New Website Launched!

We are proud to announce that we have launched new website for Pakistani Drama reviews, Showbiz Gossips,Entertainment News and more . It is a completely new look, design & feel. We hope that you will find it much easier to navigate and get the information that you want to know. We are proud to be a part of this community.


Review system has been made more advance with user ratings in it .


Key feature is the ability for any user to Submit Review or Article on the website, we will review it and post on the website.


Things will be changing frequently as we fine tune our content. Our goal is to bring content to you in a professional and efficient manner. Main Posts are right on the middle and they expand when clicked to bring you additional detailed information.


Another key feature is the ability to search our website. You will notice that there is a search box at the top of the page. This will allow you to type a word or phrase into the box and when you press your enter/return key a list of results will be displayed for you. This should make finding pertinent information a quick and simple process for you. (Currently we have less content as website is fresh)


We have been working very hard to bring a modern website to you, our community. You will see various changes as we implement all the features that we have planned.


( will remain exclusively for Watching Pakistani Dramas Online.)


Do share your ideas about how we can improve things.


You Can Visit the website by Clicking on this link >>


  • KalaBhoot

    Congratulations on the launch of your new website! I like it.

    • FatimaAwan

      KB I hope you all will visit it often:)

  • Unknown

    Congratulations, I really liked the website!! Good job guys, and keep up the good work 😉

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you unknown, keep visiting.

  • zamzam

    like it. hope it become a hit

    • FatimaAwan

      Zamzam if all of you visit it, it will be a success for sure:)

  • FatimaAwan

    It would be great if everyone can take time out and read the reviews and articles at and share their opinions.

  • Tahira khalid

    The new is new and flashy.Its good to progress.Congrats.I don't mind the old one either.Its nice and cosy.Thankyou for both.TK

    • FatimaAwan

      Tahira I know exactly what you mean by nice and cosy. I am like that too, i take time warming up to new things:) but try and visit gradually it will grow on you:)

  • Xadee

    Oo..thatz nice…best Of luck fOr the future…! :)
    I really wanted sOmething like that…pOlls n fresh drama rating.
    Keep it up..!!!

  • maira

    nice progress admins!

    rapid success!!

  • mrym

    please admins can you post drama "ishrat bajee" all episodes

    and "sub set hai"

    and old dramas that were hit at that time like "aangan tairha" etc

  • esha

    plzzz upload full drama jutt n bond fatima plzzzzzz … ita a request of trillions of fans plzzzz

    • FatimaAwan

      Esha I will forward your request:)

  • -DF-

    sounds interesting !

  • white heart


  • arslan

    Mubarik ho

    pls admin meri request bhi shamil kar lo

    PTV ka drama tha ….Khala kalsoom ka kumba and Comedy theatr pls koshish kariye ga :-)

  • Bablie

    nice effort


    who will win surkshetra?????


    boht khushi hoti h apki taraqqi dekh k,,,

    • FatimaAwan

      That is such a sweet thing to say Aamna, thank you.

  • Annie

    Good idea! now we don't have to hunt down Fatima's reviews :)

    • FatimaAwan

      awww thank you so much Annie, keep visiting:)

  • baacha

    wow, congrats,its a great effort

  • adil

    its pretty fine, good effort

  • haniya

    its lovely & yes its more easier to get information about latest happenings in country n outside from a website.
    i love it & thank the admin for this great effort n i hope that new website will get more ratings than this one (Inshaallah)

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