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  • Inocent princess

    Nice story I like it

    • arieslucky

      nice drama i love it

  • ahsan


    • zaimah

      I thnk meerab bht bara bewaqoof hai n mahreen nay job sirf islia ki thi kun k meerab apni sari salary bano aapa ko data tha is lia guzara nai ho pata tha.

  • Sana ayan

    Good going I like. Bano appa,s husband acting others are also very good

    • hello


      • muet

        sabhni jo dimag phiri wayo aa en drame me rugo coffee tha piyan

  • saira

    mehru maafi maan legi tou kia hojaega apna ghar bachane k liye

    • affy

      Lol always larki he sorry kare wah. Meerab k akal kaam nahi kar rahi khud he seedha b hoga

      • Aysha

        Affy, keep reading those comments. 99% of people here will blame Mehru for anything bad happend to their family :) . It is pakistani mentality. Even husband gets involved with another woman, they wil say " bivi achi naheen ho gi isi liay doosri aurat kay paas gaya hay"

        • kashif

          they r showing change of behavior of both. husband and wife. wife is thinking " mein to ab job karti hoon independent hoon mujhe kya zaroorat kisi ki" and husband is thinking "wo jab kar rahi hai to apna or bachon ka kharcha poora kar le mein chahay kisi ko bhi paise doon isko kya?" isi liye agar mard ki kamai mein guzara ho raha ho to aurat ko job nahi karni chahye. pakistani mentality apki hai jo drama mein ap aurat mard ki jang start kar deti hain. taali dono hathon se bajti hai or yahan bhi kasoor dono ki changed mentality ka hai kisi ek ka nahi.. take a chill pill :p

          • Maheen

            the biggest problem is the sister and her lazy idiot husband who is not taking responsibility for the family. In Pakistani society, a lot of times, it is other relatives who are the biggest problem for married couples. If the stupid sister and her husband had fulfilled their responsibilities and not manipulated Meerab, then Mehru would not feel the need to get a job in the first place.

            We all need to look out for each other and help married couples with their problems, not make them worse. Strong families are built with co-operation of ALL family members, not just husband and wife.

          • Mrs Asim

            bilkul agree to Mehreen and kashif, that is what the writer wants to point out in fact.

          • KalaBhoot

            Dramay mein tou sub ler hi rahay hain per yahan comment section mein aik alag JANG chhiree hue hai…..hahaha :)

          • sami

            lolxx yes jahan aysha sahiba hon gi wahan jung to chiray gi. i wish ye america mein israel ke khilaaf bol ke jung karwa dein poori world ko sakoon ajaey :)

          • lily

            That was a good one!!!!

          • sabiha

            very good kalyboot i was thinkng same he heeee

          • kashif

            maheen i agree but actually husband-wife ke darmayan space ho to koi rishtay daar beech mein ata hai. dono ko apne is rishtay ko strong karna chahye.

          • sehr

            And what would you suggest will make married couples relation stronger ??

          • Aysha

            I think you forgot, Mehro kee job say phyelay bhee meerab took care of all the the expenses of his sisters house. He denied his wife and children their rights. Mehro started working to give better life to her children (not for herself)…Meerab's income was not enough because he was taking care of two families. So she didnt make any mistake by working

        • shaista

          agar pakistani mentality aisi hai to pakistani dramay kyon dekhti ho jao jis mulak kay dramay daikho

          • Aysha

            Shaista, Pakistna main aurtauon ka jo hall hay, us kee wajha tum hee jaisi aurtain hain. Do you know 85% pakistani wives are abused by their husbands? and pakistan is third one in the list for most dangrous countries to live. Please wake up

          • javaid

            ayesha 10 br aik bt repeat kr chuki ho..85% pakistani wives…it totally depends upon literacy rate.if both(husband& wife) r educated they will resolve their problems.otherwise they will quarrel only like u…r mardon ko itna bura na kaho,i can give u many examples of women who did worse things with their families,husbands..

        • Maheen

          sorry to say you are right. Pakistani culture has many unIslamic, anti-woman ideas that need to be changed to be more just. Islam is about justice. Pakistan was built so that Muslims could live their lives according to their faith. Unfortunately, we follow our culture more than Islam. Not all Pakistani culture is bad, but there are things that are unjust that we should never tolerate as Muslims.

          • Sehar

            Very true. I mean why can't the guy support the girl's family after marriage or live with his in laws. Its sickening to watch them follow Hindu culture rather than anything else!

        • Sal

          SO pathetic MENTALITY

        • Bint i Hawwa


        • naveed

          Ye Aysha bibi bhi kamal hen. apni aqalmandi ki balli pe char kay wo wo statement den gi keh tobaah.. jahan rehtin hen ye mohtarma wahan to saray frishtay jo hen.hen naa? Sab achaiyaan to in k piyaray des main hen jahan ye rehtin hen. ooooo Allah ki bandi ik dramay k ik kirdar ko lay ke pooray pakistan ka ahata karnay chali ho kia? ..mujhay to lagta he aap ko apnay abba jaan se bhi dushmani ho gi keh wo bhi ik pakistani mard hon gay..kis muaashray main achi buri cheezain nahin hotin? btain zra? ujagar karnay ka maqsad un ka tamasha bnana aur apni aqal jharna nahin hota belkeh in dramon main apni khaamion ki dekh k un ki islah karna maqsad he..e.g. agar nand ho to Allah k wastay bano apa jesi bna ban'na, agar biwi bano to koshish karna jo ghaltian mehru ka rahi he wo tum na karo, isi tarha mardon k liye bhi aisa hi ashwara he mera,…Allah tumhain tanqeed se zaida hidayat ki tofeeq ata farmaiye. khush raho.. dil mat jalay karo apna aur doosron ka :)

          • Aysha

            Mr. Naveed, do you know that 85% of paksitani women are physically abused by their husbands? Do you know that paksitan is third one in the list of most dangrous countries of the world (Afgnaistan #1 and Cango #2)?. In that situation, if someone only TALKS about women's rights and brutailities being committed on them, EVERYONE has problem (inlcuding men and women)…The reason I put those comments is, I want to bring some awareness. Women are also human beings and they dont deserve to be abused…

          • Aysha

            Adding a little more info for you. Pakistan is #3 in the list for most dangrous contries to live ONLY FOR WOMEN. Go on internet and google the most dangrous countries for women to live.

          • kashif

            My eyesight is good i dont need googles.

          • Asiya Sheikh

            well said!!!:D

          • naveed

            whatever is bad is bad either is 10% or 100 %. to fix any prob, one needs a basic formula. To fix our social problems, we must take guidance from Islam, if we really believe in it. Foreign data base on Pakistan can not be trustworthy. the thing for them is crazy or funny, could be vital for us as muslim. for example. my french colleagues smiles when i ask for halal meat. for me its essential n for them … Data collected by them should not be taken as final word . wese sach btain kabhi aap ne US k media pe Pakistan k baray main koee achi kahabr suni.. nahin na.? yahan koee phool nahin khilta? Khush raho

          • kashif

            hahaha@85% sara din net pe search kerne ki bajey pakistan mein reh ke dekhein tab sahi figures pata chalein ge. foreign media islam ke baray mein boht kuch kehta hai ap zaroor us pe bhi yaqeen rakhti hongi. only afos on ur thoughts. :p

          • Aysha

            For your kind info. I lived for 30 years in Pakistan. Pakistan's 70% population lives in rural areas. And majority of the abused women are from those areas.

          • noor

            Are you sure you lived 30 years in Pakistan? according to your previous comments you mentioned that you have lived 21 years in Pakistan and 21 years in US, i would like to say that instead of googling to degrade a particular country why don't you go and learn about Islam because i think your lacking Islamic knowledge .

          • Aysha

            Well, I was 21 when I moved out of paksitan but kept going back an forth to Pakistan and when I go there, I live there for months. I am in my 40s now so you can easily say I spent atleast 30 (or more) years in pakistan.

          • naveed

            Aysha: Just a few points.
            1-My purpose is not to win any discussion
            2-Media is doing this awareness very well. This drama and a lot more others contributing a lot in the name of awareness ( could be another topic )
            3-I felt a kind of hatred in your comments towards entire Male class of Pakistan. Pakistan main ye Pakistan main wo.
            4-To analyze social evils (let’s say in Pakistan context only) you need to discuss in detail many factors and their impacts on social life of a person and society as a whole.
            5-Ye dangerous ki definition koee universal nahin ho gayee. Before US invasion in Afghanistan, Pakistan ik bahot safe mulk tha jahan koee bhi kahin ja sakta tha. Africa bahot piyara tha jab tuk gora wahan nahin gia.
            6- India main jo gendercide he. Wahan jo beti ko paida honey se pehlay mar dete hen, yehi piyari c beti hamray han rehmat he.
            7-Ham achay bhi hen, buray bhi hen, Lehjay ki kat bano apa jesi na rukhain plz jo mehru k liye kuch aur aur apni beti k kuch aur he.
            Khush raho..

          • naveed

            Aysha i dont see any good in getting in to debate. It is not about winning or loosing. if Pakistan or Afghanistan or Iraq or Congo or Rawanda or else are now dangerous places, these have never been like this. Pakistan 12 years back was a beautiful peaceful place where you could see tourist from world travelling up n down in Pakistan without fear. But now since Uncle Sam is here in Afghanistan we are not safe in our houses. Africa was beautiful before Gora sahib stepped in. and violence against gender.. what do you say about gendercide in india? the heinous crime the entire indian society is committing beside other filthy customs. no word nothing on it.. good or bad deeds/customs are everywhere, in all societies. Media is working on all sorts of awareness included some undesired ones. I smell hatred for Pakistanis in your words. you cant fix it if you hate it. and please dont make western society norms a threshold for us to mend our society. they are good because they took some teaching of Islam and follow them and we are bad n insulted because we forgot the teaching. khush raho

        • wasan

          larkia roti kio hai itna akhir tum bhe foran mazloom ban gaiiiii

        • Mish

          gr8 commment :)

        • majidali47

          No my Dear Aysha can i ask you a ? where do you live ??

      • kashif

        i agree why shud she apologize jab ke uski koi ghalti nahi

    • arieslucky

      acha really

    • shakel

      mehru nay shi keya kk ni gyii
      jo sohar apni bivi ke izat ni rekh na jan ta hoo wo kisi aur ka kya khyail rekhay gaa
      in ka asr in ke olad pay be pray gaa

    • ohh waqas khan

      ni ni ni

  • nasir

    KAHANi kuch behtar hai lekin kuch galti mehro ke bhee hai per ziyaada bewakoof pana MEErab ka bhee HAi ane ways superb acting…of all

    • tahir mahmood

      han na meerab ko sochana chay na k mehro apny ghr k halat ki wja sy job kr ri hy k bchy achy school main prain r acha future ho un ka koi glt bat tu ni keh ri mhro meerab ki bhnoi nkma ghr main bytha hua hy r bhn ko tu daikho kaisy bhi ki zindgi azab bna kr rakh di hy aisi hoti hain bhnain

  • white heart

    maya bari tez hai….dost ki shakal me dushman

    • Maheen

      aur meerab itna bewaquf hain

  • genous

    mehru acting is gooood but she is destroying her home and family by her quarrels with her husband…. she should compromise with him

    • Sehar

      She should comprise –ARE YOU FREAKIN INSANE??? Her loser husband is abusing her in every manner possible. She is the one compromising with his financial situation, with his ugly greedy family. God people like you!!

    • sehr

      i know this is a drama but y should she take crap from him Allah gives you rizq not husband

  • Lubnarashid

    I must say all acted very well Mehru,Meerab 2no hi Ana ko le k bethe hain,2no hi ki thori thori ghaltyaan hain,Maya to buhat hi chalak nikli,Bano apa or un k husband ki acting b buhat hi achi hai over all a nice family drama

  • sandy

    wow i love the dresses mehru wearing

  • affy

    Maya k b chaar dino k kushiya hai phir all alone

    • Kanza

      agree with U….

  • zara

    nice drama

  • rani

    yar married sisters ko apne bhaoin ki jaan chordeni chahye kisi or k peson se zindagi nhe guzaerty

    • shakeel

      rani ji yah glat haa insan haa kbi be khuch be hoo sk ta haa
      sayaa 2 traf hoo ta haa
      aaj jo day rahay hain kal woo lanay payy aajyain tooo
      per in ko ziada gairrtt wali batain ni kr ni chyain

  • white heart

    pakistani culture ko bech me mat laein ayesha is tarat ki soch sirf nasamjh logo ki hoti hai…

  • Gosho0o

    When I See Some Major Changes In This Drama Except This Bano Appa And Mehro's Evil Boss

  • Ms.

    saaraay mil k ullu bana rehay hain….or yeh banaay ja reha hay… 😀
    @ meerab

  • Mrs Asim

    both Saba are doing great job really, I like this play.

  • saba

    mehru ko compromise karlena chahy warna khud ka loss hoga,mard kbhi nhi jhukta…

    • Maheen

      us ko Allah kay samnay jhukna parayga aik din jab Allah us ki na insafi kay baray may phuchingay.

      • Asiya

        Allah ki bandi!!! ye drama hai..real nae hai..!!:D

    • meher

      mehru shudnt compromise or she will have to do it for rest of her life.her husband isnt sincere with her from begining.he was sincere with his sister and now with newly found rich boss
      .mehru is nowhere but its her fault too .she shudnt have accepted this stupid job.

  • areena

    sari galti bano apa k ha qk wo chalakiyo se paise ly rae ha majboriyo k waja se nah …………….. is bat pe mehru ka ghuusssa sae ha to phr wo kyu to mafi mangee ???

    • shakeel

      mehru ke koi be galti ni ha aur mehru jay sii khoob soort aur khoob seerat agar mujhy mil jya too
      khair mehru ko chaa nay wala shi ni milaa
      yah dunia ka dastoor ha kk jis koo ziada pyar doo wo he sir pyy chaar ja ta haa

  • komal

    Hamare mashre mein aik aurat he aurat ki saab sey bari dushman hey…..saas bahoo ki aur kahin bahoo saas ki…baihnoo ko aik doosare sey…naand ko bhabi sey aur bhabi ko naand sey…jaithani devarain ko bardasht nahin…akhir kioun!!! kasoor maoun ka bhi hey jo betoun aur betioun ki tarbiat nahin kar rahin jiss say haar kissi ki haar koyee izaat aur itram kare.
    Aik aurat sey ous ki doost milne ayee, tou us sey pocha bhi tumhare bete ka suna to jawab mein yeh bibi boleen key :maat poucho bewi ka ghulam hey namura us say puchai baghair pani bhi nahin peeta….to iss pai dost ney poucha ke tumhari beti kesi hey…to bibi bolein mashallah bohat khush sey ..usay to bohaat he acha mian mila hey…wo jesay kehti hay wasay he karta hey.. 😛

  • KalaBhoot

    chalo….. becharay bachon ko tou nayee jagah mili bethnay k liye new aprtment mein, puray gher mein tou donon aik hi jagah per bethay rehtay thay. 😉

  • KalaBhoot

    Very good acting by Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan and Saba Faisal (Bano Aapa).

  • naveed

    yaar kia drama he, ye admin reh reh k keun post karta he comments. banda ye samjhta raha he admin mere comment khaa gia.. sorry for repetition friends

  • shamim

    drama main bano appa bhee ha jo bhai ka ghar khush nahee rahnee daetee us per koe baat nahee k woh aik aurat ha aur maya bhee ha jis na paisay k leay ammeer borhaee see shadi k woh bhee kisee gintee main nahee aur showhrun ka biviyun ko abuse karna yaad ha. aysha bibi west main jahan bhee rahtee hain wahaan bhee aurton ko abuse kiya jata ha aur us main hr second main aurat ka rape hota ha us per kiya kaheen gee. pakistani showhrun main buhat buriyan hotee hain ho saktee hain magr woh kum uz kum aurat ko chaar dewari dee kr baqi admiyun see to bacha laetee hain.

  • Fans

    Why does every Pakistani drama nowadays have divorce in it? This is ridiculous! Bad morals

    • naveed

      I Agree with you. they are promoting such things which are not really appreciable in general in our society. in the name of liberalism i fear we are loosing our track. this awareness..the things/norms/values/deeds we/our society/our kids need awareness on, are brutally ignored but yes awareness on extra martial affairs, divorces, child out of wedlock, dressing and lot more i don't want to name are pretty common subjects of our writer and producer. very mediocre skills they have and their moral foundations are quite questionable. Stay blessed.

  • LILY

    I really want to know what sister Aysha has against pakistan she is always pointing out the problems all countries are having why is she pinning them only on pakistan ?

    • Sal

      Me too.

  • sanam shahid

    paglo pakistani drama mt dakho pk 3 number py dangreous hy hahaha itnay comments parhnay k bad me to boht hunsi bri jung hoi

  • Sehar

    This is soo sad-the plight of most working women in male dominated societies-They not only earn money, take care of their kids and also support the evil inlaws. Infact this is now very prevalent overseas. Here certain families expect to take money from their sons and ask their daughter in laws to take care of the house hold expenses. So either way the woman is the one suffering. In the west it is slowly becoming the norm-Pakistani american/british men want their women to earn money. It just heart wrenching to watch how Saba is suffering . Its just too much!!

  • Sehar

    This loser Meerab, torturing his wife at home, mentally and financially and also flirting with Maya in the office. Shame on him!

  • Sehar

    Shame on this Loser Meerab! Torturing his wife financially and mentally plus also flirting with Maya in the office. Reminds me of "Mere Qaatil Mere Dildaar". Meerab needs to suffer really bad!

    • Aysha

      Finally I see someone on this site who has same thinking as I do…good comments Sehar, but I think you dont live in pakistan. Mosty women here (from pakistan) are commenting that Mehru should appologize to her sister in law and compromise

  • Sehar

    Why the heck does he keep inviting his evil sister home. Shame on him. I hopes Bano Aapa dies.. Shameful creatures!!

  • Sehar

    Look how nicely this Bas** Meerab is behaving with Maya and at home he treats his wife so viciously!!

  • Fizakhan

    soo nice drama.

  • eeshae

    niceeeeeeeeeee drama

  • eeshae

    nice dramas online

  • Anum

    All those folks here saying that Mehru is destroying her home should know that it is not her but Meerab's stupidity and naivity which is destroying it! :/