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Old PTV Commercials – A Walk Down The Memory Lane

These are the commercials I will never forget, the jingles and the faces of the people in them are still as fresh in my mind as they were years back. Watching these commercials, I am reminded of my childhood and the days when PTV was the only source of entertainment and the transmission did not start till 4ish. I remember how we used to sit in front of the Television screen and watch the PTV logo with the classic PTV theme music in the background waiting for what it seemed like forever just to listen to baseerat even and I still vaguely remember the faces of the children who used to take Quran lessons on air when the transmission started. We have surely come a long way since then, no more sitting and waiting for cartoons for kids nowadays, entertainment now is non-stop. Here is something that will make you relate to what I am talking about.



Here is a list of the ads that are still fresh in my mind and I literally grew up singing these jingles, they may have been simple but the tunes were very catchy and melodious and I must add I never noticed before but the models back then were so gorgeous.


1. Sate Life Insurance Commercial:


I actually used to sing this jingle to my father, I love the concept how it is an insurance policy ad but the theme is “Aye Khuda Mere Abu Salamat Rahe”



2. Naurus Commercial:


Anyone who watched PTV in the 80s would definitely enjoy this one.



3. Kiwi Shoe Polish Commercial:


Another ad that was a big hit with kids and grown ups alike, does it ring a bell?



4. Binaca Toothpaste Commercial:


Simple and honest, short and sweet and truly unforgettable, this list would be incomplete without this particular ad.



5. Dentonic Commercials:


I remember watching this one sometimes three times in a go, particularly before khabarnama and during plays.



This is another Dentonic commercial that I know by heart even now.


6. Gillete Commercial:


Okay, this ad does not fall in the same category as rest of the ads I mentioned but since I remember we used to go chacha cha chan quite a lot so I must add this to the list as well.



Share with us what these ads mean to you and how they make you feel.


Author: Fatima Awan.

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