Pantene Bridal Couture Week 18th March 2013

Watch Online Pantene Bridal Couture Week 18th March 2013



  • jabeen

    naked pakistani women,,they think proudly about their self,so pity..eager to hug the designer,,noself respect at all,,shame on your low mentality

    • kiran

      Sahee kaha Pakistan mein Yeh haal hai inka akhrat ki parwa nahi toh apnay next generation kya kya ho ga

  • Nazish

    And then we complain why ther is Azhab in or country, our Qaida mohhamad Ali Jinnah found Pakistan our country to perform our Islam faith with freedom…if we had to o all his why did we even separate from India? Comeon ummat e Mohammad PBH wake up….. I haven’t watched th video just by looking at the screen I can tell .. May Allah set guide. All o te right path of deen… Jazak Allah

    • kiran

      Kuch bhi kaho Yeh Theek nahi hai Yeh sub band hona chahiye

  • jabeen

    yes nazish i agrea,,its hadith that a time will come that muslims copy disbelievers even if they enter a lizards hole,,we will do the same,,,,,,,,so now we can c,,,,,,they are mentaly sick people,,