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Mora Piya Ended….

Another hall mark by Anjum Shehzad. I do not agree adding this serial to one of his best work. Still, it was worth watching. The choice of the characters was amazingly brilliant. No one could have played a better role of Ujala and Faisal other than Amina and Adeel. Brilliant acting indeed. The chemistry between both the characters went sweet since the first episode. Adeel, for such a loving yet aggressive and frustrated hero was no other than the best option. His face is meant for such a role. Amina, proved out to be paramount as a daughter, wife and mother. The characters of the parents especially I would mention both the fathers, (Manzoor Qureshi and Firdous Jamal) caring for their son and daughter in different tones were so pleasant that I am unable to bring the beauty of their love into words. The presentation in terms of the promos, the song, the marriage photo shoot and Ujala’s beautiful character were very striking. Mohsin Ali, Well done, another good script.

Sometimes life brings such brutal experiences that the most intimate relationships aren’t able to understand how to deal with them. Same was the case with Ujala and Faisal. I would however, give 10/10 to the intimate love of Faisal and Ujala throughout the drama. Although they weren’t together as ideal husband wife still they didn’t move apart. Ujala’s complaints were all genuine and to some extent Faisal’s attitude towards the situation was obvious too. Men are less strong to accept things like that, however women know how to compromise. The child could have reminded Ujala of that tragic night as well, as it did to Faisal but unlike Faisal, as a mother she realized it wasn’t the fault of that blameless creature. Ujala didn’t give up being a strong mother but with Faisal’s cruelty towards an innocent child she wasn’t able to give him respect despite the fact she loved him immensely.


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Commenting about the last episode, I would rather say that the only end that could be justified was the one presented. I loved the way the father realized his mistake. Another important detail that this episode proved was the innocent heart of Azaan (Usman Umair) who finds her mother’s and grandparent’s unconditional love not enough to keep his life moving. A child needs the attention of both the parents and also whatever his parents do to him he is emotionally and lovingly attached to them. His cards made the father cry immediately, that father who wasn’t convinced by his mother in so many years. On the other hand, Faisal’s father played the main role to convince his son not to run away from his relationships. Ujala’s reaction when Faisal entered the room after that fight was also well acted.

The storyline wasn’t that bad, but few things lacked in presenting the drama that prevented it to come up as a big hit. First of all, the drama ended so suddenly at 19th episode that everyone was shocked. This, however, I appreciate realizing the fact that if the director and the writer aren’t successful in dragging the single track story beautifully its better to end it before time. Yet, the thing is, there were other way outs than ending it early. The story could have been dramatized in a better way, if both the writer and the director did not keep on revolving it on the same issue and over the same characters. Another small story say that of the sister Uzma or the friend Sana in a bit detail could have been added to catch the audience eye more. Since the 4th episode the drama has been revolving around the same panic, the same sentiments and the same characters. This thing makes the viewer bore and less attracted to watch every episode.

Last but not the least the title song amazingly added to the beauty of the drama, especially the lines ‘Sath merey akela hai Mora piya’ portrayed their pain so well. Well done guys you did great.


Written By: Hina Naeem.


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