Parchaiyan episode 1 by ARY digital – 12th february 2013

Parchaiyan episode 1 by ARY digital – 12th february 2013


  • aroush17

    nice drama different theme

  • samantha

    very nice topic

  • kiwi

    bahi ki awaaz mardo jaisi hai….lolz

  • roman

    drama acha hai mager galla tu chuta pehanti camera man ko nazar nahi aa raha tha ya wo bhi mazy le raha tha

    • Sooch

      Us ko khud ko sharam nhi ae to dosray kiyon sharam karain!

    • zaam

      Rabia Choudhry bhi veena malik kay naqsh qadam par chal rahi hay, jabhi toh cleavage show kar rahi hay

  • xyz

    kia real main koi aisi beti apni maa k itna khilaf ho sakti hai ? chalo bahu to aur bat hai per beti ko to apni maa k khilaf ni hona chahiye

  • zkhan

    I appreciate the director for bringing this topic into light…
    There is so much ignorance among people and they feel embarrassment if they see some parents have children in their late phase of life.
    I really feel pity for such people on their awkward thinking.
    Children are blessing of Allah and one must be thankful to Allah.
    Abortion is a crime and its killing of human being.
    people care what other say but don’t think what Allah has commanded them and the punishments for that crime.

    I really didn’t like the dressing of one of the actresses in this play. Why would you allow such dress in first place that you felt shame to show it to public.
    People watch it at home and it doesn’t represent a Muslim image.

    • Sooch

      100% agreed with u!

    • fizza

      why some actresses were wearing so much make up???? it look so cheap , heavy make up, western dresses No shame no Culture . why do they care about 1% “liberal” class of Pakistan? Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah , Astaghfirullah Aameen

      • janeman

        and wearing deep necklines is considered bad even in western when they try to imitate them they dont realise what they see on tv may not be the real culture…its looks so stupid.they dont wear it infront of their fathers etc,yeah they go out with friends and wear some skimpy clothes,but that is only aceptable for very young women,not older like late 20s or 30s…

  • Scales9

    Wow !! Elites of Pakistan and their life style !!

  • nadia

    agar ajaz aslam larka ban sakta hey tu saleha aappa aulaad kouyn nahien ker sakti? lol

    • mrs Asghar

      han theek kaha hai ap nai

  • wisechap

    Waseem Abbas looks younger and good with moustaches. He does not look good without moustaches in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. But the theme is not new. Bushra Ansari has written a long play and serial on this topic on PTV. I don’t remember the name of the plays.

    • S.Ahmed

      Neeli Dhoop was the name of that long play, i think it was based on some true

  • ria khan

    very right logon ki wajha se jaiz kam ko najaiz banadete he.or ghalat kam krte hue koi embarrassment feel bhi nahi hoti

  • faha

    what the hell is ijaz aslam doing what a stupid role for him doesnt suit him at all hes too old.

  • Zaam

    Bakwas topic par aik bakwas serial, kia aisa real life main hosakta hay, aapki saas pregnant ho sakti hay?

    • bakwas

      This is not a bakwas topic. It happens quiet often all around the world. There is no birth control that is 100%.
      On a side note what I like about this drama is that they are showing this issue amongst higher class families instead of gaoon type people.

  • annu

    senior actors k ilawaaa baki tamaam actors bekar acting kar rahy hain kuch khass nai laga,topic acha hai

  • shasha

    bushra ansari ki bhan ko makeup kum per gia hai

  • Ali

    They are now blurring the cleavage of the bahoo, when she is talking to her Nandd..!

    • Ali

      See at 33:00 minute mark in the full video..!


  • ibrahim

    itni young larki k sath aejaz aslam larke chabelay banay phir rahy hain lol or bahu sahiba ghar ma valgurity phelayain ja rahi hain

  • irfan

    good play

    • reem

      i think i agree with you, the begining is quite interesting and substantial.

  • rahima

    acha hai

  • ahmer


  • adnan

    sub acha hai, i am liking it

  • nina

    rubina ashraf acha ker rahi hain

    • muazzam


  • kashaf

    topis itna khaas nahin hay leikin phir bhi acha lag raha hai, directer acha hai

    • hassena

      yeh director kaam acha kerta hay, mein iskay dramay zaroor dekhta hoon

    • rizwan

      i agree

  • samina

    good begining

  • sundasfatima

    saas ka pregnant hona baisharmi hai lakin bahoo ka baray baray galay pehanna baisharmi nahi hai.

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