Mona Lisa Stars in Bollywood Film Murder 3

The latest news about Mona Lisa been casted for Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming movie, Murder 3 has again created hype within the society. It was recently, that we discussed about the Pakistani Artists in India and their Controversies, Mona Lisa is now an added name in the list.


Murder 3, which is Scheduled to be released in 2013, is an Indian erotic thriller film and is said to be the sequel to the 2011 film, Murder 2. The selection of cast for this movie was powerful enough to drag attention of the viewers, even though everything is at an initial stage. It seems Surprising, yet true that Emraan Hashmi is now replaced by Randeep Hooda, who lately appeared in a lead role in Jism 2-a movie under the same brand. The movie is based on three characters one been played by Randeep, with two characters against him. Just like the male actor’s selection was an astonishing one, the status of actresses who people Expected to be a part of Bhatt productions again, were in jeopardy. After a tough competition, finally Aditi rao Hydari and Mona Lisa (from Pakistan) were casted for the film. The movie is shot in Cape Town, South Africa, and this some real scenery would be a must-to-watch part in the entire film.




Mahesh Bhatt has always been keen in promoting talent without boundaries, as far as he expects things to work out for him. As far as Pakistani Media is concerned, It is now looking forward to the unveiling realities and controversies that would soon be following Mona wherever she’d go now, as similar experiences were noticed for previous Pakistani Actresses who appeared in Bollywood. Not sure about Mona’s future after this Murder-3, but one thing is significant and that is, Randeep Hooda has been successful in coming in good books of Bhatt Family.

  • Sanam Shahid

    weena malik k peechy hmari awam par gai thi ab mona kia gol khila ri hy ab awam so gai hy kia

    • tani

      jo weena malik ne kia na wo sahe tha aur jo mona kur rehi ha na wo sahe that dos't mean k mona ke ye karne sa veena malik sahe ho both of them should be ashamed if they have any left.

      • Mahmood Alavi

        despite that i totally agree with you…there is one thing that both of them have been doing or will do anything no matter the people say or think about them…just like in all other matters going on in this country nobody cares about anything or anyone…in fact this is the fault of the people who are giving them that much importance and taking note of what they are doing…..honestly think for a min and tell me these characters do ever deserve such kind of importance and hype that we are giving them?


    ye ab naya shikaar bane g emran hashmi ka.

    stupid girl

  • Amy

    Bhatt family is very interested in promoting pakistani actors n giving them cheap roles in their movies n casting them with 3rd class actors of their industry e.g lucky ali, hamesh rashemiya, ashmit patel. And how can i forget to mention the classic piece of work done by our great hamayun saeed in one of their movie all unknown actors n pathetic role. But for ths we have to blame our own actors for acepting such roles. They just get flattered that they are being casted for a bollywood movie and ready to do ANYTHING …..

    • humaira

      bhatt family doesn't have to pay pakistani actors and they work for free for them.

    • Sehar

      Very well said Amy!

  • salman

    oh get ur life guys…u all r here to babble yet nothing positive films r obviously not a part of r culture if it comes up so wht do u expect a ptv old drama?

  • Paro

    bay zameer log hain ye sab k sab