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Nadia Khan Show – What’s All The Hullabaloo about????

Yes seriously all you nice people out there who are fans of Nadia Khan Show please enlighten me. And I ask this not because I mean to sound sarcastic but it is a very honest query that always wanders through my mind every time I ‘attempt’ to watch the show. I must confess in all honesty that I have never been a big fan of the host or the show. But before at least the show was fun, like it is supposed to be as the title suggests ‘Geo Mazay Se’. But now even that is lacking, it seems more of a staged typical talk show with no spontaneity at all. Call me cuckoo but I find it almost impossible to sit though the entire show. The reasons are many, in fact I am not sure where to start from but I consider it my duty to attempt to do so. I never thought I would be able to muster up the courage to question something so widely acclaimed. But here I am being my bold old self and giving it a daring shot! I know the criticism that will follow will leave a bad taste in my mouth but after watching the last show I find it impossible to control the urge to pen down my thoughts. I am willing to be questioned, criticized, judged and bear the wrath of the NKS fans. So here it goes.


The set is very flashy for sure, the gadgets for polling are hi tech and everyone in the audience is wearing NKS t shirts….I wonder if they get to take it to home! I bet the people behind NKS are well connected; after all they managed to make it to the general’s penthouse. The set reminds me of Kon Bane Ga Crorepati’s set, huge and grand. What to say of the way the show is being hosted. First of all I can’t help but notice that Nadia Khan has a low tolerance for her guests. She finds it very difficult to listen to them. They are obviously invited to the show so they can voice their opinions but most of the time Nadia wants to be heard only. She almost seems uncomfortable when someone else is talking and the expressions on her face clearly say, “please stop because I have a show to run and I want to talk some more”. Okay Nadia we all know it is your show but let others have a say too. Sohail Warraich had great wisdom to share; I was seriously impressed with his talk. I would have really liked it if he could have shared some more of his insightful thoughts but Nadia had a show to run and it was over to Dubai. How much does she want to do in one show? The show has no focus, too many guests, too many agendas and too little time. I also got the feeling that Sohail Warraich was there to comment on General Musharraf’s interview rather than to be interviewed himself. I found that very strange because normally when celebrities are invited to a show they talk about themselves and not analyze another guest!


Another thing that really bothers me is that sometimes Nadia can treat her guests in a way that is almost offensive. Somewhat like inviting someone over to your house and not acknowledging their presence. For example on the last show Laila was one of the guests but she barely got a chance to talk. The few minutes she got she shared how sad she felt on her mother’s loss, who had recently passed away. Nadia’s expressions were so blank, almost like saying, “so what, let’s come back to the topic” and when she finally decided to say, “I am so sorry for your loss” it was very obvious she didn’t mean it one bit. On the other hand the excitement and pride she felt sitting with General Musharraf makes her behavior towards Laila seem derogatory. Her attitude clearly stated that Laila deserved little respect or attention because she was just a film star and General Sahib (who is not even in service anymore) deserved to be pampered and pleased…in my opinion such an approach by a talk show host is disgusting. After all she is sitting in the General’s penthouse, where only lucky few can go…some arrogance should follow naturaly.


The polling in the show concerning Musharraf’s political aspirations makes it look like a political show. Although Nadia Khan herself admitted she lacks the wit and presence of mind to interview a political figure in a way an expert would, obviously because of her lack of political knowledge or insight. So madam why don’t you stick to what you do best like ‘happy to you’. The show was not the least bit entertaining. Where was the ‘maza’ that was promised by the show? Did Nadia and her team forget what the show was all about? Or maybe they should change the title. Anyway, I will not be giving NKS another shot, it is done and over with as far as I am concerned. I can only hope, for the sake of people who watch the show, that Nadia and her team find a clear focus for each show and plan it in a way that makes it more interesting to watch…good luck!


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Author: Fatima Awan.

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