy sb fmales sprt rhna lik nhi krtin….

  • ummara

    drag ho rha hay yah topic abb :/

  • sara

    Joint family system is an economic necessity. In developed countries, there is a system in place that allows young people to buy a house(mortgages, house loans). In under developed countries like ours, to buy/build a house you need ALOT of money upfront. and the price of real estate is through the roof right now, Even those who want to live separately aren’t able to afford to do so. our people don’t have the oil money of arabs to get multiple houses so please don’t make stupid comments that joint family system is not islamic. just because arabs don’t do it doesn’t make it unislamic

    • MeMyself

      Indonesians does not do it and they are not arabs.
      American Muslims do not do it and they are are not arabs.
      African Muslims do not do it and they are are not arabs.
      Chinese Muslims do not do it and they are not arabs.
      European Muslims do not do it and they are not arabs either.
      I am speaking about natives of those countries, not the desi imports living in those countries.
      Also, why is renting overlooked? even if you build or buy your home, you do not take it to your grave with you and a bad housing market or earthquake could render the house your bought/built worthless tomorrow.

    • dont kill me plz

      its not a necessity,you can rent,and arabs just becme rich like 50 years back,they were poor before that,even in rasool s.a.w. times they were poor,do you know how poor our prophet was,and still each of his wives had separate hujra. so yeah its that important,if you marry 4 then you should accomodate 4 separately ,each has to have privacy.and i dont get your point stil doesnt support the drama,where hammad does not have to live with family coz he can afford a house,may be his younger bro but not him,i just dont know how people live with so many in laws,like can you just do your farz with so many people in the house ,its not even possible at night and people will be able to hear you.

  • Happy Heer

    kiyaa dramay bazzi hay Comenting mein hi…itna to dramay mein nae chaltaa hoay gaaa…!!

  • fairy88

    i don’t like aima’s attitude i agree running a house is the responsibility of a husband only but she knows that her in-laws are facing so many financial problems and her husband is also jobless(although its his own fault). why dont she start her job again. if she can’t support her husband and in-laws in this difficult time then her education is useless.She was doing job before marriage then y can’t she continue it after marriage? A lot of women carry on their jobs after marriage without ignoring their house and children(like my mom).
    Now to give good future to your children and to support your parents, husband and wife have to work together.And aima have no children,so she has no excuse for not doing job. So aima start job and support your in-laws.

    • bili

      gher ko financially tor pe support kerna aima ka farz nahi hai. uske father in law aur husband ki hai!
      aur agar ab se wo job kere ge toh sari umar hashim us pe depend kerne laga aur zyada kaam chor ban jaye ga :p

    • MeMyself

      wah bhai. ab eik aur zimaidari bhi aurat kay sar par dal dou. job bhi karo, ghar bhi samblhao. not fair. kaam na karnay say mard sust ho jata hai. isi liye servant class ki aurtein kaam karti hein and mard ghar par beth kar rotian tortay hain.

  • sam

    mera chota sa aik sapna hai aur wo gari ka hi hai

  • http://www.facebook.com/iukhtii Selina Ukhtik

    I dont know about joint family as in even siblings living together but in islam a son should take care of his parents when they are old not leave them and live alone… imagine if parents left us all as kids :) thats how our old parents need us at this age.. in islam a wife doesnt have to live with the whole huge family

  • MARY

    looks of aiza are definitely not suits her character role.



  • saba

    ye qanoone qudrat he k jab chirya k bache bare ho jate hen to apna nest cor dete hen ye mrd ki zimma dari he k wo kese manage krta he bv or prents ko agr joint family me khoobi hoti to sari umhatul momneen sath hi rehtenn jis trha ki hmari joint family hoti he us me to na orat ki koi ibadt qbool nhi hoti kuk gher mhram k samne aap ki ibadt qbool nhi hoti me menti hoon k perents k bht hq he olad pr or olad ko bhi chahye k wo is bat ka khyal rakhen lekin ak mrd pr zimma dari he bahoo pr nhi bahoo pr srf ikhlaqi zimma dari he aap alag reh kr bhi prents ko pori tawja de sakte hen or girls ko me ye kahonn gi k husband ko apni jageer na smjho kuk ak mrd pr sb se zyada hq uski man k he or ak orat pr sb se zyada hq usk husband ka he bt is drame k bare me kahoon gi k kuch or time ayza or hammad ko sath rehna chahye tha kuk ye ak ikhlaqi zima dari he or eman ikhlaq pr qaym he

    • dont kill me plz

      no! all ummuhat ul muminen used to live separately.

  • zee

    parents ki care 5 rupay o 500 sms kr k nae ho sakti….ofcourse us k lia sath rehna paray ga….jb bachay chotay hotay hen tab un ki achi tarbeat k lia to ham kehty k maa bap 2nu ka hona xarori ha to phr jb maa bap borhy ho jaen to un ki care k lia un k sath rehna na rehny sa fark q ni parta…??????? r jis joint family ma rehny k lia islam ma bound nae kia gia wo ha hmara concept of joint family…mean dewarani jithani dewar waghera wo b parday ki waja sa ….but iska ye mtlb nae k parents ko b na rakha jae sath….un ki khidmat k lia islam ma kha gia ha….agr insan apni responsbilty na smjy to phr to insan pa ko to bound kia hi nae gia bt phr shayd janwar r insan ma fark b na ho…..
    han har ghar k apny problms hoty us k lehaz sa b kch faislay krny partey hen
    but jis trha aiza ko susral ma koe masla nae is trha seperate hna sirf khudgharzi k elawa r kch nahi…..

    agr hm khud sochein k betiyon ki shadi ho jati wo chali jati hen betay b alehda ho jaen parents sa k g is ma koe harj nae…to parents wo kahan jaen?????agr hm sb is situation ko apny parents ko samny rakh k sochein to hamein xaror pta chaly ga ……

  • http://www.facebook.com/princess.daisy.71404 Princess Daisy

    amna sheikh is a most ugly girl in the world i hate her

    • bili

      Allah ne usko banaya hai baji ji. . . think before utter something really bad :)

  • blue bonnet

    every one here is talking like they know everything about islam ,yes it is a son or daughter who has to take care of their parents not daughter in law but it is equally important that a wife should make her husband happy ,and i dont know what kind of son is happy living away from their parents .and if you argue about dewar (brother in law) who is na mahram then you have to see if you are doing proper hijaab or not it is absolutely right if you you follow the deen properly all the way not just pick and choose what is best for you.and it is their duty to treat them nicely no matter what,and in this particular case i think family needs them and they have to be sensible enogh to decide .