Old PTV Commercials – A Walk Down The Memory Lane

These are the commercials I will never forget, the jingles and the faces of the people in them are still as fresh in my mind as they were years back. Watching these commercials, I am reminded of my childhood and the days when PTV was the only source of entertainment and the transmission did not start till 4ish. I remember how we used to sit in front of the Television screen and watch the PTV logo with the classic PTV theme music in the background waiting for what it seemed like forever just to listen to baseerat even and I still vaguely remember the faces of the children who used to take Quran lessons on air when the transmission started. We have surely come a long way since then, no more sitting and waiting for cartoons for kids nowadays, entertainment now is non-stop. Here is something that will make you relate to what I am talking about.



Here is a list of the ads that are still fresh in my mind and I literally grew up singing these jingles, they may have been simple but the tunes were very catchy and melodious and I must add I never noticed before but the models back then were so gorgeous.


1. Sate Life Insurance Commercial:


I actually used to sing this jingle to my father, I love the concept how it is an insurance policy ad but the theme is “Aye Khuda Mere Abu Salamat Rahe”



2. Naurus Commercial:


Anyone who watched PTV in the 80s would definitely enjoy this one.



3. Kiwi Shoe Polish Commercial:


Another ad that was a big hit with kids and grown ups alike, does it ring a bell?



4. Binaca Toothpaste Commercial:


Simple and honest, short and sweet and truly unforgettable, this list would be incomplete without this particular ad.



5. Dentonic Commercials:


I remember watching this one sometimes three times in a go, particularly before khabarnama and during plays.



This is another Dentonic commercial that I know by heart even now.


6. Gillete Commercial:


Okay, this ad does not fall in the same category as rest of the ads I mentioned but since I remember we used to go chacha cha chan quite a lot so I must add this to the list as well.



Share with us what these ads mean to you and how they make you feel.


Author: Fatima Awan.

  • ayesha

    kiwi and dentonic comertials … really loved them !!!

    • Fatima Awan


  • Maina

    Remember all of them…used to sing them…the girl with two pony tails in "Binaca" ad is Afshan Qureshi…Am I right?

    • Kala Bhoot

      Her name is Afshan Ahmed, not Afshan Qureshi. Afshan Qureshi is senior actress, mother of Faisal Qureshi.

      • gull

        ohhh really its amazing she is soo cute ,she is faisal qureshi,s mother ,and any one tell me how old is this add because i never seen this ,but all other i remember these are beautifulllllllll memories

        • Kala Bhoot


          The girl in the ad is Afshan Ahmed and she is NOT Faisal Qureshi's mother.

  • mehak

    i luv them so much.

    thank u very much

    • Fatima Awan

      I am glad you like them Mehak:)

  • ejaz

    maina that girl is famous singer afshaan.i hope u remember her songs like meray bachpan k din.etc

  • ejaz

    maina that girl is famous singer afshaan.i hope u remember her songs like meray bachpan k din. etc

  • Mrs Asim

    realllllyyyy Fatima!!this list would have been jussstttt same had i have made it:)ye apko pata kaisay chalta hay k what m thinking ?even upper jo apnay ptv ki tune or baseerat or qirat ka likha hay….bilkul yei hota tha:)thanks alot

    • Fatima Awan

      Mrs. Asim i think these ads/memories are a treasure for many of us… Its a common bond.

  • Tanya

    ANOTHER great gift for you.

    Do u guys remember the classic ptv ads of early 80's like in 1981, 82 84 86 of lawns, carpets, bonanza garments, swiss miss, polka and cold drinks etc in which foreigner models were there (white men and women)… all these classic ads were made by the director Tariq and u can watch all of those best classic ptv ads on his youtube account.

    Just after www dot youtube dot com copy paste this: user/thetariqfactor?feature=results_main

    or on yioutube search just type THE TARIQ FACTOR and you will see his page in search results at youtube.

    He is also on facebook with his account tariq factor..I chatted with him and told him that how good a director he was.

    He shooted all those old ads in usa with different goray models making them pakistani… he have pictures of some of those models that how they look now.

    Must visit and watch his directed classic ads of ptv

    they r really ingteresting and a best way to cherish the old memories

    • Kala Bhoot


      Very nice gift. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Fatima Awan

      Yes Tanya i vaguely remember them, I guess bcz i was a kid back then so these kiddy commercials were more fresh in my memory. Will definitely visit your link:)

  • https://www.facebook.com/BrideNGroom Kiran_ottawa

    ayee khuda mere abu salamat rehay <3 <3 <3

  • Amber

    I miss the ad naaz paan masala ttoo …. i use to sing norus ad even now sometimes

    • Fatima Awan

      Yes Amber i remember it… Meri muthi mei band hai kia n then the funny music. You are right i still remember it word by word.

      • zoya

        add here:

        Rafhan Custard(doodh ka maza rafhana custraf ka….)

        Igloo Choc Ice(english song)

        Polka Panda

  • Fauzia Reza

    Excellent stuff. so many memories attached to these ads. and above all we used to watch all this stuff with our family and thse days cant think of watching dramas and ads in that way…

  • Mahine

    A lovely trip down memory lane. Even after all these years i still remember the lyrics.

  • iqra ali

    i watched all these now i was too small when these ads r on

  • Emilly

    I Used Watch These Commercial When I Was 4-5 Years Old.Now I'm 13 So It's Been 9 Years……….

  • Rehmat

    You literally made me go down to memory lane.. Waking up early morning at 7,just to make sure that we won't miss cartoons at 7.20 and it would last for only 15 mins but they were so refreshing.. and last TV was powered off after Farman-Illahi.. and one hour of News from 9 to 10 was used to be so full of boredom 😀

    I love these add.. yes Naz panmasala add was amazing one. i was crazy was Statelife add. i also used to love and even now that old Dalda add and Nido Add.. such simple but hooked advertisements :)

    JazakaAllah Fatima

  • MS

    zabardast yarrr…. memory recall hogai bachpan ki…enjoyed alot

  • Nazli


  • DF

    Hats off to you Fatima…cool :)

    • Fatima Awan

      Thank you DF. Where have you been?? It would be great if u can take time out & comment more often:)

  • Afia Qazi

    great selection, bachpan yaad aagaya.

    • Fatima Awan

      Thank you. Yes, good old days.

  • fatima


  • jero

    @fatima awan..main ny aj boohat dino k bad ap ki ye post dakhi ha…and am sooo soo happy to see it …u make me smile for long tym…u know right now am not in my good mood,,but u make me smile with these old beautiful and THE MOST precious memories of my life…ALLAH ap ko khush rakhy …oor ye jo tym hum ny late 80`s main spend kia ha wo hum apni baton sa biyan nahi kar sakty we jst feel it..abhi thory dino pahly main apny bety ko dentonic waly ad k bary main bta rahi thi… us main jo bandar ata tha jis ko dakhny k liye hum poora ad dakhty thy..k kab wo end main bord k peachy sa jhanky ga…hahhah oooo lovely memories….

    • http://DramasOnline.com Fatima Awan

      Jero I am glad my post lifted up your spirits:) Stay blessed. Share the ads with your daughter too.