Morning Show Hosts Recommended By Me!

Not very long ago I was raving about how waking up to morning shows was the perfect way to start the day. Well, the present trends in these morning shows have proven me wrong and I feel extremely led-down. It seems that the people behind these shows have run out of ideas. Every morning for a very long time now (or so it seems), I sit in front of my television screen waiting to be entertained, enlightened or inspired, nothing less than that will do. But all that comes my way are the same monotonous and drab shows. I feel that people now want to find short-cuts to success rather than putting their heads together and coming up with something new, appealing and exhilarating. I want to start my day with intelligent, witty, creative and fun people. In my opinion, a first-class anchor person ensures a first-rate morning show because an anchor person is the captain of the ship where morning shows are concerned. Therefore, I decided to make a short but a very well thought-out list of celebrities who I would like to see hosting these shows.


1. Marina Khan:


She has done it before and I want to see her hosting a morning show again. Unlike most of the morning show hosts you won’t see Marina Khan coated with layers of make-up on her face and tons of gel in her hair. All this sophisticated and talented woman has to offer is quality content. With her adorable, down-to-earth ways and a very respectful attitude towards her viewers and guests Marina Khan always inspired me to be a better person and her morning show no doubt was a delight to watch.


Here I would also like to add that I feel that the downfall of these shows is partially the viewer’s fault too because they fall for glitz and glamour and cannot appreciate the actual content of the show. Both of them together (glamour and good content) would be outstanding but if I was to choose one, I would definitely choose content over glamour! And that is the very reason that I want to see this genuine and accomplished lady on my television screen every morning. I always enjoyed her natural and genuine disposition. Apart from that, there was always something different that the show had to offer. I don’t recall Marina Khan becoming a part of the rat-race.


2. Waseem Akram:


He started off as a sportsman and made a great name for himself. But he is unquestionably not just a sportsman anymore. He has had his fair-share of hosting shows and judging them. I feel that Waseem Akram makes a very impressive host. He has a dashing personality, intellect, a very good sense of humor and I must add certain warmth about him that sets him apart from others, in short this man has class and style. All these attributes coupled with the fact that he has proved time and again that he is bound to excel in whatever he puts his mind to; he is not the one to disappoint his viewers. Imagine a dose of Waseem Akram’s wit and charm early in the morning, just what the doctor ordered, I would say!!!


3. Umer Sharif:


The name alone is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face! He is not only the king of comedy but also that of wit and brains. I am quite certain that he will bring a lot of fun, giggles, ingenuity and exuberance with him. No one can complaint of boredom when Umer Sharif is on air. Interviews and analysis have a whole new feel when this man is in charge. Umer Sharif may just be the one who can rescue our dull mornings and add some liveliness to them.


4. Ayesha Khan:


Okay, I know, we see too much of this charming lady already but I feel if Ayesha Khan decided to host a morning show, there will be hoards of viewers glued to their television screens early in the morning. There are some people so gifted and versatile that getting enough of them is not really an option! Ayesha Khan is someone who has done wonders for our entertainment industry and I believe she has a lot more to offer, such good talent should be exploited to the maximum. So, how many of you out there want to start your day with this exceptional lady? I am sure quite a lot.


This was my very well thought-out, selective list of stars who I want should shine on my television screens early in the morning, although I have a feeling that most of them won’t venture into such a project, but no harm wishing and hoping that some day they just might! And if they ever do I can say with all assurance that morning shows will have their vigor back and will be the highlight of the day…something lively and inspiring to lift our spirits.


Author: Fatima Awan.

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