Nadia Khan Show – On Youth of Pakistan – 21st April 2012

Pakistani Actor Mikaal Zulfiqar Has Parted Ways With Wife

Nadia Khan Show – 21st April 2012
Nadia Khan Show – 15th April 2012 – Hamid Mir and Other Anchors. In a two hours show slot, NKS will illuminate diverse escapades in different episodes. The trick is that the show will not follow a constant format; it may address anything and anyone with subject matter ranging from:
Bold and controversial
Emotional and provocative
Outlandish and social
Mystery and suspense
Satire and humor
Drama and storytelling
Information and entertainment
Confessions, confrontations and group therapies (Unconventional interviews of celebrities, experts and victims)
Days: Saturday & Sunday
Time slot:10:30 PM- 00:30


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