Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahin Episode 18 in High Quality – 18th February 2013

Watch Latest Online Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahin Episode 18 in High Quality – 18th February 2013

  • hania

    shabash arslaan shaah

    • hania

      yeh to mera bi naam he …………
      good drama

      • Hania

        Mera b yai naam hai ..

  • sana ujala

    last part kb tk aye ga

    • umar


  • shumile

    ab to merab aur mehru dono ko aqal ajani chahiye ke unn ke sath sab kiyun horaha hai aur phir se aik hojana chahiye.merab ko mehru ke pas laut jana chahiye

    • asia

      yes but im worried kahin deyr na ho jae,

    • Stupid Meerab

      True jana chahiye likan Meerab should for the rest of his life behave himself and be very very nice to Mehru, till death (which in reality he wont…as in men!).

  • moona

    same story end m hr bat clear hoti jae ge pr haqeqat m umer guzer jati h sb thek hote hote

    • trk

      agreed. theek to ho jai ga but now would be better

      • Angel

        i think baad me relation aur behtar hojayega…..very nice drama….the best of all which are on air….

    • aima

      u really right moona

  • jia

    yeh drama lash pay lash ho raha hai I realy like it

  • madhu


    • teri ma

      hahaha. not

  • Fyza

    last 2 parts main to video hi nahi ha :O :/

  • urwa

    nice episode

  • trk

    what i fail to understand is that after all the disrespect, and dishonor, mistrust and verbal abuse a woman still loves that man and is willing to go back to him. all the man has to do is to say sorry, i still love you; or because of children or the samaj. does she have not dignity????????

    • ina

      dignity say pate nahin bharta it is nt enough to survive

    • 0 my life

      that ‘s what is called mashrekee women
      always obedient and forgiven and respectable.
      by the way in our society there is no such place 4 women after divorce even if
      the husband is monster .she does suffer alot whis is nt good .

      As i see mostly lucky people dont have do nothing in their life
      parents get them wife so they could change their life style
      after that they get worse and worse & unthankful

      all day making women life like hell and accusing her 4 no reason
      ask oversease pk what is westren women
      better to live single rather than having westren devil.. not to talk about white women


    • nadia

      bachoun ki khater aurat bohat kuch seh leti hey, werna mard ki kis ko zarorat hoti hey

      • aamir

        mard to ho na to aurat ko bohat mushkil ho jati h nadia

      • sheg

        so true blql thk kaha tm ne nadia mard ke zarorat nai aurat ko blql aamir mard ko aurat ke zarorat h aurat hr trha se strng h mard nai

        • Rabeel Ch


      • Rabeel Ch


    • usa

      The thing you are calling dignity is not appreciated in a women in our society. It is termed as ZIDD and ANAA. Women have to bow down otherwise they are called to be on wrong side. In real life it is always woman who surrenders, no matter who was wrong. And there is a matter of a third person who is conspiring against the couple that is Ms Maya who is richer and prettier. In real life men who turn to such women never return to the first one. But if this is shown who will watch the play. In reality when such men returns to their first wife due some compulsion like children or family pressure, life never become like it had been before this temporary separation.

      • Rabeel Ch

        women should be respected in Society,cz they after merrage they are all on you,a little moral support and life according to Islam works very fine

    • turab


    • maryam arif

      the thing is not abt dignity.. its abt lov.. true lov nvr dies n thr is no ego in lov.

  • aalia

    is dafa uswa baji ka msg nai aya??

    • nadia

      lol, uswa ji yahan chaplossoun ki line tayar hey aa jaien buhahahaha 😀

  • NooR

    maya jesi kharab surat ki or larki nhi mili

    • wisechap

      So far beauty is concerned the girl playing the role of Maya is very pretty. She resembles Seemi Zaidi , a senior actress of PTV Lahore Centre who worked in 90s, but disappeared now from the screen.

  • NooR

    kitni shadi kray gi maya dulhan banay ka bht shooq hy

  • Bhutto

    no video. hw can i comment !

  • determined

    nice episode

  • :D

    maya meeraabbb…maya?? meeeraaaaab..maaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…merabb?? :”) drama khtam !!

    • Ms.

      meeraan mehru……..sub meeeem

  • ziasheikh

    dramo se logo ka time zaya hota ha

    • lilypie

      speak for yourself. If its wasting your time then don’t watch it. Its as simple as that.

  • ziasheikh

    dramo se aurte drama karna sikti hai

  • Qaiser

    Dear TRK! Undoubtedly, every human has the dignity. But think for a while if a relation can be saved because of little foolishness or due to kids or anything else, shouldn’t it be saved. Haven’t you experience in life that few days later or months later, both parties forget that worse time and dignity is achieved rather increase for the person who bows down and saves the relation.
    It may not look logical but everything cannot be logical in life because Human is more towards psychology rather logic. that’s why arguments never develop relation but mutual understanding and tolerance and patience grip the relations and values.

    Good Day!

    • mothers pride

      perfect explanation of this relation web, qaisar!

  • 0 my life

    where is my comment admin gee

  • shah bano naz

    come on meerab thora sa apna dmagh use karo apni ankhien kholo

  • librajust

    abb dekhtay hain k maya paisay dheelay krti hai k nhi

  • Er Malik

    nice episoe

  • Annie

    Yaar, I hope they get back together at the end. The story is slowly unfolding. Hopefully, no one gets such a manipulative husband.

  • Altaf

    look at the faces of maya n arslan when mehru was leaning on meerab, i think meerab gonna turn back to Mehru as the conspiracy of maya comes up.

  • sana

    yeh maya bhut batmeez hai na

  • ayesha

    ke theek kha yeh jo maia hai na bht btmeez hai

  • mothers pride

    dear TRK, being in a islamic society v see our our own mothers khalas and other women around us tht they try their level best to save the marriage….even in case of polygamy…is men shuro he se mehreen meerab ki behan ko tolerate ker ker k expert ho chuki thi….still she didnt leave her house but even at this stage if she realizes that meerab is sorry in real for his acts, she will return…is main dignity nahin aulad or shadi ko save kernay ki qurbani eham he, the purpose is larger than her own will…!!!

  • Atif

    Saba Qamars acting is just awsume
    Reality nazar aati hy jaisy apny bachy k liye rona uffffffffffffff amazing actress hates off to u saba

  • Zoha

    Finally Meerab starts to understand Maya. So sorry for mehru but this is what will end the drama well! Can’t wait for the next episode

  • Hammad Haider

    I wonder where is the family of Saba Qamar in this drama , I have not seen any scene about her mother father or siblings. They are just missing. Even in hard time she has no support from her family.

  • Gorho0o

    At 2nd Part Meerab’s Phone Still In Text Pad And He Is Talking To Mehro BIg Troll o_0

  • Alisabir

    meran ko pasy lany chahyen ya ni?????

  • zaini


  • mahawarsi

    gud darma

  • Aryaan

    Thanks Admin..

  • rida

    magar us nay arsalan ko q line deee

  • rida

    she should have said…… merab to baywafae kar sakta hay mugr mahro baywafa nahi

  • Asim Shah

    Insan apni zaroriat ko jitna barhata jata he wo barti hi chali jati hain or pori nahee hoti, Insan thoray me khush rahay to bhi zindagi guzarti ziyada asaishay na ho lakin sakoon to hota he na


    I Really Really Love U Saba Qamar …. :*

  • noor:0

    bohat acha drama ha bt any one n tell me how we can saw drama i cannot lok drama….

  • i dont no

    maya nafsiati mareez he iss liye wo mehro ky sath acha nhi kr rhi kioky wo janti he ky wo oss sy har gye he

    • aima

      u right

      • moiz

        yes akher right he hota he

  • Rabeel Ch

    Peoples only solution to such issue is ”life in Islamic Way”,we should learn from Prophet Muhammad PBUH how things can work smooth