Nanhi Episode 10 on Geo Tv 13 may 2013

Nanhi Episode 10 on Geo Tv 13 may 2013

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  • Dr Sonia ShahZur

    nice drama

  • LubnaRashid

    very nice drama nanhi ki acting buhat achi hai, maan ko esp, jab bachey bare hone lagen to achey buri baten batadeni chahiye , kia baat sahi hai kya ghalt aaj kal k daour main bachon ko kisi had tak uidence honi chaiye

    • Dr Sonia ShahZur

      yes i agree with u

  • Dr Sonia ShahZur

    I will never forget Sajjal Ali for her superb acting in this drama

  • Samira

    Sajal dance was really like a child niceeeeee acting

  • saba khaleel

    lubna rashid you r right

  • Syeda

    Sajal Ali is giving Oscar worth Performance. I didnt like her before this drama, but Now seriously in all new faces, she is the Best!! Incredible and also Shammo Khala too. Bushra Ansari’s whole family is Talented!

  • noor

    I also didn’t like her in others drama but in this drama she is amazing performer and very natural her actin is awesome.welldone and nahi;s mother is super acting too.Geo ‘s presentation is very good and different this time.

  • aina

    Really real acting

  • Naeema Malik

    what an acting of Nanhi , she is so innocent and beautiful girl, the drama is keeping viewers for an hour, no one leave the television, Nanhi is great actress, she is like a mature artist, her mother is not less than anoy one, on the whole the tempo of drama is very fast, every artist is doing great job. we wait for every Monday but what to do with eletricity?

  • Sabahat

    Aoa, Actors r very nice. This drama is poison 4 young girls to make wish 4 child b 4 marriage. Should b stop this drama.thanx sabahat

  • mahi

    nice drama and niece acting of nanhi…